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Olympéa Intense Paco Rabanne by wvdisnut 2017-03-25

I spent a long time testing the original Olympea and Olympea Intense. I could not decide which one to buy. I ended up buying the original Olympea and I'm glad I did. The Intense version is more a fall and winter scent and is fairly heavy. The information says it only contains three notes while the original contains nearly 3x the notes. Both versions last forever. But the Intense has more amber, vanilla, which exudes the winter notes to me. I am a spring/summer girl and so prefer the original. However, if someone were to give me a bottle of the intense for Christmas I would like it! But will not spend that money for just a fall/winter scent. Both are great perfumes.

It's a decent perfume I bought for 19$.It smells very good in cold weather,I felt an elegant vibe.It last like 3 hours than dissapears completely. Don't even think of wearing this in hot air or if you are a sporty active person because you'll smell like dog food.

Classic Orange Von Eusersdorff by NotATroll 2017-03-25

The below review by guest_ is mine, but for some reason I was logged out while writing it:

Very zesty, a bit sharp. Orange soda. Orange flavored candy. Is it gourmand? If you like your orange soda with a dash of hand soap, then yes. Sweet, fresh, zest. Very unisex, good for boys and girls. It will smell best on young people. Maybe an old woman with a youthful demeanor. It's a very happy, playful scent.
I also get a little bit of bitterness, but no leather at all.
Does it smell sexy? No. It's not seductive at all. It's mostly just a funny experience.

Three words: Sweet. Orange. Candy.
Enjoyability: 6.5/10
Specialness: 7.5/10
Would I buy?: Nah.
Why not?: It's just not that alluring.

Very zesty, a bit sharp. Orange soda. Orange flavored candy. Is it gourmand? If you like your orange soda with a dash of hand soap, then yes. Sweet, fresh, zest. Very unisex, good for boys and girls. It will smell best on young people. Maybe an old woman with a youthful demeanor. It's a very happy, playful scent.
I also get a little bit of bitterness, but no leather at all.
Does it smell sexy? No. It's not seductive at all. It's mostly just a funny experience.

Three words: Sweet. Orange. Candy.
Enjoyability: 6.5/10
Specialness: 7.5/10
Would I buy?: Nah.
Why not?: It's just not very alluring.

True Reflection Kim Kardashian by Jm378 2017-03-25

I can see how this can be compared to Angel; maybe it's the sweetness and patchouli that they both share in their DNA. I find this fragrance similar to Nicole Richie's signature scent Nicole, True Reflection is just less earthy IMO.

Artisan Black John Varvatos by jigginssean 2017-03-25

Finished bottle on 25/03/2017

Final summary- The scent is very nice, inoffensive and has a fairly unique take on freshness. After much wearing, i have gathered that it is also unpredictable. 85% of the time, it has extremely soft projection and moderate longevity even with up to 15 sprays. 15% of the time it's projection is actually quite decent and longevity has lasted up to around 9 hours. So it seems that this one has a mind of its own! Compliment wise it didn't do too badly, got a reasonably good amount of compliments but this was on good projection days. Didn't receive any negative feedback so i stand by my earlier review saying that this is a very safe inoffensive scent. Major downside is projection. Overall i would give it a 7/10.

Incense Royale Sultan Pasha Attars by SundayMorning 2017-03-25

Wakening up with a buzzing chainsaw.
I cant tell the different between a fancy trees ,but any big freshly sawn tree-scent is very well captured here.
Dripping of oak-resin, makes me think about the sawmill in twin peaks.

Nothing for a datenight, but home alone, sure :)

Oro Nero Bois 1920 by MARFUOFFICIAL 2017-03-25


Eden Cacharel by marsiesmoon 2017-03-25

Yes !

I am so glad I have finally purchased a bottle of Eden . It has been on my want list for years because it is so polarizing . I LOVE this scent . This was a blind buy for me and I had no idea what to expect . I do tend to be in camp "love" when it comes to fragrances that are strong love or hates for most people . This is no exception .

What I get from this : Anise ! I feel like this is the scent of black jelly beans and plastic doll heads combined with patchouli. A great winter daytime scent for me . So so glad this works for me . The pretty jade green minimalist bottle is a love as well . At this price point ? Incredible.

This is my review for the bottle that contains the brown juice.

Sweet, spicy with a hint of citrus, and long lasting....I like it! But has anyone else smelled Red Velvet Cheer from Bath and Body Works and find that the two fragrances have striking similarities?

Cedrat Boise Mancera by satyajeetdharmadhikari 2017-03-25

Smell...9/10, Longevity 5/10, projection 6/10 overall 6/10... The performance really sucks on my skin. Not expected from mancera at all

Eros Versace by azcactusgirl 2017-03-25

I've been in a rather adventurous mood lately and have blindly purchased several bottles of perfume, this one included. I know it is for men but I thought I would give it a whirl.

Firstly, I love the bottle, mostly the incredible color! This is my very favorite color ever and it really makes me happy inside when I see it in anything.

I sprayed Eros on my wrist last night before I went to bed and it was so good to smell as I went to sleep. It is unlike anything I have ever put on my skin before! It does start off somewhat odd and loud but the dry down is great and I love the spicy greenness of this, it is unusual but somehow pulls me into it's depths. I am not sure I am ready to wear this out in public yet, I must get to know it better to feel comfortable doing that, but that will be a fun challenge ahead. I'm not sorry that I bought it but I can tell not everyone would enjoy this as much as I do and probably should not blindly purchase it, especially if you are a woman.
I would LOVE to smell this on my husband but he never wears fragrance and actually dislikes it very much.... but somehow tolerates my passion for it, thankfully!

Mefisto Xerjoff by Kenudigme 2017-03-25

It's all about the bottle... I'm not impressed about anything having to with this fragrance other than the bottle.

Made In Love Jeanne Arthes by irisjetaime 2017-03-25

Je viens de l'acheter chez Super U... 11 € et quelques cent.
J'ai hâte de l'essayer.

Gucci Guilty Absolute Gucci by ken_smith404 2017-03-25

I don't like to wear Gucci perfume after the last one I tried from a friend but when I stumbled on this at carsons it wowed me.
I love this because it is woody, last longing and matured.
It stays on my shirt for 3days.
Thumbs up GUCCI

Gucci Eau de Parfum Gucci by Ranya 2017-03-25

Old times...when GUCCI know, Gucci and nothing else. Deep, dramatic, full bodied, with a mistery around every spray, very good longevity and definitely unique. yes, discontinued from years but it can still be found, pricy but worthy! You can t go wrong with this. if you love Britney Spears or Mariah style in scents, stay away and don t waste your money with this piece of an art. Fabulous. 9/10

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford by FragAddict81 2017-03-25

My favorite, AND most complimented fragrance. It's perfect from scent to performance. Beware buying this on ebay, there are too many fakes from Russian Federation/Bulgaria/China.

Fuel For Life Femme Diesel by UnearthlyApothecary 2017-03-25

This is an amazing patchouli scent, a fresh citrus burst leads into a little pepper and nutmeg spice followed by jasmine and earthy musty patchouli and vetiver. This scent has some massive silage and the longevity is incredible as well. There is a slight sweetness but this composition is more masculine (which I love) I could easily see men wearing this. Fuel For Life is great for patchouli lovers like myself that can get tired of all the sticky sweetness present in the mainstream patch scents for women.

Musk Denim by ivankovai 2017-03-25

I love this fragrance, its Oak-moss and Patchouly blends with Orange and Citruses and leaves me dreamming for a moment, then wakes me up in a role of, a male that smells very mature. It is Sweet but has that note of seriousness (as it says it is warmspicy). 2 me it has some of "bussines success" in its notes and is like that maby, because one of our familly friend who was succesfull smelled like it (mean on notes). It lasts longer than the other low-cost aftershaves.

Shalimar Guerlain by orangepekoe 2017-03-25

I could never wear this somehow - too strong. Give me Femme Fatale which is a better smelling perfume and should be around but is not unfortunately.

Terre d'Hermes Hermes by MikiRae 2017-03-25

I am a woman who enjoys wearing masculine fragrances every now and then. I enjoy wearing this in warmer weather. Once the initial, very masculine blast dissipates, the dry down is perfectly fine for a lady. For me this is a very classy fresh and earthy citrusy scent. I like to wear Terre D'Hermes when I meet with difficult clients because it isn't overbearing or distractingly sweet. It makes me feel more professional in a no nonsense way. Kind of empowering. Does that even make sense? Anyway it is an elegant Fragrance and I love it.

La Vie de Boheme Anna Sui by loversandxo 2017-03-25

Nothing unique, but the dragonfruit is the only standout note.

I agree with someone else who commented that this is a weaker version of Forbidden Affair. This one lacks depth, it's a unilinear watery smell of fruits and musk. There is something a little soapy that I find with this fragrance, which I'm really not the biggest fan of.

Very youthful and sweet, however, right now it's not something I would need in my collection. On top of that, the longevity and silage is poor; on my skin it lasts 2 hours at best. I purchased this fragrance at Marshall's and it came with a set of 5 Anna Sui Minis...this is my least favorite out of all that I tried.

Kitten Fur Demeter Fragrance by drlk 2017-03-25

Blech - smells like cheap air freshener. Ordered the small spray in hopes of a new musky fragrance. Nope, into the trash.

Brilliant White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor by orangepekoe 2017-03-25

My 2 favorites, Brilliant White diamonds and Sparkling White diamonds. They are both soft. Sparkling is a bit more aromatic and reminds me of young girl's perfumes of the 70's, 80's. Brilliant is more lemony and rosy.

L'Heure Bleue Guerlain by osy2017 2017-03-25

Love L'Heure Bleu...

Ambre Pimente Ajmal by Edorius 2017-03-25

A fantastic fresh scent for men. There is some sweetness in the opening, which makes my senses tingle, it is so pleasant, that it makes me smile. I've gone through hundreds of niche scents (and just as many designers), but this one of the best openings I've ever smelled.

Unfortunately, that sweet citric accord fades away in minutes, leaving a skin scent that has none of the vibe mentioned before. It's still nice, but not nice enough for me to buy. If it didn't change so drastically, I would instantly get it.

CH Men Carolina Herrera by FragAddict81 2017-03-25

My take on the older version:

I have used 3 bottles of the original formulation of this one (Red ribbon) and it smells fantastic.

I mostly get Sugar, slight Vanilla, Grass, Leather, Grapefruit. It's not a complex scents at all, but I like how it is sweet without being gourmand, so it fits all kinds of temperature.

It's almost impossible to dislike this scent, but it suits specific situations, like closed indoor event, dates, office - where you don't need a strong scent to project and perform too much. In an environment like a busy bar or a club it would be impossible to enjoy the scent with all the sweat and the other ultra strong scents around, this one will just get swallowed in the crowd.

The projection and sillage in the old formulation isn't that good, and after testing the new ones in Parfum shops I can also tell that the new formulation is less rich and has shorter longevity.

I can say it used to be purchase worthy, but not anymore unless you are able to get a deal on it for $30 instead of $60+

Like someone else have said here, I don't know why weak fragrances like this exist, the new formulation is almost a rip off.

