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Elena Knezhevich founded Fragrantica together with Zoran Knezevic in 2007. Since then Elena has taken care of its design and content as the Editor-in-Chief. Elena was born in Russia, studied Slavic languages and literature in Moscow, and lived in Sarajevo and Belgrade, where the idea of Fragrantica was born. Now she resides in California.

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Byredo Kabuki Perfume Brush-OnsByredo Kabuki Perfume Brush-Ons

New Fragrances 04/26/17 14:36 (6 comments)

Solid perfumes, scented creams and scented amulets have now become commonplace perfume products, but I can still remember the time when I was asking what exactly solid perfume was! Let's meet yet another way to wear fragrance, this time from Byredo . As of tomorrow, you can order one of 3 popular scents as a brush-on from - Blanche , Gypsy Water and Bal d'Afrique . They have not appeared on the official website of Byredo yet, but should be availa... (more)

A new way of wearing Byredo fragrances.

Weekly News RoundupWeekly News Roundup

News Roundup 04/23/17 21:18

Before I start my overview of the last fragrant week on our website, I invite you to discuss our and your attractions towards weird smells. Do you like the smell of gasoline, mosquito sprays, or maybe even burning garbage?   Now, we can talk about high perfumery. Big perfume players, as usual, push through first.   Boucheron has announced its new collection of 6 fragrances called La Collection which draws inspiration from the memory of g... (more)

Coming back to over-viewing our news!

Superstitious Frederic Malle Is Now in Stores!Superstitious Frederic Malle Is Now in Stores!

Fragrance Reviews 04/21/17 16:29 (9 comments)

Superstitious Frederic Malle has come to the FM boutiques and corners. It is a big aldehydic bomb with a nice oriental vibe and very complex character. From its very first notes, which form an aldehydic overdose, you immediately know it was inspired by Chanel No 5, although it's not mentioned anywhere officially.    Superstitious Frederic Malle was meant to be a dress and it feels like one, a very fluffy dress because of the aldehydes, and a ve... (more)

A soapy aldehidic fragrance with an oriental vibe and a vintage chic.

Angel Mugler Celebrates 25th Birthday with La Maison Du ChocolatAngel Mugler Celebrates 25th Birthday with La Maison Du Chocolat

Fragrance News 04/19/17 16:49 (23 comments)

Angel Mugler initiated a new gourmand era in perfumery in 1992 and inscribed the Thierry Mugler name in perfume history. After this daring perfume, every succeeding creation by Mugler was inevitably in the spot light.   This year we celebrate Angel 's 25th birthday, which is a solid age and a proof of great success considering the generally short life span of a perfume. As great as ever, it still stands out in the great gourmand army of f... (more)

You can actually taste it now!

New Alien Eau Sublime ReviewNew Alien Eau Sublime Review

Fragrance Reviews 04/19/17 11:39 (14 comments)

In 2017, Alien's Solar Goddess radiates her energy through a new limited edition creation: Alien Eau Sublime , inspired by the sun at its zenith and created by Dominique Ropion , the perfumer of the original Alien .   The new  Alien Eau Sublime arrived in light shimmering colors with a white gradient color overlay spreading up from the bottom of the bottle. This new color scheme reflects in the composition: Alien's signature notes of jasmine, amb... (more)

Still very strong, but much more wearable.

ESXENCE 2017: Blotters Do Not Always HelpESXENCE 2017: Blotters Do Not Always Help

Art Books Events 03/31/17 21:39 (11 comments)

  We came back and unpacked our samples and notes; not a bad part of our job smelling all these treasures! As Valery said , in our team we like different things, so our suggestions for the best perfumes of the show will differ. Please read his overview of Esxence trends and discoveries . I would like to start my overview at the last minutes of the show, when we were kissing everyone good-bye before leaving, I was absolutely won over by the fragrance wafting ar... (more)

Observations and favorites of Fragrantica's editor-in-chief, Elena Knezevic.

