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Fragrant First Impressions: Penhaligon's, Jack, Dame and more!Fragrant First Impressions: Penhaligon's, Jack, Dame and more!

Fragrance Reviews 04/08/17 07:56 (5 comments)

Welcome to Fragrant First Impressions, our way of sharing our initial encounters with a wide array of fragrances. We may not have significant experience with any of these aromas just yet, but we're excited to present our thoughts to you!   January Scent Project Eiderantler Marlen : Reviewed by Ida HERE , this is my favorite of the first three January Scent Project releases. A sure thing for lovers of green aromas, Eiderantler is grassy, c... (more)

Staff reviews of JSP Eiderantler, DSH Deco Diamonds, English Fern, Piccadilly '69, Dark Horse, HDP This Is Not a Blue Bottle, Visconti Silver Wood, Fresh Patchouli Pure

Shopping Challenge: Gourmands Under $25 USDShopping Challenge: Gourmands Under $25 USD

Best in Show 03/26/17 09:48 (56 comments)

Surprisingly, one of the most popular genres of modern perfumery is also one of its newest. Many attribute to the rise of dessert-like fragrances - those offering chocolate, caramel, biscuit and even liquer notes - to 1992's groundbreaking Angel by Thierry Mugler and Clarins. And for the past 25 years, the market has seen an exctiing array of variations on gourmand themes. So popular are gourmand fragrances that we've even dedicated a Fragrantica Forum discussion boar... (more)

Our international writers recommend some budget-friendly gourmands. Which are your favorites?

Eaux de Parfum for Men – A Steady Trend Eaux de Parfum for Men – A Steady Trend

Columns 02/13/17 10:05 (17 comments)

  No, it’s not a typo. “Eaux” is the plural of “eau” in French, which means “water” in English, even though it’s pretty much alcohol. There was a time when the modern perfumery divided itself between extremes – eaux de cologne on one side and extraits (or parfums ) on the other. The first was used for functional purposes (such as to clean up) and mostly worn by men; the latter was used for important events, with a cosmetic ... (more)

It was not until the early 90's that the first EDP's for men arrived. Men finally discovered that fragrances that were more potent could help with their conquests.

Fragrant First Impressions: New Courreges, Rare Picasso, Classic Miller Harris and more!Fragrant First Impressions: New Courreges, Rare Picasso, Classic Miller Harris and more!

Fragrance Reviews 02/11/17 11:32 (6 comments)

Welcome to Fragrant First Impressions, our way of sharing our initial encounters with a wide array of fragrances. We may not have significant experience with any of these aromas just yet, but we're excited to present our thoughts to you!   Miller Harris L`Air de Rien Stefanie: I've recently developed an interest in the "not so clean" scents and L'Air de Rien is basically this: Not so clean. Someone spent the day in bed... (more)

Staff reviews of L'Air de Rien, Agua Brava, Tonkaccino, Le Chapeau Bleu, Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate, Red Musk, The Dark Heart of Old Havana and Hyperbole

Extraits de Parfum: Hidden GemsExtraits de Parfum: Hidden Gems

Columns 02/04/17 06:21 (28 comments)

A decade ago, one could say that extraits de parfum (or simply parfums ) were in extinction. Those precious little bottles were simply too expensive for a very narrow target audience – basically 45-60 year old women who appreciate the nostalgic feel of applying a drop or two of their favorite fragrance with an inverted triangle-shaped applicator. Also known as dabbing , this charming practice is nowadays seen by some as not very hygienic if compared to spray valves. The exception to ... (more)

"In the beginning of modern Western perfumery, this was the most usual format offered in perfume houses. However, consumers’ taste evolved to bigger bottles and monster projection."

Fragrant First Impressions: Versace, Givenchy, Biagiotti and more!Fragrant First Impressions: Versace, Givenchy, Biagiotti and more!

Fragrance Reviews 01/28/17 07:35 (5 comments)

Welcome to Fragrant First Impressions, our way of sharing our initial encounters with a wide array of fragrances. We may not have significant experience with any of these aromas just yet, but we're excited to present our thoughts to you! This week we explore a wide range of scents, from vintage classics which have sadly lost some of their oomph, to niche aromas that surprise.   Versace Dreamer Marlen: Versace Dreamer is a fragrance I ... (more)

Staff reviews of Versace Dreamer, Givenchy Xeryus, Aubusson Desirade, Lurk RSW005, Malle Lipstick Rose, Roma Biagiotti, and Delacourte Florentina.

Best in Show: Chanel (2017)Best in Show: Chanel (2017)

Best in Show 01/01/17 11:55 (67 comments)

Chanel. For almost 100 years, these two syllables have conjured sophistication, glamour and simplicity...and perfume. Whether choosing an iconic early aroma of the brand such as Cuir de Russie, a 70s classic like Cristalle, an 80s powerhouse oriental such as Coco, or a new Les Exclusifs such as Jersey, it is easy for everyone to find a Chanel of their own. And many famous names have helped to keep Chanel iconic: Marilyn and her N° 5; Warhol and his pai... (more)

Fragrantica editors celebrate their favorite Chanel fragrances. Leave a comment with your own picks!

