Fragrance News This Week in Fragrance: Red Goes Extreme, Blind Noses & Escentricity

This Week in Fragrance: Red Goes Extreme, Blind Noses & Escentricity

02/01/17 08:41:24 (2 comments)

by: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

An amazing story out of India this week reveals that to be a perfumer, one only needs a specific type of vision. Sharmila Ganesan Ram of reports:

In January 2016, after smelling a few scented jasmine and peppermint tissues correctly, Domal quit his job as an automobile showroom salesman while Bhoje took a break from her duties as committee member of Blind Person's Association (NAB) to join the College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired or COFVI - the only non-profit initiative in the country that grooms up to 10 visually-impaired adults annually for jobs in India's fast-growing cosmetics industry. READ MORE...

Check out the video below to learn more. Share your reaction to this fascinating educational venture in a comment below.

Polo Red gets a new flanker and a new face! Celia Shatzman of interviews Polo Red Extreme campaign model/up and coming Australian actor Luke Bracey who explains:

It’s masculine but it’s got a sophistication to it, especially with this fragrance. It’s nice and bold, really, really strong. It’s the first time that I’ve been involved in something like this, but fragrance is the one thing I’ve always worn. It’s a rugged, down to earth kind of scent and it really exemplifies what I like about being a man. It’s got a sweetness to it, it’s got a kick, and gives you that bit of adrenaline rush as well. I was fortunate that I’d done a little bit of work with Bruce Weber, who shot the campaign. READ MORE...

I'm a huge fan of the Polo series (and of the brand's choice of male models for their ads!) and I do love Polo Red, particularly. I just find that longevity isn't always fantastic with the newer Polo flankers. What are your thoughts about the Red flankers? Where would you like to see the brand head next with the iconic Polo series? Shop for Polo Red Extreme at

Polo Red Extreme with Luke Bracey

Ever loved the aroma of a new car so much that you wished you could bottle and wear it? Well, according to Dave Pinter at, Ally Financial has developed an amusing take on current trends in the auto industry.

What are three things that the majority of humankind are guaranteed to love? Ocean waves, campfires and the smell of a new car.  Well, Ally Financial found a clever way of attracting attention away from the shiny new concept and production cars at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. “New Car Smell” is a fragrance collection it first exhibited a year ago with eight scents, each of which representing a distinct automotive category. In 2017, two new scents were added, responding to the latest industry trends. READ MORE...

Unfortunately, the fragrances aren't currently available for purchase and are only an aromatic exhibit. But who knows, perhaps they might in fact reach a fragrance counter near you one day soon. Which one of the ten scents would most suit you?

New Car Smell Exhibit

According to Amy Sciaretto at (and Scentbird), millennials are looking for fresh and sexy scents:

In the digital age, there are tons of online options about everything in life, from dating apps to tees with feminist messages to organic beauty products. The same goes for fragrances. Scentbird supplied Bustle with this cool and informative graphic that reveals which fragrances millennials are searching for most online. In case you are not familiar or if you've yet to use it, Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service in which members receive a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance of choice for $14.95 per month. So, what is the iPhone generation seeking when it comes to scents? READ MORE...

What do you think about the overall results? Of course, the mode of searching and the types of consumers who are aware of and use the Scentbird service have influenced these conclusions. Are you a customer of a monthly fragrance service? Tell us about in a comment below. And look for my report on Sens Unique Box monthly service (from Paris's niche fragrance boutique ) later this week!

Scentbird decants

And Adam Hurly at explores the infamous Escentric Molecules line:

I like a lot of colognes, but very few are impressive enough to wear on a regular basis. And many are just plain bad. And as someone who tests tons of products, I’m skeptical of anything that claims to have reinvented the wheel. Escentric Molecules has an intriguing claim, though: Each barely-there fragrance mixes with the chemistry of the wearer’s skin, thus creating a unique olfactory experience for anyone who smells it. Call it personalized perfumery. This is a departure from the traditional “top-, middle-, and base-note” structure of most colognes, which dissipate in a very scientific order—top and middle notes make the first impression, but it’s the base notes that linger for hours. Traditionally, most scents smell the same on any wearer. READ MORE...

One of my challenges with the EM brand is that I have a difficult time smelling a few of them on my skin, even though I've complimented others wearing EM scents. How about you? What has your own experience been like with such eccentric escentricity? Shop for Escentric Molecules at

Escentric Molecules

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Belief that individuals with chronic sensory impairment in one area develop preternatural skills in another is widespread, for which reason the idea to train people with visual impairment as "noses" seems obvious.

But has anyone else ANYWHERE else in the world had the idea?

It's brilliant.

Fascinating article - thank you Marlen, for finding it.


The New Car Smell sounds so interesting! I'm mostly drawn to Luxury Coupe & Eco Friendly Hybrid ;p

The article from Bustle & Scentbird is nothing new or's been that way since the 90's no?

I think Escentric Molecules are nice (especially Escentric 02) but are not really that special. I understand its popular appeal, but way too over-praised...and if the Molecule series is really nothing but 100% said chemical, then it's a rip off--it's like selling a painting with nothing but one shade of red; no thanks, I'll buy a tube of paint myself.


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