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Un Jardin En Mediterranee Hermes by sedapmalam 2017-05-28

I've been tried several Hermes perfumes including Jardin series which i think most of them are wonderful, but Un Jardin en mediteraniee is too spicy for me.
I never smell fig leaves, but to my nose there is like bellpepper scent which i can't stand especially to be wear in humid hot climate area which where i lived (Indonesia). I tried it many times and occasions, but this typical note (bellpepper) still annoys and affected my mood.

Fahrenheit Christian Dior by H.GH325 2017-05-28

عشق است این ادوکلن.خوشبختانه با وجود قدیمی بودن هنوز همه پوش نشده است.یک رایحه مردانه.البته بعضي ها ممكن است اون رو نپسندند.به جرات بگم باید کاراکتر این عطر رو داشت تا روی بدنتون بشینه یادم است اولین بار ۱۱ سال قبل از فرودگاه دوحه این رو خریدم و تقریبا هر سال اون رو دوباره خریدم.بسیار کار باکلاس و جنتلمنی است.البته اشاره کردم اگر از اون خوشتون بیاید دیگر دل کندن ازش از ازاد شدن از چنگال یک شیر سختتر استد

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Gucci by H.GH325 2017-05-28

يك رايحه دلپذير و جذاب.يادم است وقتي چند سال قبل که تازه تو بازار اومده بود اون رو تهیه کردم امکان نداشت جایی از اون استفاده کنم و حداقل چند نفر از مذكر و مونث بازخورد مثبت ندهند و نام اون رو نپرسند .از اون سال یکی از ادوکلن های ثابت من است.اما یک تفاوتی در کار ایجاد شده.رایحه تنباکویی و دودی اون نسبت به نسخه ای سال های قبل افت کرده و بدتر از همه پخش بوی اون در حد دقیقه شده است.اما با ز هم چون رایحه اش رو دوست دارم تا تمام میشه تهیه اش می کنمم

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by H.GH325 2017-05-28

يك رايحه خوشبو و جذاب مخصوص هواي گرم.پخش بوی مناسب و ماندگاری وحشتناک روی لباس تا حد چند روز.بازخورد بالا.زمینه دودی کار ان را نسبت به نسخه اسنزا مردانه تر نموده است.

Honey Coconut Love & Toast by ;) 2017-05-28

Coconut vanilla whipped cream with a touch of honey. Sandalwood is nowhere to be found. Love it for summer, but many sprays are required. Good layered with a body oil to make it last.

Bvlgari Man In Black Bvlgari by jettison 2017-05-28

a solid cold temperature scent. i guess it can be worn any season at night too. it gives me the impression of a respectable or serious individual. its bold, confident and sort of tells

"i know you know & it is how it is"

i cant see any teens really gravitating towards it. its boozy, spicy, and leathery. i think a more youthful/ welcoming person might prefer Mont Blanc's Legend

its potent and can last for some time. so not for small offices or poor ventilated rooms.

i say its not good for dates/ hangouts, because it has a impersonal / detached feel. i think business introductions and negotiations or other serious occasions.

i like it, but its not timeless. i prefer Mont Blanc's Legend
ages: 30+

Antigua Phaedon by HorlicksB4Bed 2017-05-28

This smells very similar to the vagabond Prince enchanted forest, only waaay better!

Fila for Men Fila by instantjim 2017-05-28

A worthwhile sweet fragrance, which I do not find too cloying. I was expecting a sports scent when I bought it, but it is closer to a barbershop fragrance. The combination of lavender, tonka and geranium ensure that as it evolves it becomes powdery in a subtle way. For the price it sells for it is good value.

Zara Woman Gold Zara by emilythorne 2017-05-28

It smells really similar to Lady Million but sweeter, and it gets sweeter and sweeter as time goes by. I use it as if it was a body spray

Aimez - Moi Caron by colibri_classique 2017-05-28

This was a really, really bad blind buy for me, sorry to say. I bought a 30ml bottle (like the one in the picture here) and after spraying it on my wrist I decided this is not for me. Caron perfumes are hit or miss with me, and this one is a big miss. I'll keep it in my collection, but will never wear it. On my skin this smells like a big, ugly box of dehydrated figs and I cannot stand that smell. I hoped it would go well, as it did with Pour Une Femme de Caron, which I also blind bought and I LOVE, but it didn't. I wouldn't recommend blind buying this. Maybe I should stay away from Caron perfumes, it's too complicated lol

Angel Mugler by ;) 2017-05-28

Always LOVED this bottle. What lies inside, however, is one of the only fragrances that actually makes me nauseous. Within remote proximity to someone wearing it I literally have to leave the area. There is so much praise for this, and I don't mean to offend, but please be aware of the sheer strength of this beast.

Worth pour Homme Worth by joe38 2017-05-28

A Conservative gentleman fragrance from the 80's to English style .......
A classic fragrance with a good number of ingredients!
There are 3 unusual notes in the fragrance world of the typical 80s
Bergamot-lavender-oak moss trio! And these are brilliantly built around other notes as well ....
There is a very good balance in this hand! I think one of the most beautiful creations in the aromatic - fougere category! Its durability is surprisingly good and it is going through exciting phases of drying!
Sometimes it appears up to 1-2 webshops among the rarities, and it's not that expensive, so whoever collects perfumes or simply likes the smells of the 80-year-old citrus-wood-fougere! Feel free to smell it, you will not be disappointed!
A little time travel in English in the suits of gentlemen when the aromas of the real man's fragrances were conservatively constructed and the scents of that time inspired masculinity, firmness and power, but at the same time a tasteful and cultured expression of elegance and sophistication!
Maximum score from me.
A pearl that did not disappear, but could remain in this modern aquatic-lemon notes, directed by an emaciated and "unisex" world ........

Version Black Ulric de Varens by seaman21 2017-05-28

i think its the best perfume from udv excellent, incredible

Santal 33 Le Labo by Mbabba 2017-05-28

This absolutely my perfect winter perfume! Supper

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca Guerlain by marsiesmoon 2017-05-28

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca . This is a fresh and cool mojito
without a doubt . I get a very minty mojito from this , nice and cool-would be great to spritz after being stored in the fridge. Wonderful for hot sticky days. I find everything from the Aqua Allegoria line , to be comparable to a body spray due to nill longevity and projection , but it one heck of a beautifully packaged body spray !

Fahrenheit Cologne Christian Dior by Martin__ 2017-05-28

This is much closer to original Fahrenheit than Aqua was.

Starts off with a beautiful burst of citrus - without a doubt a signature of a style of François Demachy. Later on the violet (for my taste both leaves and flowers) swoops in. The famous petroleum note is there but appears later, around the drydown and is actually toned down. And that's good!

Sillage is poor but the fragrance itself is very refreshing and invigorating. Longevity is 6-8 hours.

I was very skeptical but now after few wearings I know there's no need to worry. Maybe it's less complex than Aqua Fahrenheit was, but it is just as good.

Malachite Banana Republic by KajiraSuzanne 2017-05-28

I won Malachite in a fellow Fragrantican's giveaway. This is not something I would have purchased for myself, because I associate the store Banana Republic with yuppies and preppies, whom I generally dislike.
However, this is NOT a perfume for yuppies or preppies, and I LOVE it!
Malachite is a mysterious semi-aquatic oriental fougere, with a sort of "barbershop for ladies" vibe at times. The pepper adds a spicy, bold aroma that blends well with the watery florals and musky incense.
The mango creates a note that is similar to Polo Black, but with a touch of feminine vanilla.
Longevity and sillage are good. This could be an "office-friendly" perfume if applied lightly.

Angel Mugler by anilinam 2017-05-28

I love that Fragrantica is an international forum.
It took me 30 minutes to read the post below, but what a better way to learn French than using perfume as a subject?

Merci beaucoup DomfromBE!

Escada Collection Escada by Mrs.Chance 2017-05-28

It's really a shame. It is a very bad situation that it can not be produced anymore. Because it was one of the finest perfumes I smelled in my life. I hope Escada will read this comment and maybe he will decide to produce this great perfume again. I really can not believe why you gave up on this perfume.

Escada Collection Escada by Mrs.Chance 2017-05-28

It's really a shame. It is a very bad situation that it can not be produced anymore. Because it was one of the finest perfumes I smelled in my life. I hope Escada will read this comment and maybe he will decide to produce this great perfume again. I really can not believe why you gave up on this perfume.

i was not so interested in triyng this, maybe because of the super-gay tv spot, i dont know why...however, few times ago i tried on my wrist in a store and i have to say that versace dylan blue is very good scent, so pleasant and invigorating. yes, it plays in the same league of sauvage, bleu de chanel, aqva atlantique etc...the scent is a mix of the clean sensation of blue de chanel, expecially in the opening, and the patchuli of aqua di gio profumo. sauvage in my opinion is more edgy and sexy but more chemical. the longevity was very good, it lasted on my wrist for 5-6 hours and the sillage was detectable for almost 3, not bad in my opinion. i think it is the younger of the fresh fragrances mentioned, it can be a sgnature scent for a 18-20 years old, but older can wear it easily. great choice for the summer but wearable in all seasons. ottimo prodotto!

my vote: 8

ps: why it is called dylan?for bob dylan?dylan from beverly hills 90210?dylan dog?it's a mystery more than the black lodge..

Obsession for Men Calvin Klein by jettison 2017-05-28

@Endymion & others, sup

nobody likes negative reviews.
but its bullshit to use euphemisms like "classic" or "memorable" to describe an OLD MAN SMELL.

dont worry, be happy.
why are you continually checking on this one scent?
are you the protector of all CK fragrances?

i for one, being of impeccable morality worth / ethical value and respected in all of the universe (even Marvel universes), want to provide potential buyers with a non-bullshit review.

why? because no one likes buying shit & wasting their time.
so why dont you & others stop bullshitting buyers and allow people to post their opinion/ review? :)

this offensive scent belongs in the graveyard
with all the other old, rancid things

ages: nobody

Rose Ambre Fragonard by FairyDuff 2017-05-28

I went looking for the damp-leaves note in the pyramid, but couldn't find it! This unusual note asserted itself in the second hour.

I can only assume it's the almond not working with the other notes (and perhaps my skin is the reason).
Unexpected, because I love the almond in Hypnotic Poison, and it interacts in HP with many notes that are in common with this fragrance.

Fortunately, this only happened during the second hour.

I'm writing this 10 hours after applying the tester. There is a lovely skin scent of tonka beans and a bit of amber still around after all that time.

The first hour is what the fragrance says it is - Rose and Amber!

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by ssaminn 2017-05-28

I don't know what Sicilian lemon smells like but to my nose, this smells like a mixture of sweet grapefruit, sour lemon, and green apples on a base of the whitest flowers ever!

It's a lovely, special and unique smell that is perfect for the summer heat. It's very clean and fresh and everything you want when you're sweating your ass off!

My complaints are naturally about the sillage and longevity. that I wore it today in the House while it's 34-celsius degrees outside and the sillage was close to soft from the beginning. maybe if you wear it under the sun it might project more. I'm gonna use my decant this summer and decide if it's FB worthy or not. Who knows what this summer holds!

Vent Vert Pierre Balmain by Old Herbaceous 2017-05-28

The bottle shown, with the spherical top, is not the 1990 reformulation by Calice Becker described in this entry, but a later reformulation. The Calice Becker version has the "windy" green top that is shown in the listing for Vent Vert Original.

Ferrari Uomo Ferrari by Lockon 2017-05-28

So this isn't my cup of tea.
The opening is trash...and the middle.
The Base is nice tho.
Nutmeg and tonka beans great.But you have to wait to get there.

I used nine sprays...both wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck, chest, front and back of my shirt.
Will I buy this again?...No.

SKU Number: 8002135069374
Batch Number: 0722Y004 (Production Date: Unknown)

Age: Any.
Scent: 5/10
Value: 9/10 (Only cost $15.90 for a 3.3Oz bottle)
Sillage: 6/10 (Arm's length, but can be more, depending on the sprays)
Longevity: 6/10 (Five hours)
Creativity: 6/10 (A Sweet nutmeg)
Projection: 5/10 (one hour tops)
Versatility: 10/10 (Anytime really)
Compliments: NA/10 (none)

Ungaro for Him Emanuel Ungaro by collecteur 2017-05-28

very nice fresh & flowery aquatic quality fragrance in most horrible packaging & bottle ever! Use it for what it is (an eau de toilette) spay it very generously on your clothes & it will stay all day till night. Quiet impressive for a fresh fragrance. I happily do not smell any tobacco but lovely aquatic notes & some refreshing tea notes. No particular age for this one except if you are a bottle only fan! I guess young people will like it. To me it looks like the cheapest design & bottle I have ever seen. Especially from such a big house & brand! No idea what is the idea behind it. The shape & glass quality are fine but the print & top look horrible. we very happily do not wear the design but the fragrance. Lovely frag I surely will keep on wearing

Heiress Paris Hilton by egyptian_beauty99 2017-05-28

Blah..Pink Bubblegum,Bubble bath, and little girl things. It Synthetic smelling. I don't get any fruit or floral notes listed. With the name "Heiress" this isn't the smell I'd expect. Its extremely kiddish in my opinion. I think "Baby Girl" would have been a better name.

Boy Chanel Chanel by hafidzummc 2017-05-28

wearing a sample, a cute 4 mls bottle i got after purchasing a bottle of eau de cologne.

beautiful, warm but fresh at the same time,, reminds me a bit of coromandel.
theres something about this line that are intriguing, they are discreet yet very much present. they are like ur second skin and can reflect the type of a person u are or a mood that ur in at the moment, provided ur wearing the right perfume. controversial as it is, its still a very wearable perfume that fits every occasion, casual or formal. also a very safe work fragrance in my opinion.

i might get a bottle soon. 10/10

Guerlain Homme Intense Guerlain by jettison 2017-05-28

@loser below, please explain how one washes their nose.
we're all wondering. nobody knows because only you have your nose so far up the asshole of GHI, you have to wash the caca off.

as for the rum note, i stand by it. there is ZERO.

school yourself some more:
go sample Sean John's Unforgivable or Bvlgari's Man In Black.
thats rum. thats "boozy"

Guerlain Homme Intense is not niche, its overpriced febreze + baby powder.


im sorry you overpaid for febreze.

