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Khurafi Lattafa Perfumes by Chicago Tony T 2017-03-29

This is a direct copy of Al Rehab Soft or vice versa depending on which one came out first. Straight up caramel,lemon and vanilla. The notes listed here are very misleading.

Espiritu Pirata NadiaZ by nardius 2017-03-29

This stuff (like everything by NadiaZ) is very difficult to decipher but let's just say I get an unusual form of woodiness, dried up rum and a carnation/patchouli touch that gives an outdated cologne thing (like Aramis JHS) way in the background. The overall blend has a feeling of 'where have you been' as opposed to 'what are you wearing'. In general, I find it good; no extreme response here.

Vanitas Profumum Roma by Sandy991 2017-03-29

I got a sample from Luckyscent and immediately fell in love. I didn't have $250.00 to spend on a fragrance, so I bought the 18ml size for $74.00 and have been wearing it for the last 3 days. Today, three different people stopped to ask what I was wearing, and to tell me that I either smelled like cake, chocolate or vanilla. One of the persons who complemented the scent smelled it from in the hallway, as she walked by my office door, so that should give you an idea of how much Vanitas projects. I almost never receive complements on my fragrances, as my skin eats up fragrances, so I was shocked anyone smelled it. It's sweet, but not excessively so. If you don't like gourmet or vanilla fragrances, this one is not for you. I love it.

Mr. Burberry Burberry by chillzz1230 2017-03-29

Smells terrific for only 30 minutes then it's gone poooof.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum Burberry by chillzz1230 2017-03-29

Can't even find this in any store yet and people are talking about it. How do you already know everything about it lmaosmdh.

Polo Ralph Lauren by Smellinggoodislife 2017-03-29

The smell of pine is refreshing, but only in colder months and outdoors.
Scent: 4

I sit next to someone at work who consistently wears this. While I feel this is a good representation of this genre, it does get annoying to smell pine and floor cleaning products all day long. This stuff had it's day, and was unique back then. Just too annoying to smell like floor cleaner.
This baby is brothers with Geoffrey Beene grey flannel. Together they don't catch any pretty, well built women's eyes and noses..........

Le Vetiver Carven by chillzz1230 2017-03-29

Plenty of good vibes from people while wearing this. Summer scent that I can wear at a BBQ.

Pink Chiffon Bath and Body Works by jreyes366 2017-03-29

Oh my goodness, I feel like this scent is a chameleon! Sometimes I can definitely smell the vanilla part of this scent, and other times I get a really fresh floral smell that reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue.

But, what I do have to say about this scent is that it's really nice and airy. It's really not too sweet or cloying. It can tend to be a bit artificial at the onset but once it has settled on the skin, it's pretty. I can see pretty much any age being able to wear this because it isn't a sugar bomb with tons of fruit.

A truly underrated gem , one of the best or the best from Chanel among the lot available for men, nearly perfect for daytime especially for work. Thankfully it has nothing to do with the rest of the Allure line.

Nuit de Tubereuse L`Artisan Parfumeur by Emma0714 2017-03-29

Not your typical floral, and most definitely not your typical tuberose. If you are blindly going in and expecting Fracas, you will take a step back, look around and be like: "Hold on a second, this isn't where I parked my car!"

Or you are opening a pink and gold ornate door, expecting to find Marie Antoinette's powder room behind it, but instead you are entering a pantry filled with spices and fruit on untreated wooden shelves.

Opening is very much like putting pink pepper, mango, cloves and floral stems in a mortar and pestle. There is something distinctly bitter and green behind all the warmth of the spices, that must be the angelica.

All of this is very nice, if slightly odd. I seem to like everything Duchaufour creates, and this is no exception.

But where is the tuberose you may wonder?

Well, I guess it's Tuberose's night out, and maybe she won't show up until the wee hours of morning.

Misia Eau de Parfum Chanel by ZBear 2017-03-29

I was trying to get a sample of Jersey at the Chanel counter, but they didn't have any, so the SA gave me Misia and Gardenia instead. He said I would "definitely like" Gardenia, but that I "should try" Misia because it was "uh, interesting." After hearing that, I was wary, but it turns out, for naught.

Agree with Germany completely that Misia is very similar to Creed's Love In Black. They have that same sort of powdery violet iris thing going on. However, where LIB has a rubbery undertone (almost like tires), Misia takes on a fancy lipstick smell.

In that way, Misia is like a more polished, feminine LIB. Where LIB could go with a leather motorcycle jacket, Misia would prefer a tweed overcoat.

I do quite like Misia, but before investing, would like to actually try a sample of Jersey to see which I like more. Sillage is light to moderate, and the lasting power is great -- I got gentle wafts through the entire work day.

Victory Alta Moda by paharia100 2017-03-29

Almost same as cool water by devidof.

White Musk Jovan by blaamblaam 2017-03-29

I love this!

Before it dries down it's really quite powdery - a little too much for someone who gets headaches easily - but it settles into beautiful sweet milky musk with *exactly* the right amount of powder; ever so slightly old fashioned in a Sunday-school way and perfectly ~pleasant~ and inoffensive.

Actually not even inoffensive because after trying it on during my lunch break, I had two patrons tell me I smelled wonderful and asked what I was wearing! And this morning after putting on the cardigan I'd been wearing when I tested it I thought "omfg what smells so good???" and scrambled around at my desk trying to find whatever perfume tester bottle might be lying around that I could smell, only to realise - it's me that smells great!

I think that in comparison to The Body Shop White Musk, it might not be quite as good but I slightly prefer it - TBSWM is more sophisticated (or whatever) in a woody/muted way but Jovan white musk has much more of a delicious vanilla/milky vibe that I think is just a nice. Plus, frankly - strength to strength, in New Zealand at least, this is quite a bit cheaper than Body Shop perfumes!