KAI Rose New PerfumeKAI Rose New Perfume

New Fragrances 03/16/17 23:17 (6 comments)

    If you ever were charmed by the gardenia flower, its appearance and its mesmerizing fragrance, you probably tried to find it in a perfume. In this case, I'm sure you learned about the Kai perfume , and you might appreciate hearing of the launch of the new Kai creation, Kai Rose . This fragrance has appeared on the official website  of the brand, but won't be available for purchase until April.  I'd like to ta... (more)

The perfume brand now brings two exceptional fragrances.

Black Phantom and More News from KilianBlack Phantom and More News from Kilian

New Fragrances 02/27/17 22:46 (13 comments)

I suppose you already started wondering, how Monsieur Kilian was doing under the warm Estee Lauder wing, and I hasten to assure you, that he is doing just fine and getting ready to flood you with news from his house.  In short, I will tell you in advance that it is about 3 new perfumes, one of which is totally new, as well as new additions to his home fragrances, new clutches and some fragrant accessories that you never thought you would ever need. Let's start... (more)

Perfumes, Clutches, Candles and unspecified objects of desire.

Valentino Donna Perfume ReviewValentino Donna Perfume Review

Fragrance Reviews 02/08/17 15:18 (9 comments)

Valentino Donna was launched in 2015, but only now I accidently stumbled upon it in the local Nordstrom store. It was ostentatiously exhibited for Valentine's Day.   Valentino Donna opens as if it has lots of red fruits in it, which you would not find in the pyramid, but there's definitely something that smells sour and fruity. It's the kind of note I usually try to avoid in lux fragrances, because its lack of endurance is u... (more)

For Valentine's Day.

Dior Homme Sport 2017 New MovieDior Homme Sport 2017 New Movie

Fragrance News 02/06/17 22:54 (5 comments)

In February 2017 Dior is launching the new Dior Homme Sport 2017 , accompanied by a new movie, which is, to tell the truth, not completely new, but compiled of some pieces from the previous one for Dior Homme Eau , and some new "sporty" footage to illustrate the new perfume message:   The main difference is in the new music choice. It is now  Aerosmith' Walk This Way instead of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love : ... (more)

...not entirely new, though.

Bad Girls Perfume Tips & Tales – An Evening Dedicated To Fragrance JournalismBad Girls Perfume Tips & Tales – An Evening Dedicated To Fragrance Journalism

Art Books Events 02/01/17 16:18 (8 comments)

THE PERFUMED PLUME (an independent organization founded 2 years ago in NYC to recognize creative perfume storytelling and journalism) presents the first in a series of evenings dedicated to fragrance journalism.   Bad Girls Perfume Tips & Tales was introduced last year at Esxence in Milan (2016). You can find the book at Amazon or Barney&Nobile . "YOU know who you are, Bad Girl. You saw your name on the cover of this book and tho... (more)

Meet Sarah Colton in Brooklyn, NYC.

Replay #Tank For Him and For Her – Your Personal FuelReplay #Tank For Him and For Her – Your Personal Fuel

New Fragrances 02/01/17 13:52 (One comment)

Italian brand Replay , which has explored new ways of "re-making" traditional perfume ideas and "re-shaping" perfume bottles, introduces a pair of fragrances, #Tank For Her and #Tank For Him as your personal perfume fuel supply in a tank bottle. Although 100ml is a generous amount for on the go, the idea of carrying a tank of perfume with you seems to be very cool and entertaining, especially for young people. "#Tank interprets the in... (more)

What are little girls and boys made of?

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon New PerfumePrada Luna Rossa Carbon New Perfume

New Fragrances 02/01/17 12:02 (6 comments)

The trend of using "chemicals" in perfumery has been confirmed. Prada launches the new Prada Luna Rossa Carbon , suggested as "an iconoclastic fougere fragrance that brings together steam-distilled botanicals and synthetics." New synthetic molecules and, in general, a recently acquired strong belief in chemistry, is now cooler than "naturalness" when it comes to perfumery. For those who are still unsure, whether to go synthetic or stay natural, t... (more)

Prada launches a new "iconoclastic" fougere.

