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Jodi Battershell (NebraskaLovesScent or "NLS") is a recent transplant to Philadelphia but remains a Nebraskan at heart. An appreciator of fine fragrances since childhood, she self-studied natural perfumery and created fragrance blends and handmade toiletries for a number of years, before hanging up her lab coat and approaching the fragrance industry from a different angle. She loves oakmoss, jasmine, cats, "Mr. NLS" and the color purple.
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Treat Yourself: Body Oils and Soaps from Tauer PerfumesTreat Yourself: Body Oils and Soaps from Tauer Perfumes

Bath & Body 04/26/17 08:49 (6 comments)

  Tauer Perfumes and Tauerville fragrances are known and loved for their creativity, quality and longevity. (And intensity!) If you try and like one of perfumer  Andy Tauer' s fragrances, a full bottle purchase offers tremendous bang for your buck, as the fragrances require only a small spritz or two for supreme sillage that will last a full day. (Or longer. True story: a sweater on which I spritzed Incense Rosé went through the washing machine and the dr... (more)

Two body oils and two soaps that perfume the skin.

Euphorium Brooklyn ButterflyEuphorium Brooklyn Butterfly

New Fragrances 04/24/17 08:06 (2 comments)

  Euphorium Brooklyn , the brainchild of creative artist and perfumer Stephen Dirkes , announces its latest fragrance and a new "light and bright" direction for the perfumer. More than a year in the making, Butterfly will make its debut at this year's Sniffapalooza Spring Fling event. A special gift set with the fragrance that also supports its namesake beautiful insect will launch in Summer 2017. The perfumer's neighborhood—Greenpoi... (more)

A fragrance in a new light and bright direction for the perfumer

Unapologetically Gourmand: Ganache ParfumsUnapologetically Gourmand: Ganache Parfums

Fragrance Reviews 04/18/17 16:04 (15 comments)

  Hold on to your hats, Gourmand Gang ! Actually, any lovers of sweet, dessert-like treats in the form of fragrance will want to take note of a new brand dedicated to that most yummy and edible-smelling of perfume categories. Ganache Parfums has just opened its doors and what awaits us inside is pure olfactory delight. Founder and perfumer  Jarekhye Covarrubias , also the man who brought us  Haught Parfums (currently on hiatus but returning soon), is ... (more)

"...nothing can spark fond memories and create powerful connections faster than a good gourmand fragrance..."

Tigerlily Perfumery's Skunkworks Indie Perfumer ShowcaseTigerlily Perfumery's Skunkworks Indie Perfumer Showcase

Art Books Events 04/03/17 09:25 (7 comments)

  San Francisco's Tigerlily Perfumery hosts its very first Skunkworks Indie Perfumer Showcase on Saturday, April 8, 2017. (If, like me, you are unfamiliar with the term "skunkwork," Wikipedia explains that it was coined by Lockheed Martin during World War II in reference to a specific project, but has joined the modern lexicon to refer to any project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop primarily for the ... (more)

Artisan perfumers from around the globe converge on Tigerlily Perfumery for the first annual Skunkworks showcase

Tauerville Stories: Two New Scents Capturing a Moment in TimeTauerville Stories: Two New Scents Capturing a Moment in Time

Fragrance Reviews 04/02/17 14:34 (12 comments)

Though it is not a universally-accepted concept in the fragrance community, fragrance aficionados often describe perfumers as artists. We accept the designation of a particularly good perfume as a "work of art" or even a "masterpiece." For many of us, the language and terminology of art have provided a means for us to understand and communicate to others the often visceral, emotional and completely subjective experience of smelling a fragrance. I would argue that we ... (more)

"He Left His Cologne in My Bedroom" and "When We Cuddle and I Can Smell Your Perfume On My Clothes" for sale at Andy's upcoming appearance

Amygdala: Creative Blending at Your FingertipsAmygdala: Creative Blending at Your Fingertips

Fragrance Reviews 03/29/17 09:50 (5 comments)