The Language of Scent, Part 2 of 5The Language of Scent, Part 2 of 5

Columns 11/01/16 13:38 (9 comments)

Becoming a fragrance fan essentially requires one to learn a new language, and there is quite a bit of specialized terminology that we use when we talk about perfumes: from the process of creation all the way to how we wear them. Many of these terms can be easily mixed up and so Fragrantica's international writers present a 5 part series to help us all build our vocabulary and clarify misconceptions. Today, Daniel Barros  of the Fragrantica website in Portuguese discu... (more)

Daniel explains designer vs mainstream; niche vs exclusive; and indie vs artisan.

Best in Show: Penhaligon's (2016)Best in Show: Penhaligon's (2016)

Best in Show 10/30/16 11:08 (31 comments)

Established in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a barber from Cornwall, Penhaligon's is one of England's oldest, continuously operating perfumeries and a rarity in that many of its original fragrances are still on the market today. The company's first perfume, Hammam Bouquet , was launched in 1872, inspired by the aromas of the Turkish Hammam (baths) that neighbored Penhaligon's Jeremyn Street barber shop, a melange of musky rose and woody lavender. B... (more)

Our editors discuss their favorite fragrances from one of England's oldest perfume houses.

Best in Show: My Fragrant Unicorn (2016)Best in Show: My Fragrant Unicorn (2016)

Best in Show 10/09/16 10:23 (74 comments)

There are certain ways in which perfume fanatics resemble kids. Recall how you were searching high and low for that ultra-rare Pokemon card that was missing from your otherwise quite smart album? Recall worrying a loose tooth, tempting you to go over it again and again with your tongue, despite it being a tad painful, wishing it in the palm of your hand already? Or replaying a favorite experience over and over in your head, eager to describe it in great detail, the memory gaining in m... (more)

Inspired by a thread in our Forum, our international team discusses their wishlist fragrances, some remain elusive while others have finally been acquired. What are yours?

Synesthesia and Tutoring: An Interview with Steven from RedolessenceSynesthesia and Tutoring: An Interview with Steven from Redolessence

Interviews 10/05/16 08:21 (306 comments)

Four years ago, the Greek-born fragrance reviewer Steven Gavrielatos decided to start his channel on YouTube, Redolessence , only to now feature among the top 3 in terms of subscribers (ca 26k) and to own a collection of nearly 600 bottles. Upon his arrival in America, Steven immediately enrolled in ESL classes, ending up with a degree in English literature and writing. Following the footsteps of his mother and his wife, Steven became a teacher, currently teaching English ... (more)

One of the most followed YouTubers in the fragrance community talks about his synesthesia and upcoming fragrance book.

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Annick Menardo (2016)Best in Show: The Fragrances of Annick Menardo (2016)

Best in Show 10/02/16 08:34 (26 comments)

Some might say that it has been challenging for women to forge successful careers in the traditionally male-dominated world of perfumers; a review of famous noses certainly shows a disproportionate number of men to women. But this week's perfumer in the spotlight has crafted a range of iconic fragrances over a career that spans 3 decades and she shows no signs of stopping. Born in Cannes, France, Annick Menardo  originally wanted to be a psychiatrist. L... (more)

From Bvlgari to Biagiotti, this week's perfumer in the spotlight has crafted some of the most successful masterpieces of modern perfumery. What are your favorites?

The Joy Of Layering ScentsThe Joy Of Layering Scents

Columns 09/27/16 09:02 (32 comments)

There are three main reasons for people to decide to combine two or more fragrances: to strengthen a scent they love but that has poor longevity or soften a scent that is too heady; to play the role of a perfumer and try to compose their own perfume; or simply to play with different smells and see how they interact. The latter is the focus of this article. Both professional perfumers and fragrance reviewers have repeatedly declared in interviews that they are against layering b... (more)

Why and how you could layer your favorite fragrances.

Best in Show: L'Artisan Parfumeur (2016)Best in Show: L'Artisan Parfumeur (2016)

Best in Show 09/25/16 09:04 (45 comments)

If asked to name the most whimsical fragrance house established in the 20th century, many of us would easily suggest L'Artisan Parfumeur, created in 1978 by the visionary Jean Laporte. The brand website explains that everything began with a banana challenge: L’Artisan Parfumeur was the result of a challenge, a plaisanterie . Due to his training as a chemist, a friend asked Jean Laporte if he could create a banana scent to wear with a costume of the same frui... (more)

Our international writers discuss the whimsy and creativity of one of the world's most popular niche houses.

Aromatique: Olfactory Exhibition at a Mall in São Paulo, BrazilAromatique: Olfactory Exhibition at a Mall in São Paulo, Brazil

Art Books Events 09/17/16 07:51

Several movies depicted labyrinths, from “Alice in Wonderland” to “The Shining”, including of course that one with David Bowie. But have you ever been in a real one? And what if it consisted of multiple totems with plants and flowers that showed physically representative ingredients in fragrances that are familiar to you? That’s exactly what the Iguatemi shopping mall in São Paulo (Brazil) put together to celebrate its 50-year jubilee – the Aromati... (more)

Aromatique is a synesthetic experiment with smells, that started in August, 2016 and is open until September 25, 2016.