Shalimar Guerlain by osy2017 2017-03-25

The same as with Chanel 5, took me longer to get to love it, to understand it. Now this is one of my favorites. Looking forward to get more flankers of Shalimar. This definitely will stay in my collection.

Noa Fleur Cacharel by Perfumedsecrets 2017-03-25

This was all I wore in 2003-2004. It was incredible, but it's hard for me to describe it in words. Noa Fleur was just a little more floral than the original.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Chanel by osy2017 2017-03-25

My all time favorite. Took me a little while to get to love this one, but is the one that will stay with me for a very long time. My first bottle, after I was looking and smelling it in stores for a year, was gifted to me by my precious daughters. They made this even more special.

Reserve Global Danny Seo by osy2017 2017-03-25

Very nice rose perfume. Reminds me of a sunny summer day. Not expencive at T.J. Maxx.

Smells like bubblegum. I like.

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Chanel by FragAddict81 2017-03-25

It's pretty good when you smell it on the air, but close to the skin it's too synthetic and overpowering, if smelled blindly I would never guess it was released by CHANEL, it's nothing special and not worth the price.

What's good about it is the projection.
In my area everyone is wearing citrusy scents and this one doesn't stand out too much. I can recommend to wear it for socializing situations but not for close encounters.

Scent: 7/10
Projection: 8.5/10
Sillage: 9/10

Moment Vole Fragonard by champagnesparklers 2017-03-25

This smells just like parma violets (which I love), very powdery sweet violet smell with a hint of amber and raspberry. A soft, delicate fragrance that smells very clean. Definitely one to purchase if you're looking for a violet scented EDT.

L`Eau Ambree Prada by Germanblonde 2017-03-25

I love perfumes with balsamic and vanilla main accords that carry a good amount of sweetness, and if they have depth and facets, I love them even more. Prada L'Eau Ambree falls into this category. I am usually not much of a patchouli woman, but here it is blended in so beautifully, that it enriches the facet aspect of this fragrance in a very interesting and delightful way. Sometimes sweet fragrances can be boring, just because they are nice and sweet, but don't add much else to the stimuli. Not so with L'Eau Ambree. This is a scent that keeps me entertained long after the initial spray, when so many other sweet fragrances lose their draw for me. It is deep enough for the evening and light enough for the daytime. I will be wearing this lady quite a lot for sure.

Sauvage Christian Dior by simpa256 2017-03-25

I've smelled a lot of rotten eggs and not one smells like Sauvage. If rotten eggs smelled like this, wow, that would be a great thing. Then everyones eggs should go rotten.

Darley Parfums de Marly by Mighty lion 2017-03-25

Absolute paradise of a scent for the spring and possibly summer.. Sexy masculine freshness (lavender, bergamot, and crispness from the mint) that has a non gourmand delicious vibe( tonka & amber).. I own Pegasus and Herod from this house as well, and Darley fits in this lineup perfectly.. No one at all is discussing this hidden gem when discussing the house.. Some reviewers compare it to LeMale , I disagree .. It has a slight slight similarity, much like reflection man by amouage.. However just like reflection man, this scent jumps leaps and bounds over LeMale and separates the 'designer' boys from the 'niche' men..This juice is crafted so much smoother, and you can literally smell the quality.. This is signature worthy, performance tested, and is tried and true! Id give it 3 thumbs up if I had three hands!! So since I don't, I'll endorse Darley by giving it a top scores in all categories instead. As well as my sincerest proclamation that this stuff is the truth!! Love it and you'll love the compliments..

Encre Noire A L`Extreme Lalique by sarabx5 2017-03-25

I've got this one yesterday (39 euros shipping included). Classy bottle with a whisky color of the juice.

A heavy 2 sprays on the arm: at the top I got a boozy leathery vibe (strangely not mentionned in the notes list), within 2 minutes, cypress/vetiver/woody notes are dominant.

The dry down is a clear incense cypress is going along the way.

I've got a smell of Encre Noire Sport by the end.

Longivity is over average, Sillage and projection are very good.

I'll use this one in cold days.

Versace Pour Homme is a well known fragrance in community. It has both the versatility to become a signature scent as well as capacity to please the masses. Imo it can be worn all season but it especially shines in summer. It has that sharp fresh vibe that cuts through the summer heat and gives you the feeling that nothing can ruin your day when wearing it. It resembles a man who is determined achieve his daily goals but also relaxed with the ladies and it's a real treat to have around.

I first bought this fragrance last summer and it blew me away with its freshness. The scent itself is amazing. Nothing special but oh man... you feel confident when wearing, all the female friends at least acknowledge it... but sometimes they go crazy over it...especially when they get close to it. It smells like a really fresh out of the shower, playful kind of a vibe, with just enough elegance and maturity to become an attractive gentleman when wearing it. I doubt it at first, but it gave me even better compliments then PR Invictus for instance.

I usually apply 3-4 sprays and reapply after 2 hours or so. For first 1,5 hour it has pure beast mode, it projects, it's not invasive, it has a nice scent trail but then its starts to become weaker, which at its price it's really not something to worry about. A travel atomizer is all you need and you are set to continue your journey through the day.

For this price (100 ml for about 35 €) there are not many fragrances that can beat the ladies reaction...I will keep this fragrance in my collection as long as i dont get tired of it.. and there is no chance in hell that's gonna happen anytime soon.

SCENT: 9/10
PROJECTION: BEAST for first 2 hours
LONGEVITY: 4-5 hours

Outrageous! Frederic Malle by Cyrus Smith 2017-03-25

I must say that this is quite surprising coming from FMalle, but it did left a lovely impression. Basically I get a lovely green apple note (salty after some times, like a Granny Smith apple in summer you eat with a knife and add a little salt!), also light white floral freshness wrapped in aldehydes... lots of aldehydes! Nothing spectacular, nothing sophisticated or fancy, just a beautiful everyday fragrance that will be bright under the spring & summer sun.

Like philball said... the name Outrageous doesn't really describe this fragrance. I would imagine more of a balançoire/a swing in the midst of summer flying high in the wind (poetry ends here!).

Do have a try and make your own opinion, but this fragrance did surprise me after the first test o skin.

Body Burberry by Erinbath22 2017-03-25

My impression of this perfume is a comfy caramelly rose, regardless of exact notes. The peach smells like nectar and the musk is cozy, sweet and clean. Doesn't smell powdery to me, more creamy.
The delicious peach blend gives it an almost gourmand, smooth quality to me. It smells classy, but doesn't scream "perfume!" To me. At first I couldn't smell it on myself. But now I can, and I smell delicious:) Long-lasting like all Burberrys I've tried.

A great discreet perfume for work. Or a romantic night. Or for lazy days at home or just anytime. This is a grown up perfume but modern and lovely. Burberry is just a great house! Love it.

Fragrance №16 Nikkos-Oskol Fragrance by BloomPerfume 2017-03-25

Since Gerard Anthony is also the author of XS for Men and Azzarro Pour Homme No 16 has a bit of spicy masculine DNA in it which however keeps it from descending all the way into a gourmand. No 16 is a very dark amber with a distinct dry woody character (perhaps coming from patchouli and coffee duo) and a spicy edge created from cloves and nutmeg.

Guess Seductive Homme Guess by APULIAN 2017-03-25

i got some samples of this. i find Guess Homme Seductive very pleasant, warm spicy with a sexy, manly attitude. it's better than many expensive perfumes for sure. a great cheap fragrance in my opinion, u can use it in every situation and i can assure girls love it. better for fall and winter, but it can be wearable in cold summer nights. a great deal!grazie.

scent: 7,5
longevity: 7,5
sillage: 7,5
versatility: 8

my vote: 7,5

Very Hollywood Michael Kors by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Very Hollywood

Michael Kors seems to have a thread that runs through his fragrances and that comes from his love for white florals which are a present quality in almost all of his offerings targeted towards women. Very Hollywood doesn't stray from the Michael Kors DNA but it doesn't do much for itself either, never failing to absolutely fall apart on my skin into a messy synthetic take on Gardenia, Jasmine and Raspberry which is the only thing I like about this scent because it provides a sweetness and a freshness that the two leading ladies don't seem to pull off at all. It's still a nice fragrance but not for me unfortunately

Curve Wave Liz Claiborne by dtwaddle 2017-03-25

Remarkably well-composed for a frag in this price range. It's crisp, clean, ozonic, maybe slightly aquatic, but all the notes blend together extremely well, so that none stands out much above the others. It's fresh green, it's citrus, it's aquatic, airy, and chypre-like all at once, but strangely none of those really dominate. Definitely for summer, and I strongly recommend day wear.

I know others have reported weak performance, but this is a powerhouse on my skin. Sillage is not enormous, but above average for me, which is great, because it keeps it from becoming cloying. Longevity is unbelievable for this price range! And even if you had to apply a second, or even third spritz throughout the around $17 for a 4.2oz bottle, who cares?

Yes it's a bit linear, doesn't change too much from application to dry down, but it's one of the most pleasantly simple frags I've ever tried. I buy this one over and over and almost always have some on hand. I don't wear it much in winter, so if I run out in the fall, I'll usually wait until spring. Does that mean it's my signature scent? I'm not sure, but so far, it's one of only two fragrances I keep buying. The other is Jil Sander's Sander for Men, which I LOVE for fall and winter!

If you love a cool, clean, crisp, invigorating, youthful scent, there's no better bang for the buck than Curve Wave.

9/10 (only because it's so linear. Otherwise would easily be a 10)

Michael Michael Kors by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


I LOVE Tuberose and Michael is one of the good options out there that aren't going to charge you an arm and leg and make you take out a second mortgage just to pay for it. On my skin it's a very sexy and sensual but also approachable and friendly take on Tuberose,it's not vampy and slutty despite smelling quite "fleshy" on my skin but I feel like the addition of that banana smell that everyone seems to talk about it takes it into another direction and where it takes me is; the beach. I like to wear this in summer because Tuberose + my skin + summer weather= magic. Don't buy Kim Kardashians imitation of this (or do buy it so you can compare them for scent and overall quality) this is worth buying and I think I'm due for another bottle.

Bois Naufrage Pierre Guillaume by BloomPerfume 2017-03-25

In 2017 Bois Naufrage is back as PG16.1 in exactly the same formulation.

Inspired by a Lucien Clergue photograph entitled Naked in Driftwood, Bois Naufrage is a tender salty amber.

Pierre yet again experiments with an exotic material: Egyptian fig (carob), mixing it with sea salt, vetiver and synthetic ambergris creating a warm musky woody perfume.

Bois Naufrage is French for driftwood so the all the woody notes in the formula are intentionally given washed, salty and very smooth feel.

Warm Cotton Clean by de173eld 2017-03-25

I thought it was going to get more floraly because the label on the bottle said "floral aldehydic". It didn't. It was a linear laundry detergent scent throughout the entire 4~5 hour session.

As others have pointed out, it's a concentrated laundry detergent straight from the bottle smell. Not the warm and fuzzy fresh out of the dryer towels kind.