I'm definitely going to purchase this, and although the bottle is really quite hideous I think I'll buy a vintage atomizer to transfer it into to complete the sweet and innocent vibe <3

Finally got it, finally my signature, finally my collection looks a little bit richer. Fragranticas, this perfume, either you like it or not since we all have a different taste, it's my antidepressant!

I've reviewd before in case you wanna check and even the admins have changed the notes to the correct one according to my revie. I won't say much. I will only say I fell in love with the notes I mostly hate, rose and patchouli. How close was a member who described it as sweet/clean sweat? Sounds weird, I know, but it's so true. Hate and love are seperated by a fine line.

I know this isn't the perfume you will be complimented to hell or everyone will notice, but everything looks perfect. The square bottle, the shade of pink, the bow, the simplicity, the ad, Natalie Portman and the feelings. If you ask me personally, I can't lie, I am attracted mostly from the whole idea-ad instead of the perfume itself. I spray it and suddenly je vois la vie en rose. Classy, romantic, strong, professional and ready for life. This is how I feel everytime I spray it.

I will share a huge secret with you, I wanted to buy it after passing some stressful moments so I remember it and smile secretly. I am feeling hurted when other perfumes like La vie est belle or La nuit tresor from Lancome are bombs of attraction, but I dpn't want to be like others. Remember this everytime you choose your signature and if we could find it that easy what would be the point. I don't accuse anyone that wearing the perfumes mentioned above. Anyway, I will close my review with the result of the notes of my favorite Miss Dior and a prayer/request:

I want someone to text me back on the previous Cherie edition. I found it, I am 100% sure it's authentic but can anyone sent me and inform me if there's a huge different and if she/he can detect popcorn, praline and salty strawberries? Please <3

A burst of neroli combined with blood orange, patchouli always there and always will hug the combination together with a very crispy but at the same time wild marriage of Turkish and Bulgarian rose. That's it, oh! And don't forget the caramelized ending that stays on skin. I don't believe in seasons but summer will rock Miss Dior Eau de toilette.

Vamp à NY Honore des Pres by Goneja 2017-03-29

This has a very pretty tuberose note and I love the booze, it it's SUPER buttery on me, far too much so. My fiancé loves it on me but unfortunately I can't stand how much it reminds me of butter.

I was waiting impatiently for Poison Girl to be launched in the US. Unfortunately, I've never smelled the EDP so do not know how it compares, but do really like the EDT.

The opening notes are reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, and for a moment, I feared it would be too sweet. However, soon after, the "greenness" of the neroli peeks through, and then the warm vanilla and tonka bean. Where PG excels is being a warm fragrance while still being light enough in sillage to wear in the spring/summer. This is what I thought Armani Code for Women would be like, based on its notes (less the jasmine of course.)

As far as being true to the Poison name, I know a lot of perfumistas are turning up their noses and saying that Dior is selling out. However, I don't think so. I have many fond memories of my mom wearing original Poison and then later on Tender Poison, and I think Demachy successfully made an updated fragrance that still carries the classy sensuality of Poison.

Au Bord de L'eau L`Artisan Parfumeur by StellaDiverFlynn 2017-03-29

I was a bit apprehensive upon testing Au Bord de L'Eau. With a name loosely translated into "by the water", I was prepared to get a blast of ozonic or aqueous notes, which are actually far from what I smell on my skin.

After a brief introduction by mild, refreshing citrus, what then dominates Au Bord de L'Eau on my skin are actually herbal, savoury, slightly spicy/anise-y and salty thym and rosemary. I can see the comparison with Francis Kurkdjian's Cologne Pour Le Matin, as both focus on prominent aromatic herbs such as thym preceded by fresh citrus opening. However, while Cologne Pour Le Matin is vivid and exhilarating like dazzling morning sunlight, Au Bord de L'Eau is more muted. At first, it only feels less luminous in comparison; but with time, it becomes more and more clear that it's the underlying, gently powdery, almost suede-like violet-iris that filters the glaring light like an organza veil.

About 4 hours in, the suede-like violet-iris starts to dominate the fragrance, even occasionally makes me briefly think of lipstick. The aromatic herbs are now in a supporting role to bring in herbal freshness, and the earthy vegetal quality makes the perfect link between these two accords. Au Bord de L'Eau remains as this mildl, suede-like, earthy with a tiny bit of carrot and anise, herbal musky skin scent for another 3 hours, making the total longevity around 7 hours. The sillage is moderate during the first 4 hours, and then drops close to the skin.

Au Bord de L'Eau is supposedly inspired by the eponymous painting of Monet, of which the association does not necessarily speak to me. However, compared to Sur L'Herbe which feels like simple, abstract strokes of white and green to me, Au Bord de L'Eau is more complexe and more refined with the interplay of aromatic herbs and violet-iris, while retaining the carefree, easy-going vibe of cologne-style fragrances. I would even say that it's what I hoped Kurkdjian's Absolue Pour Le Matin would be, where the violet-iris should have played harmoniously with thym and rosemary, instead of being excessively clean and flattening the lively aromatic herbs.

All in all, if you happen to be looking for a cologne-style fragrance featuring prominent thym and rosemary, and would like a more feminine, refined touch of violet-iris, I'd definitely recommend giving Au Bord de L'Eau a try. Since it's not an aquatic fragrance based on my personal experience, I'd also encourage those who worry about the "eau" in the name, to give it a chance and see for yourself.

al01 biehl parfumkunstwerke by BlueHillsGal 2017-03-29

One of the best perfumes made since Chanel 19. Old fashioned? If so, we should look back.