Circe Fresh Line by Purefumelover 2017-05-28


Prada Candy Gloss Prada by Mindenrosa 2017-05-28

What the top notes are for? For making an easily enthusiastic woman feeling herself vividly kiddy and losing her tight grip on her wallet and making the purchase decision only within seconds – that happened to me. I lost all my rationality. I saw the newly released cute pink bottle at the cosmetic section; it was calling me to come a little closer, spraying it to the paper strip, and here we go: immediately impulse buy was made.

At home with my new perfume, I wasn’t that melted anymore. After that sparkling, happy, cherry candy –like opening the middle notes starts sprout and in my mind, the whole scent starts wearing thin, all the carefree bubbly cuteness of the opening is almost gone. The scent became concentrated, calmed down to the warm, no ups and downs offering powdery scent. Almonds, benzoin, orange blossom and musk are the main characters, but clearly there is a good douse of heliotrope; I think that creates the powdery aspect of that scent. Of course, there are some vanillas, I actually hoped that there wouldn’t be, because it flattened the whole composition to the safety-zone-level instead of being a bit wild and free spirit and maybe being a slightly misbehaving young at heart kind of charmer lady.

I like this new Prada Candy Gloss the most of the all Candy line flankers; it is long-lasting on my skin, easily staying around seven hours; it won’t be bothering others, because it is soft, not cloying, and it fits the mode of well-behaving, modest and classy modern scent. This will be females' liking of all ages; it manages to be a contemporary and conservative at the same time; you will be smelling very feminine in a stylish way without trying too much. I like it very much, but I would be happy if that Grande Exhilaration of the opening would be the whole truth of that perfume - nothing more, nothing less. I truly expected that to be the case with Candy Gloss, but no, only that opening was the best part of this scent to me, and it always will be gone way too soon, but nevertheless, I enjoy Prada’s style, a lot. It’s a beautiful perfume. Roger.

Eau Dynamisante Clarins by Midnight00 2017-05-28

This is a rejuvenating fragrance! It does though smell more on the masculine side..It's invigorating for any time of the day and any season of the year. I hope also that the body oil will return soon..

Shalimar Guerlain by thatsperf 2017-05-28

Oh Shalimar how I respect you but on my skin you smell like crisp paper money, baby powder and BBQ sausage. Longlasting and heavy.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by Melby 2017-05-28

So I was quite happy with the light fresh smell of Gucci Bamboo and was surprised by the number of people who dislike it. Fast forward two weeks after, which is now, I notice my Gucci Bamboo does not have the lovely opening fragrance it once has, but is replaced with a thick very 'lotiony' kind of scent which can be nauseating, after a while, it does get back to its fresh scent but the lotiony smell makes me hate it soooo much. Now, I understand why there are bad reviews about this. Disappointed.

Sunshine Fragrance Clarins by Purefumelover 2017-05-28

This is SUNSHINE in a bottle!!! It's got a unique scent to it and made from natural oils as in all Clarins treatement fragrances. it trasports you imnmediately into a happy mood whether you want it or not!

Eau des Jardins Clarins by Purefumelover 2017-05-28

I had this one. I found it common and reminded me of other perfumes which is something I hate because I prefer to wear something different. I agree with the first user ezdravkova that it smells way too generic. Like always though, I appreciate the fact that Clarins uses mostly natural ingredients in their treatment fragrances.

Eau Ressourcante Clarins by Purefumelover 2017-05-28

This fragrance is truly calming and like the fact it has a unique scent-it does not remind me of another perfume or anything like that. I also appreciate the fact it's natural!!
I agree with Medusa666 that Clarins should also make a body oil for each of the treatment fragrances!!!!!

Cool Water Davidoff by babbytwerk 2017-05-28

Good classic unisex fragrance. Its aquatic, slightly spicy and very cool and marine. very refreshing

Dehn Oud Ateequ Abdul Samad Al Qurashi by sweet smell of summer 2017-05-28

@poboijosh thank you for your excellent review. You inspired me to seek out this frag and you were spot on. They have a store in the Dubai mall. The sales assisant who hails from my parents homeland of Egypt(I am Australian) was incredibly friendly and helpful. The bottle/flacon is truly beautifully designed. The smell...let me say this, If you want only one bottle of oud perfume, this is it. Magnificent. Although out of my budget at the moment, I will definitely be adding this gem to my collection...Now is a good time to buy with Ramadan at this time.discounts are offered...It retails for about 1000AED.for 100ml. However I did not leave empty handed.I purchased their musk based air freshener.Smells wonderful as so do the rest of this line..Thanks again for the review and helping me discover this Brand.

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake by doniking 2017-05-28

Anybody know when the reformulation happen?

Attraction Avon by Donjuandemarco 2017-05-28

It got me comiment on a date night on my skin stays 6 hours but on clothes for weeks not kidding

CH Men Carolina Herrera by simpa256 2017-05-28

I had the opposite reactions. With girls as well. So, I avoid red ribbon ones and where I live, there is a bunch of them. Most red ribbon and I had to order online the newest formulation because it works best with me and ppl I know. Not all thins that work for majority or Jeremy, work the same for me. Others have said that there isnt that much of a differance in smell and I have to agree. Did the change happen? Sure, but for the better and stronger juice. And, the newer one is less fresh so it lasts longer... on me and on paper and on guys that I know. When something gets weaker and destroyed I confirm it. Like la nuit which has gone to shit. No denying that. But ch men is another story where reform happened for the better. Anyway, red ribbon ones will soon die out and all will use the gorgeous new one.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford by cm250 2017-05-28

Wear this one as a guy. One of the best vanilla-based fragrances ever. In my book, beats both PdM Pegasus and Amouage Reflection Man. Not the best ladies' reactions though (although I didn't get great reactions with any of the above three, even Reflection Man that is supposed to get them)

Aventus Creed by cm250 2017-05-28

I just got the 17N01 batch, and it's magical. Creed of yesteryears is back guys. So creamy, so rich, and so thick. Awesome ladies' reactions

CH Men Prive Carolina Herrera by cm250 2017-05-28

I don't know if it's the aging of the scent in the bottle or if it's been reformulated also like its smaller brother CH Men, but the 2015 bottle I have is richer and smoother and actually gets ladies' reactions when I walk in the street or sit down at a restaurant while the new 2017 bottle doesn't do any of them

Aventus Creed by jigginssean 2017-05-28

Great stuff. The sample i had projected very strongly and lasted a decent amount of time. Price is pretty crazy though considering CDNIM smells pretty similar for £30! If i had the spare cash i would still consider a bottle though.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by cm250 2017-05-28

Simpa, stop espousing blatant lies. Everyone and their mother knows this fragrance had been reformulated. Even Jeremy, who originally hyped up this fragrance on his channel says so. Just because you are in the minority that doesn't notice differences in smell or performance or ladies' reactions does not mean the majority of us are wrong. Red ribbon bottles are the last good ones in this line, especially if you care about ladies' reactions.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by cm250 2017-05-28

This is very nice, and I wear this as a guy, but sometimes it develops a really rancid/pungent note on my skin. I can't make out what that is, or why that happens, but I have to wash it off right away when that happens as it smells like it's rotting. Has that happened to anyone else?

I found a 2014 bottle, and it's really good. The new ones that I've tried in 2016 and 2017 are so bad in comparison that I think YSL shouldn't even be allowed to sell them. It's like they are actually stealing money from us poor customers

Costarela Carner Barcelona by NotATroll 2017-05-28

This one is a bit strange..
First of all, there's a subtle but juicy bergamot in the opening that's really really nice and refreshing.
Then in the center, it's main notes are realistic salt water and sand. It's very dry and there's nothing organic here.
The ambroxan serves as an enhancer of the sea and beach vibe, giving it fizz and resulting in a prickling sensation in the nose when smelled up close: Just like when swimming in the sea.

So far, it's all good. What bothers me, however, it that it's really really weak. Sillage seems non existing. It might be just my nose, or maybe it's the dry summer climate here, but it kind of bums me out. Such a shame, because it's a really interesting and original, but still likable scent.


Black Onyx Armaf by dawnmelling 2017-05-28

What a disappointment!

I was so looking forward to this, what I expected to be a strong and spicy fragrance.

Sadly, I've had more uumph from a Dove deodrant.

Seriously, it has a small waft of freshness when first sprayed....then.....nothing....

Even on my shirt I get a whiff of what could be iron on starch, but nothing to be remotely memorable.

I'm not against a light fragrance, although I prefer the heavy hitters, but this is just meh!!

I'll try to use it up as room spray....if I can be bothered.

Mirages Midnight Train Prada by Aceborne 2017-05-28

The bottle is gorgeous; I could just blind buy this to add the bottle to my collection. No one have tried this perfume yet? I myself haven't seen it in a store.

HM Hanae Mori by Chiru 2017-05-28

Oh my God, this is something special. I can't believe HM managed to pull this scent transition off. Going from a candy citrus to a gourmand chocolate?! Seriously impressive. If that wasn't enough to wow you, the longevity will. This puts every other designer fragrance over $100 to downright shame. This $20 fragrance lasts 12+ hours easily. One. Single. Spray. I smelled this an entire 24 hours latyer on my clothes, still going strong. Just insane performance. Absolutely insane.

Some might be offput by the sweet flowery lemon opening, which lasts a while. I personally love it. It's really yummy, and it's perfect for both warm and cold weather. Might be a little too much if it gets crazy hot though. But what really shines is that sexy drydown, vanilla chocolate tonka bean heaven. This is easily one of the most interesting scents I own just because of that completely unexpected, masterfully smooth transition from a sweet citrus to a gourmand vanilla chocolate. I really can't get over that. This is such a tasty fragrance. Absolutely unique. Women eat this stuff up and it's a compliment magnet.

You can't afford not to have this in your arsenal. 12+ hours longevity, extremely unique scent, gourmand goodness. HM is permanently in my respected houses list. A shame she only gave us 2 mens' fragrances so far. Make sure you get the EDP. It's a lot sexier and smoother, and it's got better performance (as if you need better performance with this beast...)

How is this so damn cheap, but with this extraordinary quality? This fragrance is beastmode on all accounts. Projects like a monster, in that the projection lasts forever, but won't suffocate a room (as long as you don't overspray), lasts for ages, smells wonderful, unique as hell transition. Just get it. There's few things (if any) you'll spend $20 on that will ever be better than this absolute gem. Really, this might be one of the best value for a fragrance I've ever seen. In fact, I can't think of anything this cheap that is also this quality since Encre Noir. I almost feel guilty for buying it at this price, like I'm cheating or something!

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Silage: 10/10
Personal Appreciation: 10/10

Blue Seduction Antonio Banderas by backbeat 2017-05-28

Very impressive fragrance ...

Indeed, it is underrated !

One of my top list

Max Mara Max Mara by Roxanne25 2017-05-28

I had this one more than 10 years ago and back then it was sort of my signature. Not that I had a signature, but this scent was soooo me at the age of twenty. It was sweet and spicy at the same time, warm and cosy and bright and sparkling. It smells expensive and casual. How I loved it!
I wish i could find it just to revoke the memories from my youth. But i believe that i will like it even now, though i don't think it will be my perfume imprint the way it was so long ago.
In one word, scent for elegant young women.

Black Orchid Tom Ford by backbeat 2017-05-28


it is not only for women !

I wear it confidently

Its a great perfume and I must say that this is the most complimented scent on me. Yet my favorite is pink bottle.

Sartorial Penhaligon`s by KJS88 2017-05-28

While they're technically nothing alike (the vibe is there, but this is clearly a fougère), this presents like a men's Chanel No. 5 to me. Dry, elegant, starched, steamy, ferny goodness.

Since the comparisons have been made, I'd say it's more like Pinaud Clubman than Brut, but so much more refined and expensive smelling. It's the sort of thing you could smell all day without getting tired of.

Personally, I do not think it smells anything like Brut in any incarnation at all.

Zara Bright Rose Zara by harikaevre 2017-05-28

I bought it's a soft , delicate and feminine perfume.its like a flowery spring in a bottle.I feel some musky hint in it though its not mentioned in notes.I like musk btw.
And I guess it would be a great gift with zero risk.So good for the price , give it a chance. Hope it projects and lasts well too.
P.s. it really resembles to S.J.P lovely but its softer.

Nahema Guerlain by Marco<3 2017-05-28

Forse dire che è la migliore rosa che si possa trovare in un profumo, è poco.
Dire che inizia splendidamente con un infuso di note verdi evolvendo divinamente con note dolci di pesca, frutto della passione, accenti di miele, è sempre e comunque poco.
Onnipresente è la rosa che come in una canzone, è ritornello di questo capolavoro di profumo, una rosa che si lega inevitabilmente ad ogni nota e non molla la sua preda.
Chapeau, Guerlain!
Capolavoro assoluto.


Sport de Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne by afterdark 2017-05-28

I am down to the last 10 ml of a vintage bottle and this great stuff is discontinued. You barely find a semi reasonable price for this juice, not even online.

This is the only scent that made me contact the Puig company via email to request its return.

Rive Gauche Yves Saint Laurent by JacquieDS 2017-05-28

This was my first perfume ever. I just finished University, working casual in jobs at low pay. I had little money but big hair, big attitude, big faith, always in black and red lipstick. This was the 80s...
A friend of mine I went to Uni with was much more comfortable than me bought me a bottle of this when she had the luxury to travel overseas with her boyfriend at the time.
I used it for every occasion, every day, work, dates, parties, whatever....
I never used it since....
I just purchased this again for the first time, this time with my own money...
I will do another review when I received this, will it be? After nearly 30 years...

Magie Noire Lancome by javamdnss 2017-05-28

I never had the original version so I'm speaking of the newer one out now. I was amazed as this went on-it was so spicy, bold and delightful, but after the dry down it became too sweet, lost its spiciness and turned into a very soapy scent for me. I don't think I'll be wearing this at all, sadly.

Panthea Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 by SuzanneS 2017-05-28

The most beautiful fresh floral that reminds me of the most luxurious soap ever created. That isnt a bad thing at all. A clean beauty not like anything on the market and a total departure from the humbert lucas base. If other releases did not work for you..this well could.

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Sonchha 2017-05-28

I bought this perfume yesterday and the fragrance is so intoxicating and mind blowing. I got so many compliments. It's sure a very unique perfume. It projects so beautifully on my skin. Great longevity and strong spillage. Must buy and highly recommended. It's exactly line Creed Aventus.. with better sillage according to me. Absolutely love this fragrance.

