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Sandrina started her work at Fragrantica from its very beginning of the site. She is a perfume expert and writer, responsible for the majority of articles and encyclopedia records at Fragrantica. Along with her everyday work, Sandrina reports from perfume events from different parts of the world. She adores sunny and blissful perfumes that represent her inner spirit.
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Esxence 2017 The Garden of NoveltiesEsxence 2017 The Garden of Novelties

Art Books Events 03/26/17 09:48 (One comment)

Our meetings at each exhibition are always so special and precious! Seeing again all the dear people from the industry, hearing the new stories and having a lot of talks about trends and new ideas filled us with joy and pleasure during all the days of the show. It's sure, we smelled hundreds of perfumes, what a pleasure!!! This year The Garden of Eden surprises the visitors with the blooming entrance as well as many new flowery fragrances. Tuberose, Mimosa,... (more)

Lots of new fragrances highlight the newest Esxence in Milano

News From Milan & ESXENCE: Oriental & Floral Vibe News From Milan & ESXENCE: Oriental & Floral Vibe

Art Books Events 03/24/17 02:53 (7 comments)

Besides the very exciting change of bottle designs in the Xerjoff collection , Sergio Momo and his team showcased several new creations which will enrich the Xerjoff , Sospiro , Kemi and Casamorati lines.   Alexandria II is presented in a wonderful ombre dark brown flacon, while the 1861 line gets an elegant, icy glass flacon, also in a new design.   The collection of Shooting Stars, 17/17 and Join The Club are also rede... (more)

Sandrina discusses Xerjoff, Isabey, Anfas and Hayari.

CAMPOMARZIO 70 - Essential Days 2017, MilanoCAMPOMARZIO 70 - Essential Days 2017, Milano

Art Books Events 03/20/17 11:42

  CAMPOMARZIO 70 is organizing the new exhibition named ESSENTIAL DAYS in Milano, from March 24-27, 2017, at Via Brera 2a. Their luxurious showroom will be open from 10:00 to 20:00. The focus will be on the latest creations of the brands distributed by Campomarzio 70. In addition to the collection of personal perfumes, the exhibition will also feature home fragrance and body care products! "We spread the Essential Culture. With Campomarzio70 Retail we bri... (more)

Campomarzio 70 organizes Essential Days in Milano.

Calvin Klein Pure Gold Euphoria Men, Pure Gold Euphoria WomenCalvin Klein Pure Gold Euphoria Men, Pure Gold Euphoria Women

New Fragrances 03/20/17 08:52 (6 comments)

  Following the success of the oriental Calvin Klein editions  Liquid Gold Euphoria for women and Liquid Gold Euphoria Men presented in 2014, CALVIN KLEIN (in collaboration with COTY) launches the new duo PURE GOLD . The Euphoria collection already was enriched with the  Deep Euphoria edition this year, available to a wide audience, while citizens and visitors of the Middle East have been able to enjoy the new fragrances Pure Gold Euphoria Men and... (more)

A new perfume duo, exclusively launched in the Middle East.

Hayari Paris Source Joyeuse No1, No2, No3Hayari Paris Source Joyeuse No1, No2, No3

Niche Perfumery 03/18/17 07:02 (4 comments)

New fragrances from the  Hayari  perfume line will be first presented at Esxence in Milan from March 23 rd – 26 th 2017. The Source Joyeuse unisex collection of EDTs exudes brand new energy and style and is created with a special intention, by celebrating sample fabrics that used to be the pride of France - "toile de Jouy". This type of fabric is characteristic for its floral print, landscapes on pale backgrounds, typically used as décor or for luxur... (more)

A pre-premiere of the new collection which will be presented in 2017

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct for HerAbercrombie & Fitch First Instinct for Her