Armani Code Colonia Giorgio Armani by Frample 2017-03-29

When smelling this I see a calm and charming individual. He has a relaxing approach to life yet he is also quite mature and rational.
I was a bit surprised to see this fragrance closer to code profumo dna rather than original code. It has some of the same tonka leathery sweetness plus spicy citrusy vibe on top of it.

Times: summer day and night also

Places and reasons: date, beach party, summer parties, job where you dress up a little casual

Sauvage Christian Dior by angelo..zucchinni 2017-03-29


Jour d`Hermes Absolu Hermes by LeFrank 2017-03-29

A beautiful floral scent that captures the freshness of flowers without relying heavily on their sweetness. The jasmine and gardenia are rounded out with a bit of moss and wood. As with most Hermes scents, the longevity is sincere. The sillage, however, is minimal - this is an intimate fragrance, most successfully noticed in close quarters.

La Tosca Xerjoff by Soofiya 2017-03-29

I have many favorites among xerjoff perfumes.lira,bouquet ideal,granballo,dama biyanca,mefisto,fiero are all among my favorites so I had to try la tosca as soon as I saw it's tester bottle.although I usually dislike violet leaf and eucalyptus and I like patchouli and citrus notes just in special conditions I had high hopes to face musk,rose,vanilla and amber but's all about the notes I was afraid to face so no wonder that I highly dislike la Tosca
La tosca is a fresh,airy woody scent with enough musk and spices to give it more depth and sophistication and some green naunces to make it interesting for lovers of ozonic chypres.there's just a hint of peppery rose to give a slight feminine vibe to citrus,patchouli,violet leaf combo but not too much of it so it still remains a unisex scent in my book
It's not my type and I dislike it strongly but I can see how other people with different and more unique tastes may love it.longevity and sillage are amazing

Green Irish Tweed Creed by MRDED 2017-03-29

اغمق واكثر فخامه من كوول ووتر

(Self-confidence is your way to success)
(الثقه بالنفس طريقك للنجاح)

Birmane Van Cleef & Arpels by knit_at_nite 2017-03-29

A good quality blended juice and very comfortable to wear. Unisex to my nose due to the oriental / amber/ rosewood notes. AS always, YMMV.

A*Men Ultra Zest Mugler by Shahingh 2017-03-29

جزو قوی ترین عطر های بهاری/تابستانی من هست از لحاظ موندگاری. بوی پرتقال میده که با دی ان ای نسخه اصی اظافه شده. خیلی کار یونیک و منحصر به فردی هست و صرفا یک کار مرکباتی جنریک نیست. بربی بهار که عالیه و برای روزای خنک تر تابستون هم مناسبه. تو هوای خیلی خیلی گرم فقط شاید خیلی جالب نباشه استفاده ازش بخاطر دی ان ای نسخه اوریجینال.

Island Fantasy Britney Spears by Ohkit 2017-03-29

My first Britney perfume (although I know how a couple of them smell like). First of all, the bottle is really nice, one of the most beautiful in my collection. Nothing tacky or cheap about it. And the color....mmm makes me dream about a mojito by the seaside. The scent itself is relaxing, a bit herbal (or maybe it's a orange/mandarin leaf note?) the citrus accord is definitely the most prominent one, and the watermelon note makes it very airy, ozonic. I really enjoy it but too bad that it lasts an hour or two on my skin, what a shame. It would've have been a 'love' for me, but unfortunately its poor sillage and projection are disappointing. I'd love an EDP of this. In conclusion, fantasy island is a breath of fresh air among all those sweet fruity/coconutty summer fragrances we all love (I'm talking about you , Escada :), bit it disappears way too soon to enjoy it properly

D&G Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana by Carrieberry 2017-03-29

I love this fragrance. It opens up with the most realistic, fresh lemon note. When it's really hot, humid or stuffy this is a truly uplifting scent. It dries down so soft and woodsy, very delightful. If you want a statement perfume this might not be it. However generic I don't find it to be (did I just sound like Yoda? lol). I always know when someone is wearing light blue, so how could it be generic? It is very popular so maybe that is what other reviewers are referring too. But please name a fragrance that smells like this that came out before 2001 and I may be convinced otherwise. Longevity could be improved but I'm not surprised since it is a citrus scent.
Bottle is extremely ugly and I don't understand the lack of effort since the fragrance is not cheap.
Did I mention men love this stuff, it's like catnip for my husband ;)

A*Men Pure Malt Mugler by Shahingh 2017-03-29

این کار واقعا شاهکاره! یه عطر مشروبی بسیار عالی.اگرچه موندگاری و چخش نسخه اوریجینال (A men) رو ندارهاما بسیار راحت تر میشه ارش استفاده کرد و خیلی همه پسنده

Scent of Liu Jo Liu Jo by craftymaya 2017-03-29

Yummy fig and lemon. Deliciously fresh and a sweet. Nice! close to the skin but pretty good longevity. Get sweeter in the dry down.

Raghba Classic Lattafa Perfumes by Lockon 2017-03-29

This smells great...with a hint of burnt plastic.
I'd like to give you guys another update in a week?
But it smells like incense mix with sugar and burning wood.

Would I buy this again...No!
I order this from the UAE store...Took almost a month to get here.
Willing to trade.

SKU Number: 6225709773235
Batch Number: M14-1100422

Age: 25 and up....I picture wearing this, more than 25+.
Scent: 5/10
Value: 6/10 (Only cost $30.00 for a 3.4 Oz bottle)
Sillage: 5/10 (Moderate arm's length at best)
Longevity: 7/10 (Great seven plus hours)
Creativity: 6/10 (It's okay at me)
Versatility: Anytime during the Fall and Winter...And night time during the Spring & Summer.