Chanel No 19 Parfum Chanel by kristenboris1997 2017-05-28

I agree with the previous opinion, this seems more powdery than no 19 poudre. It is actually nicer too. Much less complicated, which I like quite a lot as I don't need my perfumes to be too complex. A lovely, sweet smelling woody floral that has a lovely fresh green note/s to it including a hint of mint, which is very nice. I think this beats no 19 poudre hands down. Maybe not my favourite Chanel, but it is a very appealing perfume.

Supremacy Silver Afnan Perfumes by Mr Cornells 2017-05-28

Silver Supremacy: an addictively interactive and interesting frag. Opening is undisguisedly fruity, (apple and mainly pineapple vibes really stand out at this phase). Then, I get a smoky and very fainty rose before the musky-vanillic note sets in. Hours on end.
I've caught a whiff of Creed's Aventus. But I'd prefer Silver Supremacy by Afnan anyday. Anytime.
This is an addictively interactive and interesting frag.


Eden Cacharel by prostokat 2017-05-28

Has come for a new perfume, and has bought a bottle of Eden, even unloved patchouli have not stopped :)))
How you were, so you stayed.
Nothing changed.
However, no. Has changed.
Concentration - the new is not so saturated.
And the bottle. My old bottle, bought in 1995, was much prettier. What a pity that I threw out:(
But smell is the same.
Multifaceted, from tropical greens to grandmothers flowers.
Very beautiful powder in the base.

Judith Judith Muller by cookygirl 2017-05-28

Thanks, Eliza, for your incredibly detailed and lyrical reviews of the Judith Muller fragrances. I feel sad that I didn't get to own Judith in its heyday. From your description, I would have liked it much better than Bat Sheba which was way too mature for me, at the time.
Just one remark about Judith - the book, not the fragrance. Judith, along with numerous other Hellenistic-era works was never actually canonized by the Jews, unlike the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians, and is not included among the books of Tanakh. I believe that among Protestants it is included in the Apocrypha.

Slow Explosions Imaginary Authors by Bstefcorbin 2017-05-28

Don't let the name fool you. This has no smoke, fire or heat at all. Going through my box of "meh" samples I came across this- and glad I did. Had to do a double take and re-read the label with glasses on. I thought I was smelling an oud, and I liked it. Checking the notes here I see it's not oud, but cashmeran and benzoin. Up front Slow Explosions is as bracing as a wave of arctic air from Canada. It's medicinal, clean and for some reason, made me think of rain. I like Imaginary Authors as a brand, and this makes me like them even more. Contemplating a full bottle.

Vanille Patchouli Molinard by DomfromBE 2017-05-28

@ Chazas You are definitively right with the niche quality of Les Elements. I'm into Cuir & Ambre. Alone or layered.

Bois Noir Chanel by jacobbonilla 2017-05-27

@ theconnoisseur8. Dude, to make a long story short!

Honey Marc Jacobs by Missmaassen 2017-05-27

I really don't understand why this perfume has so many negative reviews :( . I really, really like it. This fragrance is summer in a bottle and is really nice to use when the sun comes out. I agree with reviewers that it's not a strong honey scent, but i don't think i would like to smell of honey during summer anyway lol. Nonetheless, it's amazing and i believe Marc did this perfume just right. I'm a big lover of slightly floral, fresh scents, with just a dash of sweetness and this perfume has all of that. It's light, fresh, slightly sweet, and citrusy. I enjoy the honeysuckle & orange blossom that lingers throughout too. Regardless of this perfume being light it lasts. After my shower I could still smell it on me!

I love the bottle. One of the cutest bottles out there probably and would definitely recommend based on my usage. However, I do know a lot of others don't like it so definitely test it out first. XO

Of you really like the notes and STRENGTH of the scent is that what puts you off - try McQueen EDP(black bottle), it seems to me the elegance and balance with very similar notes comes from this bottle

Jubilation for Women Amouage by fillifelle 2017-05-27

Do not be shy about spraying Amouage perfumes. Despite what people say (whimper) about its asphyxiation potential. My experience suggests that if you hold back on the nozzle, you may not get the full story. Jubilation 25 reaffirms this for me. I tested a small spritz on my arm last night, and found it to be ok. This morning I decided to give it a full wear after my shower and boy does it perform!

There's a glorious animalic glow underlying the deep, rich myrrh. Shades of ylang-ylang flit through the composition lending an unbearably classy and feminine touch. The perfume pyramid is too polite! Where's the civet, the cumin, the hyrax or castoreum? There is definitely something more going on behind the scenes. With a shock, I realised this reminds me of Papillon's Salome. There! I've said it. Let the death threats come. But J25 is infinitely more wearable and well-rounded. An elegant haute society sparkling jewel to the rowdy brothel of Salome. You can wear this and mingle in a celebratory charity gala dinner, or at the opera under furs and pearls. The composition is luxurious and smooth as hell, like sinking into a cloud of champagne-coloured velvet. The fragrance embraces and cocoons.

When I wear Amouage, I always do at least 3 sprays, not from tiny samples, but 3-4 firm squirts from the full bottle itself. And I've never had anyone pass out, suffocate, complain, cast dirty evil eye looks at my direction. Courage!

Vanille Patchouli Molinard by Ulusia 2017-05-27

Very well blended luxurious smelling patchouli and vanilla, it is unisex but rather more suitable for men but of course a very feminine looking woman would management to wear this as well. Good price for niche quality and sillage was perfect!

Rose Turkia Molinard by Ulusia 2017-05-27

Very natural rose, with added smell of rose turkish delight. Perfect sillage.

Killer Queen Katy Perry by Exenidi 2017-05-27

Strong dislike, very plastic sweet glue..wouldn't be on my shelf. I must say whoever created this flrag for her probably dislike her and masterfully transposed this in the cheap creation (cheap in the sense - vulgar)..

Escada pour Homme Escada by royalroad 2017-05-27

نسخه 40 میل و استفاده شده در حد یک میل این عطر، به همراه سمپل چند عطر کلاسیک موجوده.در صورت تمایل پیام بدید.

After sampling all the scents in the Herb Collection, this was the only one that made me buy the bottle. And, while sometimes I'll buy a scent and later wonder what I was smelling that made me like it in the first place, this one got better with each wear. For me, it lasts much longer than other Jo Malone scents. Consistently complimented.

Xmas M. Micallef by keshweannair 2017-05-27

girly bottle.

Pasha de Cartier Cartier by SirCharles 2017-05-27

Safari by Ralph Lauren has been my signature scent for about 5 years now, I know it like the back of my hand, and if you told me to smell Pasha blindfolded, I might not notice a difference. Pasha's perhaps just a bit grittier/spicier up top with that caraway.

Stella Tocca by angelfishie 2017-05-27

Stella opens juicy and bright with lots of blood orange, blooming into waxy lily and sweet, sharp freesia. Its base is a clean, sudsy musk. The fragrance, particularly during the heart-dominant phase, reminds me very much of a favorite honeysuckle soap from years long gone, and my overall impression of the scent is uplifting and elegant with a touch of sweet suds. Its sillage is moderate, and longevity excellent. And that beautiful Old World-esque bottle - it really is as heavy and as intricately detailed as it appears - though the Tocca caps seem to be plastic now, despite having been metal once.

My favorite aspect is how the blood orange persists throughout, juicy and ebullient, a longevity of citrus that is often hard to find. The lily brings a mature sexiness to Stella - still flirty, but with sophistication. If anything leaves me a bit wanting, it's right as the florals reach their peak - I feel like it would be so rewarding for the scent to take an oriental or woodsy turn into a deep warmth, maybe a soft spice, vanilla, amber, or a heavier, dustier dose of the sandalwood that is mentioned in its notes (but I cannot pick out in person) - but rather than open her arms wide in warm embrace, Stella seems to fade into an airy musk and silently make her escape.

A beautiful siren, but you wake up alone... only a trace of scent lingering in the bedsheets...

Organza Givenchy by hanaryll 2017-05-27

This is a "grand entrance" kind of perfume for me. For an evening out, at the ball (if I went to balls), I would choose Organza. The florals and sandalwood are a lot stronger on me than the vanilla note but all really projects. (everything is earthier on me). This scent is very sophisticated for a floral vanilla blend, with a vintage style. I was very surprised to read it was made in 96!!

Avon Luck La Vie Avon by terrance*michigan 2017-05-27

Lol, the name of this one is a bit derivative with the 'La Vie'. Avon has a clear market with this one...

It opens big on strawberries. There's a hint of orange in the first minute and then it's gone. It then softens to a powdery sweet strawberry. I suppose it's the marshmallow doing that. In the next hour some florals (LotV) appear in the background. It's reminiscent of JLo's JLust.

And then after 2 hours of wear the cedar comes through. It's a completely different scent compared to the opening. I've had this on for 3 hours now and the cedar has intensified. It's such a strong cedar scent now. A bit like Ariana Grande's Frankie.

TLDR; sweet strawberry then a cedar scent with impressive development for the price

Gabrielle Chanel by FragFrog 2017-05-27

I asked several sales associates at Chanel - they have no clue , no one seems to know anything . We , perfume enthusiasts, know more then they do. Cannot wait for miracle.

Killer Queen Katy Perry by babbytwerk 2017-05-27

I smelled this on a friend and its VERY VERY girly and sweet. Its about what you'd expect from a pop star like Katy perry. It smells amazing and delicious, and not cheap even though it is.

Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa Guerlain by Soofiya 2017-05-27

I always wanted to try aqua allegoria line of guerlain but they're not widely available here.flora Rosa is the first and only one I've tried and I'm so impressed that decided to buy it even if I have to order it abroad
I didn't expect to love it because red berries translate as very sour for me and I don't like sour zesty fruity scents.luckily they're not really sour on me.I'd rather call them tart and sweet
Flora rose opens as a super pretty fruity floral.a burst of juicy,fresh,tart and sweet,sparkly red berries(very much like raspberry)blended with a youthful rose which is very natural and not over powering.I can also detect slightest hint of something like green tea sometimes,but not that I can call it a green scent
It's so beautiful,refreshing and uplifting.I expected it to be very light and faint,something I can just smell by pressing my nose to my skin but on me,it projects quite well! I can smell pretty wafts of this fresh çcfrose-berry scent all around me at least for an takes two hours for it to calm down to an almost skin scent,this usually happens for me in less than an hour so I'm pleased with it's projection not just because I can easily smell it.I've already received two complements and it was not even a full wear!(I don't consider 2,3 sprays as full wear) longevity is about six hours on skin
Another surprise was that I can detect iris while I usually can't pick it up when it's not prominent in a scent.this blend of raspberry,rose and iris in it's middle phase have a lipgloss kind of smell which I die for
Dry down is a musky rose,powdery and this stage I sometimes have an illusion of smelling a whisper of white florals in background
I can't choose which stage I enjoy more,all three are very lovely
It can make an easy to wear,ageless spring,summer perfume. I wish I can manage to find a bottle as soon as possible,there's just 2mil left in my decant it's a great blend of my favorite notes and I love it very much

Nude Rihanna by babbytwerk 2017-05-27

VERY SWEET. This is straight up floral candy, very teenage girl-like but its a wonderful warm fragrance. It smells like what it is, which is a female popstar celebrity fragrance but it doesn't smell cheap and lasts about over half a day.
would recommend probably to younger girls because its very feminine.

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani by babbytwerk 2017-05-27

I got it because it was on special, I've been using it throughout my whole highschool years so I have some memories attached to this scent but its nothing too special. I dont get any "citrus" from this but its definitely a fresh marine scent with a hint of powder and sweetness. It lasts all day and people notice it, its my signature scent.

Ive been using this fragrance since 8th grade, and I like it, it's definitely my style. I wear it everyday and spray once on my wrists and twice on my neck. The scent itself is very warm, spicy, powdery and slightly sweet, its more of a nighttime winter scent and reminds me of a bonfire, its masculine but can also be unisex. The only issue I have is the longetivity, the scent is almost unnoticable after a few minutes, I've never had anyone notice this scent and it turns into like a sweet smokey honey scent after about 3 hours similar to Fame by lady gaga. But none the less its a fine fragrance.

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by druniverse 2017-05-27

I got Bombshell from my mother, she was on vacation to Dubai and I asked her some cheap-ish perfume but she gave me this instead lol. I was expecting cloying fruity floral a la VS but no... Bombshell is much better than that. Bombshell smells fresh, citrusy, floral perfume. A little bit of sweetness but not as cloying as their body mists. It gives me confidence, comfort, and also makes me focused lol. I use it to the office and people say I smell nice. The only downside is it doesnt last very long since I live in a humid tropical country.
I'm a gourmand lover but this is an exception. I will repurchase Bombshell for sure.

Ariel Sammarco by framorena 2017-05-27

I love every Sammarco's product; ok, I have some problems with pear-notes, so I can't say I love Naias as much as the others, but if you ask me what I think about them, surely I can say they are one of the most top-quality, original and meaningful hand-made products I met in a long time; I find the contrasts in them to be beautiful and dreaming.
But they have a problem, for my way to live a perfume: longevity.
I don't care about sillage, but longevity for me is important; I don't like to spray again a perfume every hour, I like them to speak with my skin-chemistry and me to enjoy this dialogue.
That's why I bought only Vitrum (old version), even if I think Ariel to be very rich and elegant, and Alter to be the most carnal flower I ever experienced in my 25 years of smelling, stealing the adjective to the most famous "Carnal", that in comparison with Alter is not carnal at all: the more I love a perfume, the more its poor longevity is frustrating and ruins the pleasure to wear it: a perfume is not a "good smell", it's a partner, a mate, a secret friend.

Vanilla Marble Agonist by lukewarmilk 2017-05-27

Other than the fact that this is a great scent it fills a very much needed gap in my collection this is a summery vanilla it actually doesn't work in winter or fall on me at all. As most of you probably know most vanilla fragrances are made for the colder weather with most of them having a warm and cozy vibe not this with that being said I'm huge believer in wearing whatever fragrance you want whenever you want it's just a matter of what works with my skin. Vanilla Marble opens with marzipan few minutes in you get the vanilla, figs and tiare with hints of tonka and patchouli to give it an edge. The name Vanilla Marble fits this fragrance perfectly it's like the vanilla is a piece of cold marble with every other note on top of it. I usually dislike the tiare flower note it usually takes over the composition and make it smell cheap to my nose but in this it's just the right amount giving it that tropical feel paired with figs which gives a coconutty slightly green vibe. All the notes in this composition smell very natural and of high quality. Adjectives I would use to describe this fragrance are tropical, cooling, sweet and fun. It's a unique take on a beach scent and works for other casual scenarios as well.

