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Sanja Pekic is a Fragrantica editor from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has joined the team in 2008 to update and maintain encyclopedia information, as well as work on perfume news. Sanja is passionate about fashion and martial arts.
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Lancôme Rôses Berberanza & Parfait de RôsesLancôme Rôses Berberanza & Parfait de Rôses

New Fragrances 05/25/17 06:55 (7 comments)

The exclusive collection from the house of Lancôme , LES PARFUMS GRANDS CRUS , came out in 2016 with six fragrances in honor of the founder of the house Armand PetitJean. The initial setting of the collection included three floral perfumes ( Lavandes Trianon , Jasmins Marzipane and Tubéreuses Castane ) and three fragrances based on oud wood ( Ôud Ambroisie , Ôud Bouquet and L'Autre Ôud ). In 2017, the line expands with two new editions,... (more)

Two new editions of the Grands Crus collection

Bvlgari Goldea The Roman NightBvlgari Goldea The Roman Night

New Fragrances 05/25/17 06:52 (5 comments)

Bvlgari presents Goldea The Roman Night , the third fragrance in the Goldea line, after the sweet oriental-floral original Goldea from 2015 and its rose-focused interpretation Rose Goldea from 2016. The new Goldea The Roman Night , announced as a musky floral-fruity fragrance, comes out in September 2017. Bella Hadid shooting the campaign Perfumer Alberto Morillas is the nose behind the compositions in the Goldea collection. The new installment ... (more)

New flanker of Goldea with Bella Hadid as the face

Jette 7 Flowers PeonyJette 7 Flowers Peony

Fragrance News 05/24/17 08:28

  The new fragrance line by fashion designer Jette Joop is named 7Flowers , inspired by the legend about the night before mid-summer, when girls choose seven varieties of wild flowers from seven different meadows to put them under their pillow and dream of their future love. The first fragrance of this collection is 7Flowers Peony , which comes out in May 2017, announced as a "seductive, feminine, floral fantasy about the majestic peony". Its to... (more)

The new fragrance for women by designer Jette Joop: the first of the new 7Flowers line.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir PremierClinique Aromatics Elixir Premier

New Fragrances 05/23/17 08:10 (8 comments)

The iconic Clinique perfume from 1971, a sharp chypre named Aromatics Elixir , is presented in a new limited edition; a luxurious and modern interpretation that received the name  Aromatics Elixir Premier and is exclusively launching at Harrods in May 2017. Aromatics Elixir Premier celebrates the global success of the original, announced as an alluring and exotic fragrance which takes your senses on an opulent journey. Aromatics Elixir Limited Editi... (more)

A new limited and exclusive edition

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud MinéraleTom Ford Private Blend Oud Minérale

New Fragrances 05/22/17 09:20 (12 comments)

  A new edition within the exclusive Tom Ford 's Private Blend collection launches in July 2017 as a fresh interpretation of the theme of oud or agar wood. Oud Minérale joins the other oud editions of the line: Oud Wood from 2007, Oud Fleur and Tobacco Oud from 2013. Besides Oud Minérale , Tom Ford will also present Oud Ocean . More info on that edition is coming soon.   "Private Blend is my ow... (more)

A new fragrance within Tom Ford's Private Blend collection.

Dior presents the new Miss Dior Eau de ParfumDior presents the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

New Fragrances 05/22/17 08:27 (19 comments)

  In mid-May of 2017, the house of Dior held an exclusive presentation of the new edition of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum in Château de La Colle Noire in Grasse, the former residence of designer Christian Dior. Château de La Colle Noire became the property of the fashion house Dior in 2013, which started renovations that were completed in May 2016. Francois Demachy & Natalie Portman .   Among the honorary gu... (more)

A select group was invited to the Château de La Colle Noire in Grasse to celebrate the launch of the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum.

Cartier Les Heures Voyageuses Limited EditionsCartier Les Heures Voyageuses Limited Editions

New Fragrances 05/19/17 06:36 (2 comments)

Cartier launches travel-size limited edition bottles of its Les Heures Voyageuses collection just in time for the holy month of Ramadan.   OUD & OUD is a scent of unmixed oud wood, whose sheer, unmasked purity highlights the true essence of this noble material. Les Heures Voyageuses was founded in 2014 when it premiered the first three editions, Oud & Oud , Oud & Rose and Oud & Musc , whose creation is signed by the in-house ... (more)

Cartier launches travel-size limited edition bottles of its Les Heures Voyageuses collection just in time for the month of Ramadan.