If recent fragrance releases and the ongoing Fragrantica Forums thread about fragrance layering (now in its 17th volume !) are any indication, the trend of custom blending to create a unique scent won't be stopping anytime soon. Whether you layer different designer fragrances from your own collection, purchase a fragrance set designed especially for custom blending and layering, or by happenstance discover that the lingering scent of your patchouli bath oil smells fabulous when toppe... (more)

A collection of 28 solid scents to create a custom blending palette

Perfume and Sexism: A Discussion at Fumerie ParfumeriePerfume and Sexism: A Discussion at Fumerie Parfumerie

Art Books Events 03/19/17 07:26 (40 comments)

"As a medium that addresses our often-maligned sense of smell, perfume is an inherently subversive art that has a rare opportunity to 'speak' to us in its visceral language of aromatic notes. Yet sexism clearly contributes to perfume's low status in our culture. In spite of the growing market for men's scents, perfume is still considered a feminine art, a woman's accessory, and, sadly, we still live in a culture in which that audience alone ... (more)

Join a conversation about perfume and sexism on March 23 at Fumerie

Kyse Perfumes: New Scents, New Directions, New Giveaway! Kyse Perfumes: New Scents, New Directions, New Giveaway!

Fragrance Reviews 03/17/17 05:33 (211 comments)

After a relatively quiet year, Kyse Perfumes have given us four brand new scents over the last three months. Crema di Lime e Cognac and Bois de Santal et Terre debuted in time for New Year's Eve. They were joined a few weeks later, on Valentine's Day, by Framboise Nue and Terreno Dolce . Diverse in their note choices and moods, the four new releases showcase Terri Bozzo 's mastery of gourmand notes but also her range and creativity as a perfumer. Fans of other ... (more)

Five winners will receive sample packs with the new releases from Kyse Perfumes!

Fragrance Gets Personal: the Re-Launch of Scent TrunkFragrance Gets Personal: the Re-Launch of Scent Trunk

Fragrance News 03/14/17 10:08 (5 comments)

  Scent Trunk first established itself as a customizable monthly subscription box offering niche and indie fragrances for men. Launched in January 2015 by college buddies Wiliam Yin and Richard Smale, the success of the initial business model allowed Scent Trunk to expand its subscription offering to include a women's fragrance box and to build its presence as an online retailer of the niche and indie fragrances it purveyed through the monthly sample boxes. T... (more)

Scent Trunk re-launches its subscription service with original fragrances designed to your preference

Exceptional Beauty: Jeffrey Dame on DAME Perfumery Sky Father and Earth MotherExceptional Beauty: Jeffrey Dame on DAME Perfumery Sky Father and Earth Mother

Interviews 03/09/17 05:06 (11 comments)

I was aware that DAME Perfumery would be launching two new fragrances this spring. The DAME Instagram had been dangling teasers for a few weeks: gorgeous young models posing in beautiful sky-filled photos against a sandy desert backdrop. Still, it was a lovely surprise when a brown paper cylinder-shaped package arrived in my mailbox last week. I knew from past experience that such packages contain prints or posters and when I opened the end to let the contents slide out, a poste... (more)

Jeffrey Dame talks about the two new scents in the Artist Collection and what's in store for DAME in 2017

Best in Show: The Body Shop (2017)Best in Show: The Body Shop (2017)

Best in Show 03/05/17 08:39 (56 comments)

The Body Shop has been making the world a better place AND a better-smelling place since 1976. Its founder, the late Dame Anita Roddick, was a force of nature, shaking up the cosmetics industry with her commitments to fair trade, sustainable sourcing, truth in advertising and opposition to animal testing—long before the terms "green beauty" and "cruelty-free beauty" were coined and predating the ethical consumerism trend by more than a decade. By ... (more)

With 108 fragrances listed here on Fragrantica, The Body Shop has given us some great-smelling products over the years. What's your favorite?