Quorum Antonio Puig by skimore 2017-03-29

This is a scent I wear only for my own covetous, personal satisfaction. It impresses none around me, and that impresses me! I'm confident and sure of my path. I have a past, but I don't hide from it rather, I embrace it. The world's most interesting man (from the beer commercial) wears this and he recommended it to me.

Quorum, to me, is all about the tobacco. Not the sweet, syrupy pipe tobacco that's so popular in colognes rather, warm, sunny, earthy Cuban leaf cigar tobacco. It smells like a tobacconist's humidor, and that's truly delicious. Every time I wear this, I'm transported back in time to when I smoked Upman Lonsdales.

Vetiver Guerlain by tspenser 2017-03-29

Just got a sample vial of this and I'm loving it, even though it's a men's fragrance. I've always found vetiver very appealing -- I enjoy green, grassy perfumes.

With the first spray, I get a big blast of coriander -- so unusual and distinctive! It's followed almost immediately by the nutmeg and bergamot.

After a few moments, that vetiver kicks in. Oh! That vetiver! So fresh and grassy.

Drydown brings out the woody scent -- sandalwood or cedar, I can't decide which. Reminds me of my grandmother's cedar closet. That's a good thing.

Not an everyday scent for me, but one I'll return to when the woodland spirit moves me.

Amber Rose Al-Rehab by dante11 2017-03-29

i got the 3ml rllerball-and i agree-there is oud-but it isn't the primary note-and what amount there is just blends beautifully into the rose....andthe amber sts in the background, patiently remaining the faithful steady note-waiting for his cue.
the first couple of hours the rose is a semi-sweet, but when it gets past that 2 hour mark it just gets rich and deep-and finally blends into the amber- the change is amazing.
longevity is at least 6-7 hours-at which time it turns into a slightly more than skin scent.....but what a skin scent!
definitely worth the $1.80 i paid for it!

Mashkoor Al Haramain Perfumes by valentinocerca.amore 2017-03-29

very very good , paradisiac parfum

Maze Al Haramain Perfumes by valentinocerca.amore 2017-03-29

simile a noir de noir tom ford , profumo spettacolare un vero gioiello

Macho Man Nabeel by dante11 2017-03-29

i love ths scent-this beautiful little roller ball-it is amazing! i cant wait to start layering it-the possibilities are endless....pure poison, covet, al rehab amber rose, valentinos donna, tresor nuit....the possibilities seem endless! that is quite a bargain for less than $5.
there is this beautiful raspberry...juicy and rich-not the synthetic smelling raspberry you usually get in perfumes, and then there is suede/leather-not too strong or harsh....the amer i barely smell-but i do get the wood rounds out the notes perfectly.
I will definitely be buying a 6 pack of this little beauty.

Vanille Abricot Comptoir Sud Pacifique by Snicole82 2017-03-29

This is a very nice mix of apricot, vanilla, and sugar. Like everyone else, I find an issue with the sillage and longevity. My tastes have changed over the years and so tropical/fruity sugar scents are not really my thing, but this is lovely.

Narciso Poudree Narciso Rodriguez by addicttoscent 2017-03-29

I adore this perfume. Smooth, gentle, feminine, creamy and elegant at the same time, and without being overly sweet. You can just pour it on and never induces a headache.
I will keep loving this, I know that. Feels like a silk scarf , so soft and makes me feel happy

Dior Homme Eau for Men Christian Dior by keen(nose) 2017-03-29

I owned the entire line except for the new sport guy on the block. I have to say that this is my least favorite from the line so far to my nose. Is this a bad fragrance? No, it is quite nice actually. That is the beauty of the Dior Homme line which I think is the best line in men's perfumery. It has something for every man or gal. Most people who love this don't seem to like the other big 3 i.e. DHI, DHP and the OG Dior Homme. DHI is coke and Eau is coke light. I don't like coke light. I don't use the derogatory word flanker for the others in the line but this one is a 'flanker'.

Enough of my rant here is what I think is good about Eau. It opens up with some light citruses blended with that notorious Dior Homme iris note. Giving you that lipstick or make up bag smell but very soft. This fragrance then turns a little sweet thanks to the amber I guess. It is also powdery too but very soft; therefore, making it perfect for the hot weather. This does have the DNA of the OG but softer and citruses added in. Just a fantastic scent that won't offend anyone.

Projection(moderate) Starts out good then draws closer to the skin.
Longevity (3-4 hrs) 2 hrs of good projection then it draws closer to the skin. After 4 hrs it is undetectable to my nostrills.

Scent 8/10

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace by fragrand 2017-03-29

To me this is similar to Allure Homme Sport Cologne, but much more classy. Very good performance. Great fresh scent. You can't go wrong with it.

Aoud Vanille Mancera by scott.lauze 2017-03-29

This is unbelievably potent and long lasting. It survived two vigorous scrubs, a sweaty run, and a shower. Wonderful if you love it, not so much if you don't. Sample first! This is a wonderful and intriguing line, enjoy exploring Mancera.