Smell and Smile – An Interview with Dave from Fragrance Bros.Smell and Smile – An Interview with Dave from Fragrance Bros.

Interviews 09/13/16 23:10 (34 comments)

They say that Eskimos have about 300 different words for snow. I say that Dave from Fragrance Bros. has at least that amount of different smiles. How is it even possible? Every frame a different one. But the guy is not all about making us laugh. He drills the fragrance talk. Dave’s way of describing scents is well known in the community. The reviewer knows how to use humor to get our attention, backing it all up with hard facts. He knows the brands, the notes, the perfumers... (more)

Daniel asks all we need to know from one of the wittiest reviewers on the fragrance block.

Best in Show: The Fragrances of Alberto MorillasBest in Show: The Fragrances of Alberto Morillas

Best in Show 09/04/16 04:20 (56 comments)

Few perfumers can boast as successful a career as Alberto Morillas . Spanning 4 decades of not just successful, but legendary creations, Morillas has given us some of the world's most iconic aromas. His first fragrance was 1981's Must de Cartier, EDT (eventually re-launched as Must II) and his most recent work includes collaborations with Bvlgari, Dali and Ferragamo. A native of Seville, Spain who moved to Switzerland at the age of 10, Morillas was ins... (more)

Our international writers discuss their favorites from the legendary perfumer, Alberto Morillas. What are yours?

Sex and the Scent: An Interview with Jeremy FragranceSex and the Scent: An Interview with Jeremy Fragrance

Interviews 08/22/16 08:58 (153 comments)

YouTube arrived in 2005. A few years later, as it gained speed, some fragrance enthusiasts started their channels, as already covered by Gabriela Cortés on Fragrantica in her article YouTube Fragrance Vloggers: The Face of our Fragrance Community . Amongst those vloggers, one in particular stands out: Jeremy Fragrance . He has gained almost 75K subscribers in just 2 years (the 2nd and 3rd places belong to vloggers with 31K and 25K subscribers, respectively, gained over a period o... (more)

Daniel Barros talks to the fragrance reviewer we hate to love and love to hate.

Azzaro Wanted and the Importance of Good StorytellingAzzaro Wanted and the Importance of Good Storytelling

Art Books Events 07/28/16 05:40 (24 comments)

Storytelling has always been one of the greatest tools ever invented by humans to teach us something, ultimately shaping our behavior. It starts when we are still babies and listen to lullabies sung by our parents, then we heard fairy tales that show us the difference between right and wrong. We enjoy a good story because it gives us context, automatically placing us in the middle of it, making us think about our core values and connecting us with our emotions. A good narrative is supposed t... (more)

I recently had the opportunity to cover the launch of Azzaro Wanted. Despite all my skepticism, I decided to be open and join the game.

Best in Show: Marine Aquatics (2016)Best in Show: Marine Aquatics (2016)

Best in Show 07/24/16 03:46 (66 comments)

Back in the late 80s, a new trend emerged at fragrance counters everywhere. With the excesses of the previous decade leading the way to a new paradigm in fashion, perfumery followed as well. Out were shoulder pads and larger than life scents and in were streamlined designs and fresh aquatic aromas. Undoubtedly, chemistry was also turning a corner with the development and application of aroma materials in intriguing new ways. So successful was the emergence of the m... (more)

Our international editors discuss their favorite marine aquatic fragrances. Tell us yours!

Rastro - The First Brazilian PerfumeRastro - The First Brazilian Perfume

Vintages 06/11/16 07:59 (3 comments)

In 1956, the designer Aparício Basílio da Silva opened his fine clothing boutique in Augusta Street, one of the finest addresses in São Paulo at the time. He decided to name it Rastro – “trail” in Portuguese. From the beginning, the bold and flamboyant artist, an openly gay member of high society, dreamed of developing a top quality fragrance for his brand. Aparício wanted a perfume that could meet the international standards. To this en... (more)

"Advertisements in newspapers and magazines explored the sex appeal and shocked the most puritan and conservative, accustomed to the idea of applying scented water for hygienic purposes."

The Untapped Indie Segment of the World's Largest Fragrance MarketThe Untapped Indie Segment of the World's Largest Fragrance Market

Niche Perfumery 06/07/16 12:51 (3 comments)

Since 2011, Brazil ranks first in the sales of fragrances, surpassing the US market. A remarkable feature is the share of 95% of the revenues in the direct sales (57%) and franchising (38%) channels, both dominated by the groups O Boticário (218 fragrances on Fragrantica) and Natura (204 fragrances on Fragrantica). This means that the Brazilian fragrance market has only 5% of sales generated from retail, i.e. multi-branded stores that sell imported perfumes. We can con... (more)

Three examples - Companhia da Terra, Ane Walsh and Amberfig – clearly illustrate the contradiction of indie perfumery in Brazil: a giant and untapped potential.


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