Heart Of Darkness By Providence PerfumeHeart Of Darkness By Providence Perfume

Natural Perfumes 01/24/17 08:59 (4 comments)

Heart Of Darkness is a new perfume created by the natural perfumer Charna Ethier for her own Providence Perfume . The fragrance is inspired by the novel Heart Of Darkness (1899) by Polish-British writer Joseph Conrad. The book is based on the author's experience of traveling down the Congo river as a captain of a steamboat for a European trading company. Slavery, comparison of two worlds and reflection on the true meaning of the word "savage" are some of the subj... (more)

The new natural perfume by Charna Ethier.

Judith Leiber Minaudière and Minaudière OudJudith Leiber Minaudière and Minaudière Oud

New Fragrances 01/14/17 09:36 (One comment)

The famous American ladies' bags & accessories designer Judith Leiber has launched two new perfumes, named after crystal minaudières, i.e. evening clutches, made of a metal shell and decorated with crystals and precious metals. The price of a creative shaped purse could reach several thousand dollars, while a more "modest" clutch (in the picture below) costs around $1500 in Saks Fifth Avenue . Judith Leiber purses are known for their quality and attent... (more)

New perfumes from the famous creator of sophisticated clutch purses.

Popup FRAGRANCE SALON In San FranciscoPopup FRAGRANCE SALON In San Francisco

Art Books Events 01/12/17 13:35 (One comment)

American artisan perfumers will meet for the 6th time at the Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco on February, 4th. The event is organized together with TasteTV, and traditionally there will be something tasty to eat and/or drink while you are enjoying fragrances. TasteTV has also offered a free promotion for all new restaurants and shops on their new website.   1-DAY POPUP SHOP IN SAN FRANCISCO February 4, 2017 11-5pm ... (more)

You can meet perfumers and buy perfumes at Fragrance Salon in San Francisco on February, 4.

Best in Show: Chanel (2017)Best in Show: Chanel (2017)

Best in Show 01/01/17 11:55 (67 comments)

Chanel. For almost 100 years, these two syllables have conjured sophistication, glamour and simplicity...and perfume. Whether choosing an iconic early aroma of the brand such as Cuir de Russie, a 70s classic like Cristalle, an 80s powerhouse oriental such as Coco, or a new Les Exclusifs such as Jersey, it is easy for everyone to find a Chanel of their own. And many famous names have helped to keep Chanel iconic: Marilyn and her N° 5; Warhol and his pai... (more)

Fragrantica editors celebrate their favorite Chanel fragrances. Leave a comment with your own picks!

ROSE BLANCHE and ROSE NOIRE Perfumed Candles from Les Parfums de RosineROSE BLANCHE and ROSE NOIRE Perfumed Candles from Les Parfums de Rosine

Home Scents 12/30/16 07:20 (One comment)

Les Parfums de Rosine has announced the launch of two new roses, Black and White (ROSE BLANCHE and ROSE NOIRE) as perfumed candles. Winter is the best time to enjoy the smell of perfumed products, especially candles which provide a warm scented atmosphere.   The ROSE NOIRE diffuses intense and warm scents, evoking the aromas of pink berry and black pepper, on a woody background of melting oud and sandalwood.   For the ROSE BLANCHE, it is the soft... (more)

Two new roses, black and white, as candles from Les Parfums de Rosine.

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler: Skipping To The Dessert MenuAngel Muse Thierry Mugler: Skipping To The Dessert Menu

Fragrance Reviews 12/22/16 10:57 (15 comments)

Angel Muse Thierry Mugler occupies the honorable first place in Fragrantica readers' preferences of perfumes launched in 2016 and was earlier reviewed by our writer Marlen Harrison HERE . It is interesting and encouraging when such contradictory fragrances appear in our end of year top fragrances list. Angel Muse is not just a simplified version of its celebrated original, as we have witnessed its flow to an easier and sweeter side in the new millennia editions. Angel Muse ... (more)

"Smelling Angel Muse I always catch myself searching for masculine features in her character. So why shouldn't I suggest this perfume to men?"

