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UNSCENT - INTERTRADE Art Exhibition of Perfume in Milan

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by: Sandra Raičević Petrović

Milan was indeed marked by perfumes in the first days of spring! During my five-day stay in this wonderful city I visited an artistic exhibition of perfumes, which was organized by Intertrade for the first time this year and was held in the heart of the beautiful area of Milan—Palazzo Morando.

This unusual exhibition that enchanted all visitors with the setting and presentation of perfume in a unique manner, lasted March 21-24, 2013 and attracted fans of perfumes, fashion and art. An entirely new kind of art exhibition was envisaged by Celso Fadelli in collaboration with art director Cristiano Seganfredd. Cristiano enabled each presented collection and fragrances to have an entirely new form of presentation, outlining their artistic value.

Celso Fadelli said the following about the first Unscent exhibition:  “We are pleased and extremely satisfied with the response to our experiential vision. UNSCENT responds to the needs of a market which must rediscover artistic, cultural and true values in content and communication in order to revive. With Cristiano we have put together a multitude of inspirations and an extraordinary, motivated and enthusiastic team, many of whom are very young. In just a few weeks, we have managed to create a unique event that brings together art, olfaction and fashion—an example of the Italian miracle.

I want to thank everyone who has been with us on this wonderful journey, without any one of whom our project would not have been possible.”

Palazzo Morando, Milan

Fifteen brands and their perfume collections were presented at UNSCENT exhibitions in a number of different rooms, in the form of art installations, olfactory rooms and unusual dark rooms. Visitors were led from one room to another by offering a specific story about each of them, until they reached the large, bright room (lounge bar) with an exit to the garden, where visitors could refresh with a drink, talk and test all perfumes of the collections displayed at the premises through which they passed slowly.

UNSCENT expo exhibited collections of fragrances:



UNSCENT special projects


Among the first visitors of the exhibition Unscent exhibition in Milan, attention was attracted by Diane Pernet who created the olfactory video room where video clips closely associated with fashion and art were shown. Diane Pernet is considered one of the most influential bloggers today with her already famous A Shaded View of Fashion. Another special project was envisaged and designed by Japanese artist Sacre Nobi, who lives in New York. He also created a fragrance inspired by the sculpture of Pieta by Michelangelo, and moved and attracted many fans of arts and fragrances by his concept.

RE PROFUMO is a novel by Fulvio Fronzoni, and it consists of three parts, just like the olfactive pyramid—top notes, heart and base notes. The notes are revealed slowly, one by one in a mist of memories….

Diane Pernet video room

Another beautiful accessory to the expo was added in form of the exhibition is a series of works, "Dayscapes" by artist Yusuke Nishimura, who played with the concept of light and invisibility. His photographs include observations of light during the day. Depending on the season, weather and time (hour of day), the sun emits different colors of light, depending on the distance from the Earth. Four photos displayed on the wall in the lounge room display colors of light provided by the sun during different days and time observed and photographed observed by Yusuke.

Andrea Maack - Unscent

Let me take you for a walk though the lovely fragrant palace Morando! When you enter the first room, you realize that the world of perfumes in this exhibition is closely associated with fashion and art. The perfumes are within your "nose reach," housed in specially designed hemispheres on the walls of the premises from which the smell of carefully labeled items spreads. In the first room, you are welcomed by Andrea Maack, with her collection in an artistic space and painted red walls. Besides the well-known collection of the house, the focus is on this year's edition Coal, inspired by ... coal!

Our path takes us further to the Bond No9 collection in a room where attractive shoes (Louboutin) and sports shoes that connect the urban aspect of New York with the trend and modern niche fragrances are placed in glass windows. Hemispheres filled with familiar compositions attracted me to re-try some of my favorite editions by Bond No9.

Bond no9 installation and gorgeous Loubotin shoes

Walking further, you can see Czech & Speak and the first special dark room with the latest edition by Agonist—Isis! In this room, a special installation named Methamorphosis,  Agonist presented its new perfume, ISIS. The new edition was presented in seductive flacons colored in bright yellow as a journey from an abstract idea till the search for a fragrant experience, expressed artistically with broken glass.

The glass and sculptures in this installation offered an unusual tension between the visual and the olfactory, complemented with the sound of shattering ... Metamorphosis Isis also points to the awakening of nature, which every year offers a new force, creates a new cycle and puts into focus the power and force of a new life! It is an ongoing and organic living process that continues into eternity.