At least there are no surprises. You get what you sniff at the store.

Parfum d`Ete Kenzo by karenpantanalli 2017-03-25

I hated the head notes, but I had patience, after 1 hour it developed a beautiful scent. Love the dry down, but.... The head notes.... I'm not buying a FB.

Dolce Rosa Excelsa Dolce&Gabbana by turtle91 2017-03-25

Simple rosy scent. Lasts about 2-3 hours. Very poor sillage.

Just Me Paris Hilton by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Just me

This feels like one of the more grown up scents in her collection and I kinda fell in love with it when I first smelt it 11 years Ago, I was 15 back then so my generation was in the clutches of the Paris-Era where she seemed to rule the media and her face was just everywhere. I love raspberry in fragrances and these raspberries have had a good rub down with some pink pepper and some subdued floral notes which take a back seat to the pink pepper. My problem with Paris' fragrances (at least on my skin) is that they either start good or start bad but as they progress they just fall apart and disappear like a flake at a party or they become a mess of synthetic musk. Just me falls victim to both of those cases but for the time it is on my skin, its nice and inoffensive with good projection but the lasting power is poor

West Indian Lime Crabtree & Evelyn by iain.russell 2017-03-25

I'm from England. West Indian Lime has that old world vibe of a Victorian barbershop lime cologne splash that I recall my grandfather wearing. I find it very fresh, clean, classic lime scent with undertones of sandalwood and musk. Very classic British masculine fragrance. Great scent for summer, has a nice dry down of citrus. I would consider this a unisex fragrance as well, since my wife practically used up my whole bottle!

Masculin Acier Bourjois by FlirtBoy 2017-03-25

I get citrusy and soapy top-notes and lavender + honey drydown. Longevity being very good, 80s style (but not that loud). Very affordable. 8/10

Actually, Bourjois is producing another scent (Black Instant) which is quite similar to this one but enriched with vetiver while the honey note is subdued.

Eau Rose Diptyque by on the noze 2017-03-25

I have not experienced true rose like the rose in this since sniffing my father's prize roses long ago!

Very light and pleasant!

Fairy Dust Paris Hilton by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Fairy dust

If you ever want to smell what a Gardenia fragrance shouldn't smell like then this is the one you need to sniff so that you too can be repulsed by how bad this stuff is. Now I will say that I have smelt this on someone else and it smelt quite nice on them but on me and literally anyone else that I've managed to coax into smelling this have found it awful. My issue with this fragrance is the synthetic gardenia that screeches its way through the process of wearing this, add to that the musk note which doesn't do much to improve the fragrance but only seems to elevate the Gardenia. To it's credit, the projection is excellent and the staying power is annoyingly good but the scent isn't for me

Dreamz Man Chris Adams by justtwan 2017-03-25

For those wanting to know if this is a Creed Aventus clone the answer is no and it's not supposed to be. Dreamz is its own beautifully composed fragrance by a company that has some very very good bottles of juice that are really affordable. I own many different bottles of Chris Adams but I choose only the most expensive of them for eau de parfum strength ( platinum, titanium ). No these aren't cheap ingredients most middle eastern fragrances aren't and that's due to the availability of materials, their usually lower costing to the consumer for that very reason. If these fragrances were made by Creed people would fork over hundreds but that's the mentality of mindless consumers.

SJP NYC Sarah Jessica Parker by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


I can definitely see Carrie Bradshaw wearing this fragrance whilst rocking one of her obnoxiously fabulous outfits. On my skin its a very boozey strawberry and vanilla fragrance and it seems to stay that way for a while until I get a bit of honeysuckle which has fallen victim to booze and then some orange and musk to round up what I feel is basically a confusing but sweet and slightly drunk take on NYC. I like it and I like the funky bottle but I don't see myself repurchasing it unless I feel nostalgic and want to remember my days working the service desk at Kmart and having customers complain to me about their personal problems and asking for a refund on that $5 kettle they bought when dinosaurs roamed the earth

Iris Poudre Frederic Malle by dsty 2017-03-25

I was expecting so much of Iris Poudre - it's such a classic, I love iris and powdery scents, and I've been very impressed by almost every Frédéric Mall I've tried so far. So it's been an unexpected disappointment to discover that my feelings about this are rather mixed.

I have to agree with the reviewer below me: longevity isn't great. That's obviously problematic from a practical standpoint, and also from a financial one, since it's just the generally wonderful longevity that make the high prices of this line easier to swallow.
What makes it even worse, though, is that the only really potent part, the opening, doesn't really agree with me. It's very heavily musky at first, not bad if you care for that sort of scent, but too animalic for my taste. And then the scent starts to fade away just as soon as the musk starts to calm down and is joined by the iris and other notes! I really like how it turns out, though: all my expectations of a high quality, timelessly elegant but also very wearable and interesting powdery iris scent seem to be fulfilled, it's just that it's only for the briefest of time. Too bad!

I have a hard time accepting this - I find myself hoping that maybe my sample had gone off a little, or that I've tested it at the wrong time of year (although spring seems like it should be the perfect season for Iris Poudre), or that my nose was just a little off this week. I'm determined to revisit this at some future time - that wonderful but brief heart warrants doublechecking at the very least. To be continued!

La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain by pinkmuzic 2017-03-25

IWANT THIS ONE! anyone have one to swap with me! :)

Oudesire Ajmal by syedsiddiq 2017-03-25

Oudesire by Ajmal Perfumes.

It is classified as Woody Fruity Floral, It opens with the Top Notes of Orange Blossom, Rose, Jasmine and Bergamot. Middle Notes are Ginger, Raspberry and Black Currant & Base Notes are Amber, Agarwood, Sandalwood and Musk. I dont know why they put so many notes into it.

Branded as Luxury Product with Price & Design But Ingredients are Soften to Core. Although Ajmal Perfumes is One of my Favorite along with ASQ, Arabian Oud & Few Others. This Product Disappointed me a lot. Oud is v toned down and dont go by name as its not pure oud based. Oud is one of the Ingredients and its v soften up. I thought it would be a Masterpiece but its an Average Scent. Price is V high. Presentation is V good & Its Hyped a lot. I completely agree with #Gileshowe. Oudesire disappointed me a lot.

Ajmal Perfumes have a lot of Masterpieces in Perfume line up. You can try others. For me its not worth the money.

My Rating is 3.0 out of 5 because of Presentation, Design & Look but Juice wise the ratings would have much more less.

L Gwen Stefani by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


To me this always smelt and still does smell a lot like Garnier shampoo except we have pear in place of Garnier's apple.I loved this scent back in the day but now its like an uncooperative child on my skin and I prefer a drama-free existence so I just admire this fragrance on others who have the skin chemistry for this very lovely aquatic floral fragrance.

Circus Fantasy Britney Spears by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Circus Fantasy

This is Fun. It's a happy, uplifting and bright fragrance, very sweet and fruity which is to be expected from a Britney spears fragrance but for me personally her scents never over do it on the sweetness factor and I think circus fantasy is a good example of that. On my skin it's like sugary raspberries with a whole bunch of very vague and non-descript sweet notes. There's something cool and refreshing about it as well, sort of like slices of lemon and raspberries sitting in some icey water, ready to be consumed on a hot day. The staying power is garbage on my skin but the scent is a delight

Sung Alfred Sung by iain.russell 2017-03-25

My wife purchased this recently, it should be called Jasmine bomb! I love this fragrance on her. Although sweetheart go easy on the spraying. The whole house has the wonderful scent of white flowers, sandalwood, white musk, or maybe she did that on purpose, used it as a room spray? Well, it certainly does smell lovely and springtime in our home.

Versace Man Versace by Kountrytx 2017-03-25


Cafe Rose Tom Ford by sherryfung 2017-03-25

Definitely the smell of Liu Shen (Anti Mosquitoes Floral Water) - I tried and smelled for 7 days. Liu Shen is as cheap as 3 pound but even lasts much longer. Liu Shen is not a perfume though, more for medical purposes but woth a floral smell.

Fantasy Britney Spears by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


This was one of the first female fragrances that I dared to wear on my male skin (groundbreaking haha) and I loved it then and I still love it now, even when the smell of it conjures up the image of bitchy high school girls. On my skin though it takes on a bit of a masculine edge and the result is melted white chocolate smeared over some sandalwood with a few berries here and there. It's such an optimistic and sweet smell and despite the fact that I smell this almost everywhere, there is a sense of comfort that I take from this and that was the boldness of having the balls to wear this in the first place and actually pull it off.

Timbuktu L`Artisan Parfumeur by on the noze 2017-03-25

Although true to notes, it's not for everyone and I wouldn't recommend a blind buy.
Nice, unique but not the way I want to smell!

Flora by Gucci 1966 Gucci by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Flora 1966

I purchased this blindly (never doing that again...haha such a lie) and my god do I regret it. I love the bottle and the packaging but the fragrance inside is just nonexistent. I've smelt air fresheners with more complexity than this. No offence to those who do like this fragrance but on my skin it's just feral.

Agent Provocateur Maitresse Agent Provocateur by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


The image on the outside In my opinion doesn't reflect the juice on the inside. I was expecting something skanky and very slutty but all I got was a very nice, very powdery and almost soapy suede and ylang ylang fragrance that seemed very prim and proper on my skin, I felt like I should have checked into my nearest country club and took up tennis or golf. That's not to say that I dislike this fragrance because I like it and I like that it caught me off guard, its nice but perhaps a little too nice for Agent provocateur.

Liberty Island Bond No 9 by AP83 2017-03-25

Smells like a freshly cut orange and bergamot off the top with the marshmallow adding a synthetic sweetness in the back round. After 10-20 minutes the fresh citrus mellows down and the synthetic sweetness starts to take over. It's a very sweet synthetic feminine scent. Not bad but you can probably find something extremely close for 25% of the cost.

Chinchilla DSH Perfumes by sretana 2017-03-25

Good lord, this smells like a very mature peed in diaper. Like my toddler's when she wakes up in the morning. Or a nursing home hallway. Good lord. Animalic?? Yes. You'll smell like someone marked their territory all over you...

Vintage Kate Moss by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25


I actually love this fragrance and it frustrates me that its so hard to come by now because I really miss it. It's one of those very nice and slightly grown up vanilla fragrances, but not to grown up where you'd pick a high-tea over a rock concert in a muddy field. Vanilla, tonka, almond always shine on my skin and the mould together very nicely. Great staying power and really nice bottle as well

Kate Kate Moss by Portrait_in_sepia 2017-03-25

Kate moss

I like this and despite the fact that it's been a few years since I last smelt it, I've attached memories to this scent so when I do think of it, I can't help but smile and remember that lovely and very simplistic scent of peppery peony flowers with a bit of a musky base. It was always very floral and bright for the first few hours and then simmered down to a musky lotion-y type of smell. Good scent, really good staying power

Ambre et Vanille E. Coudray by [email protected] 2017-03-25

very very very long lasting vanilla-amber perfume. not my favorite but ok, iris-vanilla is better, i don't know about coco-vanilla. but it's so strong!