Two New Scents from Kyse Perfumes: Framboise Nue and Terreno Dolce Two New Scents from Kyse Perfumes: Framboise Nue and Terreno Dolce

New Fragrances 02/23/17 06:52 (6 comments)

On Valentine's Day, Kyse Perfumes released its first fragrances of 2017, Framboise Nue and T erreno Dolce . As was the case with the late 2016 releases Crema di Lime e Cognac and Bois de Santal et Terre , we find something familiar and something unexpected in this pair of new releases. Framboise Nue ("Raspberry Nude") opens in comfortable territory for Terri Bozzo , the perfumer who loves gourmands and who has worked magic with fruits like blac... (more)

The first 2017 releases from the brand

Fragrance Swap at a Perfume Shop: Fumerie ParfumerieFragrance Swap at a Perfume Shop: Fumerie Parfumerie

Art Books Events 02/18/17 06:16 (9 comments)

Portland, Oregon's Fumerie Parfumerie opened its doors almost one year ago to the day. Filling a gap in the Northwestern perfume retail sector by offering the best of American and European indie, niche and artisan fragrances and toiletries, Fumerie quickly established a reputation for excellent selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff (owner  Tracy Tsefalas and parfumier André Gooren ) and a comfortable, beautifully appointed atmosphere that recalls a European ... (more)

A Mid-Winter Night's Fragrance Swap will take place in Portland's Fumerie on February 23

DSH Perfumes: Animal, Vegetable, Floral, Spiritual...DSH Perfumes: Animal, Vegetable, Floral, Spiritual...

Fragrance Reviews 02/16/17 09:58 (5 comments)

DSH Perfumes has many fans among our Fragrantica staff (and among our Fragrantica members!). With well over 200 perfumes now in our database (14 of which were released in 2016 alone), the talented and prolific Dawn Spencer Hurwitz  truly has something to offer everyone. If her extensive back catalog doesn't include what you're looking for, I'm confident she can craft it for you if you tell her what it is. She has a remarkable ability to capture the e... (more)

Four perspectives on recent releases from the prolific perfumer

Play the Game of Love and Perfume: Bissoumine Perfume Box GiveawayPlay the Game of Love and Perfume: Bissoumine Perfume Box Giveaway

Art Books Events 02/08/17 09:12 (150 comments)

  Grasse perfumery Bissoumine creates " un perfum...des sens"  ("a perfume...of the senses"), exploring the connections between art, emotions and fragrances with each beautiful new scent. Bissoumine co-founder and perfumer, Kitty Shpirer , has created a collection of ten fragrances since the house launched in 2009. Shprirer has a unique style and all ten fragrances bear the DNA of their creator, but each fragrance is distinctive, suited for d... (more)

Two winners will receive Bissoumine Saint Valentine Perfume Boxes!

Xyrena Reefer Madness CollectionXyrena Reefer Madness Collection

New Fragrances 02/06/17 09:34 (9 comments)

  Xyrena  announces the world's first line of strain-specific cannabis fragrances with its new collection, Reefer Madness . The line includes three fragrances in chic packaging that recalls the work of iconic 1980s artist Patrick Nagel . Taking its name from the 1936 movie (now considered a campy cult classic) Reefer Madness , the notes and concept embody Xyrena's characteristic mix of playful attitude and serious perfumery and all three fragrances include... (more)

The first line of strain-specific cannabis fragrances

A Day in Scent: Scent O' Clock from La Fleur by LivvyA Day in Scent: Scent O' Clock from La Fleur by Livvy

Fragrance Reviews 02/03/17 07:29 (One comment)

La Fleur by Livvy announced their new oud-based fragrance collection, Scent O' Clock , last fall. Perfumer Olivia Larson ("Livvy") has added a natural perfumes collection to the growing list of scent collections crafted to be worn individually or layered with other fragrances in the set. Designed to cover the moods and occasions we experience over the course of a day, the first half of the set was released in September. Fragrance #1 Citrus Sunrise covers the morning hour... (more)

With new Midnight Mortals and Flirty Florals, the full set is now available to scent your day

Best in Show: Solid Fragrances (2017)Best in Show: Solid Fragrances (2017)

Best in Show 01/29/17 06:35 (22 comments)

Solid perfume is one of the ways to cut down on liquids when traveling by plane, sheer practicality conforming to airport regulations, but its merits (and history) go beyond just the nifty. The formula of most solid perfumes is sensuously waxy, offering a feeling of pampering and sensuality that is lacking from sprayers but is not as oily or staining as a regular oil. The packaging - from the decadently shiny black zamac cases of Diptyque, to the metal retro lockets by Aftelier and th... (more)

Our staff review Diptyque, Le Labo, Aftelier and some truly surprising bargain finds (hint: who loves amber?)