Now Vanilla Marble like the rest of us has some issues lol but they're fixable. when I spray 6 spritz I get about 1 hour of projection and 5-6 longevity which is a bit lacking to me but when I double that amount I get great performance about 3-4 hours of good projection and 12+ longevity ( keep in mind that I do spray on my clothes). With a high price point of 195$ for a 50ml bottle and the amount of sprays you need to get the excellent performance it's up to you to decide wether it's worth it or not but for me it's worth it specially since it's in that rare summery vanilla category and the only I own for that.

Yatagan Caron by HenryPereira 2017-05-27

1978 ... Pine, wood, wood pine. SUPER masculine and not really over the top. The original formula it is more powerful, animalic and rare. Today reformulation it is just ok. You need to have a real personality to wear this unique "beast". It reminds me to "Esencia" by Loewe for men, from 1988.

Bois Noir Chanel by theconnoisseur87 2017-05-27

The Masterpiece , La Class ,

I reviewed chanel COCO 1984 , and said : you'll be surprised how coco 84 and bois noir 87 , share the same development , and 30 percent the same notes .

let's compare them : Both have the same main note this note holds all things together , this note starts as a heart note and continue to the base , this note is the " white " note , inside it you find 4 ingredients in coco and 2 ingredients in Bois noir :

the white exotic note in coco is the result of 4 ingredients :

milky sandalwood , Egyptian jasmine lots of it , orange blossom and soapy note .

in Bois Noir : only milky sandalwood + jasmine "less than coco " no orange blossom no soapy not , otherwise Bois Noir would be too feminine .

they also contain the same note in the base : cistus absolute " musky herbaceous " mix in the base with the sandalwood .

both of them have in the base a " Raw resin " , in Coco it's opoponax ( sweet myrrah ) , in Bois Noir it's the Frankincense .

Both in top note have spicy Coriander .
the coriander mix with a citrus note .

Both have vanilla in the base .
Both have in the heart a pinky velvety rose .
Both are a resembles of a Rich Exotic " Baroque " Style .

It does not surprised me MR polge wanted a Masculine version of coco .

actually : he said in an interview in 1987 that Bois Noir was an old idea of mine he imagined creating Bois Noir in 1981 when he read the composition of Bois des illes and shocked by the large dose of " maysore Sandalwood " .

Comparing Bois noir To vintage Egoiste 1989 , and Egoiste Cologne concentree mid 1990 .

people thing egoiste CC was released in 1992 no , I have a magazine ad in mid 1990 and chanel poster in in the last page the ad about Egoiste cologne CC .

First I don't agree with " purecaramel " about Wood synthetic , chanel used " mysore sandal " in their perfumes as a main note in :

COCO 84 , Bois Noir 87 , Egoiste 1989 , Bois des illes .

as a second note in : antaeus , no 5 , no 19 .

immediately after 94 sandal restricted , their perfume changed .

the opening of Bois Noir :

Basil " minty fresh note " , green Citrus are bergamot , lime , Spicy Coriander , and Nutmeg + Rich expensive Rose wood + cedar wood .

top notes are rich woody spicy , green citrus and very fresh .

after 10 minutes the green and citrus are gone .

then the heart reveals itself : what's left from the top is the rich incredibly deep wood .

the heart is : the third wood the Milky Sandal enriched with white jasmine .

the rose wood + cedar wood , now is mixed with the milky sandalwood .

to me Rose wood is a smoked wood " not smoky " , this wood is deep sharp and expensive we don't get to see it in many perfumes . the color of it is deep Brown .

the cedar wood is sharp also and pencily in color , it is very expensive , I think this is the atlas cedarwood .

to be honest the wood in Bois Noir confused me is it cedarwood alone ??? or Rose wood alone ??? or both .

I don't know why i'm saying that ??? because the color i'm getting here is Black wood as the name of the perfume Bois Noir = Black wood .

how MR polge made the wood " Black " and pencily like in color ?? I don't know .

i'm saying that cuz the woodsy note in vintage egoiste is 100 percent Rose wood . this wood feels deep brown in color so no problem for me here .

anyway : the result is Black and white , Black pencily wood with milky white Sandalwood .

with this mixture " Black and white " , there's 3 notes mixed with the black and three notes mixed with the white .

with the Black there's oakmoss , aromatic lavender and tobacco leaves ((by the way this is 100 authentic Amsterdam or cuban Tobacco )) .

with the white we get : dried plum , dried apricot or chestnuts , and velvet pinky Carnation flower .

the result : Black and white + very shy fruits + shy rose .

Note :

the fruits and the rose they are a second notes not a main note , so they are very shy .

the base : cistus absolute + Sandal+jasmine = white + Frankincense .

this Frankincense is ripped with a touch of a fine leathery note .

this is how Bois Nois smells to me :

Forget about the Second notes , the over all impression is :

white Sandal + jasmine mixed with Black pencily wood + diffused by the leathery resin " Frankincense " .

one more thing with this whiteness you get the rich Tobacco and warm nutmeg notes .

Vintage egoiste :

opens up with :

Spicy coriander , tangerine , Rose wood .

10 minutes only left with the rich rose wood .

and then the heart revels itself :

Rosewood mixed with lost of oaskmoss + geranium + coumarin smells a bit hay a bit tobacco .

then the Fruit it's not dried plum , it's like plum pudding .

one more note no one mentioned it , it's the " Rum "
mixed with Tonka bean and patchouli .

the result : brown color , Egoiste remind of autumn .

the result is unbalance here : aggressive sharp Rose wood " Brown " with plum pudding and a big mess of oaskmoss geranium with hay tobacco feel .

then the Rum is sweet very sweet with Tonka bean and patchouli .

the rose pops up it's jam potpourri pinky , no wander it's synthetic damask rose .

the dry down is : Sandal and ambrette seeds .

there's also a cinnamon note starts in heart and base .

over all impression is : Brown in color all brown , the rose wood the cinnamon the ambrette seeds .

in far dry down you get chocolate brown feel : cuz of ambrette seeds + coumarin .

Bois Noir is 96 percent an oriental perfume .
Egoiste is 60 percent Fougere pefume with 40 percent oriental .

in the 70 s and 80s men's perfumes were crazy on Fougere perfumes , lavender , geranium , oak moss , Coumarin , wood .

So MR polge wanted something new , something avant-garde , he wanted to shake things up in 1987 with Bois Noir .

that's why tree years later 1990 he infused " Bois Noir with higher dose of " fern " Fougere notes , then the result was ======= Egoiste .

critics in 1987 said " Bois Noir " is Too feminine .
so MR polge increased the Fougere in bois noir to became more " Masculine "

to me this is not " Masculine " it's cliché , I don't care about the crowd or men who wanted to fell the """""""""" testosterone """""""""" .

good movies don't do well in cinemas , unlike crazy action or science fiction movies .

Between Bois Noir and Egoiste :

Egoiste 's sandalwood is only in the base , that's why the heart is sharp and aggressive .

Bois Noir 's sandalwood is in the heart and in the base that's why the sharpness of wood is smoothed out with the milky warm sandalwood .

Egoiste's fruit is not dried plum , it's plum pudding mixed with brown color of rose wood and geranium + cinnamon .

without the milky sandalwood you " can't " use dried plum , So Bois Noir's fruit is dried plum , just take one dried piece and " Stick it " with milky white sandal .

Egoist's Spicy note " cinnamon " is mixed with the brown rose wood and oak moss the over all impression is Brown sharp note .

Bois Noir " Spicy note " is the Nutmeg , the nutmeg is mixed with white milky sandal .

the Nutmeg is far superior than cinnamon , softer and a bit darker in color .

Egoist's dry down is unbalanced , I hated , it's again yes again brown ambertte seeds with coumarin " the hay " gives me a chocolaty vibe feel .

Bois Noir's dry down is amazing leathery resin , the frankincense is pine in color infused with fine leathery note , the resin here is diffused with black sharp wood and milky sandalwood .

Bois Noir : Black and white in color with warm Nutmeg , and this omg this rich deep clean real Tobacco .

Egoiste : Brown all brown the wood the spicy note , the ambrette seeds . all brown feel like autumn to me .

Egoiste : is aggressive to me unbalanced .

Bois Noir : soft , round , rich very rich " not aggressive at all " .

Egoiste CC : is heavy on sandal wood + rose wood + and vanilla .

no coumarin " hay tobacoo note in Egoiste CC "

replaced by an ashtray note .

the authentic Tobacco leaves is far superior and cleaner than the coumarin in Egoiste or the ashtray note in Egoiste .

the Mixture of Rum , Tonka beans and patchouli , in Egoiste makes me sick the result is something sweet watery brown " uncomfortable " to smell .

Forget about Bois Noir , this perfume does not age very well , you'll end up paying lots of money , for a perfume 40 percent ruined .

my favorite perfume .

Monsieur Lanvin Lanvin by HenryPereira 2017-05-27

Magnificent! ... Elegant, masculine and not over the top. I recently bough it from a trusted site and, smell brand new. Having in consideration that this original formula contain civet, a very tricky ingredient for old perfumes. I played the russian roulette. There is the excitement when you buy a vintage fragrance. Go for it!

A nice pleasant orange/vanilla fragrance, elegant and showcases high quality ingredients. For me it is worth the price, the oud is special here and like no other and combined with the vanilla sweetnes makes this one of new favorites. Moderate sillage which is OK for this one.

Mademoiselle Rochas Rochas by COSMICSCENTS 2017-05-27

I went to the shopping center today here in Uruguay and couldn´t believe my eyes when I saw the huge ads in the front of the perfume store. The didn't carry Rochas brand before so I wasn't expecting to ever see it here. I ran to find the tester. Since I was going to the movies I already had a lot of perfume on so I could only put it on the top of my hand and the sleeve of my coat. I can say that I love the scent, is not sweet like I thought since other people mentioned that it was sweet, actually it reminds me of YSL Babydoll, it has a grapefruit sweet smell. I think is a masterpiece and can't wait to have it in my collection :)

Shalom Judith Muller by eliza.gelman 2017-05-27


By Judith Muller




This is the way we greet you in Israel. It's our hello, howdy, Aloha, hola. It means peace be with you. In a part of the world where peace is very hard to get, we maintain the hope of peace. Shalom is a mossy fruity chypre in the style of such fragrances as Mitsouko by Guerlain and Aliage Estee Lauder. Shalom also has some things in common with Femme Rochas. This is an aromatic and very pleasant light fruity and woody perfume for day wear and summer. I got my hands on a vintage from eBay. I first wore it in the 60's when I was an adolescent and also wore Judith's other scents like Bat-Sheba and Judith. When compared to those two, this one is much more mature and quite elegant, a full bodied chypre. This can also be worn by men and should be classified as unisex by today's standards. The greener of moss, the animal notes of civet musk, spices, and wood make it quite masculine while also being feminine with fruit and florals. Quite a gorgeous perfume.

The notes in Shalom should read as follows:

Top notes: Peach, plum, rosewood, cardamom, bergamot

Middle notes: Jasmine, nutmeg, rose, orris, carnation, ylang ylang.

Base notes: Benzoin, leather, oakmoss, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, civet

Opens with a peach and deep plum juice, quite fruity and summery, a tad hesperidic with citrus notes mainly a bergamot orange. There is rosewood and ginger, nutmeg, spices which then embrace soft florals of jasmine, rose, iris, carnation and ylang. The flowers are not green floral but they are powdery and quite delicate, tenuous and if it was not for the dry down the florals would be fluff. They are beautifully arranged and spread out with a dominant ylang ylang and jasmine, just gorgeous Oriental flowers of Israel.

The dry notes and the conclusion of this perfume goes from day to night, feminine to masculine. There is a smoky incense note from the benzoin, a sandalwood, and some musky animal notes courtesy of civet and leather. Finally a green bar of soap effect comes through from the vetiver and the big load of oak moss. This is so old fashioned with moss. The oak moss note in 1970 was still around but today the scent has been dubbed toxic by the International Fragrance Association and so it has been banned. Moss is replicated as a chemical aromatic note instead. This is the real deal. A gorgeous moss with a green soap and toilet water type of scent. Very soothing, herbal and elegant. Reminds me so much of the green chypres of the 70's. This is an enjoyable day wear perfume which can still be worn today in smaller doses as splash perfume. I love wearing it. This is probably the most Jewish of the fragrances from the line along with Bat Sheba. Great for wearing to a bar mitzvah.

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Abeer Rasasi by Angela Agiannidou 2017-05-27

Abeer is in a beautiful bottle, golden intricate lattice, like those in Moroccan homes. On first spritz there is a strong patch/ spicy geranium wafting coming your way. Sandalwood and cedar wait for a wee bit until they make themselves known. After a short period patch recedes and allows sandalwood, rose and saffron take centre stage. Still going strong saffron, geranium and rose dominate the show, albeit an Oriental one. The dry down is a soft, floral spicy woody that still has echoes of geranium, but filled with spice and rose in a core of woods. Truly Oriental, it starts and ends as an ode to the most beautiful, exclusive rose blooms in the whole of the Mediterranean. Superb scent. Most recommended!

Love Is On Revlon by takeasniff 2017-05-27

Why does this smell like armani diamonds to me? I love this but I think it is another one to bite the dust by Revlon as it has turned up in truckloads at The Chemist Warehouse here in Australia where everything the snobby department stores can't sell gets dumped. This lasts on me for a couple of hours it is a simple spicy vanilla but it just keeps reminding me of a copy of armani diamonds.

Instinct d`Animale Animale by deb.martinez 2017-05-27

Well..this was a tosser. Really just awful to me.maybe got a bad bottle,but it was just a soapy,sour thing. No too.

Charlie Blue Revlon by takeasniff 2017-05-27

If you like the forest pine needles smell of the original norsca deoderant you will like this. Usually perfumes attract honey bees due to their sweetness in this case,beware of attracting grizzly bears.

Tel Aviv Gallivant by Tardismama 2017-05-27

I haven't tried this on skin, but just from sniffing on a card this is a very interesting fragrance development wise. When I first sniffed the freshly sprayed card I found it to be very nearly aquatic, I would have sworn there was something in the melon family and maybe some salt in the top notes, very 'fresh cool ocean breeze'. A few minutes later a second sniff was still a lot of sea breeze but with a hit of sunshine, something very warm and bright coming in. I set this to the side did a lot more sniffing of other things, and picked this back up when deciding which strips to take with me and... it was a whole different scent, I had to double check I hadn't mis-labled it! It was warm and creamy in a sultry late summer afternoon way. Next time I see someone ask for a beach scent, this will be my first suggestion, total day at the beach, from cool morning breeze to midday sun to lazy late afternoon. I'm definitely going to need to try this on skin sometime!