Citizen Queen Juliette Has A Gun by Andreab969 2017-03-29

PS Citizen Queen is slipping into the "Love" column! Yay

Elixir des Merveilles Hermes by UnearthlyApothecary 2017-03-29

This scent is very similar to a scent I started off the day wearing, Maubausson Histoire d' Eau. Historie is very spicy and animalic but I feel the similarity in the citrus and amber. I would say Elixir is sweeter and more every day wearable. I love this warm gooey caramel/resins/smoky incense layered over woods. This scent has a very organic vibe. There is nothing here that smells synthetic. And that is perhaps what keeps this from being a true gourmand, it's too natural. Elixir is a very beautiful creation, there is true fragrance magic at work here. So glad I finally bought it :)

Sur L'Herbe L`Artisan Parfumeur by StellaDiverFlynn 2017-03-29

Sur L'Herbe opens with clean, fresh, invigorating lemon and bergamote. These citrus fruits are not here to provide their tart juicy pulps, but their refreshing, herbaceous rind. There's also a bracing soapy note during the first few minutes of the opening, which gives me a brief association of citrus-scented cleaning product, albeit far from being aggressively sharp.

After this brief prelude, Sur L'Herbe soon mellows into a green neroli lying languidly on a cushion of white musk. The neroli here retains its slightly bitter, herbal leafiness and limpid citrus tartness. But it feels so gauzy and lack of edge, as if it's in a photo where it's already out of focus, and then a filter of white musk is applied upon. Fortunately for me, the white musk here is not sharp at all, but smooth and tenderly sweet. As it diffuses more and more into the silent neroli, Sur L'Herbe eventually becomes a mildly sweet, musky skin scent with an echo of green.

Sur L'Herbe is mostly linear during its 6-hour longevity. The sillage is extremely close to my skin, and I have to stick my nose on my hand to smell it after about 40 minutes.

Sur L'Herbe is said to be inspired by Manet's painting Le Déjeuner sur L'Herbe, with which I'm unable to make the association. Sur L'Herbe is such a simplistic and easy-going fragrance, that I envision it like applying more and more strokes of white on a grassy green background until it becomes a very pale green.

Inspiration aside, Sur L'Herbe is a quite enjoyable clean neroli, nothing excessively laundry-like or sharp. Its streamlined character also makes it very easy to appreciate. It also corresponds well with the idea of the "Cologne Collection" and the overall aesthetic of L'Artisan Parfumeur. If you happen to be looking for a soft, fresh, easy to wear green neroli fragrance, I think Sur L'Herbe might worth a try.

Velvet Orchid Lumière Tom Ford by mschnabel666 2017-03-29

Ah, I can finally compare this to VO Original.

I like this more.

I find VO linear and smooth... it's smooth as velvet and creamy and dark.

But VOL is better. Brighter from the citrus? It's still heavy and thick, but sparkles a bit? And I find it stronger than VO. So that is prob my nose/chemistry.
Plus I like foodie/gourmand perfumes, so the amped up vanilla, honey, and rum-- perfect!

Basil & Neroli Jo Malone London by RUDOLFO512 2017-03-29

Basil & Neroli is absolutely delicious. Fresh summer green fragrance with neroli and basil. I wore it for the first time today and got many compliments. My second favorite Jo Malone. It lasts a long time on me. I will be wearing it a lot in the summer months.

Pleats Please L`Eau Issey Miyake by socorrosouza 2017-03-29

Beautiful, uplifting perfume that lasts over 6 hours on me with moderate sillage. It is so well balanced, well rounded, smells like a spring garden, flowery, green, crystaline, cool, sweet but flowery sweet (not cloying sugary sweet), I love it on my skin, better than the EdT. Main notes on my skin are musk and roses but airy white roses with a sprnkling of a very green orange flower. My hanks to Aurelien Guichard for this beauty.

Birmane Van Cleef & Arpels by llama13 2017-03-29

Love this. Nice and soft, sweet, slightly woody. Very happy!

Vince Camuto Solare Vince Camuto by sauceheadz 2017-03-29

Smells like skittles or fruity pebbles but its masculine still. I like it a lot. #sweetjones

Pi Air Givenchy by lynwood234 2017-03-29

I just sprayed it on at Macy's. It has a fresh clean scent in the beginning then the rest it smells light a lighter version of the original PI. I think it would be great for the office, gym and close spaces. This is a spring and daytime scent.

Dior Homme Sport 2017 Christian Dior by [email protected] 2017-03-29

A citrus-sandalwood fragrance which has poor projection but very good longevity..

I applied 6 heavy sprays

0 - 2 hours - 3 inch projection. You are hit with a citrus and a bit too much sandalwood. It has that "thin" feel like 2012 version, and lacks depth.

2 hours - 8 hours -1 inch projection tops. This fragrance lacks projection but it is very strong on the skin, almost acidic. The sandalwood calms down and I am surprised to see the scent pyramid have Sandalwood only in the dry down, this is not the case, it is there from the start.

8 hours - 12 hours. Still quite strong on the skin but a skin scent

The 2017 bottle design is similar to Dior Cologne 2007.The stem has a similarity to Dior Sport 2008 stem.

2012 Version = Citrus & Iris. Why Iris?

2017 Version - Citrus & a tad too much Sandalwood - Why Sandalwood? Sandalwood is better for cooler times imho, not summer or sport. Only use it sparingly for the summer, alas, they put a little more than was needed and this unhinged the whole fragrance for me

2008 Version = Citrus & ginger - They compliment each other and it worked for Summer. Why fix a ship when it is not broken? Maybe Dior had to? Who knows? 2008 is miles better than the other two, it is in a different league altogether IMHO...

Not for me

Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme Gucci by ron.simko 2017-03-29

What I'm getting here is a mostly floral slightly citrus scent. Yes there is an undertone of something a little musky, but not a lot. On some folks I'm sure this would dry down nicely, but for me, the scent seems to disappear before it really matures. Doesn't seem to project all that well either. Honestly not one of my favorites.