Prada La Femme Prada by sabrina.gv 2017-03-25

Its a grown up scent not a girl scent. Its for a woman in here 40ties.
Lady like and sophisticated.
I have it, and i love it.
Its a perfect match on my, soft, round, sensual.
Feels sexy....yes its me....

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Kvn_shang 2017-03-25

Anybody know where I can get this in South Africa?

Open Road (Prospect) Avon by markofirulesko 2017-03-25

This was the best Avon fragrance ever but it doesent exist anymore...

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by Teijal 2017-03-25

Omg gotta write this this smells like soap to me! I'm not liking it sorry seems like everyone is liking it but in my opinion it's really synthetic and it has really low sillage lasts about 2 hours before it completely fades away. Definetely couldnt wear enough to write a complete review. But bottle is lovely keeping it on my counter as ornament.

Cyber Garden CoSTUME NATIONAL by astaldohen 2017-03-25

I'm currently near the end of my little Cyber Garden sample and this one grew quite a lot on me over the past year. At first I thought it was too complex for my tastes, then I used to think of it as interesting but unnecessary, pretty much I would often find an excuse to dash it.

But Costume National won me over again once more. A brand, which is the epitomy of well - done syntheticness, a syntheticness with a dirty mind, very well blended and cleverly executed, neatly packed inside brilliant concepts and ideas. And Cyber Garden is of course no exception: Vinil note, anyone?

Well I'm not sure there is vinil in here, I would rather call that accord metallic, which is more of what I get smelling this. A metallic accord with a very supportive green armor that gives it a kind of liquidity, making it ideal for strolls at the promenade. The floral heart is where the big contrast happens. A very traditional masculine bouquet alongside the metallic (vinil) note. A spinning urban spring, lacking any natural element, but with interesting scratches happening between the ongoing loops of the fragrance. A Cyber punk city scent for day use.

The Cyber part of the drydown is where I get a bit sceptical. Sadly, it doesn't reach the excellence of the ambery Scent and Scent Intense. The high quality concept is of course still there, but the drydown feels empty of emotion. The aftertaste the metallic accord leaves on the woods of the base is quite unsettling. It is so futuristic and alien, devoid of any past or memories. I don't like that kind of detachment it evokes, but I could see myself wearing it on certain occasions.

Although the concept here managed to beat the scent itself, the uniqueness and boldness of it, make me think this creation deserves a thumbs up.

Aqua Vitae Maison Francis Kurkdjian by gedlive 2017-03-25

I don't like writing bad reviews, and this is still a very good quality pleasant fragrance.
It reminded me of a very mute, Aqua Universalis, which has so much more pop and sparkle.
Aqua Vitae could work for someone who likes the MFK Aqua series but feels most of them are leaning too feminine, Aqua Vitae does not.

The woody notes and Tonka are imperceptible to me. I get citrus, then some white flowers, magnolia, lilly of the valley, and Neroli. Then I do pick up on a nuance of aldehyes.

Of the fresh fragrances from MFK that I would recomend over this one, that don't lean feminine much are Petit Matin, Aqua Universalis, and APOM homme.

Rating: 7.5/10

God bless. John 3:16

Cologne Le Galion by philball 2017-03-25

This is my second fragrance from this house and I love it. I'm particularly drawn to cologne style fragrances and this is a wonderfully executed example, reminiscent of Neroli Portofino but with a greener element.

The perfume itself is a representation of an imaginery meeting between Rodrigo Flores-Roux, the perfumer who created this gem and Paul Vacher, the owner of the original Le Galion perfume house; sharing a cocktail and a cigar in the gardens of the Mansion house of Le Galion on a summers afternoon, in the shade of blossoming orange trees.

Bitter Orange / Bergamot / Lemon / Orange Blossom to represent the orange trees

Juniper Berries / Angelica root for the Martini Cocktail

Eau de Brouts / Clary Sage to recall the smell of cigar ash

Honeysuckle and Galbanum for the evocation of the gardens and the smell emanating from Ivy.

It opens with a blast of sharp citrus as you would expect, before the softer floral notes give it some depth and soften the edges. There's a greeness to the perfume too although I only get a very faint representation of the cigar smoke from the Clary Sage. Overall, this perfume is bright, floral, green and clean.

I don't think the perfume is as complicated as the imaginary meeting would suggest, however, it's still a wonderful creation. It's beautifully presented too, with the lovely cylindrical glass bottles used by this house. My only complaint would be longevity, which, along with the silage, is, in my experience, average.

This is my second fragrance from this house, Sang Bleu being my first, and I would encourage everyone to check their fragrances out, if you get a chance, especially if you like old-school fragrances from the past but with a contemporary twist.

Swietenia The Body Shop by le00000000000 2017-03-25

This reminds me of Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger, went to TBS for a sight shopping and saw the new elixirs of nature collections. This immediately came up to my brain as Serge Lutens because the major domination of the orange flower but with trails of woody notes and vanilla on the dry down, while Fd'O is just purely blooming orange flower. This guy can last up to 6 hours wear on skin.
I don't really think this is similar to any TBS jasmine/neroli based, this Swietenia is so much better. If you like SL Fd'O but you don't want to spend so much money this is one of the alternative dupe. But if TBS in your country sells this for $50, I recommend you to buy the SL because 2 bottles of this cost the same with one bottle of SL with less longevity.

Si Giorgio Armani by bombekmateya 2017-03-25

When my friend showed me this at first I said.. " Eww, this stinks, doenst smell great at all.." But after smelling this thing on her everyday, I tried her loveable perfume a couple of times.. Its like falling in love with someone you never thought you would. I just bought it yesterday. I'm in love now :)

Shades Wood Armaf by Velvetice 2017-03-25

Disappointing. I felt like they tried to mix soo many ingredients they all got discombobulated and it smells horrible. I use it in my bathroom rather than putting in the bin. It was a gift I couldn't bare to hand over. After hours of research for certain types of fragrances and ingredients, I thought I was onto a winner with this one. Turns out it's not for everyone. R.I.P what could have been. Lol .

CGV has done a perfect discription of this fragrance.. It has something very elegant en something.....attractive...Before I bought it, I was always sniffing my wrist and could not resist buying it. Also very good quality products, the same quality as Tabac Original... A hidden gem !!

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Velvetice 2017-03-25

Wow, sooo strong . The initial smell of it hits you instantly, sooo strong it smells quite strange and can't pin point it but it's not the most pleasant but give it 10 minutes or more, wow it settles into a gorgeous, luxurious scent. You definitely will smell like a million dollars. Its a mix of vanilla, amber, rosey, a hint of oily sweetness and almost powdre and quite dry. I do smell a bit of nutmeg but only slightly. It last all day, night and the next day after and after .. so take it easy .

Precious Woods April Aromatics by TAP 2017-03-25

Precious Woods is a stunningly beautiful blend of real wood extracts that are naturally terpenic, camphorous, fresh and full-bodied. For me the sandalwood, cedar and pine truly shine in this wonderfully therapeutic perfume with lovely sillage and reasonable longevity :)

Black Onyx Armaf by Velvetice 2017-03-25

Wow, spray this and run out of the room. The smell is soooo strong its ridiculous in a good way off course. Still getting used to the smell it reminds me of Encre Noir to be honest. Not a massive fan of this compared to Club De Nuit - Armaf but getting there. Might have to do a 2nd review in time but men who are definitely into power house scents! This is one of them and the beauty of it, it's unique. You won't smell any Tom, Dick or Harry wearing this.

TO BE The Queen Police by Velvetice 2017-03-25

I must say for £23.99 on Superdrug on sale, you can't go wrong with this if you are into strong powerful scents with a scent of fruits but not too much and a mix of vanilla/amber. I came across this perfume as a gift initially. I used it continuously and found that I started missing it when it finished. It finished approx 8 months ago and have been yearning for the smell ever since. I recently purchased it myself and I have to say, I am surprised they make such a great perfume. It lasts long and can smell it on clothing the next day and day after.

Tsingu Parfumeurs du Monde by framorena 2017-03-25

Fragrantica the name you wrote is wrong. Tsingy.

Classique Eau de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier by Sweet Beans 2017-03-25

This to me smells cozy, feminine, and just a little bit spicy. It is one of the few scents I can actually smell on myself throughout the day without sniffing my wrists, not in an obnoxious way, more like I'll get pleasant whiffs of it here and there. I feel like I have smelled this or something very similar in my childhood, but I can't for the life of me remember where.

Love it, and the bottle is pretty cute!

Gilded Fox Pinrose by artemiss 2017-03-25

I wanted to like this, notewise, it is all things I can wear. However, there is something that is acrid on 'off' to my nose.
I suspect that I might be able to smell, and DO NOT LIKE the fixatives this house uses, as I've noticed it in other things I've tried from them.
Sans that note, it's a really nice boozy, spicy vanilla that is similar to a number of other things I own, but not quite as good.

Glowing Jennifer Lopez by llama13 2017-03-25

I bought this perfume based on reviews and I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much I like, on the verge of love, this! I think 'adore' is the right word for how I feel about it.

It is nice and woody, warm, slightly sweet. I don't really get spice or violet from it. (I think my nose isn't very sensitive to violet) This is the one I find myself reaching for lately. I even bought an extra backup bottle, something I haven't done for years. It's certainly different from the regular range of sweet perfumes that are available everywhere. Big thumbs up from me!

L'Attouchement means something like touching or caressing, as far as I know. And there is definitely a very close, intimate and tender quality to this scent.

It's overall a warm scent, the labdanum in the base shines through from the very beginning and to the last whiff on the skin.

I adore the labdanum Anna Zworykina uses, it feels like her signature note in a way, because it is featured in many of her perfumes. It's warm, deep, waxy and slightly salty - almost like smelling warm skin after a long day in the sun. It gives her perfumes a feeling of intimacy. Of feeling safe and loved.

And that's the feeling this scent evokes as well. It's like smelling a warm hug, a caress between to people who deeply care about eachother.

The opening is on the green, slightly aromatic and floral side. The green tea is especially noticeable. It has a lovely soft, dewy quality. It gives the scent a beautiful young and tender appearance, before the deeper and warmer notes take over and gives L'Attouchement a wonderfully spicy touch that speaks of passion and pleasure.

The labdanum grows stronger, pairing with the spicyness of cloves, adding a salty, waxy skin like quality to the mix. The floral notes linger, keeping the scent youthful and somewhat graceful.

The entire composition feels like young love. The first adoration of another, the first time being adored. It's like smelling blushing cheeks, heavy breath and caressing hands - the first physical signs of love and affection between two young lovers.

In the drydown, just before the scent disappears from the skin, I can detect a slight sweet and almost boozy quality. It plays beautifully with that salty, waxy labdanum and the heat from the cloves. Just gorgeous!

L'Attouchement is an evocative and poetic scent. Beautifully composed. I'm so glad I own a bottle of it - it is now, sadly, discontinued.

Longevity is good, on me the scent lasts 6-8 hours. Sillage starts off medium, and dries down to a soft and warm skin scent.