L'Instant Magic Guerlain by vonnnie 2017-05-27

TLDR: Guerlain's fragrance game is weak here.
The reason I purchased a sample of L'Instant Magic is Randa Hammami, the perfumer who also created Mon Precieux Nectar extrait, that discontinued bitter almond, bergamot, vanilla and white musk blanket that makes me feel as delicious as a French confection. Some blogger mentioned a similarity. I can assure you with absolutely no doubt: there is none.
The most prominent top note is one I have also found in Versace Crystal Noir, Perris Monte Carlo Ylang Ylang Nosy Be EDT, and some designer men's colognes. It spoofs a warm, sort of vaguely citrus feeling and is blatantly synthetic to my nose. The rest of the pyramid is weak and powdery.

The blogger was Monsieur Guerlain. Monsieur, how could you betray me!?

"When Randa Hammami was commissioned to make a L'Instant Magic, only loosely related to L'Instant, she got the idea to infuse an overdose of white musks into some of Guerlain's finest players, bergamot, rose, sandalwood and bitter almond, the latter smelling somewhere between marzipan, cherry brandy and roasted nuts. The result combined the chewy taste of an amaretto macaron with a weightless, sensual silk-gown smoothness, so uniquely attractive as to be appointed new Guerlain signature. "I have nicknamed it the Musquinade in a playful reference to the Guerlinade," said Sylvaine Delacourte, "because both have this typical Guerlain DNA, which means an audacious overdose of certain raw materials, very beautiful natural ingredients that confer a signature, and a trail that is immediately recognizable."

Moral: While it's okay to let marketing develop an idea, it's unwise to allow them complete ownership over the perfume development (looking at you, Sylvaine Delacourte). It is a travesty to use "chewy" and "audacious overdose of raw materials" to describe whatever the fuck this is.
Summary: about the same level of magic as instant coffee. Guerlain needs to stealth it off the shelves, do a Nombre Noir landfill on this sucker, and let Thierry and Delphine have a go at rehabbing it. Since they would be turning lead into gold, call it L'Instant Alchemy.

Green Tea Al-Rehab by richmilton 2017-05-27

Nice scent. Can be worn by either men or women. It's not feminine like some women are claiming. Apparently they don't have feminine perfumes. Nor is this masculine. It's just a nice fresh green lemon scent. Nothing dramatic.. just nice

Acqua di Gio Profumo Giorgio Armani by rabouinesylvain 2017-05-27

Wow this fragrance is worn by sooo many people in Paris... and they are not the kind of guys i want to look like. Pass for me

Lolita Lempicka has done incredibly well with the flankers for Elle L'aime. They all maintain a beautiful undertone of deep resins and amber, but every variation of the scent is unique - and good. This is probably best suited for spring or summer, as citrus is its main component. It's bright, sunny, and fresh. There is a slightly green element from the lemon leaves and the whole composition is grounded in a rich base, just like its sister scents. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone who wants a deeper experience from a citrus scent. Also, longevity and sillage are average. You won't clear a room with this, but you will get compliments!

Hypnose Lancome by FumeL'ver 2017-05-27

A magic potion in a beautiful bottle. This may not make sense to many but to me, this fume smells like cold shocks of vanilla mixed with every single other note it contains. It smells sweet, cold, creamy, heady, wet florally, and earthy (the vetiver). Good quality and it lasts and lasts on me. This is one of my favourites. I could pull this off in the Spring and see myself wearing it throughout Autumn and Winter. Summer, I'd have to see. I'm unpredictable. Sometimes I like wearing fragrances based on my mood, others based on the weather or season but sometimes I don't care about any of those things and just wear what I want, and whenever I want because I know I always smell nice with these amazing fragrances (not to sound cocky at all) because I'm very much aware that there are people who loathe the smell of vanilla. I happen to be a vanilla snob though so this was definitely a must have! Lancôme, please, never ever discontinue this gem!

Superstitious Frederic Malle by k8o8 2017-05-27

This strange, intriguing perfume keeps me guessing. When I dabbed it on half an hour ago, I was in a dark wooded area, hiding behind a tree, watching a coven of witches--all incense and dark flowers. Then it became overwhelming and sad, like losing a lover and feeling his presence, keeping a bouquet of roses even though it is decaying. Only now can I be objective and sense the aldehydes. For me this will always be a nighttime perfume, dreamy and a little sad like Portrait of a Lady.

Creme De Nude MAC by PalmSpringsTammy 2017-05-27

This smells just like Opium on my skin. Yech!
Sorry - OMG
It won't wash off.

Rose Mercedes-Benz by hanaryll 2017-05-27

The main scents I get from rose is lemon! It's so lemony. Reminds me of dolce & Gabbana light blue, the rose just adds a little sophistication to me but it's mostly the lemon. I think it's great for a hot summer day.

Nepal Aoud Montale by Ape Wilson 2017-05-27

Got this with a sample of Honey Aoud to compare. They're both linear and have the same strong oud note, but Nepal Aoud is cleaner and lighter, with the smallest hint of the leather. It's just as powerful, but not as interesting.

Kenzo Amour Florale Kenzo by hanaryll 2017-05-27

I got to try this today as it was in the discontinues tester box at my store. Wow!L it smells exactly like a petitgrain essential oil I have. (Similar to neroli). The neroli is all that I smelled and became stronger as I wore it. My chemistry always heightens neroli. It was bitter to my co-workers but I enjoy the crisp neroli and will layer blend it with my petitgrain essential oil.

Figa En Voyage Perfumes by Roge' 2017-05-27

-Let's make a fire.
-Let's put out the fire with rose and jasmine
-Let's collect the embers and build a fragrance atop the ashes.

That's Figa.

Not at all feeling the thrifty bottle but LOVE the content that's inside. This is the most direct, straightforward, honest, lying, deceitful fragrance I've come across in quite some time. The opening is like some sort of marmalade rose combo that will immediately have you checking your Wells Fargo account for sufficient funds. How beastly this would have been if there were more smoke involved....sighs. It's still a great fragrance though. The base is scarcely powdery which could be the violet or possibly the rose. It's hard to tell. Cedar as a base? Again...hard to tell. I'm gonna give that one the absentee slip. Speaking of absent, there are a lot of notes listed but a lot of notes undetectable(which sheds light on my aforementioned oxymoronic description). That can either be a good thing or bad thing depending on why you paid admission. The sillage is a little on the "I wonder if anyone can smell me" side therefore you might want to buy a fragrance primer for this one.

Notes that are not present: Amber, Patchouli, Bergamot, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Labdanum and Amyris.

Live Colorfully Kate Spade by hanaryll 2017-05-27

I just discovered this one and I must say I am in love! It smells like vacation. It takes me back to being at a Disney World Water park in the summer, surrounded by people wearing their sunscreen, the flower gardens and water.

Charlie Silver Revlon by takeasniff 2017-05-27

Nope! Oh the horror. I think the accountant at revlon sneaked into the lab and played a joke on us here. This smells like rubbing alcohol mixed with lime. Stick to celene dions pure brilliance if you want a fresh pear spring like fragrance this im affraid must have been a practical joke at the labs at Revlon.

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by the_badger 2017-05-27

It's sugary sweet, like Acqua e Zucchero by Profumum with a touch of vanilla. Very nice but better suited for younger crowds.

2018? weird? Anyone can send me sample please?

Bois du Portugal Creed by mikero 2017-05-27

BdP actually reminds me a lot of Rive Gauche, in terms of being an old-school barbershop scent. Somewhere in between Rive Gauche and Old Spice lies the essence of BdP. I am 54 and I will be honest, BdP definitely has an "old man" vibe. I feel like at my age it's acceptable scent but I wouldn't wear it if I was much younger. It starts off OK with a barbershoppy leather, but then dries down to a very old fashioned, stodgy powdery-soapy scent. I am a fan of Creed in general, but I don't care for this one. It is very long lasting (10+ hours) and silage is very good, so if you like the scent, it's worth checking out. Make sure you like the scent first. This is a throwback to a much earlier time when people had different ideas than today about what smelled good on a guy.

Simple, yet glorious. Mysterious, yet sweet. Floral, yet musky. Givenchy's Very Irresistible L'intense is full of beautiful contradictions in one very pretty bottle.

I picture a piece of Victorian jewelry, big and bold but with delicate enameled scrollwork and tiny beads. I picture coming out of a dark, smokey nightclub blinking into the light of day. I picture a walk through an old cemetery garden, with climbing roses and shaded greenery and slightly tipping headstones.

It starts with a black plum and velvet red roses, which is unexpectedly sweet, almost too sweet. It's not long before the musk deepens it to the velvety scent that many crave. This is a beautiful perfume, fairly long lasting. But who can bear to go more than four hours without another spritz? Not I.

Givenchy is an old House but they make timeless perfumes, ones women of any age can wear, and at very reasonable prices. This fragrance was a gift and it has taken its place among my beloved ones. Sometimes, less becomes more and so it is for Very Irristable L'intense.

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels by Brendan117 2017-05-27

I have the edt version and find the longevity and sillage to be great on me, I get 10+ hrs on my skin. I even got complimented the other day on how strong and great it smelt after the 9 hr mark of applying and I was outdoors. This is a great fragrance in a great bottle. Sucks that it's been discontinued.

Rakheem Swiss Arabian by gtabasso 2017-05-27

A blind buy and not what I expected. This is mostly fruit with some sharp hyacinth, sweet jasmine and amber and musk to deepen it. I don't like smelling like a fruit bowl. This reminds me of the La Petite Robe Noire series but in oil form.

Far be it from me to call out the good people in the marketing department at Cartier.... but.... I think this one may have suffered from bad marketing more than bad smells.

I read a review on Basenotes that said something like the terms "noire" and "sport" are kinda oxymoronic, and I'm inclined to agree. I personally don't find this to be stereotypically "noire" in any way, nor is it overwhelmingly "sporty" in my book.

Furthermore, we all read note pyramids, and the pyramid here is very vague. So, if I was a online blind-buyer, I would think I was getting a very citrus-y, watery, sporty fragrance, like Acqua Di Gio or whatever. And I would be wrong. And I wouldn't like it because it wasn't what I thought it was, etc etc etc.

So, all that aside, I do think that it is a pretty darn good woody aromatic fragrance, very rich with plenty of fresh herbal and floral notes in play. I describe it to people as a flower/ herb garden during a warm-day rain shower. I get clary sage, lavender, and bergamot as top notes, geranium, neroli, jasmine, cypress (more for its airy-ness), and even some juniper in the heart, and, correctly as advertised, cedar, sandalwood, and cistus/ amber in the base.

As far as projection/longevity, I initially thought is was terrible. But now that it is warming up outside (I bought it probably in March) and I am used to its drydown, I feel that it performs much like a perfume with these aims should, which means it performs fine by me.

In short - I really like this one, and I wear it frequently. and when the bottle is gone, I may pony up the big bucks for a refill, but I may move on and try something else. Who knows?

Flower by Cynthia Rowley EDP Avon by UnearthlyApothecary 2017-05-27

Funeral flowers in a bottle, this is it right here. This is not "fresh" or "springlike" there is nothing natural smelling about this. They should have called this one "open casket "or "viewing room". Not my thing at all. This is a big yucky no for me.

Angelicax1 said just what I would say..

"I'm just here to read these hilarious reviews. I wish I could smell this!"

Im confused aswell!
Looks quite amazing though..

Laudano Nero Tiziana Terenzi by kentabatinga 2017-05-27

If this smells like Black Afgano, that I don't own it and never sampled, but I am intrigued by it, then it's a pass for me. This is another TT disappointment for me. The other one was Ecstasy (on my skin is just a pungent 70's hair do spray). Laudano Nero is quiet, not pungent; in fact it is a skin scent in less than an hour and it has no wow factor. I am a fan of dark, mysterious, enigmatic but pleasant scents. This is dark (as in Black Afgano, I guess) but not pleasant. Fortunately is not revolting either. It's just not worth a full purchase for me. I am wanting to try Al Contrario, but now, after two disappointments, I wonder if I still want to give TT a chance on my olfactive discoveries.

Oud Essentiel Guerlain by Bbjr 2017-05-27

Tried this at Saks in Chicago today, a very nice Oud. Not as much of a derivative as I expected it to be. Quite nice actually. The Rose here is not at all front and center but just enough to smooth out the Oud. This is not dirty or barnyard Oud by any stretch. Would wear this anywhere anytime. A nice release from Guerlain. Can't comment on the longevity at this point.

It WAS launched in 2018? I'm confused.. The bottle and notes seems beautiful.

Made by the same perfumer as Le Labo Rose 31. And smells exactly the same. Actually smells like Rose 31 did when it first came out.

Eternity Calvin Klein by takeasniff 2017-05-27

Why does this turn sweet on me? Nobody can tell im wearing eternity it doesnt smell clinical like it is supposed to. Very strange. I like it in small doses but what starts off and what dries down on me are 2 different things. On everyone else you can tell they are wearing eternity on me its more like eternity moment version wtf??:) By the way, do not I emphasize,do not blind buy or buy as a gift if you are not sure what the person likes and like red door, do not overspray it is way too strong for that. Mist it a distance from your skin and it settles beautifully.

Arab Tradition Nabeel by Bbjr 2017-05-27

The affordable Tuscan Leather. Best dupe I've come across.

Zara Vainilla 2017 Zara by mayberry 2017-05-27

This for me is the perfect vanilla. It's powdery and tropical from the frangipani. It reminds me of a beachy sand dollar with the dryness of it. But it's also sweet and gourmand.

Figment Man Amouage by Gyallar 2017-05-27

There is no Fig... there is no mint... whatta hell is this name about???

Signature Kenneth Cole by Eau De Rous 2017-05-27

I must be missing something. Initial impression? Surprisingly generic given the ratings here, and rather synthetic. No notes really stand out and it's not because it is well blended. I suppose it's not as bad, is more natural, as it dries down but that and admitting it's a cologne are about the BEST I can say for it after a few hours.

It's too expensive at any price in my opinion and I feel gypped out of US$20 for a big new bottle. I actually "dislike" this. Frankly, it smells as I naturally suspected it would but I doubted my intuition and experience. This is what one wears when one WANTS to smell like they shop at a discount, no-names, men's store with polyester suits, sweaters, and ties as well as BIG Kenneth Cole watches in fancy boxes imported all the way from the mysterious orient crammed into racks by the cash register for US$9.99.