New Fragrances 03/18/17 06:50

First Instinct, the aromatic-fougere fragrance for men by the American fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch, has received its feminine counterpart this year. Both editions place accent on wearable, comfortable and contemporary compositions. Last year’s edition First Instinct  bounded in freshness and aquatic chords: aromas of gin, tonic water and juicy melon contrasted with warm suede and musk, while the version for women is sweeter, deeper and warmer. FIRST INST... (more)

A new fragrance for women from Abercrombie & Fitch

WIDIAN Velvet Collection: Delma and LiwaWIDIAN Velvet Collection: Delma and Liwa

Niche Perfumery 03/14/17 11:38 (3 comments)

  It would be very hard to resist the two attractive editions Delma and Liwa, announced as a new chapter for the WIDIAN brand founded in 2014 by Ali Al Jaberi from Abu Dhabi, UAE. The two new fragrances belong to the luxury  WIDIAN VELVET COLLECTION   which follows the well known Black and Gold Collections as well as their luxury special editions. Both compositions will lead us on a oriental olfactory journey celebrating the meeting of East an... (more)

The new Widian Velvet Collection reflects the beauty of Delma island and the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi!

The Body Shop White Musk L`EauThe Body Shop White Musk L`Eau

New Fragrances 03/14/17 09:39 (13 comments)

  In March 2017, The Body Shop  launches a fresh, floral-fruity fragrance supported by musky undertones. WHITE MUSK L'EAU  is announced as a "new vegan addiction". If you loved the original White Musk , its delicate sensuality is enveloped in chords of cleanliness for this new edition as a welcome to spring time. The new White Musk L'Eau  arrives after numerous versions of the original, among which are   White Musk Blus... (more)

A new fragrance within the White Musk collection.

Jo Malone London Star MagnoliaJo Malone London Star Magnolia

Niche Perfumery 03/14/17 08:48

Jo Malone London  launches a new fragrance named STAR MAGNOLIA , which can be expected on the perfumery shelves in May 2017. The theme of the new edition is, as the name suggests, the Star Magnolia flower (Magnolia Stellata), with its star-shaped petals blooming from February to April, whose aroma can be found in the heart of the fragrance. This beautiful, thick tree is full of white star flowers and a true embellishment of the spring time.   ... (more)

The new Spring fragrance by Jo Malone London.

Luca Maffei Creats the Fragrance '50' Celebrating The 50th edition of COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNALuca Maffei Creats the Fragrance '50' Celebrating The 50th edition of COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA

Art Books Events 03/09/17 05:05

Luca Maffei, perfumer Atelier Fragranze Milano Many of us have become familiar with perfumer Luca Maffei considering the numerous compositions that he has created in the previous years. His compositions have attracted the attention of critics, the public and fans of fragrance thanks to their top quality and excellence. We will soon meet Luca in Milan at Esxence where he will introduce his new creations composed for various brands. Among them are La Sixieme Parfume created f... (more)

"Luca Maffei created a special perfume called "50", which will be produced and packaged at the expo's THE PERFUME FACTORY installation presented by Cosmoprof and Accademia del Profumo."

JUL ET MAD Les White Chapter 2: Bella Donna, Fugit Amor, Mon Seul DesirJUL ET MAD Les White Chapter 2: Bella Donna, Fugit Amor, Mon Seul Desir

Niche Perfumery 03/09/17 04:56 (One comment)

The exclusive collection of Les White was introduced last year at Esxence in Milan and included three fragrances: Nea by Luca Maffei (Atelier Fragranze Milano), Garuda by Luca Maffei and Nin-Shar by Sidonie Lancesseur (Robertet, Grasse). This year the Les White collection will be expanded with a new trilogy as a new artistic chapter inspired by artwork from the field of painting, sculpture and tapestry. Jul et Mad, Julien and Madalina The founders of the Jul ... (more)

The new Les White collection trilogy premiering exclusively at ESXENCE 2017

Fragrance Leadership Training Capsule - DubaiFragrance Leadership Training Capsule - Dubai

Art Books Events 03/08/17 09:15 (One comment)

    The Fragrance Foundation Arabia informs us that their Fragrance Leadership Training Capsule will takes place for the first time in Dubai, from April 2 nd – 4 th 2017 at the Kempinski Hotel , an event hosted by international coach Pamela Vaile. The Fragrance Development Training Capsule is divided into two sections: the first part will evolve around training in the perfume development process, the  second around market... (more)

The Fragrance Foundation Arabia organizes "The Scent - Fragrance Leadership Training capsule" in Dubai.

