Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Fuzzy Balls, Office Advice and Jonze Goes Kenzo

This Week in Fragrance: Fuzzy Balls, Office Advice and Jonze Goes Kenzo

08/31/16 08:31:41 (8 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

At this week, a reader asked for advice about dealing with a heavily scented co-worker:

I have moved into a new role within my company.  There is a woman who wears an excessive amount of perfume who sits very close to my new cubicle.  She also has plug-in air fresheners within her cubicle.  I have noticed that my migraines react to certain strong fragrances.  Right now I avoid that area, however I can’t avoid her forever.  How do I gently her encourage to reduce the fragrances in her area?  I am not her boss but I am her peer.  Others joke about it but it’s not a joke to me.

Luckily, I work from home and my dogs don't seem to mind when I bathe in Bandit. But how do you feel about this situation; what would your advice be?

Women in office with a headache

Kenzo's newest fragrance video promo, created by American director Spike Jonze, has been released and has the buzz. Read their article here and watch the video for Kenzo World below.

What do you think about this newest release from the Japanese/French design house? Does the bottle and concept appeal to you? Does the video promo encourage curiosity? Fragrantica Editor-in-Chief, Elena Knezhevich, had this to say about the scent - click me!

Smells like...fuzzy balls? Yup! reports:

This [Demeter] fragrance commemorates that special time in New York when the greatest tennis players in the world are playing in the US Open. Courtside or not, celebrate your love for tennis, and feel a little closer to the action when you spray on our new Fuzzy Ball cologne!”

And to think I remember when Roger & Gallet released Open in honor of the event. Which would appeal to you more - a fragrant homage to the game or smelling like...balls?

Fuzzy Balls by Demeter

Fliss Trew at discusses the modern evolution of the savvy fragrance fan:

The fragrance industry is lucky. Aside from the fact that the olfactory sense itself conjures such powerful emotions and memories, the consumer is more engaged and more curious than ever. There’s a greater appreciation of the craftsmanship and depth of art that goes into creating a perfume. Frederic Malle brought the perfumer to the foreground and we can’t ever go back. Never before have perfume consumers known so much about what goes into a blend.

How have you evolved as a fragrance lover, purchaser or collector? Do you feel the market and industry understand your needs as a customer?

Woman shopping for fragrance

Rumor has it that a famed Russian designer will soon be launching his first fragrance:

Word on the street is that everyone’s favorite post-Soviet streetwear designer will soon be launching his very-own fragrance. WWD reports that Gosha Rubchinsiy’s first foray into aromas could hit retailers as early as October. It would certainly make sense, given that Gosha’s parent label COMME des GARCONS has a hugely successful line of fragrances.

Are you familiar with Rubchinsiy? Any thoughts as to what the scent might smell like?

Gosha Rubchinskiy

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@drouhin: "A niche perfumer explicitly stating that they do not comply with IFRA or EU regulations is a plus for me. From my experience, I'll find a more interesting perfume."

That's so true! It's exciting to encounter a creative nose unfettered by restriction!


I think the plug in air freshener would irritate me the most, lol. But seriously you shouldn't be wearing so much perfume to work that you're radiating it. That's how fragrance bans get started.

I wear perfume to work every day, around two coworkers who swear that exposure to ANY perfume will send them into an instant's been over a year and I've had yet to cause any migraines, or even comments on my perfume. It's all in application, and I won't apply any heavy hitters right before I go in. Usually I will wear something lighter, anyway.

I am not saying that strong scents won't trigger migraines, I'm saying that people should use some judgement when they wear perfume.

ETA: In this instance the letter writer just wants her coworker to 'tone it down,' not OMG YOU ARE WEARING PERFUME YOU MUST NEVER WEAR ANYTHING SCENTED AROUND ME EVER AGAIN!!' Toning it down is a reasonable request, why not just ask her directly?


I always keep coworkers in mind when wearing scents. I'm fortunate in that I work in the office a few days a week, and at home a few days a week. I'm also lucky that I don't (usually) over-do it with scents - and I have my drive time into the city to help calm down anything that I've sprayed. There has been the time or two, though, that I've chosen to rinse off a bit of Oud Ispahan or New York Oud because I was in a meeting and I could feel it overpowering the room.

I've found that a good offense is a good defense here - if you think you put on a bit too much perfume, ask around! Say "Is this a bit much?" or "Hey, sorry, I forgot how strong this is..." and it will usually strike up an interesting conversation. It also gives people a chance to voice an opinion safely without feeling too weird about it. I've made more friends this way!


About the Kenzo commercial: is it entertaining? Yes, making major hype, buzz (i watched a couple of times). But what message brings to the customers?
For me what it seems is like a parasite is controling her brain and movements, especially Toxoplasma Gondii :)
Anyway very entertaining video.


"Does the bottle and concept appeal to you? Does the video promo encourage curiosity?"
Was the bottle shown? I certainly don't remember, typing less than two minutes after having seen the video. The concept? If it's that wearing this perfume will make me want to (not to mention be able to) twitch/dance/shoot lasers from my hands as the woman in green does, erm, no thanks. Having said that - the promo itself was a very entertaining way to spend 3 minutes and 48 seconds of my life, and had I seen it cold, I'd never have guessed that it was a perfume advert. And had I seen a version edited to remove all Kenzo references, what would have stayed with me would have been wondering where this was filmed and coveting the chandeliers at about 2:09.


Jonze appears to be recycling ideas with the new Kenzo video. It's not as fresh and intriguing as "Weapon of Choice" was almost 20 years ago. Perhaps I'm showing my age here :)

The green dress (and the lovely young model wearing it) are indeed gorgeous, though.

>>Do you feel the market and industry understand your needs as a customer?

Emphatically NO to that. Designer perfumery has become less interesting than it used to be. Why is that? IFRA/EU regulations, perhaps?

Where I used to look forward to testing perfume at a designer counter many years ago, I now expect to find perfumes over-stuffed with white musk, Iso-e-super, ambroxan, ethyl maltol or one of the shampoo-like synthetic florals. I now stick with mainly vintages or niches as a result.

A niche perfumer explicitly stating that they do not comply with IFRA or EU regulations is a plus for me. From my experience, I'll find a more interesting perfume.


I saw the promo video of Kenzo and looked at the bottle - I'm totally discouraged!:( Totally weird and off-putting... I appreciate the performance and the energy displayed though, one of its kind. But despite this confusion, I'll test the scent since all Kenzo creations are worth testing.


I'm familiar with Gosha, and that's great news releasing his first fragrance though i like his clothing line and his artistic vision. Strange thing i really don't know what kind of smell he will go with, i don't think will be pleasent :D
Maybe some retro, dirt earthy, smell ;)


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