Antonio Banderas The Secret Temptation & Her Secret TemptationAntonio Banderas The Secret Temptation & Her Secret Temptation

New Fragrances 05/19/17 04:03 (4 comments)

Antonio Banderas ( Puig ) launches a new fragrance pair in spring 2017,  The Secret Temptation and Her Secret Temptation . The fragrances are announced as the new chapter of The Secret Collection in which the story is that of  "challenge, curiosity, addiction and seduction." The new chapter of The Secret is said to be mysterious and irresistible, inspired by exploring of the innermost secret desires. The Secret Temptation is characterized ... (more)

New fragrance pair from The Secret Collection

Nobile 1942 LevanteNobile 1942 Levante

Niche Perfumery 05/18/17 04:01

The new perfume from Italian niche house Nobile 1942 is released in May 2017 under the name of Levante , within the Fragranza Suprema collection. The name comes from the Italian word for sunrise that also carries allegorical meanings for the East and the the countries east of the Mediterranean in general. The inspiration lies in the sunrise and its reflection on the Mediterranean sea, gentle waves and calming marine breeze. Levante begins as a fresh aquatic fragran... (more)

New perfume from Italian niche house of Nobile 1942

Emanuel Ungaro La Diva Mon AmourEmanuel Ungaro La Diva Mon Amour

New Fragrances 05/18/17 03:59 (3 comments)

In early 2016 the house of Ungaro presented La Diva as a modern and youthful dedication to the famous perfume Diva from 1983. The new version of this diva for a new generation comes out in the spring of 2017 as La Diva Mon Amour , which uses the feeling of being in love, the spring and the city of Paris as its inspirations. "A magnetic personality, an extraordinary freedom, an impeccable taste are the essence of La Diva of our days. A girl who... (more)

The new flanker of La Diva fragrance

Xyrena Plastic by Trixie MattelXyrena Plastic by Trixie Mattel

New Fragrances 05/18/17 03:56 (12 comments)

American perfume brand Xyrena founded by pop singer, producer and perfumer Killian Wells , differentiates itself for the unusual inspirations and collaborations (eg Aaliyah from 2015, Andy Kaufman Milk & Cookies , Formula 3 by Dalton Maldonado ...). Trixie Mattel & Killian Wells, twitter The new fragrance Plastic by Trixie Mattel is created in cooperation with drag-queen star Trixie Mattel (Brian Michael Firkus), best kno... (more)

The new drag-queen inspired Xyrena fragrance

Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua Di IrisErmenegildo Zegna Acqua Di Iris

New Fragrances 05/17/17 08:23 (3 comments)

  Ermenegildo Zegna launches the new masculine fragrance Acqua Di Iris as part of the Essenze by Ermenegildo Zegna collection: a new, fresh interpretation of the  Acqua Di Bergamotto edition from 2015. The fragrance is released in May 2017, designed for the sophisticated Zegna men of cool confidence. "Acqua Di Iris for the Zegna man whose sophistication, confidence and freshness make him a pillar of modern style. Like a breeze from t... (more)

A new fragrance as a fresh interpretation of the Acqua Di Bergamotto edition.

Tauer Perfumes L'EauTauer Perfumes L'Eau

Niche Perfumery 05/16/17 08:58 (13 comments)

  Perfumer Andy Tauer launches his new fragrance L'Eau within the Tauer Perfumes collection. L'Eau , scheduled to be released in May 2017, was inspired by the lemon tree in bloom on the porch of Tauer’s house in Zurich and its scent in the crisp morning air. It is described as a fresh unisex fragrance, containing "an element of clarity and purity." L'Eau combines the citrusy accords of Italian bergamot, lemon and oil of... (more)

A new fragrance from Andy Tauer.

Tokyo Milk Neptune & The MermaidTokyo Milk Neptune & The Mermaid

Niche Perfumery 05/15/17 08:58 (4 comments)

  Tokyo Milk launches the Neptune & The Mermaid collection of three floral - aquatic fragrances in the spring of 2017, inspired by tales on imaginary underwater worlds. The collection consists of the poetically named editions 20,000 Flowers Under the Sea , Song of the Siren and Anthemoessa . The packaging of the collection combines classic and vintage-like rose and floral patterns with surreal scenes of the ocean with mermaids, goldfish and octo... (more)

Three new fragrances: 20,000 Flowers Under the Sea, Song of the Siren & Anthemoessa.