Fragrant First Impressions: Versace, Givenchy, Biagiotti and more!Fragrant First Impressions: Versace, Givenchy, Biagiotti and more!

Fragrance Reviews 01/28/17 07:35 (5 comments)

Welcome to Fragrant First Impressions, our way of sharing our initial encounters with a wide array of fragrances. We may not have significant experience with any of these aromas just yet, but we're excited to present our thoughts to you! This week we explore a wide range of scents, from vintage classics which have sadly lost some of their oomph, to niche aromas that surprise.   Versace Dreamer Marlen: Versace Dreamer is a fragrance I ... (more)

Staff reviews of Versace Dreamer, Givenchy Xeryus, Aubusson Desirade, Lurk RSW005, Malle Lipstick Rose, Roma Biagiotti, and Delacourte Florentina.

February Scent Events in the USFebruary Scent Events in the US

Art Books Events 01/27/17 08:42 (2 comments)

Can you believe it's almost February already? It seems like we just finished the winter holidays, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Perfumes and colognes make such a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day and as always, Fragrantica is a great source of information if you're looking for a new scent to please your sweetheart. If you and/or your beloved enjoy fragrances, a fragrant experience or even a "date night" at a fragrance event would mak... (more)

Fragrant events for Valentine's Day and beyond

New from Kyse Perfumes: Crema di Lime e Cognac and Bois de Santal et TerreNew from Kyse Perfumes: Crema di Lime e Cognac and Bois de Santal et Terre

New Fragrances 01/20/17 08:44 (2 comments)

Kyse Perfumes , the popular California house known best for its gourmand fragrances, slipped two new releases into the market just before the end of the year. The two new scents, along with Autumn 2016 release J , brings the Kyse Perfumes line to an even dozen and takes the house in some exciting new directions. Perfumer Terri Bozzo gave us a hint about J's focus on tobacco notes  in the 2015 overview with our German editor Stefanie Jaehn . J was officially r... (more)

Two new releases at the very end of 2016 mark new directions for Kyse

Far Out Fantasy Fragrance: La Curie's OdysseyFar Out Fantasy Fragrance: La Curie's Odyssey

Fragrance Reviews 01/09/17 08:15 (One comment)

  Children of the 1970s, do you recognize those little red crystals? Why, they're Pop Rocks, of course—a sweet fruity-flavored treat that popped, crackled and fizzed as it dissolved in your mouth. They were a gimmicky and popular candy product from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, when they went out of production in the United States for many years. (Contrary to urban legend, it was due to low sales and NOT due to the fact that they were supposedly ... (more)

The scent of space suits and spaceship upholstery and Barbarella's fabulous boots

Best in Show: Oriflame (2017)Best in Show: Oriflame (2017)

Best in Show 01/08/17 09:41 (26 comments)

Oriflame is one of the world's best-selling beauty brands. Founded in Sweden in 1967 and originally distributed exclusively by direct sales consultants, not unlike the American brand Avon, Oriflame successfuly marketed its innovative Swedish beauty style across Europe, into Asia, down to Africa and across the pond to Latin America. Today, Oriflame offers its products through consultants and via the web in more than 60 countries around the world. Despite its 50 years in busi... (more)

Affordable favorites from the Swedish brand, chosen by Fragrantica editors around the world!