Trussardi My Name Goccia a Goccia, Trussardi Donna Goccia a GocciaTrussardi My Name Goccia a Goccia, Trussardi Donna Goccia a Goccia

New Fragrances 03/03/17 03:36 (4 comments)

GOCCIA A GOCCIA is a new collection from the Trussardi brand which introduces a new form of flacons that enable us to enjoy the perfume by applying it on our skin drop by drop. "Wear the perfume in a different way – drop by drop," suggests Trussardi. In March 2017 Trussardi adds two new flacons with their characteristic fragrances Trussardi My Name and Trussardi Donna which are now available "drop by drop". There is no difference in the com... (more)

New limited edition flacons of the fragrances My Name and Donna

Christina Aguilera Glam X Eau de ParfumChristina Aguilera Glam X Eau de Parfum

New Fragrances 03/02/17 11:17 (7 comments)

It is with the new fragrance Christina Aguilera Glam X Eau de Parfum that popular singer Christina Aguilera celebrates the 10 th anniversary of the launch of her perfume Christina Aguilera from 2007, which was followed by new, feminine and seductive successors year after year. By expanding her fragrant portfolio and by creating another fragrance that reflects Aguilera’s style and sensibility, we arrive at the new edition Glam X Eau de Parfum which celebrates the bi... (more)

Christina Aguilera celebrates the 10th anniversary of her perfume collection with a new perfume!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua CelestiaMaison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

Fragrance Reviews 02/28/17 20:58 (6 comments)

  Thanos Orris of Maison Francis Kurkdjian recently visited Belgrade (Serbia) to introduce the newest edition in their perfume line, Aqua Celestia , launched this year, at the niche perfumery destination Metropoliten in the center of the old town.   Thanos discussed every single note of this new face within the Aqua collection, which blends into a refined composition representing a new type of freshness; not an easy task... (more)

The first impression of the newest perfume by Maison Francis Kurkdjian at an event in Belgrade.

Mont Blanc Lady Emblem L`EauMont Blanc Lady Emblem L`Eau

New Fragrances 02/28/17 08:45 (2 comments)

  The sophisticated, "red" and sweet fruity Lady Emblem by MontBlanc from 2015 was a sweetened rose flower with raspberries, red currant and marmalade. Its successor Lady Emblem Elixir went the opulent and floral way, while the third and latest pastel edition Lady Emblem L'Eau  softens the rose with velvety white peach and sensual musk.   Lady Emblem L'Eau draws inspiration from a summer garden and the pale liquid flui... (more)

A new successor of Lady Emblem.

LOEWE Solo Loewe EsencialLOEWE Solo Loewe Esencial

New Fragrances 02/28/17 08:33 (2 comments)

The collection Solo Loewe for men by Loewe was initiated with the perfume Solo Loewe , presented in 2004. Its characteristic aromatic spicy character is unique for its blend of scented herbs, dry spices, luminous citruses and flowers resting on masculine notes. The following years, numerous versions were launched up till this year’s edition Solo Loewe Esencial , which was presented as a fragrance that contains the DNA of the basic edition with an intense Mediterr... (more)

The new fragrance of the Solo Loewe collection.