Best Perfumes of 2016 According to Readers & EditorsBest Perfumes of 2016 According to Readers & Editors

Fragrantica 12/14/16 21:24 (44 comments)

  Traditionally, at the end of the year we sum up which perfumes have been the most popular among our members.  ( top list of 2015 )   BEST PERFUME 2016 for WOMEN Angel Muse Thierry Mugler is our winner. It has been declared as an almost independent fragrance, but unmistakably it has the perfume blood of its famous ancestor. Being a Mugler creation, it collects both love and hate emotions. It is definitely not boring.   ... (more)

Fragrantica readers and editors choose the best perfumes of 2016. To be continued...

Giveaway: 4 Years of The Vagabond Prince!Giveaway: 4 Years of The Vagabond Prince!

Fragrantica 12/13/16 20:55 (283 comments)

The Vagabond Prince celebrates 4 years since the first perfume Enchanted Forest was introduced to the world at the end of December of 2012! The winter holiday season has become a very special time for us, and we continue the tradition by introducing our fourth fragrance, BASS SOLO , which is ready to start its own relations with people. Now you can buy Bass Solo and all other The Vagabond Prince fragrances at  with ... (more)

The new perfume Bass Solo is in stores, The Vagabond Prince celebrates 4 years and gives out presents!

Agartha by April AromaticsAgartha by April Aromatics

Natural Perfumes 12/07/16 16:10 (3 comments)

Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics has announced the launch of the new perfume named Agartha after a legendary city which is located in the core of the Earth. The new fragrance is created in a very limited quantity (just two dozen bottles!) and will be sold exclusively online. Have you ever wondered if there truly is somewhere, just out of reach, a perfect world? Do you long to “go home”? Have you heard the call of Mother Earth? This scent is a journey into ... (more)

A new limited edition for the Holidays.

Suleko Scented Orchid Perfume DiffuserSuleko Scented Orchid Perfume Diffuser

Home Scents 12/05/16 21:09 (5 comments)

Parisian perfume house Suleko ( we visited the Suleko showroom in Paris, details here ) created four perfumes which were inspired by Russian fairytales, legends and poems. The house founder Anastasia Sokolow, whose ancestors fled to France from the Russian revolution, created her fragrances with Cecile Zarokian .   А distinctive feature of Suleko perfumes is a great attention to their visual embodiment: all perfumes have their special and very beau... (more)

A beautiful perfume diffuser for a delicate fragrance experience.

Elizabeth Arden White TeaElizabeth Arden White Tea

New Fragrances 12/03/16 07:21 (12 comments)

White Tea will be joining the big family of tea fragrances by Elizabeth Arden in the very beginning of 2017. A huge popularity of tea scents started in the 1990s with Jean-Claude Ellena's transparent green creation for Bvlgari (1992) and then confirmed by Francis Kurkdjian's version of Green Tea in 1999.  After almost two dozen recipes of green tea, Elizabeth Arden has finally decided to change the tea variety, something that its competitor on the perfume... (more)

New fragrance will appear in stores in January 2017.

Signorina in Rosso Limited EditionSignorina in Rosso Limited Edition

New Fragrances 11/18/16 02:50

To celebrate the Holiday season, Salvatore Ferragamo presents Signorina in Rosso Limited Edition . A shiny new look for the romantic fragrance in an extraordinary fabulous flacon, dressed up with the magnetic and signature red Ferragamo color. For the Holiday season the Signorina bottle wears a unique shiny red dress, that enhances its exclusivity and classiness. Inspired by the iconic red color of the Luxury House, the glass is incredibly shiny and glamorous, blending perfe... (more)

Salvatore Ferragamo has prepared a special holiday edition for their loyal and new customers.

New Woody Eutopie No. 10New Woody Eutopie No. 10

Niche Perfumery 11/15/16 08:07 (2 comments)

French perfume house Eutopie has introduced their ninth ( skipping number 5 because of Chanel: ) perfume, named Eutopie No. 10 . All  Eutopie fragrances are composed of travel notes and inspired by the impressions of a traveling couple in love. For Eutopie No. 10 the lovers made a stop in Samarkand, an ancient city in Uzbekistan known for its beautiful architecture which was flourishing at the time the Silk Road was in use.   Founder of the house Elodie ... (more)

Traveling down the Silk Road.

