Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Orwell's Nose, Scented Light & Covert Cowboys

This Week in Fragrance: Orwell's Nose, Scented Light & Covert Cowboys

09/14/16 08:33:05 (5 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Lulu Chang at introduced the Vibrance Smart Bulb which not only emits light, it emits scent!

Heralded as a “silent scent and light alarm clock,” you’ll no longer be jolted awake by sirens or whatever other cacophony you currently have set on your smartphone. Rather, the Vibrance gives your ears a rest, and instead releases an aroma before your desired wake-up time. As the hour of reckoning approaches, the scent intensifies, and the LED light simultaneously becomes brighter to “gently wake you, stimulating your senses to promote a good start to the day."

I like the fact that the product can be used with any essential oils. This certainly reduces the potential mess of the traditional brass light bulb ring. Would you use this product? What aromas would you most want to wake up to? Do I hear a vote for cappuccino?

Vibrance Smart Bulb

An article in this week discusses he evolution of the modern fragrance market and consumer:

As trends go, perfumery is more enduring than other beauty sectors like colour cosmetics or skincare. This area is less fickle and changeable and more inclined to embrace classic sophistication. Nevertheless, change does happen and is happening now, much of it driven by the new generation of consumers.

Layering and niche markets are the big buzz. How about you? Do you regularly layer your own scents? Do you tend towards niche and away from designer/celebrity?

Woman thinking of fragrance

PBN also published an article about a new fragrance technology for helping consumers sample fragrances called P'tit Sniff:

It has many advantages,” explains Valérie Pasmanian, co-founder of the product, with Michel Pozzo, the inventor of the OlfaCom technology. “It is clean and does not saturate the atmosphere, so that it considerably improves the quality of the ambient air in perfume stores. It is very easy to use, and it only takes a few seconds to replace a perfume cartridge, which makes it possible to test plenty of products. Its design and decoration can be personalized, so they can be adapted to any brand’s codes.

I don't know, there's something about actually using the bottle as a tester that I quite like, but then again air quality should definitely be a consideration for consumer and sales staff health. What do you think about this new possibility?

P'tit Sniff

Brian Bethune of reviewed the new book, Orwell's Nose, all about the author's amazing sense of smell:

Rarely has such a conjunction of writer, subject and even publisher been seen. Sutherland, professor emeritus of English at University College London, is a noted critic and admirer of George Orwell. But if Sutherland, 77, hadn’t lost his sense of smell in 2012 after years of hay fever, would he even have noticed George Orwell’s obsession with scent, making it the central theme of his book? And, although other publishers would surely have been interested, Orwell’s Nose is well-suited to London-based Reaktion Books’ peerless list of offbeat but intellectually compelling titles.

Did you know that Orwell had such an obsession with aroma? Do you know of any other famous artists who were also smitten with scent?

Orwell's Nose

Dave Moore of reveals how "The Dallas Cowboys Use Your Nose Against You" in an article about environmental scent this week:

During one period in 2013, at least, Jones (or one of his contractors) has deployed something called “covert ambient scent” through the air ducts into AT&T Stadium’s 104 million cubic feet. We don’t know exactly when. But a few years ago, a salesman accidentally outed Cowboys Stadium as a user of aromas. Both the Cowboys and the contractor, ScentAir, declined to confirm.

I wonder how many other public spaces do the same!?! Do you know of any such environmental scenting systems? How do you feel about such subliminal scenting?

AT&T Stadium

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Subliminal scenting in a stadium? Is that any different from Disneyland pumping the smell of vanilla into Main Street? It seems a sneaky and deceitful way to get you to buy something from their bakery, but no real harm done.


Nabokov's novels and short stories are replete with references to fragrances, good and bad. Of course, you'd expect that with Nabokov. But Orwell? How intriguing.

Best wake up smell: bacon in a beach house.


Nothing beats the good ol' skin test for trying out new perfumes. The cartridge thing might be a nice way to test ambient scents, though.

And Orwell? Really? Would never have thought he was so olfactorily inclined. But Margaret Atwood, definitely. Her books are filled with references to aromas in general and to specific perfumes such as Guerlain's Liu.

ms. m
ms. m

Stealth scenting - how very Orwellian! Big Brother is sniffing. :)-


•waking up to aroma and led lights getting brighter sounds like a great and relaxing way to start the day. Alarm clocks start me out feeling stressed, though i need them to wake up. I would love to wake up to the smell of black coffee or even fresh air and grass. My luck i would sleep through that too! The smells would just translate to my dreams.
• Im a huge layering fanatic! I layer almost every day. I love layering arabian oils with perfume. I own more designer fragrances, ( unless Guerlain counts as niche) but I've been becoming more interested in niche lately and started dipping my nose into sampling more niche.
•Now the perfume testing cartridge idea, I don't like it. I want to spray the bottle, feel it in my hands, see how it sprays, smell it in the air and on my skin. Coming from a cartridge machine, i would lose out on the full experiece of testing, i will not buy something that i can't smell on my skin first. It feels like the fun would be sucked out of testing. Imo , perfume smells different on a paper strip, in the air, and applied to skin.


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