The Old Perfumeries of New Orleans: Hové Parfumeur and Bourbon French ParfumsThe Old Perfumeries of New Orleans: Hové Parfumeur and Bourbon French Parfums

Columns 12/30/16 07:22 (17 comments)

New Orleans, Louisiana is a famous city and a popular tourist destination, but perfume is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of it. Mardi Gras, the Saints football team, the television show "Treme" and the vampire novels of Anne Rice are a few of the more well-known things that might. But considering its relatively small size (New Orleans proper is only about 350,000 people and the larger metropolitan area is around 1,500,000) and its location&... (more)

Two perfume gems hide in plain sight in the French Quarter...

A Fragrance for SantaA Fragrance for Santa

Columns 12/25/16 03:01 (35 comments)

Would Santa wear scent? What would it smell like? And if he did, would anybody smell it as he rode through the upper atmosphere? Well, every substance in gas form has a little gravity between molecules, so these molecules will distribute and fill all the space available. This probably means that in a vacuum or in outer space the diffusion of perfume will be much higher. Sadly, no one could notice it because it's actually not possible to inhale or breathe in space. ... (more)

Fragrantica editors choose scents they would gift to Santa. What would your choices be?

Want, Need, Wear, Read: A Giveaway from Imaginary AuthorsWant, Need, Wear, Read: A Giveaway from Imaginary Authors

Fragrantica 12/21/16 07:29 (195 comments)

My mother recently informed me that she would be following a popular gift-giving method for the small children in our family this holiday season: she bought them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I understand this is a strategy designed to simplify the gift selection process and aid families in their efforts to return to the simpler joys of holiday tradition. It has likely popped up this year in the blogs you read, in your so... (more)

One lucky member will win a delightful gift from Imaginary Authors!

La Curie Gets Cosmic: OdysseyLa Curie Gets Cosmic: Odyssey

New Fragrances 12/20/16 08:52 (3 comments)

After a banner year that brought acclaim and a 2016 Art and Olfaction Award for its fragrance Incendo , La Curie powers on and takes us to outer space with its newest launch, Odyssey . Striving always to beautifully break the rules of perfume architecture and influenced by culture, history, design, and Pink Floyd, La Curie has offered a series of interesting releases that show us they're a perfume house like no other. With scents that travel from the os... (more)

A new release from the Art and Olfaction Award-winning house La Curie.

Poetry Inspires Perfume: Hiram Green's Arbolé ArboléPoetry Inspires Perfume: Hiram Green's Arbolé Arbolé

Fragrance Reviews 12/14/16 08:31 (5 comments)

  Tree, tree dry and green. The girl with the pretty face  is out picking olives.  The wind, playboy of towers,  grabs her around the waist.  Four riders passed by on Andalusian ponies,  with blue and green jackets  and big, dark capes.  “Come to Cordoba, muchacha.”  The girl won’t listen to them...  —from "Arbole... (more)

"Ostensibly simple, yet subtly complex..."

A New Olfactory Experience: Interview with Josh MeyerA New Olfactory Experience: Interview with Josh Meyer

Interviews 11/30/16 11:58 (3 comments)

Fun guy with fungi: Josh Meyer . The intriguing scents and charming backstories of Portland, Oregon perfumery Imaginary Authors have been capturing the imaginations of perfume lovers since their debut in 2012. From our earliest reports on the house at the 2012 Fragrance Salon , through the launch of Slow Explosions in August this year, Imaginary Authors has consistently offered a feast for the eyes and nose as well as a tantalizing short story for the bra... (more)

"I think of Imaginary Authors as big large goopy oil paintings, thick, rich and heavy with materials."

Best in Show: Caramel Fragrances (2016)Best in Show: Caramel Fragrances (2016)

Best in Show 11/27/16 09:56 (65 comments)

Ah, autumn and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when gourmand scents seem absolutely perfect; the air is cooling, festive parties are being thrown and many of us turn to our fragrance wardrobes for something perhaps a bit sweeter, warmer and richer. Enter caramel, a confection traditionally made from heating sugar; sometimes butter and cream are also added. This gooey, golden syrup is often drizzled over pastries and ice creams and in its hardened form makes a great cand... (more)

Fragrantica's team of international writers discuss five of their favorite caramel fragrances. What are yours?