There's nothing here worth troubling yourself for and many better inexpensive fragrances out there including on the shelf at your local discount drug store. Seriously!

Curve Black Liz Claiborne by camposg 2017-05-27

This comes off really good! But then transitions very quickly into a scent almost completely different. I still like it but reminds me of the classic polo green in the background which is a good thing. I'm afraid it's weak performing

My Heroine MAC by mychinarose 2017-05-27

This fragrance is pure danger. I love it! Sprayed it on my right arm as I was purchasing MAC Velvet Teddy (bought it because I had tested it the day before) and at first I was worried that I'd get a headache from the pure strength. From sniffing the bottle you know right away this is a leather perfume. Ever since I tried Cuir Fetiche I knew I was obsessed with leather. Then I got Cuir de Lancôme (my favorite) and have been curious about Bandit, Cuir de Russie, and the Tauer perfumes (Lonestar Memories, etc). But they aren't that accessible for random sniffing where I live so they are on my to-do list. But My Heroine is just so perfectly exactly what I'd like them to smell like, and for a fraction of the price tag. I never got a headache, but kept sniffing my arm all day as the scent evolved on my skin. It was fruity, almost a vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce by the end. Yum! This fragrance aint for everyone, that is for sure. You have to have a certain appreciation for its complexity, a willingness to go along for the ride. You don't have to be edgy to wear this completely edgy scent. You just have to be daring enough in the depths of your soul not to tame the savage beast, but to become one. Truly addictive. Not at all unlike Dior Addict (similar smoke and vanilla...I'd say Addict is tge halfway point between Velvet Teddy and My Heroine). Definitely my next purchase. Probably best for cool to cold weather! Fall can't get here fast enough... I hope it's never discontinued.

Don't Touch Me Tomato Haught Parfums by Addict2Perfume 2017-05-27

Don't Touch Me Tomato by Haught Parfums is quite cheeky! Lush green tuberose, a subtle hint of jasmine and a light cantaloupe note all sweetened-up with a lifesavers hard candy banana note! Yes, banana lovers this scent is for you! A very sweet creamy, fruity banana top note and a kick of coconut that make this fragrance smell delightfully tropical! Excellent for those hot summer nights!

Accord Oud Byredo by gtabasso 2017-05-27

goes on smokey oud then dries down to leather, soft and not long lasting

Prada L'Homme Prada by camposg 2017-05-27

This smells really great until it dries down. It becomes feminine and could easily be confused for a woman's fragrance. Also, it performs low the entire time it reminds me of Amouage Reflection Man to a degree

Garden Lilies Jo Malone London by Addict2Perfume 2017-05-27

Garden Lilies by Jo Malone is a crisp green water lilly, a very subtle floral scent that is both light and natural smelling. The ylang-ylang compliments the vanilla adding a gentle sweetness to the fragrance. Light and inoffensive so it will be great to wear in tight quarters and office settings. For some reason this was not at all what I expected to smell from this fragrance. I perhaps was expecting a greener dewy white floral that is more Jo Malone’s style, but I still quite like it!

Pink Innocencia Sonia Kashuk by lemonzest 2017-05-27

What a misleading name. This is neither pink nor innocent! It's a straight up tuberose/white floral, and it's strong. "Pink" means something rosy or powdery, which this is not. "Innocence" usually means either sucrose or lily of the valley, which are missing here. Pink Innocencia is cleaner and better quality than Truth or Dare, and lacks the heavy ear-bleeding cashmeran of Michael by Michael Kors. It's simpler than my beloved Fracas, and of course nothing like the complexity of Carnal Flower, but dang if this isn't a pretty rich tuberose. Loud like Amarige, but better smelling.

This is just a little different from my long lost Avon Hawaiian White Ginger; White Ginger had a little banana overtone which this lacks. If I layer it with Kuumba Made White Ginger, it gets in the ballpark. That good psychotropic white flower rush. Draws pollinators.

Strong enough to leave a flavor in the back of my throat, which strong white florals always do. I think I have Jacobson organs like a snake. Not entirely kidding.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana by robvs 2017-05-27

Magical upon spraying and for the next 45 minutes. Then it was gone. Completely gone. Wife couldn't smell it on my forearm. But I like it so much I actually considered getting a bottle and just spraying it on myself all day long. I thought this would be good alternative to John Varvatos Dark Rebel and to me they are very similar. The Dark Rebel dies after a few hours. This one...dead after a few minutes. I do like that every once in a while I catch a vague whiff, but overall, this is a major disappointment form something with some killer potential.

Melodie De L`Amour Parfums Dusita by SuzanneS 2017-05-27

Melodie opens with a large blue cheese indolic gardenia note much like Dame's soliflore gardenia. You could say its the same note. (which is why some people do compare these two together, however Dame just has this note in its evolution, where Dusita gives it a supporting cast and full story in its own)

The gardenia here opens and evolves with honey around the edges. Jasmine and tuberose support this gigantic gardenia note. The lilly of the valley gives it a metallic sheen. White musk and cedar start to stir during mid development, which to me is a good respite to the slightly bitter blue cheese indolic note which seemed to drone on for far too long.

Once that tempers down after about 1.5-2 hrs of development the green jasmine/broom facets start to kick in and it begins to harmonize. I feel this is the best part of its story in my wearing. There isnt a ylang added to add body, so it stands as a sleek white floral vs. the full presentation voluptuous floral you would find in other types of white florals such as Moramanga or Isaby Gardenia. One could perceive it as a more modern take on the white floral genre, but after the large opening, it slims down remarkably into a harmonized floral without much else to progress the story. Perhaps that is the embodiment of a "flower blooming in an empty room" in the press copy. Sillage is moderate and sits close to the skin in its development. It lasted approx 4 hrs.

Its quality work, the owner is charming on social media, and her website is frequently sold out of samples and sometimes full bottles. I have watched others reviews change dramatically from first posted regarding this scent here on Fragrantica. I strongly suggest a testing before a blind buy due to its luxe price point in the market. This was an unsolicited, paid by myself, review.

MILLY-LA-FORET was a blind purchase and I didn't like it at all when I received it in the fall... I guess I expected something else. I even wanted to give this one away... I forgot about it for a while and made another attempt in the spring. Boy! It was very soft, elegant and feminine once it settled... This perfume is perfect for warm spring and for the summer time. It lasted on me really softly all day long... Perfect and inoffensive office scent.
I'm keeping it and thinking of repurchasing it.

Figment Man Amouage by Sioux8 2017-05-27

I just had to click love even though I never tried so I feel little bit guilty.

I would never vote on notes or other things, because I don't want to mislead anyone but I had to click love..

I just love when this house has balls to release something interesting!

That is the reason why I get excited, when I see something like this cooking..

It is hard to get too excited these days, so I just had to give salute to this with one L O V E vote from me...

Amouage forever!

Lily of the Valley & Ivy Jo Malone London by Addict2Perfume 2017-05-27

Lily of the Valley & Ivy by Jo Malone is a such a novel scent! It’s a bit odd the way it starts out smelling very green and a bit minty with the ivy note. As it softens you smell a tad of the grapefruit blending with the lily of the valley. The dry down gets surprisingly sweet with the powdery musk, amber and…beeswax? Yes! Beeswax! There is a distinct honey-waxy note that laces itself throughout this fragrance. It is incredibly unique and very English heritage smelling that I think it fits perfectly in the Rock the Ages fragrance collection!

Aviance Night Musk Prince Matchabelli by LaurenBacall 2017-05-27

Kinda made me go, "Ugh." This may have been due to the fact that I was handling a very old (vintage) bottle of the stuff. Sour and alcohol-y.

Rockin' Rio Escada by Kendelem1999 2017-05-27

opening is summer perfection but the dry down smells EXACTLY like Ralph Lauren Ralph in the blue bottle

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by supertw94109 2017-05-27

I had a bottle of this more than 10 years ago but I had to give it up because it smelled relentlessly and monotonously of root beer ice cream float with some almonds. I am kind of shocked that it lists plum and other fruit because I can't smell them at all. Maybe the coconut masked those other fruit scents but this must have been before it's time of gourmands being so popular because back then I was not prepared for this but now after all the unapologetically sweet bestsellers out there I am coming back to this, even though it is very one dimensional and linear.

Cio Cio San MDCI Parfums by Kiku 2017-05-27

My first thought was "plums", which isn't even listed as a note. Except for a little whiff of lemon I don't smell any of the notes listed. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful fruity, ripe and luscious, sitting on a bed of non-distinctive but pleasant flowers. The drydown is a beautiful honey with a touch of vanilla. Cio Cio San is more rich and deep than sweet. It is warm and sunny and happy. It is the perfect summertime perfume. Moderate sillage, good longevity. And the bottle is incredible!

Heritage Eau de Toilette Guerlain by Sioux8 2017-05-27

OK, I shall say this only once.

This is the most beautiful fragrance in the world (literally).

It is the most perfect composition of notes as far as my nose is concerned.

I couldn't imagine to change anything not even a tiny bit to make it any better (and I always have that faulty habit to think about what would I do or modify to make a fragrance I like even better (for me))

So as far my taste is concerned this is made perfectly, it has timeless beauty and it is confident and alluring and it has a feeling of something good in it.

I mean good in way that it just smells to me like a good person, like someone who thinks about a world and people around, it just (for some reason) has that good person aspect to it.

Maybe because I think my dad is the best guy in the world and because this fragrance for some reason has that mature (although more like young dad vibe).

If I ever become father one day, I will wear this fragrance on that day, I would like to color that day with this fragrance and the name suits event as well (even though that probably will not be important at that moment)

I guess this is maybe weird review but it is the way I feel about Heritage :)

Pomelo Paradis Atelier Cologne by Addict2Perfume 2017-05-27

Pomelo Paradis by Atelier Cologne smells like gummy bears! This is a happy, bright citrus scent just bursting with juicy pink grapefruit and sweetened up with orange blossom. This is such a happy scent, very sunny and easy to wear – get loads of compliments on it too! The longevity and sillage are not great, but I enjoyed the fragrance too much to pass it up, I had to get a bottle! So spray liberally and bring the bottle to freshen-up with later!

Sauvage Christian Dior by Sioux8 2017-05-27

I'm very perverse when it comes to smells I like, I like opposites from dirty daring stinky hard to pull-off ones to sterile, generic, clean..
I like everything, I like to enjoy wide variety of fragrances and I need to find many different types to make me feel and get in certain (all different kinds of) mood(s).

I like even how cleaning products smell, I like to clean my bathroom, I like how it feels to disinfect something..

Sauvage gives me feeling like I've opened some box with brand new hardware, like when you buy brand new part for your pc and just open it, or like I entered high tech sterile cool air conditioned area... it purifies the feeling I get from world around me

I like that kind of feeling and smell, just as much as I like to smell sea breeze, or deep woods, or resins or the smell of cooking etc..

I understand why someone would not like Sauvage, but to me it is great fragrance in it's own way but probably for different reasons compared to the most of people who buy it after some review which says you will get xxx compliments etc.

I understand both sides of the coin for this one, but I'm glad and appreciate it for my own reasons and will probably buy another bottle of it if I run out..

Royalty Tammie Garr by weegee 2017-05-27

OK, at $8.95 for 100ml with free shipping I'll take the bait as a "public service" and order it. Update to follow when received.

L'Acquarossa Fendi by StarryNightNo5 2017-05-27

Very pretty burst on the instant you spray it!
Found this for a great buy. Perfect for this time of year (although I do like to wear my fragrances any time and all times of the year depending on how my feeling/mood is that day).
At first spray it is an intoxicating fruity burst. It does fade down pretty quickly, but it's perfect because this is a great fragrance to wear to the office, for everyday use.
It's close to the skin, but I do get compliments from co-workers.
It's a comfortable scent and I feel refreshing to the senses. I feel like it's such a classy fragrance!
I haven't had the opportunity to smell all of Fendi's fragrances, but this one for me is a winner.
(the original Fendi will always be my absolute fave though!).
I also love the Fan di Fendi Fraiche (clean green scent).
Fendi L'Aquarossa comes in a great solid, weighty bottle. I do love the red color also.
L'Aquarossa is LOVELY!!!

My Burberry Burberry by mimissekat 2017-05-27

Omg, this perfume is so nostalgic to me. I was so stupid that I gave tit away in the past because I didn't like it. When I smell it now, I get mad. Mad because I didn't appreciate it! It's really wonderful, it's clean, sophisticated, sexy. I also really love My Burberry Black. They are the only ones from Burberry that I really love. They are very long lasting too with good sillage! This might be a little softer, but still gorgeeeeous.

Tresor Lancome by richmilton 2017-05-27

I have never reviewed a woman's perfume here on fragrantica, but Tresor is special to me, so I'm obliged to review this stunning scent. It's my wife's wedding day fragrance in 2004, and it's what she wore on our first date. I'll never forget this extremely feminine perfume, and whenever I smell it on somebody, which is not often. it instantly triggers joyful memories. My wife wears Tresor only a few times a year now, and one of the days is usually on our wedding anniversary. It still is beautiful as ever -- just like her. As for the scent, I'm mot one to identify notes, all I know is this perfume is 100% woman... 100% feminine... and 100% gorgeous on the right woman. It's not for woman that wear masculine or men's fragrances, this is for the lady that loves smelling like a lady. No man can pull this off. Just like there are some men colognes no woman can pull off (e.g. Fahrenheit, Gentlemen, Ted Lapidus Pour Homme, Yatagan. etc.). Tresor is pure class, and I don't care how many negative reviews it gets here. It's wore by the most beautiful woman I've ever seem (my wife) and I'll always love this perfume... and her.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by Tahirakathun 2017-05-27

This perfume is insanely sweet, but not like Viva La Juicy, thats just nasty to me. This perfume smells like really sweet cookies and vanilla, i dont like it in the beginning as much, it's just too rich in it's sweetness but the dry down, ohh my, so soft vanillery, really creamy and tasty, really beautiful. It's deffo a teens scent, i think i'm guna get this for my 13 year old cousin for her birthday

Flowerbomb Bloom Viktor&Rolf by supertw94109 2017-05-27

I received this as a sample from a Sephora order and was already familiar with the original and its myriad sisters like juicy couture etc. This white florals, fruit, sweet genre is so prevalent these days that I don't feel like I need to purchase them as it's is so similar and ubiquitous and also I sometimes find some of the white flowers and generic fruit almost verging on allergy inducing. For Bloom, the pomegranate is both sour and astringent and tannic, so instead of lusher more juicy sweeter fruit the first notes are tart and kind of mouth puckering which I found interesting but was not that impressed with. Then I ignored it and two hours later I smelled a gorgeous airy, refined sweet cotton candy note and was quite pleasantly surprised and then somewhat obsessed with. The sweet note is very close to the skin and it smelled like the cold mountain air note kind of moderated the sweet notes to make it kind of less solid and more like sweet air molecules. I was so fascinated by this feature that I bought the largest size as it is limited to Sephora in US and also limited edition so per oz it's much cheaper than smaller bottle. I much prefer this to the original which is well made but common due to so many copies so common and not memorable or distinctive. The bottle is so pretty and feels well in my hands and also the pale pink liquid is lovely.

