Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Jo Malone Master Class, a New Rose and Poo-pourri

This Week in Fragrance: Jo Malone Master Class, a New Rose and Poo-pourri

03/29/17 13:05:22 (6 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

GQ invites you to a free Jo Malone master class with Céline Roux (pictured below), live on Facebook this Thursday at 1.30pm London time:

In a men’s grooming market flooded with more fragrances than ever before, getting a scent that truly suits you is tricky - that’s why it pays to ask the experts. This Thursday at 1.30pm, we’ll be speaking to Céline Roux, the executive director of global product development and innovation for Jo Malone London. Better yet, we’re going on the road to do so: the session will be exclusively hosted at the brand’s impressive townhouse in Marylebone (the first time a Facebook Live has been broadcast from inside the fragrance master’s HQ). READ MORE...


And in more Jo Malone news, the Telegraph has an excellent article about fragrance layering. Remember the time difference if wanting to view the live stream! Can you recommend any other interesting videos or live streams exploring the world of fragrance?

Céline Roux

The National Garden Bureau has announced 2017 as the year of the rose. Accordingly, Mark Thompson at Huffington Post explores the newest rose fragrance blooming at 2017 New York Fashion Week, this time from Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji:

With a sensual woody drydown marked by musk and labdanum, Eau de Rose becomes certifiably intoxicating. If there’s a rollerball within reach, it’s tempting to keep reapplying: so seductive are the notes of rose absolute and oudh oil — and a faint hint of patchouli that evokes the signature scent of those at the forefront of the sexual revolution. READ MORE...

Have you sampled this new scent yet? What's your current favorite rose scent?

Tadashi Shoji Eau de Rose

Ruth Saxelby talks to artist Ziemba at The Fader and explores the significance of fragrance in her creative works:

Nothing sparks memory like scents or songs. Someone who knows this better than most is New York artist Ziemba. Last summer she released an incense that included the fragrances of flowers plucked from her childhood home; it accompanied her album Hope Is Never. Now she's upping the sensory ante once again with a "sonic fragrance mist" titled "A Door Into Ocean" (inspired by Joan Slonczewski's feminist sci-fi novel) that comes in both aromatic and auditory versions. The latter is premiering on The FADER below — a layered caress of a soundscape — and the equally gentle perfume will be available to purchase on Ziemba's tour (dates below). READ MORE...

Have you encountered any other artists who have utlized fragrance as an accompanying art form with visual or auditory media? Get to know Ziemba - we've shared one of her productions below.

Marie Claire Asia reports that H&M will be launching ecological fragrance oils. Angela Goh has the scoop:

This year, H&M is introducing something new to their Conscious Exclusive collection. For the first time, the collection will include a set of fragrances in the form of three unique unisex ecological oils. Excited? We totally are. These fragrances, which can be worn individually or layered on top of each other to create a unique customised scent, have been given the stamp of approval by Ecocert. For those who like numbers, here you go: 100% of the total ingredients in these ecological perfume oils are from natural origin, and 90.4% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. READ MORE..

No word on actual launch dates or locations. What has your response been to previous H&M fragrance launches? Any favorites?

H&M Ecological Oils

And Lauren Schwartzburg at New York Magazine discusses the popularity of...wait for it...toilet fresheners:

A new class of air fresheners has sprung up. Instead of sprays that float in the air among all the poopy particles, these new fresheners focus on the source: inside the toilet. They come in either drops or sprays, and are most often (though not always) used prior to any dumping, very successfully working to stop smells before they’re ever able to leak out. READ MORE...

I was actually once gifted Poo-pourri, shown below (I hope it wasn't a subtle message). Have you used a new toilet freshener recently?




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Reading the title, I thought Poo Pourri was a new collection from Jo Malone. Hopefully for them, no ;-)


Coolness from every corner of the fragrant now! Salvo! Dr. Harrison! My favorite rose is Chevaux d' Or, H of S.; thank you for asking. On "Master Class" from the Jo Malone townhouse with Céline Roux: I gotta say;"Un cheveu étonnant, Mme. Roux!" If I were in London, I'd be hustling to get my name on the list like Edina Monsoon panting after Stella M. On Ziemba: Being mononymous is easier than a neck tattoo if you want to be a bad ass. Jokes aside I applaud Ziemba as an originator. Art is a living thing - mediums will mix. Remember when Picasso was feeling Alice Cooper? The National Garden Bureau declares "YEAROFTHEROSE." Bureau's are best regarded with a free thinking eye, but I like gardening, and I like roses, so why not? The global economy is too a living thing, and ye old trickle down theory says; "Money for you = money for me." I'll drink to that; "To Perfumers, formal wear designers, bureaucratic assemblages, one named artists and all the happy readers here: May we all be enriched, and enrich each other again." Sorry. can't talk about poo. Mom wouldn't like it.


Poo Pourri - haha, I always laugh out out when I see these at ULTA. No, I have not tried it because ever since I've taken Probiotics, daily, I don't notice much "Proo-blem." lol I'm thinking a spray bottle with water, baking soda, and your choice of essential oils might do the trick, too?

Right now, I'm totally diggin' LOLLIA Cabbage Rose & Citrus, so refreshing and sweet. Smells like a bouquet of Martha Washington Cabbage Roses.

Other Roses I enjoy are:

-My Burberry (Centifolia Rose)
-TBS British Rose and Smoky Rose
-Manuel Canovas Ballard Verte
-Pacifica Persian Rose


My favourite rose scent is Armani Privé Rose d'Arabie. There is a deep, phenolic quality that I adore. When I spray it on, I feel completely encompassed by it, which some people might not like, but I love.


My response to previous H&M fragrance launches has been tremendous excitement followed by crushing disappointment when I visit the two local H&Ms and see that the fragrances are not actually being sold here. Sad trombone...


I have not tried this scent yet. But off to my test list Eau De Rose goes. Right now my two favorite Rose Scents are, Serge Lutens La Fille De Berlin, and Tauerville Rose Flash. Rose Scents are new for me. But I quickly found my likes and dislikes. Will def get a sample to give Eau De Rose a try.


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