Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: New Scents from Star Wars, Martha Stewart & Art of Shaving

This Week in Fragrance: New Scents from Star Wars, Martha Stewart & Art of Shaving

11/16/16 10:56:43 (6 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Alex Apatoff of announced this week that everyone's famous home and garden guru, Martha Stewart, is adding a line of scented candles and home/body products to her growing retail empire:

"A new collection of home fragrances... just launched at Macy’s, with scents inspired by her gardens that include “Cool Cucumber Water,” “Fresh Lemon Basil” and “Mission Fig” and come in lotions, candles, diffusers, soaps and more. She expanded her “hobby” of developing beautiful scents by bringing in perfumers from Grasse, France, to visit her properties and develop fragrances that are “as natural as possible, ” she said. “I think bringing in the outdoors is sometimes very nice, but you don’t want it to be very overpowering. These are mild, gentle, natural — a combination of all my favorite things.”

For some reason I had thought she already had launched a home/body line. Prices range from $12 - $32 USD for soaps, diffusers, lotions, room sprays and candles in a range of rather straightforward aromas. What do you think of this new collection? Has anything caught your interest? Personally I'd be more interested if someone like Anthony Bourdain launched a line of candles inspired by his culinary adventures.

Martha Stewart Home/Body products

I was incredibly sad to learn that Art of Shaving had discontinued its fragrances some time ago, especially their incredible Sandalwood fragrance. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand (boy, those years flew by; I remember when they first launched), Art of Shaving is releasing a new line of fragrances and there's even a sandalwood-themed scent. reports:

“Essential oil aromas are a critical part of elevating the grooming experience from an act to a cherished ritual. Our new cologne collection is the ultimate expression of these aromas and the perfect finishing touch for The Art of Shaving man”, says Todd Brisky, The Art of Shaving CEO. “Each fragrance in the collection has been designed with craft and care to have a distinct personality. I don’t expect you to ‘like’ all five, but I’m sure there will be one or two you ‘love’ and that is how you should feel about your fragrance.”

The line consists of 5 fragrances that are priced from $60 USD to $125 USD. I'm most interested in trying the "Sandalwood and Cypress" and the "Green Lavender" scents. How about you?

Art of Shaving's 5 New Fragrances

In case you ever wanted to smell like the Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles), now you can! Sam Reed at the has announced a new jasmine aroma - Hollywood Jasmine:

What does L.A. smell like? Among the first things that come to mind are the ocean, kale and In-N-Out Burger. But Haley Alexander Van Oosten, founder of the innovative fragrance label L'Oeil du Vert, has a different view of the scent of the great City of Angels. In fact, Van Oosten took the interpretation of L.A.'s scent quite literally, capturing the smells of the Hollywood Hills in her new fragrance, Hollywood Jasmine. The scent is definitely in the spirit of L.A.'s yoga-practicing, green-juice-drinking bohemians and, with its wood and brass packaging, would be the perfect addition to any Silver Lake bungalow's vanity. 

No size is provided but the fragrance oil retails for $325 USD and features lush jasmine, sandalwood and green herbs. If you were going to craft an aroma of your hometown, what would it smell like?

L'Oeil du Vert Hollywood Jasmine

May the force not only be with you, but may you smell like it as well! Disney continues its roll out of Star Wars themed fragrances. TheForce.Net has the scoop:

Something else that launched today is a brand new range of unisex fragrances called the Star Wars Fragrance Collection, which includes six unique fragrances that represent the scents of your favorite Star Wars characters [including] Rey, Galaxy, Droid, Revenge, Light and Dark. The collection appears to only be available in the UK at this time, but we'll bring you more news when we have it.

Which other Star Wars characters, concepts or locations do you think deserve their own scents? I kind of wish they had launched some scents inspired by the various environments. Mos Eisley Cantina anyone?

New Star Wars fragrances

Lee Kynaston at has an interesting article exploring the statistic that most men will own 8 different fragrances in their lifetime. My favorite pick was the subversive choice, or as the author put it, "The ‘F**k You!’ Fragrance":

You might only do it once, or you might fall in the love with the way it makes you feel and abandon that bottle of Hugo Boss for good, but every man should get experimental with his eau de toilette at least once in his life. The easiest way to switch things up is to bend gender boundaries and consider a fragrance traditionally classed as a ‘women’s perfume’, like Guerlain’s legendary Shalimar. “Fragrance doesn’t have a gender – that’s just an idea instilled in us,” says award-winning fragrance writer Liam Moore. “When a man wears a fragrance like this it doesn’t just show he’s savvy and modern – it shows he’s got balls.”

If you had to select a group of 8 fragrances for a favorite man in your life what might that be? Stay tuned for Fragrantica's editors' picks in a forthcoming article!

Possible Shalimar for Men image

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Your mentioning of fragrances based on "culinary adventures" reminds me, I am waiting for D'Orsay's 'Tomato Leaves' home fragrance, meant to be for the kitchen, but encouraged by your recent article, I'll definitely try it on myself! :-) As for Star Wars, I'd like to have one named Master Yoda, something 'Zen'-like (of course) with a quirky touch, or "a young Jedi", something along the lines of L'Eau d'Issey, but less aquatic, a little stoic, pure, serene, still not completely enlightened. As for a scent for my hometown, would be difficult to pick up one aspect for Tokyo ;)


I'm glad the new Star Wars fragrances have a more sleek bottle design, I was kind of embarrassed to pick up the Amidala&Co scents to test them. The Geek in me longs for an "Endor" fragrance among others :-))


My ‘F**k You!’ Fragrance would be TF Black Orchid, but I haven't had the guts yet to buy it.
I am so tempted though...


@cms9: Ok, I'm not crazy then; thank you for confirming that memory indeed served me correctly : )

Lord L
Lord L

First I was like 'Star Wars perfume lol' but then I saw the note pyramid and they both look legit good


Martha used to have her own line of home scents at Kmart, this would have been about 10 years ago. They are no longer on the Kmart website.


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