New Aerin Rose de Grasse d’OrNew Aerin Rose de Grasse d’Or

New Fragrances 11/07/16 13:46 (7 comments)

Aerin Lauder has announced the launch of Aerin Rose de Grasse d’Or , a luxurious successor of her Rose de Grasse fragrance which opened the exclusive Premier Collection in 2015. The new Rose de Grasse d’Or will only follow the general Grasse rose direction of its predecessor, but will be a completely new perfume, as we were reassured by the Estee Lauder company.   From what we have found out about this edition, we can conclude that the new frag... (more)

Very expensive offer by Aerin scheduled for June-July 2017.

Autumn Aromas in Boston, Lisbon, San Diego & AmsterdamAutumn Aromas in Boston, Lisbon, San Diego & Amsterdam

Columns 10/29/16 21:10 (7 comments)

Inspired by the scentscapes of our favorite environments, Fragrantica's international writers discuss the autumnal aromas that they associate with cities around the globe. What kinds of scents permeate the air in your own hometowns or favorite vacation destinations? Leave us a comment below. Part 2:  Autumn Aromas in Kyoto, Krasnodar and Athens   BOSTON JOHN BIEBEL : Boston lies nestled around a harbor, and so the smell of the sea i... (more)

Fragrantica's writers celebrate the aromas of autumn that are associated with international cities.

Jo Malone Orange Bitters For the Holidays!Jo Malone Orange Bitters For the Holidays!

Niche Perfumery 10/05/16 10:46 (4 comments)

Jo Malone London is preparing for the festive winter season, dressing their perfumes in joyful harlequin costumes. Yes, it might be a little early to think of it, but you may want to take it into consideration while buying presents. The new perfume  Orange Bitters has been announced and already appeared in stores. For now it is labeled as a limited edition, but if you really like it, the fragrance's fate might change in the future, because as you know, many limited edit... (more)

A beautiful gift in a harlequin lined box.

Frederic Malle Superstitious With Alber ElbazFrederic Malle Superstitious With Alber Elbaz

Niche Perfumery 10/04/16 13:19 (13 comments)

Frederic Malle and fashion designer Alber Elbaz have announced the release of a new perfume called  Superstitious . M. Malle made it through his Instagram and M. Elbaz took the opportunity to announce the new project in his speech after receiving the award of the Legion of Honour from the hands of French minister of culture Audrey Azoulay on October 3d in Paris.   Audrey Azoulay and Alber Elbaz at the ceremony. Alber Elbaz left the oldest French fashion... (more)

Frederic Malle's collaboration with designer Alber Elbaz.

Snowy Rose ROSE DES NEIGES From Les Parfums de RosineSnowy Rose ROSE DES NEIGES From Les Parfums de Rosine

Niche Perfumery 10/03/16 22:58 (6 comments)

Perhaps, the French perfume house Parfums de Rosine is the most loyal to the rose as an endless source of inspiration. This direction the house has followed, under the guidance of its owner Marie-Hélène Rogeon, since the house's revival in 1991. Her grandfather worked together with the founder of the house, Paul Poiret, who established the brand devoted to his daughter in 1911. The new offering is a rose garden caught off guard by freshly fallen snow:  Rose ... (more)

A powdery rose for winter.

Leggy and Shaggy Free Spirit: The Joshua TreeLeggy and Shaggy Free Spirit: The Joshua Tree

Fragrant Garden 09/30/16 08:19 (7 comments)

  The Joshua Tree, or Yucca brevifolia,  originates from the Mojave desert, the only place where it grows and reproduces itself in nature. The Mojave desert is a vast territory in the southwest United States that stretches between four states (California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada). Although this arid place looks quite deserted, there are more than 1700 plant species growing there, and many of them are quite exclusive to this area. The Joshua Tr... (more)

A million year old relationship, a strange familiar smell and the free spirit of the Joshua Tree.