AGONIST installation - new fragrance Isis

After the unique experience describing the power of awakening of nature and its metamorphosis, a collection of fragrances by Eight & Bob and Acqua di Stresa appeared in the rooms in front of us. The new fragrance of the romantic and vibrant collection by Acqua di Stresa was promoted for the first time at UNSCENT and is also inspired by lush green and citrusy notes, which symbolize life. The name of the fragrance that will soon appear on the market is Verbena Absolute, and it wins us over with green (vegetable) freshness, tart fresh aromas and irresistible optimism.

Byredo lined up its fragrances along a long wall of the room, and placed large glass bottles with fragrant liquids in a special pedestal in the middle of the room, creating an appealing game of scents, the color of their liquid and the refraction of light. Many visitors were "caught" curiously testing the Byredo collection leaning toward fragrant pots placed on the wall in the hemisphere, finding their favorites in the collection.

The room with fragrances by SoOuD , just like the one for Bond No9, was embellished with beautiful women's shoes which also diverted attention from the perfumes of the collection a bit.

Byredo installation

Another dark room attracted many visitors. Blood collection will soon launch four new fragrances as opposition to the existing collection. Their announcement impressed numerous visitors. In the dark room, on one of the walls, an installation with eight gaps was set, four for each of the new fragrances. Each of the fragrances was accompanied by a video that you could watch in the top gap and with a pot of scents that smell intensely in the lower gap. Each video was followed by certain sounds that you listening to through headphones, which offered a unique feeling while you consumed the new collection. The visual, olfactive and sensual as a single unit, in total darkness. Smelling, listening and watching the video messages at the same time. The fragrances are available in black bottles with names of blood groups printed upside down. I must admit this was quite a unique experience that I had.

As I previously mentioned, a perfume was presented in a very particular way in this expo. It was an exhibition of painter and artist Sacre Nobi inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta sculpture and a perfume poured into a gold-colored cup that was placed in front of the large painting at the pedestal. The painting of the sculpture covered the entire wall and was painted on a large white canvas, leaving a strong and very deep impression on the viewer because it was the only illuminated thing the room. The scent played the role of the Holy Grail is in this setting, which was impossible to inhale with pleasure and deep respect.

Special project: Sacre Nobi - My Pieta

The video presentation by Diane Pernet was also very contemplative and imaginative. I very much liked her thinking about life, about which she spoke in one of the mini-movies. When asked what luxury was for her, she said: "Life is a luxury!" I thought that there is no greater truth. In addition to the movie presenting her, two other mini-films were shown, one of which presents our existence, the transformation and power of life energy.

I hope that all video material will be available in the future as they merged fashion, art, inspiration, the pulse of life in a completely different way than we've ever had the opportunity to see...

Lounge Bar - UNSCENT expo

Lounge bar photos – All perfume collections

In the brightest room overlooking the garden, on special tables, all the collections were offered to visitors to test them in the original bottles. After an art display in each of the rooms, in the end, the lounge bar was a place where you could "help yourselves" with the perfumes that intrigued you and try them on your skin. This room was redolent with cheerfulness and was filled with light, especially emphasizing the perfume bottle within your reach. Unconventional socializing with visitors and organizers after the pleasure achieved by art installations gave new meaning to the perfume mingling. In this room you were finally able to look at the whole concept of the exhibition under the impressions of all the rooms with installations and intoxicated by the rich collections presented, their unique flavors and irresistible bottles.

Among the many fragrances on the counters one could notice the new fragrances by Bond No9 Central Park South, Acqua di Stresa Verbena Absoluta, collections by Nasomatto, Boadicea the Victorious, S4P, Byredo,  SoOud, the whole collection by Blood, including the four new fragrances and numerous others. My pleasure as a fan of perfume was truly complete! 

Celso Fadelli & Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

I would like to express my gratitude for the invitation for the first UNSCENT expo (by Intertrade) in Milan and I can congratulate Mr. Celso Fadelli and his team on the wonderful union of perfume and art! Thank you, Celso Fadelli, Claudia Bartz, Sabrina Dughetti and the entire Intertrade team for their hospitality and friendliness!


Photos by by Intertrade Europe, Fragrantica


Author: Sandra Raičević Petrović

   Fragrantica Executive Editor, Writer and Designer




Translation: Ivana (Ina_Mo)


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Thank you for sharing that experience. It sounds like a heavenly exhibit!!!


Wonderful article. So jealous. Would love love love to have been there. Look forward to trying some new ones by these perfumers.


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