Armani Privé Charm'Armani Privé Charm'

New Fragrances 05/15/17 08:33 (6 comments)

Charm' is a new special edition from  Armani 's exclusive line of Armani Privé , within the iris-centered, inspired by high fashion subcollection  Armani Privé Les Éditions Couture . The new limited edition transfers the Charmani fashion collection for spring / summer 2017, presented in Milan in September 2016, into a fragrance. Giorgio Armani spring/summer 2017 "Charmani" Charm' is described as ... (more)

A new fragrance within the Armani Privé Les Éditions Couture line.

Happy Mother's Day: Mom's Influence on My Life in Scent (2017)Happy Mother's Day: Mom's Influence on My Life in Scent (2017)

Columns 05/14/17 08:00 (24 comments)

How did you come to the world of fragrance? Was it via the bars of soap that appeared in your shower as a child? The bottles of your parents' scents lined up on a dresser? Or maybe you received a special gift as a teen? For many of us, we have our parents to thank for kickstarting our fragrant inclinations through gifts, scented memories and as role models. Today, we celebrate our moms by considering how their fragrance habits influenced our own. We invite you to join in the ... (more)

Our international writers examine how their mothers impacted their tastes in fragrance. Join the conversation and help us celebrate Mother's Day 2017!

Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume OilUrban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil

New Fragrances 05/12/17 07:21 (5 comments)

It is not the first time that a high-end make-up brand is presenting fragrances inspired by some of their most successful cosmetic products. For example, MAC launched a collection of perfumes with the names of its top-selling lipstick colors, Shadescents, at the end of last year . American cosmetics company Urban Decay announced the limited edition perfume oil Go Naked , inspired by the popular line of its eye-shadow palette Urban Decay Naked . Go Naked fo... (more)

A limited edition perfume oil inspired the Naked make-up palette

Missguided: Babe PowerMissguided: Babe Power

New Fragrances 05/12/17 07:20 (11 comments)

The first perfume of the British hip fashion brand Missguided , inspired by street fashion in recent past decades (they brought back Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch swimsuit!), bears the cheeky name of Babe Power . The fragrance is developed in collaboration with the company Per-Scent . The scent is supposedly designed to evoke femininity, power and self-confidence in the wearer: "BABE POWER is the embodiment of the iconic Missguided brand with ... (more)

The first fragrance from the UK's online retail fashion brand

Kimberly New York: Artsy, Bubble, Dimple & PoetryKimberly New York: Artsy, Bubble, Dimple & Poetry

Niche Perfumery 05/11/17 06:54 (5 comments)

Kimberly Walker , writer, artist and perfumer, worked as a sales manager for niche perfume brands in Manhattan. While observing customers and their reactions to different smells, she found the inspiration to create her own brand of fragrances called Kimberly New York . The fragrances are reportedly made from 100% organic oils. The first three editions Artsy , Bubble and Dimple were launched in the summer of 2016. The new perfume Poetry emerged in 2017. The colle... (more)

A new brand of organic perfumes with cute names and packaging

Chanel Chance Three MoodsChanel Chance Three Moods

Fragrance News 05/11/17 06:11 (3 comments)

Chanel launches new cosmetic products as part of the Chance fragrance collection. Chanel Chance Three Moods offers three shimmering perfumed gels, featuring three popular Chanel Chance fragrances: the pink gel features delicate floral Chance Eau Tendre , the green one smells of citrusy Chance Eau Fraiche and the peach colored gels feature the newest of the collection, Chance Eau Vive . The name "Three Moods" represents the tradition of t... (more)

Shimmering perfumed gels with fragrances from the Chanel Chance line

Valentino Donna AcquaValentino Donna Acqua

New Fragrances 05/10/17 09:03 (3 comments)

  The powdery sweet scent of iris, rose and leather that is Valentino Donna was presented in 2015 in a decorative light pink bottle of thick glass. Its new, lighter and juicier version comes out in June 2017 as Valentino Donna Acqua . The new fragrance is described as juicy and sweet, with accents of modern gourmand compositions. Valentino Uomo Acqua & Valentino Donna Acqua Bitter-sweet notes of pear and almond form an introduc... (more)

A new flanker of Valentino Donna

Banana Republic Icon CollectionBanana Republic Icon Collection

New Fragrances 05/10/17 08:48 (One comment)

  Banana Republic is launching a line of five fragrances called Icon Collection which represents an homage to the heritage of the brand. The perfumes are numbered by significant years for the brand and are named as following: 78 Vintage Green , 83 Leather Reserve , 90 Pure White , 06 Black Platinum and 17 Oud Mosaic . 78 Vintage Green is a woody fragrance with undertones of green leaves. It is inspired by the fantasy of traveling and cel... (more)

Five new unisex fragrances: 78 Vintage Green, 83 Leather Reserve, 90 Pure White, 06 Black Platinum and 17 Oud Mosaic.

