Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Home Aromas, V&R Magic & Fragrance Sensitivity

This Week in Fragrance: Home Aromas, V&R Magic & Fragrance Sensitivity

10/19/16 08:46:29 (9 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

LancasterOnline wants you to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday season by scenting your home:

Spring and summer are prime time to bring fresh air and floral scents into the home, but colder months have their own blend of comforting fragrances — and you don’t need store-bought air fresheners to enjoy them. There are plenty of ways to naturally fill your home with fragrance. Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal, a Lancaster County-based herbal magazine (, offers these suggestions...

Check out the article to learn about 7 do-it-yourself home aroma ideas. What's your favorite holiday scent?


Alternatively, Kelsey Castañon at introduced a new home fragrance system this week:

There's a new device hitting the market that's making the entire olfactory experience a hell of a lot smarter, and the technology behind it is really cool.The system is called Aera, and with its super-sleek, white exterior, you might mistake it for a next-gen iPod dock. But the circular nodule on one end is actually a fragrance capsule, which lowers at the push of a finger — not dissimilar to inserting a CD (remember those days?) — and quickly transforms the liquid-scent droplets of your choice into billions of teensy molecules that blend with ambient air. (Each capsule lasts for up to 60 days, or about 1,400 hours.) Told you it was rad. 

Do you scent your home? If so, what is your preferred method? Does something like the Aera interest you?


Samantha Yanks at reported on Ralph Lauren's first ever fragrance salon which opened in New York City:

Marking yet another milestone at the house of Ralph Lauren, the brand has opened its first-ever Ralph Lauren Fragrance Salon at the iconic Madison Avenue flagship. To coincide with the opening, the house is releasing 10 specially crafted eaux de parfums (50 ml, $140; 100 ml, $240) that capture the spirit and glamour of Lauren’s iconic “worlds.”

The Ralph Lauren company's specially crafted eaux de parfums were previously announced at Fragrantica HERE. Which of the ten scents most interest you? Or maybe you've had a chance to try them? (Image below from Ralph Lauren Fragrances' Facebook page)

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Salon

Viktor and Rolf revealed a little magic this week in New York as published at

This Monday, October 10, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren - the design duo behind the haute couture fashion label, and cult classic fragrance brand, Viktor&Rolf - presented their first fragrance collection.  An unexpected twist on niche fragrances, the Magic Collection is a compendium of six magical fragrances which make the impossible possible. Six addictive potions, each one a paradoxical fusion of natural ingredients and innovative accords.

I'm excited to see what the team has come up with having been a fan of Antidote and currently enjoying Spicebomb. What do you imagine their collection might consist of? (Image below from

Viktor & Rolf Magic Collection

As much as we all love our fragrant worlds, Lindsay Coulter at authored an article this week that offers a harsh reality check about the presence of fragrance in our lives:

Fragrance isn’t what you think it is. And it’s doing more harm than you realize. That stinks. “Fragrance” (as listed in the U.S.) or “parfum” (as listed in the E.U. and Canada) is not a single chemical. It can be dozens or hundreds of chemical ingredients – up to 80 percent of which have never been tested for human toxicity.1 The terms are generic, somewhat misleading, and many people think they only refer to perfume and cologne. Unfortunately, these unlisted ingredients hiding behind “fragrance” that manufacturers like to call “trade secrets”2, are making some people sick and are building up in our environment.

What are your thoughts about the reality of fragrance as revealed in Coulter's article? Will this change your scenting habits at all? (Image below from

Fragrance sensitivity

Have interesting fragrance news for us to share?
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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Managing Editor & Columnist

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as PlayboyMen’s JournalMen’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting



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Thanks for responding @Scarlett.angel I had heard that about house plants. Something for us to remember.

@anessa,I still have a big collection of CDs too! In fact I got 2 down last night. Some people still like and have given me CDs as gifts fairly recently.

And vinyl is making a comeback. I don't know that I expected that - I have a faint memory from when I was little of the record player. Makes you wonder if anything will make a comeback in the future.
Speaking of vinyl, I remember seeing it described as one of the notes in a perfume on here before and being a bit taken aback. Not as taken aback as when I saw cannabis as a note. Been through the fragrantica archives and saw 'tennis ball' listed as a note too!

The aera system looks sleek and different but... It's not that difficult to spray a fragrance.


