Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Apocalypse Now, Animal Aromas, Sniff Out an Internship

This Week in Fragrance: Apocalypse Now, Animal Aromas, Sniff Out an Internship

04/20/16 09:33:10 (4 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Looking for an off the beaten path aroma? Erin Blakemore at discusses a new fragrant creation inspired by the end of the world:

Want to know if the end is near? Forget looking for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—just start sniffing. A pair of artists have created a new fragrance that smells just like the Book of Revelation in all its grisly glory. “Apocalypse” is the brainchild of Thomson & Craighead, a pair of artists known for their work using sound, video and the internet. The pair had the perfume produced in a special limited edition for a new show in London that finds inspiration in everything from nuclear waste to self-help. The perfume incorporates...blood, which is represented by aldehydes, lactones and metallic rose materials; thunder, which is represented by ozone and earthy scents; earth, which is represented by things like patchouli and oakmoss; and flesh burned with fire, which is represented by notes of cumin and other scents. The fragrance is "at once highly desirable and sickening," say the artists, "the product of a time in which both consumerism and politics feed on fear and fallacies of all stripes."

Sadly, this art show creation has been limited to only 50 bottles; I wonder if there's any chance that we might all get a chance to smell the apocalypse in the future!?!

Image from via T&C

Jason Daley, also at, offers an intriguing look into whale mucus in light of a 3.5 pound of ambergris found last week by a couple in Lancashire, UK:

So what exactly is ambergris, and why is it so valuable? Scientist still aren’t sure about all the specifics, but they believe ambergris is formed in the intestinal tract of male sperm whales, writes Cynthia Graber at Scientific American. Because some of the whales’ favorite snacks are squid and cuttlefish, which have hard, sharp beaks, it’s thought that their intestines secrete a protective, fatty substance around the beaks to keep them from injuring their guts and organs.

I'd like to know who the first person was that discovered ambergris and decided to smell it....and that it smelled good enough to wear.

More animal-related aroma news: What smells just like popcorn but has 4 claws? Duke University has the answer via

The bearcat. The binturong. Whatever you call this shy, shaggy-haired creature from Southeast Asia, many people who have met one notice the same thing: it smells like a movie theater snack bar. Most describe it as hot buttered popcorn. And for good reason -- the chemical compound that gives freshly made popcorn its mouthwatering smell is also the major aroma emitted by binturong pee, finds a new study. In a paper appearing online in the journal The Science of Nature -- Naturwissenschaften, researchers analyzed urine samples collected during routine physical examinations of 33 binturongs at Carolina Tiger Rescue, a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

The next time you're at a zoo and smell popcorn, forget Orville Redenbacher and seek out this adorable Asian mammal. And yes, some folks do keep them as pets.

Binturong image from ScienceDaily via Carolina Tiger Rescue

Jane Larkworthy interviewed Shrankhla Holocek over at about her new line of essential oils:

Shrankhla Holecek is something of an expert. Her family owns and operates a large essential oil supplier in Northern India  that counts everyone from local royalty to behemoths like Estée Lauder and Tom Ford as clients, and she has been using their products as part of her daily beauty routine from before she can remember. “Babies in India are massaged head-to-toe every day,” she explains. “There’s an oil for everything. Even thicker eye lashes!” Now a resident of Los Angeles, Holecek has incorporated her family’s 700 years of knowledge to create Uma, a line of oils that address everything from acne to insomnia which launches this month at Shen Beauty and

I immediately liked Shranklha when she chose sandalwood oil as her hands down favorite, not only due to its ability to contiribute to a great complexion, but because of its heavenly aroma as well.

Shrankhla Holecek of

Looking for an internship? Let your nose be your guide, as Katie Richards explains over at

Mother New York wants to give prospective interns and possible future full-time employees, a sense of what it's like to work at the ad agency's New York office. Instead of giving students a "taste" of what the office is like, Mother is giving a few lucky college campuses a whiff of Mother with small sniffing stations. The agency tasked a group of chemists—a few Mother employees working in the basement of the agency—with capturing the scent of the agency into a single candle. After perfecting the scent, Mother made six small replicas of its office building and sent them to campuses where the agency has built strong relationships or where it has found great talent in the past. VCU Brandcenter, Atlanta's Creative Circus, University of Oregon, Howard University, The University of Texas at Austin and Temple University all got a sniffing station, candle included.

Now that's a great way to find work - choose a company based on their corporate smell!

Staff of Mother New York, from

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I think that the apocalypse perfume sounds amazing,i love that a perfume is created to smell like the end of the world. I love to smell weird and unique scents. Burning flesh, blood,nuclear waste! The notes they used to represent these facets are so artistic, i wish i coukd smell this. One thing that comes to my mind is the disappointment I've experienced with those who say there perfumes will be different or strange, like lady gagas Fame. All the hype and interviews with her proclaiming the darkness, mysteriousness and weirdness of it. She wanted it to be like blood and semen. Well, i didn't expect blood and semen but something different, dark, and better than a regular fruity perfume. So my interest in this apocalypse perfume is high, i would love to sample a fragrance from some real artists. Great article!


The bottle looks quite similar to those of Kilian.


Great article Dr.! I now want a bear cat. So cute!


Senna didymobotrya (popcorn cassia) will leave the scent of buttered popcorn on your hands when you rub it's foliage. Thanks for the informative article Marlen. Now I can tell my gardening friends, who grow this, their plant smells like a Binturong ;^)


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