Art Books Events 02/27/17 08:35 (3 comments)

  ESXENCE 2017 - 9th EDITION It is a true pleasure to announce ESXENCE , the next artistic perfumery exhibition, which takes place for the 9 th time in Milan, Italy, from March 23 rd to the 26 th  in 2017. Over 200 exhibitors will participate in showing their products from the perfume niche and lux sector, as well as the beauty sector in Esxkin, which is a separate part of the show presenting cosmetic brands and their body care / make-up collect... (more)

The next Esxence and Esxkin exhibitions will take place in Milan from March 23rd to 27th 2017.

Philosophy Pure Grace Summer SurfPhilosophy Pure Grace Summer Surf

New Fragrances 02/25/17 04:12 (2 comments)

The limited edition successor of Pure Grace was presented in early 2017 and builds upon the summer theme of Pure Grace Summer  from 2016.  Pure Grace Summer Surf  as well as the above mentioned antecedents abounds in relaxing aromas that evoke tranquility and relaxation. PURE GRACE PURE GRACE SUMMER PURE GRACE SUMMER SURF ... (more)

New fragrance of the Pure Grace line

L`Occitane en Provence Cerisier Pastel Eau LegereL`Occitane en Provence Cerisier Pastel Eau Legere

New Fragrances 02/25/17 04:00 (5 comments)

Each year with the arrival of spring we are accustomed to expecting a new fragrance collection from L'Occitane en Provence that is inspired by cherries and accompanied by body care products. The Collection of Cerisier included transparent fragrances which, depending on the edition, emphasize the beauty of the flower and the fruit of the cherry, a subtle sweetness that provides an irresistible aroma, light-hearted and full of serenity. This year L'Occitane presented the v... (more)

A new cherry-based fragrance from L'Occitane en Provence

Carolina Herrera CH PrivéeCarolina Herrera CH Privée

New Fragrances 02/20/17 10:28 (3 comments)

  The collection by the house of  Carolina Herrera CH  is complemented by a new version named  CH Privee , announced as "a celebration of the enigma of femininity and love as the highest, unpredictable force".  CH Privee  arrives in a flacon of the same shape as CH Eau de Parfum Sublime which was embraced by purple leather.   These two fragrances are special since their flacon design differs from the... (more)

A new fragrance within the CH line.

Shakira S Kiss; Shakira I Am Rock!Shakira S Kiss; Shakira I Am Rock!

New Fragrances 02/20/17 08:40 (2 comments)

  New fragrant rhythms arrive with two new editions of the perfume collection by Shakira. Fans of the popular singer’s perfumes will have the opportunity to test  S Kiss  from the S collection and   I Am Rock!  which belongs to the Rock! Collection, starting February 2017. Both editions have modern, youthful compositions, accentuated with floral and fruity notes on a woody base. What makes these editions stand out is the lack of gourma... (more)

New fragrances by Shakira

Bond No 9 NolitaBond No 9 Nolita

Niche Perfumery 02/20/17 08:29 (One comment)

  "We at Bond No. 9 have a confession to make:  The pace around here has been so hectic lately that we can scarcely find the time to wander around and explore the streets beyond our Bond Street headquarters. But all that changed when word got around that Nolita, the neighborhood that begins just across Houston Street, has become a Millennials’ favorite and the hottest of Downtown’s hotspots.   We did what we always do with Ne... (more)

Attractive Nolita joins the Bond No9 collection!

Victoria`s Secret Tease FlowerVictoria`s Secret Tease Flower

New Fragrances 02/16/17 09:55 (4 comments)

In anticipation of spring and fresh sunny days, Victoria's Secret is launching a new Eau de Parfum titled Tease Flower accompanied by a scented body care collection designed in the same style as the attractive perfume flacon. The composition is created to offer spring vibrations, a flirty vibe in the air with a gourmand touch which will give warmness to the rich flowery bouquet. The flowers on the bottle evoke the blossoming spring garden while the atomizer in bright pi... (more)

A new flirtatious Spring release from Victoria's Secret

Perfumed Love AffairsPerfumed Love Affairs

Columns 02/14/17 10:01 (6 comments)

There are so many different types of love. As we all are different we also feel love in so many ways. Most of those ways are connecting us despite their diversity with strong yet invisible strings. Then, we thought, why shouldn't we translate certain types of love in perfume affairs. Give them the main roles in our stories and describe a passionate, mature, childish, poetic or platonic love, or maybe a love at first sight, a dramatic or a friendly l... (more)

What happens when perfumes fall in love? We pair fragrances into couples and describe their passion. Which scents would you pair together?