Fragrance Fitting - Custom Sample Pack From LuckyscentFragrance Fitting - Custom Sample Pack From Luckyscent

Art Books Events 09/26/16 10:25 (96 comments) , a niche perfume store from Los Angeles, is now offering the interesting service of Fragrance Fitting for $35 , which might be your personal perfume navigator into hundreds of niche perfumes. Very often, we do not exactly know what we would like to wear, or on the contrary, do not know where to find a particular perfume style or smell. Luckyscent invites you to describe what fragrances you are longing for, and will send you 5 samples, based on your detailed ... (more)

3 sample packs given out for free.

Eric Buterbaugh Scent Dinner in Los AngelesEric Buterbaugh Scent Dinner in Los Angeles

Art Books Events 09/23/16 15:40

Host Eric Buterbaugh invites you to his art gallery on Beverly Blvd in the heart of West Hollywood for the EB Florals Scent Dinner , a formal dining experience on Friday, October 14th amongst the immersive sculpture of artist Mattia Biagi.   We visited Eric's fragrance and flower salon  on Beverly Hills Blvd almost a year ago. It is a blissful hideaway in a big city for those who wish to enjoy fragrances and their stories in a comfortable and peace... (more)

Designed by Chef Michael Hung of Vivane and former New York Times scent critic Chandler Burr.

Pitti Fragranze 2016: Conclusions After the ShowPitti Fragranze 2016: Conclusions After the Show

Art Books Events 09/12/16 21:33 (3 comments)

Pitti Fragranze 2016 in Florence has ended and the Fragrantica team members are ready to spread out to their own countries and homes again, but before we left we got together to share our experiences and opinions: In this last hurrah, I will touch on a few more experiences from Fragranze and add some last remarks to what we have already said on the video.  We all agreed that Cecile Zarokian has created three favorites of many of us: orange pumpkin in OR ... (more)

A video and some last favorites of the show.

BASS SOLO by The Vagabond PrinceBASS SOLO by The Vagabond Prince

Niche Perfumery 09/05/16 05:36 (25 comments)

The Vagabond Prince  will launch the new perfume BASS SOLO at the end of fall 2016. It will be presented to the public at Pitti Fragranze in Florence in just a few days.  Bass Solo will be the fourth perfume from The Vagabond Prince, which started its path with Enchanted Forest in 2012 and followed with Swan Princess and Land of Warriors  in 2014. Bass Solo , the fragrance, was born quickly as an enthusiastic reaction of an artist,... (more)

The fourth perfume by The Vagabond Prince is to be launched in fall 2016.

Last Two Weeks Of August on FragranticaLast Two Weeks Of August on Fragrantica

News Roundup 08/29/16 08:36 (3 comments)

Hi, everyone! I have compiled a lot of news articles which were published during the last two weeks on Fragrantica. I congratulate our team on a job well done! I'd like to start with sunny summery fragrances which are especially treasured in the last days of the summer and feel nostalgic in the colder fall weather. We've been introduced to new Hermès fragrances: Néroli Doré and Rhubarb Ecarlate , one is Jean-Claude Ellena's creation and the other... (more)

We are entering the new season, announced by an increasing number of new launches!

Black Bold Kenneth ColeBlack Bold Kenneth Cole

New Fragrances 08/18/16 07:40 (2 comments)

Kenneth Cole launches a new fragrance based on his original Black (2003) - Black Bold . The face of the fragrance is actor and model David Alexander Flinn. The original aroma surprised us with its lightness and pleasant freshness, despite the name. The new fragrance Black Bold looks almost identical with similar notes including ginger, citrus, leather, cedar, fresh violet leaves, water mint, and lotus. The perfumer is also the same, Harry Fremont. Later versions of Black were ... (more)

Kenneth Cole returns to his origins, a decade later.

The Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser PresentationsThe Last Two Weeks on Fragrantica: Curiouser and Curiouser Presentations

News Roundup 08/14/16 06:07 (4 comments)

I am happy to greet you in my Fragrantica news roundup, which I intend to write every 2 weeks in order to highlight significant launches and events. I'd like to start with the Netherlands and orange peels left-over from orange juice, a beverage strongly appreciated in this country. Boye and Noëlle Dorenbos, a brother and sister from the Netherlands found a good purpose for them, they founded RUIK ; an ecological perfume house that aims to make 100% ... (more)

Brands are starting to introduce their creations in the most mysterious ways.