Joop! Homme Joop! by rm12steps 2017-05-27

This stuff is truly vile. I have begun collecting fragrances and i came across this classic. I bought it blindly at a steal. It is truly nasty. How people say that the ladies love this smell is confusing to me. If you like the smell of cotton candy, toilet cleaner, and fresheners then go for it. For this consumer...absolutely vile.. Experience before buying...believe me

Rouge Royal opens with a fresh strawberries that turns into candy. The candy accord wavers between those strawberry hard candies and strawberry chewing gum. There is no progression with mid and basenotes.

The projection and sillage are near non-existent. The only time I can smell this is if I put my nose where I sprayed it earlier. Thus, this would make an excellent office scent.

A good thing about about the boomerang looking bottle is that your juice will never go bad because it is opaque.

Figment Man Amouage by NZFH 2017-05-27

Ok so if people are already voting on notes, does that mean someone around here has actually smelt this thing already? Do tell :)

Sauvage Christian Dior by foreignshores 2017-05-27

@chiru . . .I could not have possibly described this fragrance better. Brilliant review!!

Ari Ariana Grande by Tahirakathun 2017-05-27

I'm not really a fan of Ariana Grande but this perfume is LOVELY. It was a blind buy for me, I love sweet innocent perfumes and this is just it, it smells exactly like rasberries and marshmellows like so many have said in the comments. I've been on the search for a good candy scent, I first tried Katy perry's Meow perfume but that was too thick and cloying for me, I also tried Sweet Sugar by Aqualina but that tooooo sweet (still nice though) but this one is just right, it's really light and soft, not offensive in any way, just perfect!

Amouage Gold pour Homme Amouage by khosro.zk 2017-05-27

When I see too many negative votes for a fragrance, I know that that scent would be probably interesting to my nose.
Examples: Kouros and Dior Leather Oud

I have ordered a 10ml decant of it :)

Nina Nina Ricci by comptemooc 2017-05-27

The worst perfume least for me.

Qatar Al Nada Khalis by Angela Agiannidou 2017-05-27

Oh, the joys of being the first Guinea pig and blind buy a scent!! This one is intriguing. It starts off as a strong musky oil, which I assume in this case is Oud but not of the Woody/smoky kind. It is heavy with nuances of (almost) bad breath. Then, after a considerable time it reveals a beautiful heart of spicy rose with only a gentle citrucy input. This phase is delicious and very aromatic and, without altogether abandoning its Oriental DNA quite unisex and wearable. Pity about the heavy Oud at the start.

Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum Guerlain by Shugenja 2017-05-27

This smell like male excellence and confidence.

This is wonderful. The smell of a renaissance man waiting for an elegant woman to descend the staircase. Dressed for dinner and an evening of laughter and conversations of art and music.
The opening is soft and sweet dusty rose accord. The blend of ingredients is very harmonious. I was immediately reminded of Old Spice, just much better. The scent lasts on my skin about 6 hours with four sprays to neck and arms another 2 sprays extends that to 12 hours.

This stands beside Guerlain Vetiver as my favorites. I see the appeal of Habit Rouge.

This smells similar to the American Old Spice dupe SPICE by Vi-Jon corporation. I buy mine at Family Dollar Stores in the USA for $2/6.75oz or 200ml. It is very close to the original Shulton Old Spice and much closer than Proctor and Gamble's current Old Spice. Please, understand, Habit Rouge EdP is completely superior to Spice in every possible way, but I use Spice as my after shave when I wear HR EdP and they are very complementary.

I have read on forums that some think this might be the male version of Shalimar. That idea helped me decide to blind buy this. I think the link between the two scents is through the nose of the creator. I do sense a kinship, but it is common to the mid-century Guerlains. There is no male Shalimar, unfortunately.

Cool Water Wave Davidoff by benjamin.butkowski 2017-05-27

Smells exactly the same as the original. Is that bad? No, the original is an alright fragrance. Is it superfluous? Oh, most definitely.

Fancy Jessica Simpson by supertw94109 2017-05-27

I actually enjoy the synthetic pear and sweet accords because it smells kind of like how I imagine pear flavored red vines to be. This long lasting notes makes Fancy differ from Katy Perry's Meow which features a very fleeting pear note but turns coconutty vanilla in drydown. Fancy's floral wood notes help it drydown cleaner and more refined than most other fruity gourmands and I don't feel like it leaves a stale perfume smell on my clothes that I want to wash off immediately. Also I love the bottle as it really stands out with it's heavy glass base and delicate gold filigree and that round cap and pink liquid, I especially want the largest bottle on my dresser. I had previously hated gourmands except for the Angel ones andI have horrible memories of trying to wear vanille abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique and failing. I had always been a fan of citrus and chypres and thought gourmands were too cloying and similar and trendy so it's good that I was able to find some that I like.

Sandra Al-Rehab by boardbat 2017-05-27

i get mostly vanilla then fruits musk and the floral notes. i think this is beautiful and you could wear it in any season, night or day. it is very long lasting and projects well. i think i've found a new favorite. it's sweet, creamy fruit goodness.

I wish I own it
Any one got one for sale ?

Contact me please @ [email protected]

A Wish Come True.
(luckyscent sample)
A citrus with a slightly bitter bergamot edge with a banana like ylang opens with a hearty dose of IsoE Super to blur everything into a soft focus effect. Labdanum adds a muskiness and the ambergris coat the florals.

Its animalic but it isnt a dirty heavy animalic but a voluptuous well behaved one. The incense cover the jasmine (must be a new accord as Malle's Superstitious has this same component jasmine+incense) I feel the Labdanum (amberish) presence does overshadow the florals so if someone is looking for a clean floral, this isnt it but it is sexy. His signature players - labdanum, tonka beans, Chinese incense, galbanum are all here with tuberose and jasmine joining the foray. The creamy tuberose does attempt to set on top of his rich structure. I wish it bloomed larger. It could just be my experience with my chemistry. The tuberose stays creamy and slightly sweet from the base notes so it doesnt turn green or bitter. The finish is tonka sweet.

If you like the vibe of Stephane's previous scents, this isnt going to be a huge departure, rather him looking into florals to be his muse in this story. Beautifully done in his smooth aesthetic. He must be one sexy cat to be turning these kinds of fragrances out. Sillage is moderate and longevity is good. A solid buy for Humbert Lucas fans.

Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant by anilinam 2017-05-27

Call me old lady with lilac hair if you want!

This is a GORGEOUS fragrance! Houbigant makes elegant, sophisticated scents. Period.

This is a very difficult scent for me to describe, pardon me if I butcher this fragrance:

But to my nose there are aspects of Amarige by Givenchy in the opening, and of Coco Mademoiselle and Tresor by Lancome in the heart. All the while, it still has it's own identity.

The dry down takes FOREVER. This is excellent quality perfumery! I can see my skin glistening even 30 minutes after spaying.

I think part of the reason their fragrances don't get enough recognition among niche consumers is because of their choices in packaging of the Quelques Fleurs line.

They should either go for the retro bottles of their solifleur fragrances, or move toward the more popular plain packaging among niche perfumers like Frederic Malle, Serge Lutens, or The Different Company.

L’Extase Nina Ricci by deb.martinez 2017-05-27

Recieved in swap and boy I LOVE this. A bit fruity but ambery and jammy rose too. too..stunning!

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Adidas by CElmlund 2017-05-27

I just picked up the Body Fragrance and to me Dynamic Pulse smells similar to Preferred Stock or one of the early AXE sprays.. I like it!

Black Sukar Xerjoff by Ishvires 2017-05-27

Grapes, lots of grapes

Prada L'Homme Prada by Chiru 2017-05-27

Gorgeous. This is a safe scent done right. It manages to be interesting enough without being generic or boring. It's a lovely flowery scent that manages to not be too flowery, or feminine. The pepper and cedar help keep it masculine. This isn't groundbreaking or anything, but it's still very good.

It's hard to describe this one really. It's a very smooth, very creamy, slightly spicy flowery scent that is just very, very pleasing and comfortable. What really sets this apart is its ability to pull off a flower scent without being cloying or too flowery. It's just nice and subtle. This would make a very good formal scent. The opening is incredible, and the drydown is gorgeous. I don't find this to be too soapy, like some people are mentioning. Not on my skin anyway. There's definitely a cosmetic vibe to it, but it's still very warm and not cool. Not the soapy, generic letdown Dior Sauvage was for me. Honestly, the more I wear this, the more I love it. It's probably one of the best floral-based I've smelled. I normally don't like florals for how overpowering and heady they are, but this one is lovely. A definite keeper.
Oh and just in case you weren't sure, women absolutely love this stuff.

I'd definitely recommend it, but probably not at full price. >$100 is a bit much for this one in my opinion. If you can find it at $60-80, I'd pull the trigger. Don't blind buy this though. It may not be your cup of tea, or more accurately; your bouquet of flowers.

Honestly guys this is such an odd fragrance to me. The fragrance feels very simple, but also very classy and complex at the same time. It feels cosmetic, and yet it's warm, inviting and still very interesting. It's flowery, but somehow not cloying or heavy. The barbershop is there, but it's a small, charming barbershop full of character in the middle of a spring meadow full of flowers, away from the city. It's just so.... lovely, is really the most accurate word I can think of for this one. It's lovely. And I absolutely love it.

Scent: 9/10
Personal Appreciation: 9/10

L'Eau par Kenzo Kenzo by weeradej 2017-05-27

I didn't like L'eau par Kenzo the fist time I tried. But later when the scents developed it smelled so good. I found it also a very seducive scent, must be from musk. It's suitabke for summer giving fresh feeling. Later when I move to Germany I found one product DuschDas Shower feeling Deospray smelled very much like L'eau par Kenzo.

Pineapple Vintage Noir Parfums Vintage by Eau De Rous 2017-05-27

Parfums Vintage Pineapple Vintage Noir is very similar to their Pineapple Vintage (I've reviewed on Frgrantica too), and almost indistinguishable in most respects to my nose.

Of a few hundred fragrances I've bought and kept in my collection approximately 1/3rd get a 9 or 10 rating from me for scent as Parfums Vintage Pineapple Vintage Noir does. It's a 9/10. You can see the notes above and compare to the "originl. A lovely and well blended composition that insists on comparison with a pineapple-y version of Aventus (of which I've owned two batches myself). Here the pineapple accord (I won't say note in this case) is not just front and center in the opening but ever-present in the heart as well. It is renowned for having a slightly smokier element and better performance than "original." I don't want to call this a clone, but, if you must, it is undoubtedly better than anything available before it was introduced along with its "original" version (which it may even be a tad better than as a true clone) including any of the plastic scents in the gaudy bottles from the Middle-East.

The performance couldn't be much better though this could be cloying if one over sprays. Longevity is well above average (9/10) and projection/sillage are above average (8/10).

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer nights for almost any conceivable occasion as long as one is not crazy on the trigger. 9/10 versatility. Speaking of triggers, the sprayer works quite well. The understated bottle and box speak classic and modern classy, not of stodgy nor distracting style, doing more with less. It has subdued hues and contrasting metallic lettering on the box with its historic homage artwork, and for that and the shapely (pineapple?) heavy glass bottle with its wooden top I give the presentation a 7/10.

The latest prices are fair in my opinion, relatively speaking, and Parfums Vintage customer service is fine. As they are pretty clearly a "small business" let's identify Parfums Vintage as the independent niche house it must be. Maybe a lot of fragheads, who subconsciously defend established houses, can take new inspiration now. In fact I have noticed an unusual bias against Parfums Vintage by people who pretty clearly have an emotional as well as apparently too-substantial-for-them-not-to-be-hurt-and-embarrassed financial investment in a bottle of Aventus. I've even seen this disdain in those who only own a cheap (and inexpensive) low-quality knock-off in a silver plastic or black glass bottle that have never so much as smelled no less sampled Vintage Pineapple, and that is even odder still. Both are clearly defensive reactions I liken to you following your favorite sports team, rationally chosen by where you happen to live, on the back page of the newspaper and seeing them losing to their rival start cursing the other team. Well Creed Aventus, actually, I suspect you are losing piece by piece and the Emperor will eventually have no (insultingly-expensive) clothes.

Finally, this fragrance's brother, "original," was the most compliment-garnering fragrance of all of mine combined literally from the first morning I started wearing it before I even sat down at work. In fact it inspired colleagues to start wearing fragrances! There are variations on a theme with Vintage Pineapple "original" let's call it, and in other releases by Parfums Vintage but this particular fragrance earned an "A."

Sauvage Christian Dior by Chiru 2017-05-27

Hm... not really feeling this one guys. A frustrating fragrance in that it smells very synthetic, almost cosmetic and mall-like, and given the hype I was expecting a lot more. A very boring fragrance for the man with a perfect smile. It smells "perfect" but not in a good way. This is very much a modern male fragrance for modern males in the work setting, with no differentiating characteristics. Very machine-like and fake. It's hard to explain. I hope at least someone gets this reference... I know it's stupid, but it's pretty damn accurate:

Remember that Spongebob episode where squidward wishes spongebob wasn't so goofy, and was more of a man's man agreeable neighbour? And spongebob becomes all rounded instead of square, is shiny and boring, but pleasant and agreeable, and also like every other typical guy? He just repeats "Hi, how are ya?" and seems fake? That's who would wear this fragrance. Shallow, agreeable, boring yes-man guys in a suit at the office that smile at you and wave when you park your car up your driveway. About as multifaceted as a piece of paper and about as deep as a yogurt lid.