Bentley Momentum and Momentum IntenseBentley Momentum and Momentum Intense

New Fragrances 02/13/17 11:32 (3 comments)

  As the new "pillar" of the  Bentley  collection, the two MOMENTUM fragrances (available since February 2017 on the official website ) were presented, which will arrive in stores in March 2017. Momentum  and  Momentum Intense  represent two versions aimed at the urban man. According to Bentley: "He is an achiever. A trend setter. A mover and shaker. Successful, style-conscious and driven, the Bentley Momentum man is i... (more)

New fragrances of the Bentley collection

Fragrantica Celebrates Love in Red on InstagramFragrantica Celebrates Love in Red on Instagram

Columns 02/13/17 11:13 (22 comments)

  A few days ago, celebrating love and the upcoming Valentine`s Day, we decided to share a red, love inspired perfume wave onto our Instagram profile . There are so many great red perfumes - perfumes that smell passionate and evoke the feelings that red stands for - and so many creations are packaged in the most beautiful red colored flacons. Our editors chose some of their favorites and we want to share with you our suggestions and insp... (more)

Join us in our Instagram red perfume wave!

Herve Gambs Pink EvidenceHerve Gambs Pink Evidence

Niche Perfumery 02/07/17 12:10 (One comment)

What characterizes the house of Herve Gambs Paris  is their creative range of products, and their offerings show a significant improvement of the original activity. Herve Gambs began his career as an interior and floral designer 25 years ago, after which collections of room fragrances, perfumed candles, and perfume lines in three directions ensued: the EDP line Eaux De Parfums , the collection Parfums Couture, and my favorite, a collection of... (more)

The house of Herve Gambs adds a new, attractive fragrance named Evidence to the Cologne Intense collection.

Elizabeth Arden White TeaElizabeth Arden White Tea

New Fragrances 02/07/17 07:34 (9 comments)

  The pleasure provided by the iconic fragrance of the Elizabeth Arden collection and one of the perfume "pillars" of the brand, Green Tea  from 1999, is irreplaceable in its simplicity, gentleness and softness. It has always brought to me the association of the scent of a bathed woman's body, of hot steam that heats silky skin; a scent of freshness, warmth and grace; discreet, subtle and extremely relaxing. The Green Tea Collection has,... (more)

A new "pillar" of the Elizabeth Arden collection created to relax all your senses.

Givenchy Eaudemoiselle Essence des PalaisGivenchy Eaudemoiselle Essence des Palais

New Fragrances 02/07/17 07:08 (5 comments)

  The collection of   Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy  started with the  eponymous fragrance  from 2010, and till today it has received 8 editions, including this latest  "black one“ launched in the Middle East. The dark and mysterious composition of Eaudemoiselle Essence des Palais  awakes desires with its Oriental magic union of precious spices, the warmth of resins and blooming roses that attract with their beauty and frame th... (more)

A new fragrance of the Eaudemoiselle collection launched in the Middle East.