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire

New Fragrances 05/09/17 08:24 (18 comments)

  The house of Guerlain has previously presented a dark burgundy, almost black shade called Black Perfecto in the form of nail polish and lipstick within the La Petite Robe Noire makeup collection. Its perfume version, Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire , is coming out in the spring of 2017.   La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto plays on the theme of a darker and edgier version of the original, with notes of among... (more)

A new flanker of La Petite Robe Noire to go with your leather jacket.

Anna Sui L’Amour Rose Eau de ToiletteAnna Sui L’Amour Rose Eau de Toilette

New Fragrances 05/08/17 08:13 (4 comments)

  Anna Sui launched L'Amour Rose Eau de Toilette  earlier in 2017, as the new version of the original  L'Amour Rose Eau de Parfum , presented in September 2016. L'Amour Rose Eau de Toilette is a limited edition that celebrates the elegance, style and romance of Paris: "Going to Paris is every girl's dream: the City of Light, but more importantly, the City of Romance and fabulous Fashion." ( via ) L'Amour ... (more)

The new version of Anna Sui's fragrance L'Amour Rose

Stella McCartney Pop BluebellStella McCartney Pop Bluebell

New Fragrances 05/07/17 05:14 (6 comments)

The line of fragrances from fashion designer Stella McCartney for the Millenial generation is based on the first edition of Pop with its tuberose and sandalwood composition, launched in spring 2016 under the license from P&G Prestige . Pop Bluebell is the second edition of this collection, presented one year after the debut. Pop Bluebell celebrates the uniqueness, authenticity and spirit of adventure. The main notes of the floral-woody ... (more)

New flanker of Pop

Réminiscence Rem Escale à St. BarthRéminiscence Rem Escale à St. Barth

New Fragrances 05/06/17 08:06

Rem is a floral-aquatic fragrance from Reminiscence , launched in 1996 when this olfactory family was among the most popular ones. The new edition Rem Escale à St. Barth comes in May 2017 as a sunny version with hot sand and monoi accords, inspired by summer on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. Fresh aromas of Italian bergamot, mandarin and iodione form an introduction to the heart of white flowers of ylang-ylang and orange blossom, which evoke m... (more)

The new edition Rem Escale à St. Barth comes in May 2017 as a sunny version with hot sand and monoi accords, inspired by summer on the island of Saint-Barthélemy.

Alexander McQueen - McQueen Eau BlancheAlexander McQueen - McQueen Eau Blanche

New Fragrances 05/04/17 04:33 (4 comments)

The new generation of Alexander McQueen fragrances under the leadership of creative director Sarah Burton was born in the spring of 2016 with the release of McQueen Parfum , a scented image of a flower in darkness. Its more accessible and lighter version, McQueen Eau de Parfum , was introduced in the summer of that same year. The new edition of McQueen Eau Blanche comes out in May 2017. McQueen Eau Blanche represents "a true expression of modern femininit... (more)

New flanker of McQueen fragrance

Prada Infusion de RosePrada Infusion de Rose

New Fragrances 05/04/17 04:32 (10 comments)

Infusion de Rose is a new edition of the collection Les Infusions de Prada . The fragrance comes out in May 2017 and interprets the note of rose in a new and different way than it was done in the 2011 Infusion de Rose edition. The perfume, which recreates an uninhabited and untamed garden, allegedly consists of the finest essences of rose, including Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose. The dominant floral aroma is refreshed with green accents of neroli, galbanum and mand... (more)

New Infusion de Rose edition

Hollister Wave 2 Hollister Wave 2

New Fragrances 05/03/17 09:03

  After the release of Wave for Her and Him in 2016, American lifestyle brand Hollister (which belongs to Abercrombie & Fitch ) under Interparfums announces the new summer duo for the season of 2017 - Wave 2 For Her and Wave 2 For Him . Wave 2 For Her is aimed to be for playful, radiant and flirtatious girls. It draws warm energy from the sun and is reminiscent of the days of summer with exotic aromas of flowers and fruits. The top not... (more)