@Purplegem I still have a big collection of CDs, vinyl records AND even audio cassettes (gasp), including walkman and a functioning tape deck (thank god). And a huge lot of VHS tapes which I still watch. Felt like a fossil when a senior lecturer once talked about those from 'ancient times' which he had all cleared out from his house, and the rest of the group not having lived to see those.

My favourite holidays scent would be the sweet and aromatic scents wafting from the oven and the coffee pot, at home or walking outside in the crisp air, passing by a bakery. PS. That Aera sounds like the scenting version of the coffee machine! Certainly a good option for large board rooms and other official interiors, but not sure for closer spaces.

Regarding the toxicity, I had recently seen the article of the German magazine Öko-Test (testing various consumer products on its health safety level) about 27 perfume brands ranging from drugstore, natural cosmetic, pharmacy brand to 'big houses' like Guerlain, Rabanne, Armani, Hermes etc., and many popular perfumes were listed as having proven health-relevant ingredients. Synthetic musk (also cashmeran) is something mentioned there, and I wonder if my overreaction to some fragrances containing musk has something to do with that. Without wanting to cause any 'fear-mongering', I agree with SnoopyQ that especially those who do use perfumes daily should be informed what they are exposing themselves to constantly over years, and brands owe the responsibility to their customers to disclose about their products.


There are known carcinogens in fragrances that can cause DNA damage that can, in time, lead to mutations and cell proliferation and this may aid the development of unwanted tumoral growth.
But this it is question of accumulation, genetic predisposition and environmental factors

Some ingredients in perfume, do cause hormonal imbalances as well.....and this may not be as attractive to us women, since we already deal with monthly mood swings due to our menstrual cycle.

And this is, thankfully (!), why the perfume houses need to reformulate their scents.
So reformulation IS A GOOD THING ;)

anyway I think this topic is a VERY important one for us perfume lovers. We need to stay informed and health oriented!


@Purplegem that reminds me, Apparently havings plants in your home helps get rid of the Limonene (common and harmful ingredient in most scented products, perfume, including cleaning products). Can't hurt to put some nice house plants in around your home. I've been meaning to do it for ages.


Hey, some of us still use cds. Must admit I rarely do though.

I agree with that paragraph by Lindsay Coulter. I havent looked at the symptoms and know I have been very sensitive to some due to coughing a lot and sinus issues.
I am interested in fragrance generally, not specifically perfumes. In fact I find perfumes to be more alcoholy or not as likeable as some other scented products.
Sometimes I will look at the list of 'notes', having previously considered what it smelt like but then be surprised as I don't think it particularly smells like those notes. Some perfumes that are noted as similar on here - 1 will have loads of notes listed, another, just a couple. I know sometimes they will use chemicals that are specifically meant to resemble a certain scent in nature, for example, but we don't know what they have really used. I'm also aware how much perfumeers try to make a perfume sound or seem really exotic/lush/luxurious through words,advertising and packaging.
I don't think it's just perfumes that may be adding to the chemicals around us. Cleaning products for example could possibly be having a bigger effect if not the same.


Fragrance sensitivity... hmm yes I had these unfortunate symptoms for almost 6 months. I had to put all my perfumes away as they gave me severe headaches and nausea. However it was due to an underlying condition; I was on a lot of meds coupled with a really unhealthy diet and therefore had developed toxin overload. Luckily detoxing my body and switching meds means I can wear perfume again. There's always those that give me "perfume headaches" though, so yes I do believe some people can be very sensitive to the chemicals mainstream perfumes contain. I prefer to use Lush or other natural fragrances when I'm feeling particularly unwell or headache-y.
@Bourgognais yes I totally agree with the fear mongering stuff. I just recently heard on the news that salmon is "toxic" and shouldn't be consumed *sign* even though it's one of the supposed healthiest fish... and that blueberries can contain salmonella... we live in a toxic world and I don't think perfume is going to kill anyone. I'd be more concerned about the whole world we live in, in general.


I agree, your new pic is dapper. Also, allergy warning labels on perfumes would put a lot of people out of a job at IFRA.


Hmmm, forgot what I was going to write after I saw your new flawless photo! LOVE it!


Thoroughly enjoyable are those fear-mongering "what you do not know can kill you" articles. They could be written, with the same language and symptom chart, about anything: trees, cars, fish, electric power lines, collecting stamps, etc. "I have been tired lately. It must be because of whatever new health concern has been making the buzz this week."


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