Niche Perfumery Sospiro Diapason and Ensemble

Sospiro Diapason and Ensemble

04/20/17 05:56:32 (One comment)

by: Sandra Raicevic Petrovic


Esxence 2017, Milano

At Esxence 2017 Sospiro presented two new fragrances, Diapason and Ensemble. The fragrances are available in flacons of the same form as the previous editions. The flacon of Diapason is covered with brown velvet, while royal blue velvet covers the flacon of Ensemble.

sospiro collection

"Have you ever experienced the magnificence of Bulgarian rose? Have you ever felt the enchanting smell of Egyptian geranium?" – the house of Sospiro asked us. I am sure that you have, but the new fragrance creates an irresistible blend of aromas dancing around us, building a fragrant symphony enhanced with precious woody notes and softened with musk and vanilla.

DIAPASON has been characterized as woody-floral-musk, and opens with a blend of rose and geranium in top notes. As Diapason develops, its woody notes become stronger, includingguaiac wood from America and Moroccan Atlas cedar, with an elegant and velvety finish of amber, musk and Haitian vetiver.  

sospiro diapason


Bulgarian rose, Egyptian geranium
guaiac wood from America, Moroccan Atlas cedar
amber, Haiti vetiver, musk



ENSEMBLE is an ode to Eros. Created as a veil that reveals and covers. A Holy anthem, a passionate melody. Ensemble attracts attention with a blend of citruses, tobacco and musk, intertwining with spices and creamy shades of vanilla and sandalwood.  

The fragrance opens with chords of Spanish mandarin, Calabrian bergamot and bitter lemon; the heart adds pink pepper, sandalwood from Northern Australia and tobacco that permeate the heart and base, resting on the warmth of Mexican vanilla and sensual musk.

sospiro ensemble


Calabrian begramot, Spanish mandarin, Amalfi lemon
pink pepper, sandalwood, tobacco
tobacco, musk, Mexican vanilla


The fragrances arrive as a 100ml Eau de Parfum.


Sospiro press release
Photo from the show by Sandra Raičević-Petrović
Photos Sospiro - Sospiro official



Sandra Raicevic Petrovic


Sandra Raičević Petrović

Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

[email protected]


Translation: Ina_Mo





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I will sample that Diapason when I get the chance. This is another line of perfumes that so far has not done much for me. I have only sampled six or seven though.


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