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The Perfumer's Studio Offers Weekend Foundation Course in Los Angeles

03/12/17 05:38:20 (2 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Perfumer's Studio Los Angeles

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By popular demand, The Perfumer's Studio is pleased to offer a special two-weekend edition of The Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Plus Workshop.

Running the first two weekends in April, 2017 — Apr. 1 - 2,  Apr. 8 - 9 — the course will cover the exact same material in four jam-packed days of learning and creativity as the week-long course.

Participants will have access to over 800 raw materials and receive professional training in how to make successful blends for fine fragrance, aromatherapy, natural perfumes, spa and lifestyle products, interior scents and much, much more.

Don't believe us? Listen to what past participants have said:

Perfumer's Studio Workshop

"Mind Blown! Spend the time and money, and learn the ABCs. You'll be making great scents in no time." C.T., Denver

"I had the pleasure of attending the week-long Foundation Course offered here. All I can say is take it! (Actually, I'm going to say more.) If you have an interest in perfume and would like to create fragrances for yourself, friends, clients, etc., do yourself the favor and take this course." — K. K., Los Angeles

"The workshop was fantastic, way beyond my expectations. The amount of information and the ratio between theory and 'wet' classes was just right!" — T.Y., Tel Aviv

Taking a course at The Perfumer's Studio can greatly strengthen creative potential in the field of fragrance creation.

Throughout the year, intensive PerfumersWorld workshops and shorter, single-day introductions are hosted at their 4,000 square foot space in Hollywood, CA. Conveniently located near the Hollywood and Highland metro station, the studio is also just a short drive from the 101 Freeway.

The studio comprises classrooms, meeting rooms and a gallery space for changing exhibitions and informal gatherings focused on the art of perfumery. All events at The Perfumer’s Studio are presented by recognized leaders in their respective fields — whether they be perfumers, artists or marketing experts.

Woman at Perfumer's Studio

This course is offered over two successive weekends to accommodate those who are unable to attend during the working week.

The Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Plus Workshop employs a unique, interactive, experiential method of training developed by Stephen V. Dowthwaite and PerfumersWorld. Each subject is taken from the beginning to a very high level in easy to follow stages and is designed to support both novices and professionals equally.

The workshop covers:

  • Commercial perfumery,
  • Natural perfumery,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Spa and lifestyle products.

Section 1:


  • Safety First
  • What is perfume?
  • Perfume structure overview
  • Odor classification
  • Workshop: Making your first perfumes

Section 2:

  • Aromatherapy - Theory and practice
  • Aromachology - The psychology of smell
  • Spa and lifestyle products
  • Natural Perfumery
  • Workshop: Making perfect natural blends

Section 3:

  • Smelling techniques
  • Synaesthesia - The secret language of smell
  • Odor description
  • The Perfumer's Workbook Software (included)
  • Workshop: Developing a perfume using The Perfumer's Workbook

Section 4:

  • Theories of why things have smells
  • Making scents and sense of aroma chemical names
  • Overview of natural perfumery materials
  • Synthetic perfumery materials
  • Workshop: Using natural and synthetic aroma materials

Two people talking the Perfumer's Studio COurse

Section 5:

  • Composing perfumes
  • Creative techniques
  • Formulating by function
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Workshop: Creating original perfumes

Section 6:

  • Perfume applications
  • Ingredients and formulating
  • Perfume products in home and industry
  • Solving problems with perfume in applications
  • Workshop: Creating perfumes for products

Section 7:

  • Storage of perfume and raw materials
  • Quality Control methods
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Last
  • The 'X' Factor
  • Workshop: Putting it all together, Creating for projects

FREE: Workshop participants will receive a registered version of The Perfumer's Workbook - a powerful perfume-creation tool for Mac and Windows, exclusive to PerfumersWorld.


For more information or to register, please visit, or contact them at:
+1 (424) 653-6456 or  <Info at ThePerfumersStudio dot com>.


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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Managing Editor & Columnist

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as PlayboyMen’s JournalMen’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting:


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WOW. Congratulations, Cybernoir!!! I am positively green ;) I hope that the course is everything you hope and dream for it to be! Have a wonderful time at your sister's wedding, and at the course!


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Chris Gordon of the Perfumer's Studio. He has kindly extended the offer, as my sister is getting married in early April, making it impossible for me to attend on the announced dates. I look forward to what I see as a life changing dream come true experience.


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