It's just a generic, soapy department store kinda fragrance. Extremely safe, powdery, flowery, peppery and bright. I don't get the hype on this one. And I'm pretty open minded. I'm no snob who won't touch designer mainstream perfumes just because I think I'm some enlightened fellow who only sniffs interesting scents for interesting people. It just really is a boring scent, plain and simple. I know my review sounds bad, but it's not a -bad- scent per se. It's just... lacking anything to make it stand out. I'd pay maybe $40-50 for this scent. Maybe? If I really liked it? But the asking price for this scent is absolutely insane for what it brings to the table. I have to echo what others are saying. It smells quite a bit like Bleu De Chanel, mixed with some peppery flowers and soapy powder. Perhaps people only like it because women seem to like it on men. It does have that fresh out of shower smell afterall. Thing is, every guy and their grandad wears this stuff, so for a perfume that everybody wears, it loses even more points towards purchasing it for me. How ironic that every guy wears a fragrance that just screams "every guy" in the first place. To each their own.

I'm glad I got a 5ml decant spray of this stuff and didn't spend the asking price for this perfume. A disappointment. Gosh, it really does just smell like a cheap soap, lol. Really, this stuff smells like if you got a bar of cheap Irish Spring soap and sprayed a bit of Bleu De Chanel on it. I mean I like it, please don't get me wrong, it's a very nice scent, and it does have good longevity, but at this price? And this boring? Nah. Try before you buy.

And another thing! How odd they called this "Sauvage". There's nothing "sauvage" about this in any stretch of the imagination. See that picture of Johhny Depp in the pictures section for this fragrance? Even he's making a "the fuck is this shit? sauvage? are you serious?" kinda face as he stares at the big white lettering of "Sauvage".

Scent: 5.5/10
Silage: 7/10
Personal Appreciation: 6/10

I picked up a sample of this yesterday because I loved it in store. Francis Kurkdjian really does a nice job with roses, and Rose Couture is no exception. The rose does not beat you over the head because it's intertwined with peony and some light caramel nougat. Very nicely done. Not heady, as many rose-based perfumes can be, but light, refreshing, summery. This morning I took that sample and sprayed myself around my head about six times! And that brings me to my major beef: The longevity stinks. I don't think I even got to the three hour mark. The sillage is soft and gets softer and softer until there is no trace left. Reapplication is a must!

Now for part 2: I've applied Rose Couture on my left wrist, and Nina Ricci L'Extase (another Francis Kurkdjian creation) to my right. I wanted to see if the similarities are truly there. At the very top, they are extremely close. But upon drydown, the Rose Couture veers in a brighter, fresher direction and the peony/rose combo becomes prevalent. The L'Extase goes deeper and richer with a syrupy rose and caramel underlay.

Verdict: I honestly cannot decide which one is better. Rose Couture seems ideal for daytime applications such as work, church, school, etc. L'Extase seems to be made for sultry summer nights. Both are top quality and have very nice bottles (if you also buy based on the flacons, like I'm prone to doing!). L'Extase lasts longer...waaaaay longer, and that one thing gives it the edge, IMO. Plus, I already own it, so there's that.

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel by theconnoisseur87 2017-05-27

Helllllo guys :

it's gonna be a long review today :) :

well coco my love where to start ??? , you've changed 180 degree .

No 5 changed today but you can feel , smell the same DNA , but not with coco .

MR Jacques Polge spend ""4 years"" of his life creating this perfume , it was something new in 1984 chanel wanted a masterpiece .

let me break down all the notes in coco 84 and comparing them to today's coco :

Coco 84 based on one note inside this note there's 4 ingredients :

the glorious "Maysore" sandalwood , the thick white Egyptian jasmine , thick white orange blossom , and soapy note

Now "maysore sandal " in 94 restricted , this wood does not smell like a woody note like in cedar wood or the smoked Brazilian rose wood , this wood smells milky white , buttery , warm , it is precious and very beautiful .

the Egyptian Jasmine is thick white in feel and in color . this jasmine is different then Sambac Jasmine , the sambac one is airy light green and little animalic , .

So the result is : white milky a bit soapy , the Jasmine is exotic here I mean ' lots and lots of it .

the opening in vintage 84 : aldehyde + fresh citrus Mandarin with spicy Coriander and pomegranate blossom .

then the white note : Sandal + jasmine + orange blossom + soapy note came in , this note stays in the heart and the base .

along with this whiteness in the heart you get 3 notes : a pinky rose + light purple Clover + yellow Mimosa , playing around beautifully " inside " this whitey note .

the dry down : the flowers are gone now what's lift is the sandal jasmine orange blossom with the soapy note mixed with :

Warm civet + resin = sweet myrrah ( opoponax ) .

the sweet myrrah here is not smoky incense .
it's the raw resin , take one piece of this brown resin and through it into milky buttery sandalwood .

real civet smells like cat piss , I know EHHH but

trust me real civet ( Brown in color ) , with milky sandal , the mixture is warm and sensual .

there's also a peachy nectar note starts in the top and in the middle .

one more thing : there's a note in vintage coco no one ever talked about it : it's the cistus absolute .

now wait a minute : this is the flower , the same flower we take the labdanum from it ?? yes it is .

the smell of the flower " the white cistus " is different then labdanum absolute both of the are extracted from the same flower and they smell different :

the labdanum is leathery like vinyl records black like old heated Tv " if you know what I mean " we see this not a lot in vintage chypre perfumes .

labdanum mixed with benzoin resin with vanillin you get the dusky amber note .

the cistus absolute smells to me : like musky herbaceous weird I know .

when you smell the vintage coco in the dry down you get the feeling of fresh white laundry , this is the result of the mixture between the milky sandal and the musky herbaceous cistus absolute .

this is the same note found in chanel masterpiece " Bois noir "

Bois Noir is not the " Masculine version " of chanel Bois des illes . no

just because mr polge inspired by the large does of sandalwood found in Bois des illes , does not make this perfume a Masculine version of it .

Bois Noir " 1987 " is the Masculine version of vintage chanel COCO 1984 .

Both of them presented the baroque " style "

antaeus 1981 , coco 1984 , bois noir 1987 all are very baroque , very opulence .

coco nowadays ???

mmm , 95 percent not the same , gone the milky sandal , gone flowers like ((clover , mimosa , orange blossom , pomegranate blossom , pinky rose )) .

no real civet , no opoponax , no cistus absolute .

coco today is an ok perfume powdery ambery warm , with screechy synthetic notes .

vintage coco is impossible to make nowadays .

ahhh that milky sandal the warmth god what a note , COCO 84 done with an Italian style , the the creator intended this , he said if Shalimar takes you to India , ysl takes you to Marrakech , then COCO takes you to venice .

get the vintage one .

or enjoy the current one still a decent one .

next review is chanel " Bois noir " .

you'll be surprised how coco 84 and bois noir 87 , share the same development , 30 percent the same notes .

Muguet Fleuri Oriza L. Legrand by Addict2Perfume 2017-05-27

Muguet Fleuri by Oriza L. Legrand is one of those fragrances that left me speechless! It instantly reminded me of Rievaulx Abbey in England. The last remnants of the beautiful stone abbey are surrounded by the greenest grass and when I visited there was woman selling little bundles of lily of the valley, as it symbolizes innocence and purity. Its smells of grey cloudy days and rain showers in the garden. A soapy clean white floral with dewy green petals. I absolutely love, love, love Muguet Fleuri and I highly recommend this fragrance to lily of the valley lovers. Truly a natural beauty of a fragrance!

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur by carlosalbertoandradecruz 2017-05-27

A man's opinion about lady perfumes must mean something...
I offered this perfume to my wife. She took a while to decide on which side she would judge this fragrance: Love or hate?
Gladly she now loves it.
In my opinion she is a lot sexier and hotter when she wears this perfume, and she knows it.
This is a fragrance that may make the difference between a real woman and the Lolitas and Brittneys that really don't attract the attention of a man, spouse and lover. And if your wife/girl friend smells like five, a million or any other number, she is not really different from any other women a man may encounter every day.
Think about that when you spray yourself with AP AP. You will be hotter, sexier and different.
... I already bought a second bottle for my wife.

PS - The master perfumer of AP - Christian Provenzano - is responsible for Penhaligon's LP No.9 for Men. This is the perfume that my wife elected as my sexier perfume.

Promenade des Anglais Guerlain by Q80 2017-05-27

Orris, violets, heliotrope, musk, and limes. Kind of similar to "Liu" by the same house and kind of interesting.

Powdery and reminds me of my sister's essence allot. Soft and relaxing.

Pistachio Brûlée Urban Outfitters by supertw94109 2017-05-27

I love this cheap nutty, sweet, casual perfume. It comes in a hair and body mist too. It's a not too cloying vanilla nutty scent. Perfect for summer or whenever.

This perfume opens with a big blast of wonderful civet, that mellows out with time. The benzoin and the vanilla tame the civet a bit, although I think I could have done without the vanilla. I think it might be part of Ellen Covey's signature smell, a bit of sweetness in whatever form she sees fit for the perfume. The orange blossom gets a bit lost in all of this, which turns this from a love to a like. You might like this if you like Bal a Versailles.


I own Eros and Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme. I just stopped wearing Eros - it's just too strong for me. I tried Oxford Bleu, and it's better...but I actually think this fragrance is fine. You have to forget that this is unoriginal and just take it for how it smells. This is definitely not ground breaking stuff at all! Having said that, if you kind of like Eros, but wish it was just a little less 'out there' this is honestly a good alternative. I am wearing it right now and hey, I'm good with it! I can see this fragrance as being a compliment-getter too!

If this is YSL's answer to Dior's Sauvage and Versace's Dylan Blue....I think I prefer this out of the three. I just don't like Sauvage and I've given it multiple wearings. Dylan Blue probably needs more time with me. Eau my nose it's pretty good.

Pineapple Vintage Parfums Vintage by Eau De Rous 2017-05-27

Of a few hundred fragrances I've bought and kept in my collection approximately 1/3rd get a 9 or 10 rating from me for scent as Parfums Vintage Pineapple Vintage does. It's a 9/10. You can see the notes above. It is a lovely and well blended composition that insists on comparison with a pineapple-y version of Aventus (of which I've owned two batches myself). As such I'd even go so far as to say it is Aventus' equal. That said, to love this you must adore pineapple because that accord (I won't say note in this case) is not just front and center in the opening but ever-present in the heart as well. I don't want to call this a clone, but, if you must, it is undoubtedly better than anything available before it was introduced along with its "Noir" version including any of the plastic scents in the gaudy bottles from the Middle-East.

The performance couldn't be much better though this could be cloying if one over sprays. Longevity is above average (8/10) and projection/sillage are well above average (9/10).

Best for Winter days, Spring, Summer nights, and Fall for almost every occasion as long as one is not crazy on the trigger. 8/10 versatility. Speaking of triggers, the sprayer works quite well though there may have been some leaky ones upon introduction which was apparently addressed. The understated bottle and box speak classic and modern classy, not of stodgy nor distracting style, doing more with less. From the cream and milk-paint green hues and metallic lettering of the box with its historic homage artwork, to the shapely (pineapple?) heavy glass bottle with its wooden top I give the presentation a conservative 7/10.

The latest prices are fair in my opinion, relatively speaking, and Parfums Vintage customer service is fine. As they are pretty clearly a "small business" let's identify Parfums Vintage as the independent niche house it must be. Maybe a lot of fragheads, who subconsciously defend established houses, can take new inspiration now. In fact I have noticed an unusual bias against Parfums Vintage by people who pretty clearly have an emotional as well as apparently too-substantial-for-them-not-to-be-hurt-and-embarrassed financial investment in a bottle of Aventus. I've even seen this disdain in those who only own a cheap (and inexpensive) low-quality knock-off in a silver plastic or black glass bottle that have never so much as smelled no less sampled Vintage Pineapple, and that is even odder still. Both are clearly defensive reactions I liken to you following your favorite sports team, rationally chosen by where you happen to live, on the back page of the newspaper and seeing them losing to their rival start cursing the other team. Well Creed Aventus, actually, I suspect you are losing piece by piece and the Emperor will eventually have no (insultingly-expensive) clothes.

Finally, this was the most compliment-garnering fragrance of all of mine combined literally from the first morning I started wearing it before I even sat down at work. In fact it inspired colleagues to start wearing fragrances! There are variations on a theme with Vintage Pineapple "original" let's call it, and in other releases by Parfums Vintage but this particular fragrance earned an "A."

Songes Annick Goutal by anilinam 2017-05-27

Read raw umber's comment below. I think it's right on point.

Two things to add:

1. This has no tuberose, however if you like the more classical treatment of tuberose, you might like Songes.

2. I'm aware the notes are all only flowers. But, I used to go to a yoga studio where they burned some kind of incense that smelled like this. There is definitely a slight "incency" aspect to this on the dry down.

While this is not the fragrance for me, I'm really glad that it is in the market. These types of fragrances used to be more prevalent 40 years ago, and I think it is great this is being commercialized, as this is a perspective rarely represented in the marketplace.

Keep buying it Songes lovers!

La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique Yves Saint Laurent by TheGoodfellaANDSmeller 2017-05-27

@josevancouver: There we go, Im not the only one who sees this as a mix of Eros and a little bit of Chanel Allure Homme Eau Extreme...thats why I like this one

Mademoiselle Guerlain Guerlain by Q80 2017-05-27

Where is the almonds note! it's almond and marshmallows or s'mores. It has that delicate powdery that is presented by iris, and galbanum with the help of violets.

You might not like the top note and the first spray but when it calms it goes deep and sensual.

Mademoiselle Piguet Robert Piguet by ras.kel.5 2017-05-27

Fresh take on orange blossom, the bergamot provides some zest that lifts the mood of this perfume. Very feminine and perfect for summer. The tonka rounds out the scent and the almonds and apricot provide a hint of sweetness. Unfortunately, I hate the way almonds smell, which turns this from a love to a like. Make sure you love all the notes before you buy this, they are almost equally noticeable.

Sauvage Christian Dior by mikkiboy 2017-05-27

I recently got this perfume as a gift. It is very strong and one-way smell. Got some compliments from female coworkers, but I am thinking of selling it and buying Prada Carbon, which is more pleasant scent to me. Dior Sauvage is new generation perfumes, but it is too rough, and if someone likes this kind of scent, then I can recommend IMY Bleu D'Odissey which is really masterpiece.

This is an incredibly sweet fragrance, and not in a good way. Vanilla+toffee+tonka is enough to give you a sugar rush and make your teeth rot. It's like nowadays both designer and niche houses compete who's gonna launch the sweetest fragrance in the world... Well, here we have a strong contender.

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