The Sum The Mauve: Smooth Out the Chaos with a GiveawayThe Sum The Mauve: Smooth Out the Chaos with a Giveaway

Art Books Events 11/21/16 19:11 (40 comments)

  "Leave behind the chaos and exist in another plane. The Mauve is an alternate world free from external disarray. The first serene light peeking through a fog. A fresh nectar enriched with tea leaves and damp wood. It is a rich harmony that balances the calm with the joyful." —The Sum November and December mark the start of a busy time of year for many of us—one that won't sl... (more)

Your chance to smooth out the chaos during this busy season...

Best in Show: Seasonal Spices - Cloves (2016)Best in Show: Seasonal Spices - Cloves (2016)

Best in Show 11/20/16 09:29 (31 comments)

We began our exploration of the spices of the season in our article about nutmeg . We return in our giant ship of the past to the Spice Islands for that elusive flowering bud that emits one of the richest of all spice scents: Cloves. Many do not know that the hard, dark brown spice that grinds down to a coarse and mealy powder is actually the dried bud from a flowering tree,  Syzygium aromaticum . It’s native to the small Moluccas Islands of Indonesia. However, they were... (more)

The closed buds of a rare tree bring forth the warm, spicy promises of the season through the lore of cloves.

A Year of Memories in Scent: Smell Bent AgendaA Year of Memories in Scent: Smell Bent Agenda

New Fragrances 11/18/16 02:52 (5 comments)

Smell Bent celebrated its seventh anniversary in 2016, as we announced back in September . Since the brand began, they've introduced a series of "festive smellies" for the holiday season each year.  Many of these fragrances made annual returns, sometimes with slight variations on the theme (2012 and 2013's Ice Station Zebra morphed into Ice Station Pineapple in 2014, for example). Sometimes a popular scent in the brand's permanent lineup took a hol... (more)

The first four scents in a collection that will cover all 12 months of the calendar

Haught Parfums: Beautiful Celebrations of the StrangeHaught Parfums: Beautiful Celebrations of the Strange

Fragrance Reviews 11/16/16 08:41 (3 comments)

In the 21st century, there's no shortage of strange perfumes in the world. Some of the strange ones are even available at department store perfume counters or from mass merchandisers around the world.  Some of the most strange fragrances happen to be quite expensive to purchase, too. (I wonder what folks do with a very expensive fragrance that's too strange to wear?) On the other hand, there is never enough beauty in the world. There is always room for passion, crea... (more)

Strange inspirations and atypical note combinations yield beautiful results

New from The Sum:  The Mauve New from The Sum: The Mauve

New Fragrances 11/11/16 09:07 (One comment)

The Sum 's initial foray into the world of fragrance— Fragrance Offering 0001 , which included The Red , The White and The Black —was released to acclaim in the spring of this year. Sleek packaging, tight compositions with carefully chosen notes, plus the unexpected addition of a sparkling Sterling Silver bead in each bottle gave us a new understanding of the concept of minimalism in fragrance. After eight months in development, The Sum has just released... (more)

The first release in the "Fragrance Offering 0002" collection "smooths out the chaos"

Finding Their Niche in Montreal: Etiket Finding Their Niche in Montreal: Etiket

Columns 10/29/16 09:11 (6 comments)

The fourth quarter of 2016 was fast approaching. Mr. NLS and I had a few vacation days and a few travel dollars left in our budget this year. We were looking for a large North American city we hadn't visited before, preferably one with beautiful scenery and a good food scene, but also one that was not so huge that we couldn't get a feel for it in the course of a long weekend. A few searches on the internet narrowed things down quickly to Montreal, which is only a 90-minute flight awa... (more)

A visit to Montreal's destination for niche perfumery

Fragrance Du Bois Nature's TreasuresFragrance Du Bois Nature's Treasures

New Fragrances 10/22/16 06:33 (4 comments)

Though a relatively young brand, with its first release just three years ago,  Fragrance Du Bois is already well known for its oud-based fragrances and commitment to sustainably-sourced oud (our writer Jordan River did a detailed series on oud which included a visit to the Fragrance Du Bois agarwood plantation and an overview of the brand's oud fragrances  in 2014). Fragrance Du Bois made its name by marrying this classic ingredient of oriental perfu... (more)