Modern Muse Estée Lauder by Blytheaar 2017-03-25

My daughter gave me an Estée Lauder mini set for my birthday that includes Modern Muse. I've worn it twice now, and on me it is just a pretty, non-descript floral. Nice enough I guess but not really my style. On me the longevity is average - I was still catching traces of it in the afternoon (I sprayed it on in the morning before work) but by the evening it was completely gone. My husband sometimes likes florals in me but he was kind of meh on this one. Nothing about it tempts me to spring for a full size bottle, but I'll use the mini one.

Emir M. Micallef by borys 2017-03-25

This and Amouage Epic are my top two favourite fragrances.

Eau des Jardins Clarins by suzzel 2017-03-25

The most frustrating scent I've encountered so far because it's quite lovely, but SO very weak, yet the weakness is part of it's charm in a way, but of course also not very good longevity.

Actually not the *most* short-lived scent I have - the impression will fade very soon after spraying it, especially on skin, but it one of those scents that you'll unexpectedly catch whiffs of later on in the day. But frustrating, yes. You're encouraged to "spray liberally all over", i.e. it's a $50/€40/100 ml body spray (I bought mine second hand for much less, but still!).

As for the actual smell impression: it's tricky. Sniffing right after first blast now, the main thing I get is "green". Also a bit aquatic (the Cool Water for women type), with some 'expensive lotion' or perhaps sunlotion aspect. (It contains ethylhexyl salicylate, a sunscreen agent that may or may not be doing that.)
I can't even pick out citrus clearly - if I was blind-sniffing this, I'm not even sure I'd say citrus at any time. *Possibly* some orange. Makes sense as this was designed to be sun-friendly, but yeah, that's a lot of citrus in the listed notes for nothing...

What makes me love it, though, is what starts coming out after a minute or two - a very very vaguely minty/camphor/green/bitter/fruit-berry scent that I've concluded must be the "black currant bud" extract listed in the ingredients.
Mint is also listed in the notes and maybe helps that aspect, though it's so weak I couldn't say it's an actual note.
The rest of the scent is at this point a bit candy-ish, vaguely fruity-floral, but combined with that (I think) black currant bud touch, I love it.

Longevity 3/10; tricky though, you can get whiffs of it hours later
Sillage 3-4/10
Scent: aquatic candy-ish fruity-floral, with lovely fresh blackcurrant bud contrast in it. Perhaps a salicylate/sun screen aspect too. I love it.

Other: sun-safe, relatively low allergen potential. Highly doubt it has but a trace of any citrus essential oils - and not citrusy to me despite the notes.

Can't really understand what's going on here, but, to me, it smells exactly like what I could've wait from a summer Le mâle fragrance. I checked Popeye's notes but to me it's different. It's really pleasant, it's very fresh at first, nice use of mint and aldehydes, then I get this Le mâle vibe, aromatic, sexy, maybe the sage doing this effect. And the more it dries, the more good it becomes, it's really nice, kind of sweet et and spicy, but not too much, the perfect dose not to kill everyone next to you in high heat. The only ''downside'' I give it, is its longevity, mint fragrance doesn't last that much and it's an Eau fraiche, so I think it's totally acceptable considering these facts.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs by Sofreshandsoclean 2017-03-25

Somebody put happiness in a bottle. Pretty, girly, feminine, sexy. This ALWAYS makes me happy. This one have been my solid "happiness in a bottle" for years. Suitable for all age groups. In my opinion nobody can go wrong with this. The only downside is, as it is with happiness, it doesn't last for ever....but here you can just go and take another spray. LOVE. Designer masterpiece. 10/10.

Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent by FrkFors 2017-03-25

This is just a generic sweet berry smell on me. It's just a nice and ok perfume. Would use it if I got it as a gift, but would never buy it for myself.

CH Men Prive Carolina Herrera by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-25

I really suck at describing fragrances. All I can say is - I find it to be a very sexy scent on my husband! I love it on him

Paco Paco Rabanne by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-25

This is definitely my husbands signature scent pretty much since it was launched! I'm surprised no one we know has ever heard of it, because to me - it's absolutely amazing!!

Definitely wears well during the day, and so refreshing.

I love it!

Individuel Montblanc by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-25

Another fragrance I just LOVE in my husband. I could follow him around all day lol.

It doesn't break the bank! Awesome man fragrance

Pas mal en ouverture puis la menthe se fait ensuite poussiéreuse, résineuse...
Parfum que j'aurais pu trouver pas mal mais au final je le trouve ennuyeux et vieux. Triste !
Tenue ridicule pour le prix que ça coute !
A oublier.

Uomo? Moschino by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-25

This is more affordable than most colognes. I love this on my husband! So nice, fresh, and lovely!

I like to wear it myself at times! Lol.

Liquoreux, écoeurant, importable pour moi !

Pop Stella McCartney by emmahlou 2017-03-25

So pretty! It's fresh, sweet and girly. The perfect summer scent for any woman (or gentleman!).

Frangipani and tuberose are theres, but I definitely get a berry vibe from this. Violet leaf makes this so watery fresh. It's so cute!

Only downside is the lasting. So horrible. I love this, but will admire from afar until the longevity is improved or the price drops.

Please Help.

I just got my bottle of mancera gold intensive aoud From NOTINO. As soon as I spray it, somehow I feel it's kind of oily. And the rose dominates very much everything. So I'm somehow skeptical about authenticity of the product, for the reasons I mentioned above. But other than that, it smells good.
Thanks for any reply.

Thank you.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent by gingerascotttea 2017-03-25

Opium smells warm and opulent. I bought this new bottle a couple of years ago and didn't like it, it was a blind-buy, so I put it away and passed it off as a waste of money but thought it would be a nice gift to someone I know who likes this kind of thing, but I got lazy and forgot about it, and so here I am happy that I did because I pulled it out and have started wearing it. I don't know if letting it stew for a couple of years has improved it or if I suddenly find it amazing. It's a lovely change from smelling sweet and fruity. I get warm spicy, balsamic and smoky. This does not smell sweet on me, someone said it smells like burning opium, well I don't get that sweet smell at all, maybe with Black Opium yes but not with this.

Chanel N°5 Chanel by Gino Chi 2017-03-25

This scent reminds me of my fifth love (No. 5)! Kang Heejun, I hope you can read this. You have been asking me what scent I was wearing when we were together two years ago. Well, this is the scent! I sprayed this when we ate together the first time. This is also the scent I sprayed on the scrapbook I made for you. I am 99 percent sure that you cannot read this coz you are a Korean; but the one percent remaining ignites minute hope that one day, hopefully, when both of us are completely healed, you could read this, open the scrapbook I made for you and remember me for once. I miss you, Fred!

Sorry for this useless review, guys. I hope you can understand how scents powerfully evoke memories. Aren't fragrances amazing?

Thank you for this, Mr. Polge!

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense Elie Saab by szilvia.egyed 2017-03-25

Egyik kedvenc illatom!Tökéletes hatósugár es tartósság.

This smells like classic spicy-woody scents eg Carolina Herrera for men, Burberry men and Lagerfeld Photo. Recall that those scents were legendary before reformulations. My advice, grab a couple before the watered down versions hit the shelves.

Spicy, sensual, a little sweaty, and sooo sexy. Yes, please.

I especially enjoy the way the notes evoke tobacco and humous. This is a spicy oriental, but it has nothing to do with Opium (gag) or Cinnabar. It's actually quite soft and easy to wear.

Chypre Rouge Serge Lutens by Axum 2017-03-25

Some very interesting reviews here - I guess Chypre Rouge strikes people pretty violently, one way or another. Funny thing is that I can understand even the negative reviews, and yet I don't find this perfume bad or unbalanced, but rather, balanced a Calder mobile. I can smell various elements - there is a LOT going on in this composition, it's not simple or sleek - but overall what strikes me is the dark, dark depth of this perfume. There's a dark-roast coffee element, along with a heavily spiced fruit compote, and yet it never quite becomes gourmand because of the astringent pine. Somehow I find that effect arresting, even addictive, on cold winter nights.

A little goes a long way, so do not overspray.

Far Away Exotic Avon by unlitcigar 2017-03-24

I received my roll on deo yesterday. I don't know, with so many beautiful reviews, some say LouLou ??? some say tea like, (I love tea) but I don't get any tea, no chai, no jasmine, no rose, no spices. Just some old stale musty smell. I must say on me it stinks. It is supposed to deodorise the body odour, but this one exaggerates it, and masks it to smell worse that my own BO. All I get is mango in the top, then very old decaying amber & sandalwood. Sorry to so many lovers.

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

It's so intriguing. If there was a scent to reflect power, authority and dominion...this is it! Not my favourite, but if I have those days where I want to at least SMELL like I have my crap together, I wear this! Lol. #MySeriousFragrance

I get a mint scent? Fresh like mouthwash - just a perfume version in the best way though.

Great fragrance!

The Game Davidoff by Qaiser 2017-03-24

Good fragrance

Bois d'Ascese Naomi Goodsir by grimaticus 2017-03-24


Galloway Parfums de Marly by grimaticus 2017-03-24

This smells like sheets of paper coming hot fresh from the Xerox machine.

Illicit Billy Jealousy by hullhockey91 2017-03-24

You need to believe me when I say this is Azzaro Chrome. Very good stuff.

And I really cannot believe this does not has Lavender in it!

Mon Guerlain Guerlain by marusiatko 2017-03-24

Mon Guerlain smells more interesting on the paperstrip. On the skin it bares some resemblance with Guerlain LPRN. It smells comforting, powdery, sweet, with a hint of cherries. Overall, it s nicely done but nothing groudbreaking. Would not mind a bottle on my drawer but otherwise I do not intend to buy it. I ll stick to my Addict 2003 :)

Prada Amber Pour Homme (Prada Man) Prada by rozano.tenorio 2017-03-24

Use this if you are tired in Oud,Woods and sweet scent. Very refreshing in the manner of decent and elegant man..dont just this for the first 15mins let it dry down and enjoy, for me its 8.5/10 total performance...

Musk Oud By Kilian by SirCharles 2017-03-24

My favorite oud scent of all time. Dirty yet opulent. Instantly conjures images of the rolling dunes of the Sahara.

The One Dolce&Gabbana by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

It's nice

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

Lovely scent. Light, floral, just not for me.

Quasar Jesus Del Pozo by ThrowingShade 2017-03-24

This is possibly the best aquatic mens fragrance, ever. I get the banana peel immediately, and the top fruity/aquatic notes never go away. 20-30 minutes or so and it deepens, with lavender smoothing it out and rosemary giving it sharpness. An hour or so and the base notes are there, giving it the most amazing woody depth. It may not be a true aquatic scent, but all the notes involved work together to make it feel as such. I have many bottles, and vintage is the best. Many compliments on this one from men and women alike. In the morning I use a non fragrant body wash, pat that dry and then use a non fragrant lotion. I spray in all the key areas, 4-5 sprays, and it lasts all day. Absolute projection MONSTER for me, and sillage is excellent. In fact, it lasts until I scrub it off the next morning. Too bad it was discontinued, I've got a stockpile because of this. I've been watching the pricing on Quasar, and in just one years time it has doubled in price. In 1-2 years you won't be able to touch a 125ml bottle under $100.-150. US dollars. Grab this elixir of the gods at a good price while you still can. My absolute favorite mens fragrance.