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature II Eau de ParfumGiorgio Armani Si Rose Signature II Eau de Parfum

New Fragrances 02/06/17 09:52 (One comment)

  The collection Si by Giorgio Armani  has been rapidly expanding since 2013, when the first fragrance, Si  was presented. Numerous editions and versions of the original perfume were introduced, and besides both more intense and lighter versions, the Si line also includes collectors’ editions that did not change the composition but only the flacon design. Si Rose Signature II Eau de Parfum  is... (more)

A collectors edition for 2017

Jil Stuart Crystal Bloom Aurora DreamJil Stuart Crystal Bloom Aurora Dream

New Fragrances 02/06/17 09:19 (3 comments)

  AURORA DREAM  is a new fragrance within the CRYSTAL BLOOM collection by Jil Stuart  that has become available on February 3 rd 2017. Inspired by the lights of Aurora, the new perfume arrives in a flacon designed to convey these magic lights in the night sky. The cap carries three transparent flowers made of crystals, one of which is pale pink, one is pale yellow and one pale green. Each flower contains five petals and a glittery Aurora Swarovski crystal i... (more)

New fragrance in the Crystal Bloom collection

Mancera Paris Black GoldMancera Paris Black Gold

Niche Perfumery 01/30/17 11:24 (3 comments)

  Today we announce a new step for the brand Mancera Paris  and a new version of their characteristic flacon, this time in black, with a matte surface and golden letters and cap, while the thick glass bottom of the bottle remains transparent with a gray finish. MANCERA BLACK GOLD  comes after the Christmas collection that celebrated the holidays in a special way – with individual editions counting up till New Year’s Eve (the unu... (more)

The new fragrance of the Mancera line, presented in a black bottle.

Molinard Parfumeur Le Reve NirmalaMolinard Parfumeur Le Reve Nirmala

New Fragrances 01/30/17 09:58 (6 comments)

The popular Nirmala of the rich collection of perfumes by Molinard Parfumeur  receives a special successor, a new version that unites gourmand, floral and luminous fruity notes! The attractiveness of  LE REVE NIRMALA  is not just reflected in the modern gourmand twist, but also in its pink flacon of architectural shape, which repeats the form of the Nirmala flacon changed in the spring of 2015 ( Molinard Nirmala in a New Flacon ). The flacon forms of Nirmala... (more)

Nirmala in a new version

Montale Intense CherryMontale Intense Cherry

Niche Perfumery 01/27/17 08:31 (4 comments)

Last year  Mancera Paris   very successfully created a gourmand cherry. It was combined with vanilla and powdery shades of orris. Wild Cherry  received much praise and was a hit among fans of fragrances such as Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir  and  Hilde Soliani Una Tira I Altra  who search for a syrupy, dark, liquorish and thick cherry scent - intense, deep and warm. Cherry rules over the entire composition and practically overlaps all shades that interchange du... (more)

A new gourmand-oriental cherry fragrance.

Aigner Cara Mia Ti AmoAigner Cara Mia Ti Amo

New Fragrances 01/27/17 08:28

A new version of 2015's AIGNER CARA MIA arrives on the market in March 2017 in a pink flacon and with a romantic composition that focuses on flowers, fruity notes and the vigor of pink pepper. The new perfume was created as a statement of love, conveying strong feelings and gentleness at the same time, evoking the most precious moments of romance.    The first edition of  Cara Mia (2015) was created as a modern perfume, while this year’s edition up... (more)

"A romantic composition that focuses on flowers, fruity notes and the vigor of pink pepper."

Acqua di Parma Peonia Nobile Edizione SpecialeAcqua di Parma Peonia Nobile Edizione Speciale

Niche Perfumery 01/27/17 08:25

Inspired by the aroma of peony,  Acqua di Parma  introduced Peonia Nobile, a floral fragrance with beautiful fruity chords last year. Celebrating its beauty, this year they present a special limited edition that continues the long-lasting tradition of the brand. Each of the floral fragrances of the Nobile collection also has a special, limited edition decorated with Art Deco illustration depicting the charm and beauty of the key ingredient – iris flowers, magnolia, j... (more)

With a new limited edition, Acqua di Parma celebrates their peony-based fragrance

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea MimosaElizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa

New Fragrances 01/26/17 09:50 (5 comments)

If any flower can revive cold snowy winter days and provide the feeling of happiness and pleasure with its intensive sunny yellow color, it must be mimosa! Their honey and powdery notes - a sweetness mixed with fresh green aromas and an intense scent that spreads and fills a space with happiness - inspire me every year to find a new mimosa-based fragrance as a contrast to coldness and icy air. And there it is, the new  Arden  tea fragrance which complements the w... (more)

"Moroccan mimosa absolute makes the heart of the fragrance intense, sunny and irresistibly honey-like, while the base is warmed with hot vanilla-based shades."