Citizen Queen Juliette Has A Gun by Andreab969 2017-03-29

I am wearing Citizen Queen for the first time today. We are slowly getting acquainted. I am finding it to be very pleasant as I try to identify the notes and entire composition. I wanted it to "knock my socks off" immediately but it doesn't. I was certain I would LOVE it so I'm a bit disappointed. Perhaps like will turn to Love after a day. I prefer to be the immediately bowled over by fragrances. So I was disappointed at first. However as the day passes its emanating a prettier scent. I'm not Rose crazy but I don't find it overwhelming here. I like to own a scent from each prominent line so I'm not sorry I bought it. I might offer some to others since I got the large flacon. That will make me feel better! It's a good frag, but I don't think it will ever make my top 5.

Guess for Women Guess by perfumeaddiction 2017-03-29

I have a hard time leaving negative reviews but compelled on this one.

I know we all have different chemistry so maybe it is just me but this one was a real scrubber and I can tolerate many perfumes. I can't quite put my finger on it other then it lingered for a long time and it really bothered me in a negative way. So I would test this prior to using it if you can.

Bvlgari Man Extreme Bvlgari by TonyAKAMrClean 2017-03-29

@ShotsK has a way of being quite sarcastic, but he's not wrong on this one... this is MANLY stuff. Fitting name.

Encre Noire A L`Extreme Lalique by Fragrancier 2017-03-29

I now only give perfume houses two chances to get it right.

Money is too precious to be wasted away on unsuccessful blind buys. It's just too costly.

Not every one like 'fortunate USA' is open to such a wide, flourishing range of perfumes on the market to choose from.

Some areas of the world, like mine, just receive floods of 'mere generic' stuff.

So Lalique has signed its own death warrant in my books. I will not re-visit this house again.

Encre Noire A L'extreme was extremely distasteful on my skin to say the least - a scrubber in less than 15 minutes.

(1) For a start, the quality of the 'incense' is so extremely poor.

(2) There is an extreme 'synthetic' feel about it right from the outset.

(3) It deflates like a 'cheese souffle' just taken out of the oven - not having been made right.

(3) The quality and harmony of the ingredients leaves much to be desired.

This is supporting evidence for its very poor sales since introduction.

The other fragrance I have tried was Hommage A L'Homme - a bit better quality, but so light and fleeting that it wasn't worth the effort spraying it on.

Don't buy!

Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche Jean Paul Gaultier by [email protected] 2017-03-29

A linear, soft fragrance which resembles JPG Popeye to begin with but dries down with a light minty, smoothness...

I applied 6 heavy sprays

0 - 1 hour - 4 inch projection. This has the bubble gum vibe like Popeye but with a difference - Superman is like bubble gum after it has been sucked for 8 hours, whereas Popeye is like you have just popped it into your chops..

1 hour -5 hours - 1 inch projection only. Such a nice young smell which is quite strong on the skin. Towards the 5th hour the mint shines more on a bed of Tonka. It's a good Eau Fraiche flanker of Popeye

5 - 8 hours. Close to skin

Lovely cute smell, very youthful

Not bad

Rahele Neela Vermeire Creations by LANIER 2017-03-29

Neela Vermeire Creations with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour have over the years since the House was launched created perfumes that are inspired by India but with a French Flair and chic. The new fragrance Rahele (2016) is no exception. Travel is what Rahele means and this fragrance was sparked by three 17th Century French travelers to India. Jean Thévenot, Francois Bernier, and the man responsible for bringing the premier crown jewel of France to King Louis XIV and what became finally the Hope Diamond, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier.
Rahele is a foral woody and earthy fragrance that rises to an interesting level of stylish sophistication. It is bright, pure and ozonic to my nose. It does remind me of travel, that wonderful smell you experience when you first exit an international airport and breath in the air of a strange foreign city. It has a blend of both Western Europe and the Asian sub-continent. It is fluid each time I wear it. Some times I am in Paris and other times I am in Jaipur.

We begin our trip with a bright almost ripe yet on the edge of green mandarin. Cardamom which falls on the spicy side complements the citrus. Then from Ancient markets comes the once rare and precious spice note of cinnamon. I love how this plays against the slightly metallic violet leaf note in the opening.

The midway point of the trip with Rahele is a pure lush Indian garden after the monsoon. A peachy exotic Osmanthis is surrounded by the reddest of rose, a velvet rose in fact and completely devoid of thorns. A fleshy sensual magnolia note hovers above this garden, It is moist and nearly dripping in the heat and there in the heart of this rises up a sweet almost hypnotic jasmine. The kind of jasmine that lifts the senses in the night. The earth below is introduced with purple notes of violet and rooty dry Iris. At this point the flower notes shimmer and move forward and recede in the most interesting way.

When we reach our final destination in the base there is a somber smooth finish of patchouli leaves that are packed in layers of oakmoss, silky aromatic sandalwood and resinous crisp cedar. This nearly finishes the perfume but all is not over. The dominating note here and what constantly rises though out the fragrance is a refined supple leather note. It never over powers the perfume but rather carries the perfume in subtle grace. It seems in the first hour to suddenly die, yet by hour two and beyond it returns to tease and tantalize for many hours to come. It in fact it undulates on the skin. This is pure magic and quite interesting.

Indeed, subtlety is the hallmark of this elegant fragrance. By no means is Rahele ever overpowering or demanding. It is suggestive, intuitive, and lightly sensual. A perfect fragrance for both discerning men of taste and chic women of elegant refinement.