Touch for Men Burberry by rozano.tenorio 2017-03-24

If you are tired of Oud, woods and sweet scent then try this classic and elegant fresh will give you positive vibes and some kind of different relief feelings..but dont judge this for first 15mins let it dry down a bit and enjoy..8/10 total performance for me...

Azzaro Chrome Intense Azzaro by ThrowingShade 2017-03-24

I now realize the sharp metallic notes in the original Chrome are extremely turned up here, it takes everything from the original and gives it a lot of subtle power and projection. Much more so. First spray is a blast of fruit, I get the grapefruit and ginger immediately. Love the ozone in there. This gives it amazing projection and smells so clean, not too soapy. 15-20 minutes later it mellows a bit into a clean woodsy smell, with just the slightest tinge of metallic notes. It lasts all day long and sillage is awesome. 6 months in, I can say that I prefer this over original Chrome. In fact I burned through a 100ml bottle already. Thank goodness I found some 100ml testers on the cheap. Top five fragrance for me right now.

HoS N.001 House Of Sillage by ThrowingShade 2017-03-24

Five stars for the bottle and packaging presentation. Love the way you push a button and the nozzle protector slides away. Spicy and sweet. The ginger, oud and clove dominate for the first 10-20 minutes. After an hour or so, the amber and cinnamon notes are there, giving it a very intense heart. Two hour out and the vanilla keeps it very creamy and rich. It has absolutely incredible longevity, 12 hours and I'm still getting a whiff every now and then. Sillage is very good, and never cloying. Top notch.

Charlie Revlon by Perfumedsecrets 2017-03-24

A little of this goes a long way. I have a vintage bottle, so I am unsure if it's been reformulated yet. Charlie is not a perfume I reach for often, but I appreciate it's classic (and a little dated) scent. I don't wear it outside of my house because it's not elevator or car friendly. I'd have to stick my head out of the window or open all the windows in order to drive. lol This stuff surrounds you like a cloud. I get mostly oakmoss and aldehydes.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Narciso Rodriguez by Michelle12345678 2017-03-24

This is weak on me, I might have gotten a bad sample. What I do smell is a dark scent suited more to autumn and winter.

Update to come after I get a second sample.

Dior Homme Intense Christian Dior by ThrowingShade 2017-03-24

Sensational! This is one that people always ask about every time you wear it. I went out the other night and it made me the center of attention. It really is amazing how a fantastic cologne can change peoples' perceptions. So this one is a keeper. I just wish it were cheaper.

Taste Jessica Simpson by VioletMingy 2017-03-24

I just got a sample vial of this with an order I placed for something else—and forget what everyone else says. I like it!
I'm really into candy/sugary/fruity scents though.
What a lot of perfume traditionalists would call "little girl scents"
it smells exactly like imitation vanilla extract. And I like it.
Also, if you have an old fashioned manly-man type husband/boyfriend he's probably going to find "edible" smells pretty arousing.
I'm my experience men (at least the type I go for) like simple smells like, "vanilla" or "peach + cherry blossom" stuff.
So I get Jessica Simpson's reasoning behind her totally desserty stuff.
The TASTE though.
Yeah. No.
We don't need to eat this stuff. It's fine to just smell like a my little pony.

Pink Sugar Aquolina by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

The name says it all!


Love it!

Cedrat Boise Mancera by satyajeetdharmadhikari 2017-03-24

Wonderful fresh citus and fruity Fragrance that is just amazing and addictive. Just feel like spraying it again and again but sadly it only lasts for about two hours on my skin....

Flowerbomb Rose Explosion Viktor&Rolf by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

I only purchased this very recently. It literally showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

I thought I'd broaden my horizons of the flowerbomb world, & take a blind buy at this (not my first time lol).

It took some encouragement to continue using flowerbomb after my first spray (which I absolutely LOVE now), so I knew I was taking a huge risk with Rose explosion #LoveItOrHateIt Also, it's very hard to get here in New Zealand, so when I saw the opportunity, I pounced.

Very similar to my Flowerbomb experience, too much! Only, instead of at first being offended by the scent, I LOVED Rose explosion right away!

On me, it really packs a punch, & then mellows out nicely.

I am refering to it as my Bitch scent, because it's SO pungent, & somewhat itimidating, just SO everything!

Thank you again Charles Gross for another great recommendation

Ultra Male Jean Paul Gaultier by beehod13 2017-03-24

I tested this out for a couple days and asked people's opinion on it. Whether or not you like this is simply going to boil down to your opinion on strong, sweet fragrances. I think the scent is nice, but the performance is incredible.

Scent: 7/10
Longevity: 9/10
Sillage: 9/10

Alter Sammarco by framorena 2017-03-24

I feel this perfume to be what really a "carnal flower" is.
Unfortunately lasts so short... less than two hours on me.
But really, two hours of pleausure, if you know what a really jasmine essence smells like.

King Of Jasmine Nabeel by Labaloo 2017-03-24

Not only jasmine, but tuberose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and a sweet, honey-like flower... could be mimosa? Perfectly balanced with the sweet musk base. I've tried many jasmine-centered attars, but this- along with Al Rehab's 'Full'- is one of the best! Back in the '70's I used to use a white-flower-scented bath salt, and this is the first time that I've smelled anything like it- will be ordering more for backups!

EDIT: the far drydown reminds me of 'Boudoir' by V Westwood.

Flowerbomb Viktor&Rolf by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

After purchasing the ever so hyped fragrance, I was expecting to be lifted from the heavens and wisked away on Cloud Nine. Sadly, this did not happen at first spray.

My first impression, I was a little taken back. It was like I was a bomb lol. And, not so much in a good way. I immediately wanted to wash it off me. It was too powdery, too strong, too sweet...just too much. However, because I had things to do during my day, I had zero time to wash.

As I went about my day, I felt very conscious of the scent I had on. It almost felt like I needed to apologise to those around me, because one small spray filled every room I went to. That ONE....SMALL..SPRAY followed me like the unwanted thorn in the side. I felt like I was offending everyone in my path! #SmallTownGirl

BUT, when my husband got a wiff of my perfume, he kept saying how much he loved it and that it was one of the best fragrance he had smelt on me.

After being around others, several people asked what I was wearing and how good it smelt.

Sooo...I thought I'd give it time to grow on me. Literally, the next time I sprayed it on me, I was in love!

Now, I wear it often! And more that just one small spray lol. I've grown in to the way it follows me, & it's not too much anymore. It's just right - I love it!

Relique D'Amour Oriza L. Legrand by AveParfum 2017-03-24

I agree 100% with SumoTigerCat's and Rschmidt's wonderful reviews. On me, Relique d'Amour is a cool, crisp, watery lemon, lily and incense with a hint of pepper. The pepper almost smells like pencil shavings, woody and smooth, not tingle-y. In that sense, this doesn't seem like a spicy perfume at all. I definitely sense the cold stones inside an Italian cathedral. There is a slight mineralic, maybe slightly metalic, scent in the beginning, but the drydown is like soft frankincense from a mass that took place many hours earlier. I love the cold feel of this perfume.

The scene that keeps going through my head is of a woman in trouble, seeking solace in the cathedral. She gets there, it's dark, nobody is there, you could hear a pin drop, so she sits down on some steps and realizes they are ice cold. She feels no comfort at all and thinks it best to return home. Not to be depressing or even menlancholy, but that is what comes to mind.

Sillage is a skin scent, but longevity is pretty good at around 6 hours.

Clinique Happy Clinique by Smellinggoodislife 2017-03-24

This is hands down, the greatest cologne ever created for men. There is no substitute for this scent anywhere in the world...........................................

10/10, it'd be the only cologne in the world that rates higher than a perfect 10.

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel by Smellinggoodislife 2017-03-24

This is easily in the top 5 of the worlds best men's colognes ever. Honestly noone even needs to review this cologne, it's so amazing. Here's my bakers dozen of different colognes to live by......
1. Clinique Happy (There is no substitute for Happy)
2. Dior Fahrenheit
3. Alurre Homme Edition Blanche
4. Tom Ford Black Orchid
5. Polo Red
6. Perry Ellis Red 360
7. Lacoste Rouge
8. Luna Rossa Extreme
9. Tommy Bold
10. CK Dark Obsession
11. Spicebomb
12. Zirh Ikon
13. Boucheron

I dont' care about how expensive, or how inexpensive a cologne is, I don't care about how it was packed when it was shipped, or how cool, or uncool the bottle is. I only care about how great, unique and amazing the cologne actually smells. Enjoy.......

Sauvage Christian Dior by NapoleonLives 2017-03-24

Has a debilitating rotten egg smell that just ruins it. Gets a thumbs down from me.

White Musk Montale by hyperfluff 2017-03-24

This is the first 'white musk' scent that doesn't get sharp or overly soapy on me. It's smooth, fluffy, creamy and clean. A hint of floral sweetness is detected. Simple, and straightforward but high quality. Like coming out of a warm bath and then being wrapped in cashmere, feeling peaceful and pampered. Low sillage and great longevity.

Jour d'Hermes Hermes by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

So silky, smooth and creamy. I love it! This fragrance likes me lol.

Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne by judilykowski 2017-03-24

High school, Liz Clayborne the early 90's, big hair, Rave hair spray, Polos and Mary Kay “Pink Pearl” Lip Gloss Strawberry Scent.

Leather & Artemisia Jo Malone London by sugarvenom82 2017-03-24

Simply love at first sniff. Fell in love even more because it smells just like one of my favorite candles, Noisetier from Diptyque. I wish this came in 100ml bottles!

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by newbhead 2017-03-24

Where can I get this in Australia??

Poison Christian Dior by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

This has to be my first love, all of 7 years old. An aunty of mine always wore it, & she knew how much I loved it! I kept walking into her room to sneak a sniff (lol) - in the end, she ended up giving me her bottle of Poison.

To me, it's a very mature scent. It doesn't matter where I go in life, this is the fragrance that keeps showing up in unexpected places. I just HAVE to keep a bottle around.

Mr. Burberry Burberry by hyoid666 2017-03-24

I’ve always been a fan of Burberry ever since I was young. They do that American clean taste well without feeling like an air freshener. Their fragrances smell the way I imagine London does or did, clean and tailored, with tea and moss and rain… This one is overwhelmingly citrus through and through, but a nice solid citrus that sits atop some mild woody notes. I’m quite fond of this one, and I think it mostly comes down to nostalgia. I used to dream about one day owning Burberry Brit and London, two of my favorites as a kid. Now that I’m older and my tastes have evolved and continue to evolve, I’m not sure that the profile here would suit me. But I like it regardless thanks to the memories they afford me. Admittedly it does start to quickly die down into something less appealing, like a damp suit as it’s drying. It’s an iffy fragrance, and even though it’s hardly old, it feels like it belongs in the early 2000s.