REPETTO Le Ballet BlancREPETTO Le Ballet Blanc

New Fragrances 01/23/17 08:09 (2 comments)

  An elegant, feminine and ultimately graceful olfactory performance was performed once again by the house of Repetto, a house which is dedicated to the art of ballet and with its perfumes conveys the experience of a ballerina on stage. With her movements and pirouettes she gives the impression of freedom, strength, lightness and ease that are also reflected in the aura of the new fragrance. REPETTO LE BALLET BLANC offers a new interpretation of femininity. T... (more)

The new Repetto fragrance Le Ballet Blanc is inspired by Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". 

Baldessarini Cool ForceBaldessarini Cool Force

New Fragrances 01/21/17 09:08 (5 comments)

The new men's fragrance  Baldessarini Cool Force  is aimed at the man who is searching for a modern, refreshing, stylish fragrance, full of strong energy. With the new composition, perfumer Vincent Schaller  did not want to wander off from previous editions, keeping the characteristic DNA of the brand. He put aquatic and aromatic notes in the top this time making the fragrance ice cold and refreshing. “I imagined the fragrance t... (more)

The new fragrance from the Baldessarini collection puts aquatic and aromatic notes in the top this time making the aroma ice cold and refreshing

Jil Sander Sun Men SportJil Sander Sun Men Sport

New Fragrances 01/21/17 09:05 (One comment)

In January 2017  JIL SANDER  launches their new perfume for men JIL SANDER SUN MEN SPORT  as a successor to the men’s edition Jil Sander Sun Men  presented in 2002. A new dimension of energy is embodied in the composition which exudes freedom, a positive attitude and a fine dose of elegance, as well as with a recognizable aura that surrounds the skin of its carrier with sensual energy and glittery notes that allude to life energy and the feeling of joy.... (more)

The new men's fragrance from Jil Sander exudes freedom, a positive attitude and a fine dose of elegance

Casamorati 1888 Dolce AmalfiCasamorati 1888 Dolce Amalfi

Niche Perfumery 01/16/17 15:16 (16 comments)

  Xerjoff Casamorati 1888  presents another exclusive, limited edition on January 8 th 2017, which is, just like last year’s Italica , only available in one special store. The store Harvey Nichols in London was lucky enough to “get” the amazing gourmand fragrance Italica, and this remains the only place where this fragrance can be obtained. The new edition DOLCE AMALFI  was created especially for the Xerjoff boutique located in the Dubai... (more)

An exclusive edition launched for the Xerjoff boutique in the Dubai Mall

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc for HerNarciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc for Her

New Fragrances 01/13/17 11:12 (14 comments)

  Many of you will immediately say oooh, there's a new beauty from the collection by  Narciso Rodriguez ! Truth be told, each new edition surprises us with its uniqueness, quality, gentleness, and subtleness, and the seductive and very sexy aspects of musk are reinterpreted in so many ways that each of the numerous versions is not so much a flanker but more a unique edition within the collection, attracting us with its character and personality. For f... (more)

The new fragrance in Narciso's collection

Essence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de ToiletteEssence We Are Collection: We Are... Lovely Eau de Toilette

New Fragrances 01/11/17 09:40 (One comment)