Kenzo World PerfumeKenzo World Perfume

New Fragrances 08/02/16 19:08 (22 comments)

KENZO launches a new fragrance this month called KENZO WORLD . It will be the first fragrance from the company's new art directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim . Both of them are coming from California. They met at the University of Berkeley, and started to work for Kenzo in 2011. For the 2013 fall-winter collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon made the eye the iconic motif of the Kenzo world: "The all-seeing eye is a major imprint of the collection and alludes ... (more)

The first perfume from Kenzo's new art directors.

Blueberry Musk by Shay & BlueBlueberry Musk by Shay & Blue

New Fragrances 08/01/16 07:26 (2 comments)

I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill... The British perfume house Shay & Blue launches the new fragrance Blueberry Musk. The house was founded by Dom De Vetta in 2013, who works on their fragrances together with the French perfumer Julie Masse , and style director Julia Sarr-Jamois. Blueberry Musk is already the third fragrance this year; the first two, English Cherry Blossom and Amber Oud Ahad were introduced in early Spring. Although Dom De Vett... (more)

A new perfume, already available in the UK.

Perfume July OverviewPerfume July Overview

News Roundup 07/31/16 17:58 (2 comments)

I continue to roundup the news we've been publishing on Fragrantica, this time I'd like to pick up the best we had in July. First of all I'd like to congratulate my colleague, Fragrantica writer and perfumer Valery Mihalitsyn , who launched his own perfume house MERCURIO . Five of his creations are sold only in Russia for now, but I hope soon we will be able to try them elsewhere. Reading Valery's articles make me want to try everything he describes, because his ... (more)

Exclusive new info about recent launches, reminders about popular articles, and a hint at what's to come in autumn, 2016.

Ylang-Ylang in Your Garden and HomeYlang-Ylang in Your Garden and Home

Fragrant Garden 07/26/16 15:45 (15 comments)

Every perfumista knows the melodic name of ylang-ylang and could recognize and describe its smell, someting like this: heady sweet, bright yellow, dense and feminine, floral with fruity and woody facets. It is harder to depict in words the smell of a real plant. I haven't smelled the real one yet, and everyone who has tried to describe it to me in smells of fruits, sweets and flowers known to me, still has not achieved the goal. I have no idea of the smell and could only guess. ... (more)

You can grow gorgeous ylang-ylang in your house and garden.

Secret of Scent Course in Provence with Turin and FrolovaSecret of Scent Course in Provence with Turin and Frolova

Art Books Events 07/15/16 04:51 (4 comments)

If you are planning a vacation for October, or if you're lucky to have spare time, you can spend it in the heart of Provence (Luberon, famous for its lavender fields) in the company of Luca Turin and Viktoria Frolova . Join Turin and Frolova who will talk about perfumes and offer opportunities to smell true vintage rarities, Osmothèque-worthy treasures like original Chypre Coty and Guerlain Mitsouko , all while sampling wine and good food. The... (more)

Combine vacation and education in the south of France during October, 2016.

Colors and Shapes, Visual Effect is ImportantColors and Shapes, Visual Effect is Important

News Roundup 05/27/16 07:48 (One comment)

During these two weeks we've witnessed many very new launches (not versions or flankers) from the various fragrance genres: niche, lux and mass-market. Summer has not yet started, but everyone in the perfume industry has already said good-bye for the summer and is looking forward to the new perfume season, which is starting in the fall. You will notice how many brands try to re-boot their fragrance business with new signatures. NEW for MEN Let's start with men's fragr... (more)

Many interviews and exciting news of new signatures and new launches from big and small brands.

Best in Show: Powdery Perfumes (2016)Best in Show: Powdery Perfumes (2016)

Best in Show 05/22/16 06:51 (108 comments)

Powdery scents have been a major trend during the past few years, as we have analyzed here on Fragrantica in our The Mad Men Effect article . Beyond retro, however, fragrances that leave a dry, starchy effect on the skin have been popular for decades for a reason; they're comforting, comfortable and smell groomed. Huge best-sellers like Cashmere Mist (1994) and Kenzo Flower (2000) have paved the way, while other commercial hits, like Hypnotic Poison (1998) have fam... (more)

The soft fluff of a powder puff and the cloud of talcum powder can be translated into fragrance effortlessly. These are our favorite powder-smelling fragrances for men and women. Which are yours?