Two new summer time fragrances from Hollister

Gucci BloomGucci Bloom

New Fragrances 05/02/17 04:52 (18 comments)

  The first Gucci fashion campaign under Alessandro Michele, 2016 . Italian fashion house Gucci announces its new fragrance Gucci Bloom , launching globally in August 2017; the first one under the hand of the new creative director Alessandro Michele . The new fragrance will become a pillar of the house, together with the key lines of Guilty , Bamboo , Flora and Gucci by Gucci .   With Gucci Bloom w... (more)

New pillar fragrance for Gucci under creative director Alessandro Michele

L`Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d'OrangersL`Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d'Orangers

Niche Perfumery 04/27/17 05:39 (7 comments)

L`Artisan Parfumeur's newest fragrance, Histoire d'Orangers , comes out in June 2017. Perfumer Marie Salamagne of Firmenich , passionate about dancing and painting and always in search of lively emotions, tried to capture her memories of the journey through the valley of Souss in Morocco, between Tazenaght and Taroudant; the journey that allegedly left a huge influence on her and after which she came back a different person. Sunset over the valley and T... (more)

The new perfume inspired by a trip to Morocco

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual LifeSalvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual Life

New Fragrances 04/27/17 05:37 (7 comments)

Salvatore Ferragamo represents the lifestyle of a modern Italian gentleman. The new UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Casual Life is launching in June 2017 as a flanker of the original UOMO fragrance presented in 2016. Uomo Casual Life is announced as charismatic, masculine and lively scent of fresh and energetic notes, ideal for summer. The first Uomo was sultry and sweet, and we can expect something more fresh and musky from the new edition. Invigorating and zesty n... (more)

A new version of Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo fragrance

Eau D`Italie Rosa GretaEau D`Italie Rosa Greta

Niche Perfumery 04/26/17 08:21 (7 comments)

  Greta Garbo google images Italian niche house Eau D`Italie launches its new fragrance Rosa Greta in 2017. The fragrance is inspired by an episode from the life of famous Hollywood actress Greta Garbo. In 1938, Greta disappeared from the scene of Hollywood. Paparazzi managed to expose her escape to the Italian coast. She got away with her then-lover Leopold Stokowski on the Amalfi coast to villa Cimbrone, Ravello, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea... (more)

The new fragrance from niche house Eau D`Italie was inspired by the actress Greta Garbo

ICONOfly Attache-Moi ICI & LAICONOfly Attache-Moi ICI & LA

Niche Perfumery 04/24/17 08:19

  The fourth fragrance from ICONOfly ( Attache-Moi Parfums ) is scheduled to come out in the summer of 2017 as a "new old" ICI & LA . The story of this fragrance dates back to 2006, when it was conceived by the founder of the brand Attache-Moi, Olivia Bransbourg and perfumer Christine Nagel as an editorial project (perfume poetry) called HORA. The fragrance, unfortunately, was not launched and its formula was lost. This year, it is reinterpreted ... (more)

A lost formula from 2006 now reinvented.

Liu Jo Lovely U Liu Jo Lovely U

New Fragrances 04/22/17 04:15 (2 comments)

The fashion house of Liu Jo presents its new pillar fragrance with the release of Lovely U , available from spring 2017. The scent is announced as playful and dynamic, intended for the younger audience. Lovely U is described as a light, fresh floral-fruity composition with a woody-musky and slightly sweet base, which supposedly provides you with instant self-confidence and a good mood. Fruity nectarine at the opening of the composition is blended with a sparkling not... (more)

New fragrance from the fashion house of Liu Jo

Keira Knightley in the New Chanel Coco Mademoiselle CampaignKeira Knightley in the New Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Campaign

Fragrance News 04/21/17 06:22 (17 comments)

It's been 10 years since British actress Keira Knightley was chosen to embody the "playful and intense, unpredictable and unforgettable" Coco Mademoiselle perfume. Coco Mademoiselle is currently the best-selling fragrance from Chanel . This fall, we expect the brand’s new perfume Gabrielle , which should represent Coco Chanel in her early years, before she became known as Coco. Actress Keira Knightley , who plays the mischievous, exc... (more)

New Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ad campaign

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Uptown & Sunflowers Sunlight KissElizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Uptown & Sunflowers Sunlight Kiss

New Fragrances 04/20/17 05:46 (3 comments)

The house of Elizabeth Arden released new limited editions of its popular fragrances Sunflowers (1993) and 5th Avenue (1996). The new versions are intended for spring / summer 2017, with Sunflowers Sunlight Kiss fragrance designed for bright sunny days while 5th Avenue NYC Uptown presents a glamorous nighttime scent. Ads from the 90s Sunflowers Sunlight Kiss is announced as a free-spirited, bright and energizing floral citrusy fragrance with marine... (more)

New limited editions for the season of spring/summer 2017

Boucheron La CollectionBoucheron La Collection

New Fragrances 04/18/17 08:45 (7 comments)

  The new luxury line of Boucheron fragrances called  La Collection draws inspiration from the memory of gem hunters, who "forged the spirit of the Maison with their journeys, bringing back from all over the world a wealth of impressions, images, lights, landscapes, encounters and scents." The collection includes six editions: Néroli d'Ispahan , Tubéreuse De Madras , Oud de Carthage , Ambre D'Alexandrie , Iris de Syracuse ... (more)

A new collection of six luxurious fragrances: Néroli d'Ispahan, Tubéreuse De Madras, Oud de Carthage, Ambre D'Alexandrie, Iris de Syracuse and Vanille de Zanzibar.

Michael Kors Extreme NightMichael Kors Extreme Night

New Fragrances 04/16/17 07:11 (6 comments)

New fragrance from the fashion house of Michael Kors comes in spring 2017 as Extreme Night , following up on the Extreme Blue edition from 2015. Extreme Night , announced as a bold fragrance for modern men, is inspired by the sense of excitement of exploring big cities at night. "Step into over drive, with the rush of nightfall. Bold and daring for the modern man that’s always on the go. He’s confident, he’s fast, he’s jet set.... (more)

New fragrance from the masculine Michael Kors line

Claudie Pierlot x Annick Goutal Petite Chérie Limited EditionClaudie Pierlot x Annick Goutal Petite Chérie Limited Edition

New Fragrances 04/14/17 07:08 (4 comments)

The cooperation between fragrance house Annick Goutal and Paris fashion designer Claudie Pierlot is centered on the legendary perfume Petite Chérie from 1998. The result is a casual spring-time and feminine "ready-to-wear" collection inspired by the fragrance, and the limited edition of the perfume in new packaging also designed by Claudie Pierlot. Both of the houses reportedly are ignoring trends and have always shared the same taste of elegance. ... (more)

A new limited edition bottle and a fashion line inspired by the iconic perfume Petite Chérie

Enrico Coveri La RoseEnrico Coveri La Rose

New Fragrances 04/13/17 05:12 (4 comments)

Italian house Enrico Coveri presents the new fragrance La Rose in spring 2017. La Rose is a scent and concept inspired by Pop Art artist Andy Warhol and rose as the ultimate symbol of femininity and strength. It is produced in collaboration with the company Evaflor . Fresh and fruity flavors at the composition’s opening include orange, peach, aldehydes, cardamom and bergamot. The rose essence in the heart is enriched with flowers of violet, ylang-y... (more)

A new feminine fragrance inspired by Pop Art

Pantheon Roma – The Renaissance Sky Painted with a Fragrance Pantheon Roma – The Renaissance Sky Painted with a Fragrance

Niche Perfumery 04/11/17 07:48 (3 comments)

  The Italian niche house Pantheon Roma presented their new fragrance and the interesting concept behind its creation at this year’s Esxence Milano. The fragrance tells the story of a deep color blue used in Raphael’s paintings, a color originally made from the woad plant ( Isatis Tinctoria ).    The whole range of the house relies on recreating moments of the forbidden love between painter Raphael Sanzio and baker’s daughte... (more)

Pantheon Roma's new fragrance revealed at Esxence Milano 2017

Davidoff Cool Water WaveDavidoff Cool Water Wave

New Fragrances 04/11/17 06:26 (10 comments)

  For the summer of 2017, Davidoff prepared a new version of its legendary fragrance Cool Water (1988). Cool Water Wave  is announced as a fresh and energizing scent that offers the impression of being plunged straight into the crashing swells of the ocean.    "Watching the surf crash until you see that wave you’ve been waiting for. The air is crisp, the sun is shining and the breeze sprays drops of water on your ... (more)