      ESSENCE  launches the new spring collection WE ARE just before Valentine’s Day and it includes the  We Are... Lovely  Eau de Toilette, as well as several make up products celebrating love and friendship in the same spirit. "We are … friends forever! We are in love with friendship – are you too? Then celebrate with us on valentine's day all your unique friendships. A per... (more)

A new collection by the house of Essence including an Eau de Toilette and several make up products

Hugo Boss Hugo IcedHugo Boss Hugo Iced

New Fragrances 01/09/17 12:58 (One comment)

At the beginning of 2017, Hugo Boss launches the new edition of the Hugo line, characteristic for its woody-aromatic notes as well as a wave of icy cold freshness and energy. HUGO ICED  is aimed at the young, urban and modern man – as announced by the house of Hugo Boss.   The original  Hugo  edition, which became one of the pillars of the Hugo Boss  collection, was launched in 1995. Its successors followed the aromatic ... (more)

A new version of the fragrance Hugo.

Police TO BE Mr Beat, TO BE Miss BeatPolice TO BE Mr Beat, TO BE Miss Beat

New Fragrances 01/05/17 08:21 (14 comments)

Under license by Mavive, the new fragrant duo by the house of  Police  was launched. It belongs to the TO BE collection characteristic for its unique skull-shaped flacons. The new fragrances To Be Mr Beat  and  To Be Miss Beat  will offer a "trendy concept that represents youth, energy and modern elements by combining two accessories that young and active people must possess: a headset and perfumes." ... (more)

A new fragrant duo from the TO BE collection by Police!

ETRO ManRoseETRO ManRose

Niche Perfumery 01/03/17 09:36 (26 comments)

  ETRO  intrigues us with the announcement of their new perfume,  MANROSE , both by its name and composition, which finds its philosophy in the search for feminine aspects and blending them with masculine ones. ManRose is a rose for man; flattering, cosmopolitan, the rose that defines gentleness and benefits from embodying the perfect synthesis of men and women; their unbreakable connection. The man rose by Etro is full of layers that slowly reveal ... (more)

A special Rose for Men

Fragonard Flower of The Year 2017: Pivoine (Peony)Fragonard Flower of The Year 2017: Pivoine (Peony)

New Fragrances 01/03/17 08:46 (5 comments)

  I am always particularly looking forward to the collection FLOWER OF THE YEAR , which is yearly created and promoted by Fragonard , the house that started this line in 2010 with Mimosa , a fragrance I consider one of the most beautiful, prominent and authentic mimosa-based creations in perfumery. From that point on until today, Fragonard celebrates a new fragrance every year by putting it in the spot light, making sure the well designed pro... (more)

The flower of 2017 at Fragonard is peony!

Zara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise RoseZara Fragrances: Radiant Woods, Deep Vanilla, Sunrise Rose

Fragrance Reviews 12/24/16 11:09 (10 comments)

How many perfumes by the brand Zara have you tested? How do you feel about them? For whom do you buy them? How often do you buy them? Which are your favorites? All of these questions have been posed by our readers in their comments; there have been an array of opinions about Zara scents over the course of many years. But who are the noses behind the scents? Zara does not disclose the perfumers of most of their scents, so it is very difficult to fin... (more)

New fragrances from Zara

Mancera Christmas Collection: Pearl, Sicily, Coco Vanille, Aoud Orchid, HolidaysMancera Christmas Collection: Pearl, Sicily, Coco Vanille, Aoud Orchid, Holidays

Niche Perfumery 12/23/16 13:01 (3 comments)

In December 2016, Mancera Paris  will thrill their fans with new fragrances which are sold exclusively in perfumery Montale in Paris (68, rue Pierre Charron - 75008 Paris) and are available on the official website of the company: The Christmas collection includes six editions: the solar floral fragrance Pearl  introduced in Florence at Pitti Fragranze, and perfumes  Aoud Orchid ,  Coco Vanille  and  Sicily  which ... (more)

Count down to New Year's Eve with new fragrances from the Mancera Christmas collection

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