Leitmotiv Perfumes by AnthropologieLeitmotiv Perfumes by Anthropologie

New Fragrances 05/18/16 08:46 (5 comments)

  The American women clothing & accessories chain Anthropologie has introduced a new perfume line called  Leitmotiv , inspired by measures of classical music. Leitmotiv consists of 3 top note perfumes and 3 base note perfumes, which you can buy separately and make your own combination of top and base with, or you can choose one of 3 suggested combinations in one packaging: Garden Etude , Figuier Fleur and Neroli Sunday . FIGUIER FLEUR ... (more)

Three top notes and three base notes inspired by measures of classical music.

Weekly Roundup: Truly InternationalWeekly Roundup: Truly International

News Roundup 05/14/16 14:22 (One comment)

This week we shared some big news which will certainly pique your curiosity! For example, the new version of Chanel N°5, L'Eau , was announced. Created by Olivier Polge, Chanel N°5 L'Eau is going to greet you in the fall of 2016. The fragrance is a light and fresh interpretation of the sophisticated original, but the famed rose de Mai is still there. While we all waiting for the new Chanel, I will inform you of some new launches which are already available in... (more)

Some details of almost 200 perfumes added to Fragrantica this week.

Gold Collection WIDIANGold Collection WIDIAN

Niche Perfumery 05/11/16 17:53 (4 comments)

The WIDIAN perfume house from UAE (their former name was AJ Arabia) has introduced two new perfumes from its Gold Collection. As in the case with their Black fragrances, the Gold ones are named by digits. The new fragrances are: oud-based I and powdery amber II . The founder of Widian, Ali Aljaberi, who is also its artistic director, works on the fragrance development together with Jean-Claude Astier . In 2014 Ali introduced his first Black I and Black II . ... (more)

Two new perfumes soon in stores.

Floral Scents, Usual and UnusualFloral Scents, Usual and Unusual

News Roundup 05/08/16 00:17 (One comment)

My overview of news and events of the previous week: I would like to start with the introduction of the new botanical perfume Love-In-A-Mist from Providence Perfume . Love-In-A-Mist is a nickname for Nigella damascena , an annual flower you might have seen as an indiscernible weed on neglected lands. Although suggested as a feminine floral scent, when I smelled it blindly the perfume developed as a beautiful woody and resinous one, deep... (more)

New perfume house introductions, new perfume destinations, good bargain scents and news about exclusive and luxurious collections...

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New Perfumes

Diamond GreedyMontale
Diamond Greedy

Diamond RoseMontale
Diamond Rose

Diamond FlowersMontale
Diamond Flowers

Bois DoreVan Cleef & Arpels
Bois Dore

Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Casual LifeSalvatore Ferragamo
Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life

SolsticeBjork and Berries

Histoire d'OrangersL`Artisan Parfumeur
Histoire d'Orangers

The Norns` FarmhouseBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
The Norns` Farmhouse

The IfritBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
The Ifrit

Technical BoyBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Technical Boy

ShadowBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Mr. JacquelBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mr. Jacquel

Amber AbsolutelyFort & Manle
Amber Absolutely

Harem RoseFort & Manle
Harem Rose

Fatih Sultan MehmedFort & Manle
Fatih Sultan Mehmed

Confessions of a Garden GnomeFort & Manle
Confessions of a Garden Gnome

MaduroFort & Manle

CharlatanFort & Manle

Mr. IbisBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mr. Ibis

Mad SweeneyBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mad Sweeney

Mr. CzernobogBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mr. Czernobog

Mister WednesdayBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Mister Wednesday

MediaBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Mama-JiBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Low Key LyesmithBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Low Key Lyesmith

LauraBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Glass EyeBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Glass Eye

For The Joy of ItBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
For The Joy of It

Eostre of The DawnBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Eostre of The Dawn

Coin TrickBlack Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Coin Trick

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