JWoww Jenni Farley by Twizzler 2017-03-29

So Ive been wearing snookis perfume for the past three summers and wanting something a bit more mature and 'sexy' so for 10 dollars on Amazon with a lotion I couldn't pass up.
The lotion smells nothing like the perfume, smells like jergens natural glow with yellow glitter.
The perfume at first spray smells like crushed ants, a kind of chemically banana smell that fades into a very nostalgic summer beach scent with a hint of that banana but the pear is strongest note.

For 10$ it's a really easy throw on scent for the summer.

Gentlemen Only Absolute Givenchy by Hugo Montez 2017-03-29

This is a cinnamon bomb, like 1 Million. Smells very good but nothing new or special. Still, its a good addition to the line Gentlemen only. It's a 7/10 overall.

Excess Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite by EnergeticCrab 2017-03-29

Man, here is another TokyoMilk fragrance I want to like and wear, but cannot because it doesn't work on my skin. The blood orange, or its intermingling with the oak, does something weird to the composition. Conceptually this has some of my favorite notes: Patchouli, amber, woods, citrus. But in practicality, it's a surprising miss. This brand is so inconsistent I highly suggest getting samples and doing a test run before committing to full-size bottles.

Earl Grey & Cucumber Jo Malone London by Floffles 2017-03-29

Refreshing yet herbal. Its what Aromatic Elixir Clinique should have been, instead of being a crazy intense old lady scent. I do like this. Does not make me feel vibrant, or excited. But its pleasant enough. Probably more to be admired on a rainy day, wearing blacks and grey with a fantastic pair of boots.

Bibliothèque Byredo by Gigi27 2017-03-29

The initial blast is all library and leather, but that fades away quickly to an exact dupe of Bottega Veneta. So, if you like that, buy it instead because it's cheaper and smells the same.

Valentino Uomo Intense Valentino by Lockon 2017-03-29

Would've paid $102.00 plus tax, if it wasn't for a discount.
Now on to the review below.

I fell on the tracks of the hype train.
But this does not live up to the hype.
I'm gonna give it another week.
But as of now, I'm willing to trade this thing.
I see why I was given a major discount at Northstrom.

This smells like lipstick, with tonka bean and vanilla.
What the hell.....
Why are people going crazy for this thing?
Thought I got a deal, now I want my money back.
If you like fragrances that smell like makeup; Lipstick Or a Box of Crayons.
This scent is for you.

Would I buy this again...NO!
It's going to sit on my shelf and collect dust.
Again willing to trade.
I don't like the scent of Makeup bag items, at all.
This isn't for me.

SKU Number: 8411061835555
Batch Number: 62491

Age: 25 and up....I picture wearing this, more than 25+.
Scent: 5/10
Value: 3/10 (Only cost $63.49 for a 3.4 Oz bottle)
Sillage: 5/10 (Moderate arm's length at best)
Longevity: 4/10 (Great four hours)
Creativity: 4/10 (It's okay at me)
Versatility: Anytime during the Fall and Winter...And night time during the Spring & Summer.

Eros Pour Femme Versace by tanyaouanes 2017-03-29

Versace Eros Pour Femme I adore you!
Perfectly sweet-floral with a hint of woods loving this fragrance all year round. I usually layer this perfume because of its weak projection and poor longevity :(
Overall, love it. The bottle and scent is divine but very weak longevity!


Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue Miu Miu by toddles 2017-03-29

I think this is beautiful. If I were a women, I would absolutely wear this. I feel like this perfume is ageless, and I love the bottle. This is the perfect spring/summer daytime fragrance to be worn with a short and chic sundress. Those are all the things that come to mind when I smell this.

Poison Tendre Christian Dior by Dalla 2017-03-29

I got a 50 ml bottle of this from my mom quite some years ago. I never liked the smell. Too heavy and intense for me. So strong! I thought it was a generous gift though.I have been keeping it in my perfumecloset since I got it and sometimes I`ve sprayed it to see if I could like it. I didn`t want to get rid of it since it was my mom who gave it to me.Now that I`m cleaning out my beautyroom to make it into a nursery I wanted to try to get rid of it and some other perfumes I never use. I installed an app on my pad where you can sell all kind of used things, but first I wanted to check online what the perfume sells for new. I could`t find it on or any other sites that sells perfumes. But now that I`ve read about it here I understand. I completely understand why it got discontinued. It`s way too strong for the avarage person I guess. If anyone wants to swap or buy just let me know.

Green Irish Tweed Creed by micholas 2017-03-29

After having a proper go at this today for the first time.. I've got to agree with what a lot of people are saying..

It really is just a premium Davidoff Coolwater. It smells so similar.. even in the dry down. They're so close together, that there's no way to justify £230 for 120ml, when you can get 200ml of Coolwater for £30 these days.

I get what people are saying that it's slightly different and it smells somewhat better than Coolwater.. but nowhere near enough to warrant a £200 increase. I'm sure if I blind sprayed the two fragrances and got two random people to judge, at best they'd identify a slight difference in the two, but I don't think they'd favour one or the other.

I think the reason most people frown upon this, is because they smelt Coolwater first. As a stand alone fragrance, if I smelt GIT in 1985 before Coolwater existed, then it's fantastic, amazing even.. but unfortunately it's 2017 and I do own Coolwater..

Habit Rouge Dress Code Guerlain by tibo.t 2017-03-29

Parfum sublime ! Difficile à décrire tant il peut changer suivant le climat. La plupart du temps il a un fond cuir/cacao délicieux mais il peut être totalement différent suivant les circonstances. Par exemple après une journée de forte chaleur, sur moi il à une odeur à tomber que je ne saurais pas décrire mais qui n'à plus rien à voir avec le fond habituel... magique !