A new direction from the house known best for its ouds

October Scent Events in the US October Scent Events in the US

Art Books Events 10/17/16 23:06 (2 comments)

If NYC was the place to be in September, the West Coast more than makes up for it with some awesome events this October. Wherever you are, now is a great time to visit your favorite perfumeries, make your wish list and stock up on gifts for family and friends. The winter holidays will be here before you know it! IL PROFVUMO AT PARFUMERIE NASREEN IN SEATTLE On Thursday, October 20, Seattle's Parfumerie Nasreen is hosting an event to celebrate Italian perfume hous... (more)

Things are heating up on the West Coast...

A Strawberry Letter: Hendley Perfumes Amora A Strawberry Letter: Hendley Perfumes Amora

Fragrance Reviews 10/12/16 09:31 (9 comments)

  A little over a week ago, Hendley Perfumes released the image above, with a caption— "Jammy mountain tops painted across plasticized foil, sharply jutting into crinkled green" —as a teaser on their Instagram page . Remember those delicious strawberry candies? They were among my favorites as a kid but I still enjoy them as an adult. Even today, I lack all restraint and can't stop myself from crunching their hard candy shells in a rus... (more)

A strawberry to savor and to preserve...

Follow by Kerosene Follow by Kerosene

New Fragrances 10/08/16 07:38 (6 comments)

Kerosene Fragrances announces the release today of its newest fragrance, Follow . As perfumer John Pegg explained on Facebook , "This scent has been in the making for the past two years. We're so excited it's finally complete! It's an unexpectedly dark, warm, gourmand coffee fragrance." Follow is the first release by Kerosene in 2016.    "Those moments when scent lingers longer than expected.  Warmth and bright ... (more)

A warm gourmand coffee fragrance for winter

New Scent O' Clock from La Fleur by LivvyNew Scent O' Clock from La Fleur by Livvy

Fragrance Reviews 09/27/16 08:46 (2 comments)

We talk a lot here on Fragrantica about the concept of fragrance layering. We have an ongoing thread devoted to it in the Club section (currently and amazingly in its 11th volume ). I've discussed the trend of fragrance collections designed especially for layering and mixing by the end consumer. Earlier this year, our writer Miguel offered some "bulletproof layering" suggestions mixing high-end and more affordable fragrances. The Giardino Benessere line from Pitti Frag... (more)

A new natural fragrance collection designed for layering

One More Moondance: Dasein AutumnOne More Moondance: Dasein Autumn

Fragrance Reviews 09/22/16 09:20 (7 comments)

I had a hard time finding a good tune that captures how I feel about autumn. So many songs about the season are gloomy, philosophical little ballads that equate falling leaves and gradually shortening days with regret, lost love and the slow march towards death. That's a sentiment I can't understand, as autumn is hands down my favorite season of the year! There's so much to enjoy and celebrate about it:  leaves in beautiful colors, pumpkin spice lattes, the return of... (more)

"...the most sexy and sensual release from the house..."

New Euphorium Brooklyn Wald EDP New Euphorium Brooklyn Wald EDP

Fragrance Reviews 09/16/16 09:03

"On a crisp spring morning in a forest of Fir, Pine and Cedar, delicate Artimesia lingers in a sweet breeze. Shafts of sunlight, warm and sensual are defined in the morning fog as it lifts to reveal the intoxicating sweet spice of decay on the forest floor. Dry birch smoke from a maple sugar shack drifts by. A mighty bear slumbers by a brook. Lay your head down to luxuriate in moss, fresh grass and damp earth. Breathe in the beauty of it and become ... (more)

Preview the new lush forest of Wald EDP at Tranoi this weekend!