Pleasures Intense Estée Lauder by Blossom Dreams 2017-03-24

Amazing fragrance. Smells like a million flowers have been crushed, juiced, and poured into the pretty purply bottle. It's sharp but soft at the same time. This has to be the ultimate floral fragrance. It's extremely powerful, pretty, uplifting, and very addictive. Lasts for hours and has big silage. Words can't describe how intense this fragrance is. Love it!

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by NoseyNeighbor 2017-03-24

I absolutely adore this fragrance. Not my favourite, but I love it like the little sister I never had (even though I have a little sister) lol.

When I heard Charles Gross describe it as "sex in a bottle", well...naturally I just HAD to have it!

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women Burberry by _christine_ 2017-03-24

Laundry soap. Old-timey lavender laundry soup. It's not unpleasant but it's also not something I will pick over other things I own.

Bahar The Spirit of Dubai by Calvini 2017-03-24

The only one in the collection I actually dislike...too metallic and smells cheap

Intoxicating incense, cedar, and added spices make this a truly unique fragrance. The "church" vibe, nearly everyone comments on, is immediately evident upon first applying. I don't find much development from this one; it stays fairly linear throughout the wearing with only perhaps the vanilla coming out a little more towards the end.

My main problem with this luxurious scent is not finding a good occasion to wear it. The myrrh and incense are so strong, it will be off putting to some. That being said, if you're a fragrance enthusiast and even mildly love the note of incense, you will most likely love wearing it for your own enjoyment!

Colors de Benetton (Original) Benetton by judilykowski 2017-03-24

I too want to smell this fragrance again! I used it in high school. I miss it and would love to smell the sent again... I don't know if I would even like it as an adult-- but I would sure love to see for myself! I think Benetton no longer makes it... and i would be kind of scared to smell a bottle new or not from the late 80 early 90s.

Adam Levine for Men Adam Levine by Smellinggoodislife 2017-03-24

I've been using this for a few years. The grapefruit is so different, yet simple and unique, I absolutely love this scent. If your an athletic, well built guy, you care about your appearance, and your hygiene, this scent goes along perfectly with you then. I do wish it was a bit stronger and lasted longer, but it's such a cool, unique, light, refined scent. It makes me laugh that people say this smells bad, they must be wearing English leather or royal copenhagen.
If you do care about your appearance and your body, you'll really like this scent. Girls/women 21-45 absolutely love this, and it always gets my girlfriend in the mood when she looks at me and smells this on me. This is just too good and unique of a scent to pass up. Like I said though, Adam needs to work with the people who made the scent and figure how to make it last a bit longer on your skin, perhaps call that version Adam Levine Intense......

Legend Montblanc by Cory Anders 2017-03-24

Mont Blanc Legend is a good scent, but I don't say that without reservations. When I personally think of a cologne smell, this fragrance comes to mind. Lavender, Bergamot, and Tonka all contribute to making this a truly generic modern day men's scent.

If you like having a varied collection for all different occasions, I would pass this one up. If you're a younger guy and looking for a decent smelling fragrance for all occasions and have a tighter budget, look into this one.

Fakhama The Spirit of Dubai by Calvini 2017-03-24

It is the second-most oudy one of the collection (yet surprisingly mild). It's smooth and delightfully sweet, reminds me of one of the House of Ouds; the only one I really like aside from the oud one.
*Meydan (the leather one) comes 3rd

Oud The Spirit of Dubai by Calvini 2017-03-24

It started out disappointingly sharp, like Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq (Ajmal), but slowly warms up and becomes sweet and creamy (signature of Indian oud) which resembles The Night (Frederic Malle) more...for the price I'd rather get that one though--it's much richer.

Durra The Spirit of Dubai by Calvini 2017-03-24

I LOVE pearls! This has to be one of the prettiest bottle ever created (too bad it's aquatic themed)

Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu Narciso Rodriguez by perfume_infatuated 2017-03-24

This is well-done. An excellent companion to formal attire in offices. Very pleasant and impressive.

Narjesi The Spirit of Dubai by Calvini 2017-03-24

What an amazing luxurious trophy looking bottle!

Born Original for Him Adidas by Fwee! 2017-03-24

Like Boss Bottled with the sweetness cranked way up. Kinda weak, but I got it on clearance at Kohl's, so I can afford a respray.

Dior Homme Sport 2017 Christian Dior by watsonnoh 2017-03-24

기존 디올 옴므 스포츠의 느낌을 좋아합니다.
그러나 착향시 그 특유의 진저향이 저는 감당하기 힘들더라고요. 그래서 2017버전은 환영입니다. 진저 대신 핑크 페퍼로 기존의 느낌을 내려하는 것 같습니다.
디올 옴므 스포츠의 특색은 사라졌을지 몰라도 보다 대중적인 향수로 자리잡게 될 것입니다.
우디+매콤함을 좋아하지만 무겁지 않는 향수를 찾는 분에게는 좋은 선택이 될 것입니다.
복장은 어떤 복장과도 어울릴 것이며 봄 여름 초가을까지, 직장에서는 무난한 데일리 향수로 쓸 수 있겠네요.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Oudy 2017-03-24

Ummm, yeah, hey "Ron", I'm sorry, but what a condescending reveiw that was...why, if we don't like a cheap smelling bollox of a fragrance like this, are we automatically labeled haters?...or that we have "jaded noses" in search of fulfillment? Judging by your picks and limited reviews their Kenny Rogers, I'd say you haven't a clue what your talking about.

Bad Diesel by Fwee! 2017-03-24

First you smell it and think "Not bad."

Then you chuckle because of the irony of that statement.

Then you put it back on the shelf because it's not good, either.

Magie Noire Lancome by Konga5000 2017-03-24

After reading this entire page (whew!) my interest in Magie Noire was piqued !
Months later -- after not being able to afford a full bottle at the time- I found a half full bottle at a local thrift store today for $14.99 ! Sadly it's NOT the older bottle with the black plastic adornments - but the conventional newest incarnation.

I am not an expert in "Oriental" perfumes but I know Dior Poison and YSL Opium as examples.

This is a complex one that unfolds after you spray it! It twists and turns - and that is the fun part folks. I am a gender bender with fragrances and I think MOST men can pull this off.

Great deal for $14.99 !

Casmir Chopard by Germanblonde 2017-03-24

Tonight I wear Chopard Casmir after a very stressful day at work, and it brings me right back into calmer waters. Balsamic and vanilla are my favorite ingredients in my frags, and so it comes to no surprise that I absolutely love Casmir. It is pure indulgence. So feminine, and like a soothing balm for stressed nerves. Wonderful.

CH Men Sport Carolina Herrera by spray_and_pray 2017-03-24

I wasn't looking for this scent by any means. It was just one of those rare fragrances you find on a trip to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Burlington. I found a gift-set of CH Men Sport that included a 100ml EDT & a 100ml after-shave for $17.99. I have never tested anything from the CH Men line besides Privee but I decided to take a chance on Sport and I blind bought it. I figured if I hated the scent at least that bottle would look good in my collection! I've only had this scent for 12 hours but here is what I've gotten from CH Men Sport so far:

•Scent• CHMS opens up spicey, herbal, and fresh. The opening is quite pleasant. I expected a typical generic citrus opening due to the "sport" nomenclature but happy to see my expectations were wrong. Now, yes, there is citrus in the opening but the spicey/herbal accords add another dimension to the citrus that compliments the citrus notes well. The spice dies down shortly leaving herbs/woods and grapefruit. Granted, this is nothing ground breaking but it is still a welcomed deviation from the typical warm weather citrus scents. On my skin the grapefruit lasts until the scent disappears completely which surprised me as I expected it fade quickly as other citruses do. From the one hour mark and beyond the scent stays linear. Grapefruit-vetiver-juniper lead the way until the end. I am okay with this but if I had to choose I'd prefer the scent to smell like the opening but the drydown is still pleasant and helps the composition as a whole maintain it's worth. Overall, the scent reminds me of a summer here in Maine. For the most part dense pine/fir forrests overlook the coast of Maine. The green/woody accords inconjunction with the citrus/slight aquatic notes of CHMS remind me of the smell of the dense forrest mixing with the salty air of the Atlantic. The picture I get is of an accomplished mariner enjoying a grapefruit for breakfast on his personal luxury sailboat that is moored on the Maine coast in July.

•Performance• As I stated prior, I have only owned this scent for 12 hours. My experience with performance may differ in time. With that being said, I am pleased with the performance from the first wearing. This scent isn't loud by means. It's just right actually. Strong enough to be noticeable yet subtle enough not to offensive. I get 2 hours or so of noticeable projection. After the 2 hour mark CHMS dies down rather quickly. After the first 2 hours the notes do occasionally spring off my skin and I will detect the notes wafting thru the air. Longevity was close to 7 hours. On my skin this scent out-performs many in my collection of fragrances of various price-points. As a warm weather scent, CHMS holds it's own in comparison to it's peers.

•Presentation• I'll be honest, the presentation drew me in moreso than the note pyramid initially. I love the nautical/maritime signal flag theme. As a veteran commercial lobster fishing boat captain and former Merchant Marine sailor, the theme registered with me quickly. The presentation and the scent are a perfect match


For the price I think CHMS is an excellent buy. I would even go so far as to say it is blind buy worthy. You may or may not deem the juice a "love" but the composition is pleasant enough that it will at least be a "like" for most people. I would not pay full retail for CHMS since it can be found dirt cheap online and in-store at discounters. It is easy to find so there is no excuse that warrants buying at full retail. CHMS would make an excellent addition to anyone's Spring/Summer line-up. This is definitely going to get heavy play in my spring/summer line-up. All things considered I would definitely recommend CH Men Sport to anyone who wants to switch up their warm weather rotation with a versatile and extremely affordable scent.

Boucheron Boucheron by odoro 2017-03-24

Warm. Rich. Intoxicating. Enticing. Happy to wear this one. A keeper

Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau crossed with creamy sweet accords- pure delight!

Oud Wood Tom Ford by watsonnoh 2017-03-24

한국말 리뷰가 없어서 남깁니다.
처음 이 향을 시향했을 때는 한약이나 중동스러운 느낌이 납니다.
드라이 다운으로 내려가다보면 점점 더 달달해지긴 하지만 향수를 잘 안쓰시는 분들과 만나면 사우나 향기로 생각하시는 분도 있습니다. 이 향수는 25세+와 정장이 생각나지만 캐주얼인 경우 마초+캐주얼에 어울릴 것 같습니다.

취향만 맞다면 9점 향수입니다.
향이 특이합니다. 블라인드 바이는 추천 못합니다.

9 Oud Trish McEvoy by GustaveTheNose 2017-03-24

Very nice oil perfume but never a blind buy.

Although it says oud in the name, it's not really about oud, although the latter lingers in the background and holds the other notes together.

It's heavy on jasmine and peony. There's some sandalwood and berries but to a lesser extent.

I cannot smell vanilla or citrus there.

I find it hard to describe the oud as its subdued somehow, but the final outcome is a beautiful "feminine" oil perfume, not sure thr price is justified for this one.