A new edition of the masculine Davidoff Cool Water

Atkinsons California PoppyAtkinsons California Poppy

New Fragrances 04/10/17 07:42 (6 comments)

  Atkinsons  is a house rich in history and heritage. Its founder, James Atkinson set up a shop of soaps and perfumes in London in 1799, with the first product of otto rose scented hair pomade of bear grease. The brand is now under the license of Perfume Holding, which reinterpreted some of the most significant fragrances under the Legendary Collection that premiered in 2013.   The new edition of the collection is California Poppy , launching in... (more)

The new edition of the Legendary Collection, a re-interpretation of the classic house.

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps L'AuroreNina Ricci L'Air du Temps L'Aurore

New Fragrances 04/07/17 04:51 (4 comments)

L'Air Du Temps Collection Lumière premiered in 2016 with three editions Aube , Zénith and Crépuscule , representing an homage to the classic of the house of Nina Ricci , L'Air du Temps from 1948, with fragrant interpretations of dawn, noon and dusk. In 2017, the line expands with the new variant L’Air du Temps L'Aurore , described as a "taking a flight towards the first light." &ldq... (more)

The new edition of L'Air Du Temps Collection Lumière

Stéphanie de Bruijn - Parfum sur MesureStéphanie de Bruijn - Parfum sur Mesure

Niche Perfumery 04/06/17 07:19

Parfum sur Mesure offers the service of bespoke perfumes and a line of Essences de Parfum , made of the raw materials from all over the world. Later this year, they will expand the line with certain perfume oils as well.  Stéphanie de Bruijn , the founder and the nose behind Parfum sur Mesure , used to study music theory and opera and play the piano. She switched her passion for music notes with the olfactory ones and began developing her first fragr... (more)

"Three new perfume oils that you can combine with the existing aromas are launching soon; Musc, Rose and Ambre will come in handy to underline whichever type of signature you like in your fragrance."

Valentino Valentina BlushValentino Valentina Blush

New Fragrances 04/06/17 04:28 (4 comments)

The house of Valentino launches Valentina Blush in May 2017, the new fragrance from the Valentina collection which includes the original Valentina from 2011, Valentina Assoluto from 2012, Valentina Acqua Floreale from 2013, Valentina Oud Assoluto from 2013, Valentina Rosa Assoluto from 2014, Valentina Pink from 2015, Valentina Myrrh Assoluto and Valentina Poudre from 2016. Valentina Blush is said to be a bright, radiant signa... (more)

The new edition of the Valentina collection

MontBlanc Emblem AbsoluMontBlanc Emblem Absolu

New Fragrances 04/05/17 08:20 (One comment)

  The house of MontBlanc launched Emblem and Emblem Intense together in the spring of 2014, as representatives of the essence and elegance of the brand. The new version arrives in 2017 as Emblem Absolu , announced as a warm and charismatic fragrance that comes in a golden version of the bottle. The fragrant composition of Emblem Absolu is a combination of warm woods and cold spices. Its top notes of pear, mandarin and cardamom lead into the heart of... (more)

The new version of MontBlanc's Emblem fragrance for men.

Prada Candy GlossPrada Candy Gloss

New Fragrances 04/05/17 08:18 (9 comments)

Prada Candy Gloss comes out in the spring of 2017 as the fifth fragrance of the playful gourmand collection Prada Candy , which has so far delivered the original from 2011, Prada Candy L'Eau from 2013, Prada Candy Florale from 2014 and Prada Candy Kiss from 2016 . Prada Candy Gloss joins the trend of perfumes that imitate the scent of lip gloss (such as Lolita Lempicka Sweet , Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss and Cartier Baiser Fo... (more)

The new edition of the Prada Candy collection

Jo Malone London Blossom BelleJo Malone London Blossom Belle

New Fragrances 04/04/17 09:46 (2 comments)

  Jo Malone London launches a limited collection for the spring of 2017, exclusively available in the world's travel retail from April. The  Blossom Belle collection consists of three editions that are “brought back”: Plum Blossom , Osmanthus Blossom and Silk Blossom (originally launched in 2012 , 2013 and 2014 ). "As Jo Malone London is a British brand we are normally inspired by all things quintesse... (more)

A trio of limited editions for spring: Plum Blossom, Osmanthus Blossom and Silk Blossom

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