Smell Bent's 7th Anniversary and Three New FrankensmelliesSmell Bent's 7th Anniversary and Three New Frankensmellies

New Fragrances 09/14/16 08:35 (4 comments)

It's hard to believe that seven years ago, a quirky little niche house in California was just launching its first fragrance, Sunshine . (That's one of their least quirky scents, in my opinion.)  Smell Bent and its creator/perfumer, Brent Leonesio , are special to me because they were the first interview I ever did for Fragrantica . I'm a fan of Smell Bent's unique visual style, their unusual (and some less-unusual) fragrances and above all, the unbridled creati... (more)

Three unusual new scents celebrate Smell Bent's successful seven years!

Best in Show: Vetivers for the Vetiver Wary (2016)Best in Show: Vetivers for the Vetiver Wary (2016)

Best in Show 09/11/16 07:15 (41 comments)

Foreward by Dr. Chandra Shekhar Gupta from the Fragrantica VETIVER page: Essence from the Eastern Asian weed grass Vetiveria zizanoid falls under the woods category thanks to its musty, dry, woody scent with bitter chocolate and smoke facets. Very popular in niche perfumery and masculine fragrances, vetiver has a long and rich history. In India it has been used to make blinds necessary to keep out the intense heat. When the blinds are sprinkled with water they emit the vet... (more)

Our international writers discuss their favorite vetiver fragrances for those wanting a lighter touch of the grassy root. What are yours?

September Perfume Events in the United StatesSeptember Perfume Events in the United States

Art Books Events 09/09/16 05:36

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer filled with fragrance and fun. Our editors are gearing up for lots of excitement at Pitti Fragranze in Italy this weekend, but those of us in the United States who can't make it to Italy also have a few fragrant events to look forward to in September.  TIGERLILY PERFUMERY INTRODUCES FITZGERALD & GUISLAIN Image: Fitzgerald & Guislain San Francisco's Tigerlily Perfumery will host an event to introduce ... (more)

NYC will be the place to be but there are great events across the country

New from Aftelier: Memento MoriNew from Aftelier: Memento Mori

New Fragrances 09/07/16 08:12 (2 comments)

Memento mori:  Latin; "Remember that you must die." From Mexico's candy sugar skulls on the Day of the Dead, to skull images in art, architecture and elaborate jewelry, memento mori are best described by London's famed Tate museum as something designed to “remind the viewer [or wearer] of their mortality and the shortness and fragility of human life.” Memento mori jewelry in particular was known for its intimate workmanship, beautiful deli... (more)

The first 2016 release from Aftelier is a deeply personal perfume for the perfumer

The Latest from Slumberhouse: New SibetThe Latest from Slumberhouse: New Sibet

New Fragrances 09/01/16 02:21 (13 comments)

Portland, Oregon's Slumberhouse , creator of "Fine Improper Perfumes,"  announces its newest fragrance and the first release of 2016, New Sibet . "Empires upon empires upon empires Empresses and embassies and emissaries Sun goes down No more games"            —Slumberhouse   ... (more)

A departure for perfumer Josh Lobb

Best in Show: Savory Scents of the Garden (2016)Best in Show: Savory Scents of the Garden (2016)

Best in Show 08/28/16 02:39 (16 comments)

We usually find the natural world awakening around us in spring, when buds are first forming on the trees and new shoots of green are pushing their way out of the ground. But there is an entirely new smell to that same plot of earth as summer comes into its final weeks here in the northern hemisphere. Plants have reached their height and many are bearing fruits. Leaves mature, stalks grow heavy from their climb up to the sun. This is the time of early harvest and it’s usually th... (more)

August for many is the beginning of the harvest: These are some late summer perfumes of the savory feast

Euphorium Brooklyn Usar EDP Euphorium Brooklyn Usar EDP

Fragrance Reviews 08/23/16 06:53

Euphorium Brooklyn 's Stephen Dirkes is having a busy year. In addition to re-launching fragrances Cilice and Usar in Eau de Parfum format (and Wald is next, slated for September), multiple art events in Brooklyn this spring, a turn at Sniffapalooza Spring Fling (as reported by our dear Ida) , a residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute and preparations for the upcoming Tranoï New York Parfums Expo in September, Stephen found the time to enter his short film in the ... (more)

"Usar EDP has a levity not found in the oil format and is easily a perfume for all seasons."

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