Update: I can actually smell more citrus now afer the initial notes calmed down, its not bitter but more sweet sour citrus note, nice one too

Forest Axe by foofoojuiceguy 2017-03-24

Clean underlying forest/mossy smell. My new favorite deodorant flavor.

Hunter Armaf by foofoojuiceguy 2017-03-24

Ceder note is almost too bitter for me in the beginning, but after awhile it settles down into a nice floral woodsy medley.

Noir Exquis L`Artisan Parfumeur by gedlive 2017-03-24

This for me is the best gourmadise!
If you ever tried Angel Man fragrances, this is like it, done with greater quality notes.
This is such a delicious warm comfort scent. The chesnuts and the woody notes blend so well, it smells like a nutty aromatic tree, the coffee and maple sap, vanilla, go so well with the theme of the fragrance, enjoying a nutty cake at a cafe in France, sipping coffee.
A touch of orange blosom and orange freshen this rich fragrance.
I like it that it is not sweet, just a bit. The notes and blending make this a delicious comfort scent without having to add any sugary sweetness.

Rating: 9/10

God bless. John 3:16

Baiser Vole Cartier by Whit 2017-03-24

I honestly didn't think I would like this. I mean, really, just looking at the notes I thought "Meh, lilies, green notes and citrus=boring". I was wrong, wrong and wrong some more! This is lovely, elegant and slightly sweet. The opening is very green, almost minty on my skin with the citrus. It doesn't last long before going to the star player, the lily. For such a supposedly "simple" scent, I agree that it smells more complex than it really is, at least on my skin. I almost smell vanilla, but I'm sure that's how powdery lily smells on me. Longevity is great as always with Cartier; sillage is moderate. It's perfect for spring, but I think it could be worn all year.

Clean, fresh, slightly powdery and romantic. There's not much more I can add that others haven't already said. Just beautiful!

On my skin it turned very minty herbal. I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to wearing this scent that I heard was quite soft and beautiful and very feminine. On me it turned herbal . still a very well-crafted fragrance and another stunning creation from Dior. As like others it's just not my cup of tea. So far Amber Nuit & Grand Bal are my current favorites outside of Oud Ispihan.

1881 Men Cerruti by cheirabemcom 2017-03-24

It's Ok but not stunning.
It's an old fragance and I'm not very fan of this. I think it's a lighter fragance not strong as a men want.

Life Threads Sapphire La Prairie by amber.comer 2017-03-24

They have bottles of this listed for sale on Ebay, for anyone who is looking for it.

grassy, green, fig, tea and lemon; a fresh spring scent

Invictus Aqua Paco Rabanne by LeotheLion 2017-03-24

Today I finished my 3 ml sample. I wore it on a few separate occasions, always daytime. To me, this isn't your typical aquatic. I've determined that there's something in the opening that I don't really like -- something floral and rosy. The dry down is much better, but it still doesn't get me excited. I also feel a bit silly wearing this, as it's a younger crowd scent. I can say, however, that projection is moderate and the longevity is superb. 3 sprays over 8 hours ago are still going strong on my shirt. I "like" this one, but it's not a bottle worthy investment for me.

Le Musc & La Peau 4.1 Pierre Guillaume by EsrahLouise 2017-03-24

So, at first blush I loved this enough to buy a whole bottle. However, I quickly noticed that, on me, anyway, the scent that I love (which I really can't isolate) burns off in about 20 minutes and leaves me with a powdery, semi-metallic musk that I'm just not happy about. (It's the same with Jovan's White Musk which actually smells narcotic and beautiful on some people, and cheap and vaguely metallic on others. I fall into the latter category.) It's a bummer.

If anyone loves this fragrance, wants a 98.9% full bottle, and has something they'd like to swap, feel free to send me a message.

Snooki Nicole Polizzi by Dort0625 2017-03-24

Found this the other night, it had been sealed ad closed but someone had opened it I assume to smell it so I got to tr y it okay, which I have wanted to for the longest time. Although it's not something I would wear as say a signature fragrance it is pleasant. It's very girly, perhaps younger girly. I smell a lot of vanilla like so much so that it was the deciding factor in choosing this over something else. For me, this scent has been done over and over and over, time after time, by every celebrity and every inexpensive brand out there. Again, not saying it stinks or that it's bad, because I do like it. Sadly I just find it so over done!

Amora Hendley Perfumes by abbyofthevalley 2017-03-24

This is such an interesting and pleasant indie scent. This was a blind buy for me and I don't regret it. I'm curious to try out some of the other Hendley fragrances now. This has enormous performance as well and it's safe for anytime wear.

Adam Levine for Women Adam Levine by savageinstrangeland 2017-03-24

I already reviewed this fragrance but I figured this would be a good place to let fellow fragranticans know that this has QUICKLY shot up to the top of the ranks on my favorites and I am collecting "back ups." If you're here to say "it wasn't for me" or "I have a bottle up for swap/sale" I'm your gal! It's becoming difficult to find in stores in my area and I'm not crazy about online ordering, I'd rather buy/swap from someone here at this point. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

Cafe Rose Tom Ford by sherryfung 2017-03-24

Unsure if I should buy this. It smells like Liu Shen Hua Liu Shui- a lotion made with Chinese herbs and fragrance to prevent mosquitoes in China.

Clean Warm Cotton Clean by Dort0625 2017-03-24

The other night I found a "Layering Trio" box set at Winners, I actually found two different ones. The one I chose had this one, shower fresh and air in it they are each 30mls (1oz) and was $39.99 which let's be honest...that is an absolutely incredible price! Now onto my review. Sorry to say it but this is my least favorite of the three. When I say it's my least favorite of the bunch, I should clarify that I don't mean I don't like it it's simply my least favorite of the bunch. I was shocked to read that Clean Air is unisex and this one is not. I find this one to be very unisex. It certainly lives up to the Clean brand as far as I'm concerned. To me it smells like a man's soap, a lightly scented one not one of those nasty over bearing ones. I do find it nice but not sure if I will use it much sadly I just don't think it's for me!

Virgin Island Water Creed by Tassio12 2017-03-24

Absolutely thrillingly fun and spirited fragrance. I can't help but smile when smelling this scent. I get the coconut, lime, and booze in the forefront. Easily the best coconut scent I've ever experienced. It smells natural and clean. I also get some of the florals - and I think the nuance they add takes this fragrance to another level. A summer outdoor masterpiece. I see myself spraying this on during a sweltering humid day, and even if I'm in my backyard it will feel like I'm at the beach (cliche, but it is true!)

Love it!

Fleur Fatale Kim Kardashian by dion_rachel 2017-03-24

This is very similar to Lanvin Me L'eau and Moschino Funny. Tea rose is what stands out the most for me. Not a huge fan of rose, but still this is a nice spring perfume.

Joyeuse Tubéreuse Guerlain by Kmam 2017-03-24

The opening to this is nothing short of glorious to my nose. It smells of green, fresh cut flower stems to the point where I can almost visualise them. It then moves into white flowers, primarily tuberose but with well blended lily and jasmine (it's not unlike Terracotta at this point), before finishing in gentle vanilla.

I am a tuberose addict and I think this one could be an entry level tuberose for those who aren't sure if they like it as a note - it goes nowhere near the sillage oomph of Fracas or Carnal Flower on me, but that's not a bad thing. Sometimes you want a gentler approach.

My one small gripe is that, on me at least, the longevity isn't as long as I'd like it to be. However, discussion in another forum had some people saying they had it last through a shower. My skin eats Guerlains for some reason! And plus it's worth it for another shot of the opening...

Orchid Soleil Tom Ford by Victoria Regia 2017-03-24

This is a very evocative scent. The minute I sampled it last year, I was transported to a vacation I took in Mexico at a resort. It reminded me of the sensation I had after spending a day at the beach (which was every day) - freshly showered, dressed up and ready for a night at the club. This scent smells like tanned, freshly bathed skin that still feels hot from spending a day in the sun. This person is also wearing a white floral scent to complement his/her outfit (I wore Chloe Love Story, a jasmine-based scent). Interestingly enough, I bought a bottle at the end of the Summer, and have been unable to wear it. It is such a warm, summery scent that I have been unable to pull it off in the cold weather. I'll definetely wear it in July, though!

Dior Addict Christian Dior by june7rose 2017-03-24

Probably going to end up getting returned. It's a beautiful fragrance, but is not living up to its vanilla-heavy reputation. A little bit too narcotic floral for me. I smell very spicy flowers, like carnations, that's probably the Night Queen, along with Tonka Bean. Like Englishman, I don't get much of any vanilla in this. Very classic, definitely tons of sillage and longevity.

Aqua Vitae Forte Maison Francis Kurkdjian by Tigerlillian 2017-03-24

My husband makes a signature lemon meringue pie: gorgeously sweet thin-skinned meyer lemons with a hint of floral nectar, dark Mexican vanilla in pure heavy cream and a deliciously rustic, buttery crust.

Although not a gourmand perfume, this is what Aqua Vitae Forte reminds me of -- my sexy man, in the kitchen, baking a treat just for me. But I can't put a picture of him in his apron in the "reminds me of" box above, so I'll attempt to describe Aqua Vitae Forte as follows:

The fragrance itself opens with a beautiful floral lemon note, realistic, sweet, mouthwatering. Ylang ylang adds an irresistibly creamy heady floral essence with orange blossom enriching the citric budding beauty.

The sandalwood and cinnamon add richness and warmth in the base and a balmy, humid sun-kissed vibe. Pepper, cardamon and vetiver add some balance that keeps the mood dynamic while still being incredibly smooth. It really does feel like walking on a tropical beach with your partner at sunset.

I've tested a few MFKs and haven't been compelled to purchase a full bottle yet, but Aqua Vitae Forte may well change that as I spend some time with my sample.

Spicebomb Viktor&Rolf by 2017-03-24

Just tried this for the first time at the mall on an index card. Thought it was kind of weak at first, but was pretty impressed by the dry down. Clean, fresh, warm, spicy.. yummy. Kinda reminds me of One Million without the cotton candy note; you get fresh warm spice instead. I think it would be very appropriate to wear around the holidays/colder months (IMO, a perfect smell to get in the holiday spirit with), but I would shy away from wearing it in the warmer months.

Un Matin d`Orage Annick Goutal by judiejudie 2017-03-24

I feared that Un Matin D'Orage would be a disaster on me. One of the absolute worst fragrances on me, ever, was a gardenia fragrance from this house, Gardenia Passion. I'm delighted that history did not repeat itself. This composition is spiced and sweetened by the ginger, champaca and magnolia. It's very wearable and elegant. I had to give away my bottle of GP because it was so horrible on me.... This bottle will be staying put in my stash... happily so. ;-)

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by Mwalton 2017-03-24

This is just ok. All I get is a blast of generic floral and there it stays. Its boring and just like a hundred other florals with nothing to set it apart. I dont think there is anything sexy or bombshell about this scent.

A*Men Pure Malt Mugler by sergie.allen 2017-03-24

Caramel berries whiskey chocolade vanillie koffie patchouli is what u get from this outstanding fragrance

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