Playboy New York Playboy by tkruise 2017-03-29

Loved it, but it used to last no more than 3h on me, anyway, I would buy it again, reminds me of Montblanc Legend.

Exotic Coconut Bath and Body Works by Incense & Cookies 2017-03-29

The one scent I have ever managed to find that smells exactly like '70s Coppertone to me. Not even CB I Hate Perfume's At the Beach 1966 did the trick for me.

Blue Jeans Versace by tkruise 2017-03-29

I don't love it, but I like it somehow, vanilla notes, but in Brazil I feel like I'm too young to use it.

Carven Pour Homme Carven by tkruise 2017-03-29

This perfume won me yesterday, compared it with 4 others, couldn't get it out of my mind.

Compared it with Jaguar Classic Amber, Silver Scent, Montblanc Legend(used to be one of my favourites) and Vétiver by Carven, still, Carven by Carven won by far.

Sillage 7/10
Longevity 7/10 (about 6 hours to completely wear off)

Salma Al Haramain Perfumes by JessieMayNot 2017-03-29

For hours mentholated dense fruity cough medicine.

Wash it off. For hours mentholated dense fruity cough syrup.

A bit redundant to say that this one doesn't work for me.

Bombshell Summer Victoria`s Secret by Jazieboo7410 2017-03-29

This body mist layered over Revlon fire and ice is my go to summer scent! I have this in both the mist and perfume but I reach for the mist more often. Bombshell summer smells like rainbow ice cream sherbet but not as sweet. This is a very tart scent that can be layered with other fragrances to either warm it up or sweeten it. It also has a slightly soapy vibe but I quite enjoy it

Incense & Cedrat Jo Malone London by Nataliemarie 2017-03-29

I only got to as far as the comment below...DITTO!!! I love the scent too,,,but Bath & Body Works Body Sprays lasts longer. I thought it would be stronger too. NOPE. This AT MOST, should be sold for the same as the regulars. Jo Malone needs to consider LONGEVITY or Price Reduction. This needs to be TWICE as strong AND last 10x's longer for what I paid..Just DAMN! **Natalie N on Youtube** We do Live Hangouts about Perfumes & other things too.

Pi Air Givenchy by Jomdaley 2017-03-29

My first impression:
This really does smell like a lighter version of Pi, the "vanilla" smell is still there, yet it's also very airy and fresh with just the right amount of sweetness. I would say this is comparable to Dior Homme Eau, Reflection Man, and other scents in the airy, floral yet masculine category. I actually prefer this over those because it's lighter and easier to wear.

And no this smells absolutely nothing like Aventus

Pi Givenchy by Albertos 2017-03-29

Love it!!!! my best! 10stars. Blessed!

Classic Hattric by deakrek 2017-03-29

I just came here cause this was my Dads frag :) see you in heaven Apa!

Legend Spirit Montblanc by MysticPineappleAttack 2017-03-29

I'm really not sure where the comparisons with Invictus Aqua are coming from. They do NOT smell similar whatsoever.

Sensuous Estée Lauder by Nuitdenoel 2017-03-29

I am testing Sensuous right now. I wear Sensuous Nude almost daily but I had never really paid much attention to the original. I like it but I don't love it. That's not a negative thing, though. In fact, I will probably buy a full bottle. Okay, onto the review.

Like most Estée Lauder perfumes, you absolutely cannot judge it on the initial 5-10 minutes. It needs time to settle. First blast was plastic, but then it settled into a sandalwood/amber/cinnamon combo. Very nice and warm. Then, there is a gradual transition on my skin where honey comes to the forefront. My husband said I smelled like a cinnamon cookie, lol. The sandalwood stays fairly prominent. I think this more oriental than gourmand, though, as I never feel it ventures into the edible, although obviously my husband thinks otherwise

UPDATE: So, having Sensuous and Nude wrist-to-wrist, I prefer the Nude. The original Sensuous becomes extremely woody and sharp during the drydown, and that's just not me. Please bear in mind that SN is the only perfume in my collection to be woody, as woods just don't seem to be a note I enjoy, so take this review with a grain of salt. If I could have kept the first 30 minutes of Sensuous, where the only way I can describe the scent is: a spice market with cinnamon, cloves, peppers, vanilla in the heat of the noon-day sun being sold from stalls made of sandalwood. One of the most impressive orientals I've smelled to date. Anyway, that scent would have been FB worthy for me without hesitation. Once the woods take over, though, that's all I smell...very sharp woods.On my skin, it turns very masculine.

Sensuous Nude keeps from veering into sharp woods with the creamy coconut and the musk. AN is one of my great perfume loves of all time.

As an addendum, I prefer the whole Sensuous line over the Modern Muse line. Both are woody but I prefer how it's done in the Sensuous line.

The Nude is kept from

Sensuous Estée Lauder by Nuitdenoel 2017-03-29

I am testing Sensuous right now. I wear Sensuous Nude almost daily but I had never really paid much attention to the original. I like it but I don't love it. That's not a negative thing, though. In fact, I will probably buy a full bottle. Okay, onto the review.

Like most Estée Lauder perfumes, you absolutely cannot judge it on the initial 5-10 minutes. It needs time to settle. First blast was plastic, but then it settled into a sandalwood/amber/cinnamon combo. Very nice and warm. Then, there is a gradual transition on my skin where honey comes to the forefront. My husband said I smelled like a cinnamon cookie, lol. The sandalwood stays fairly prominent. I think this more oriental than gourmand, though, as I never feel it ventures into the edible, although obviously my husband thinks otherwise

I don't have much to add to the reviews that are already here - this is, indeed, a dead ringer for Angel. Crème de Pistache isn't quite as overpoweringly strong, and the patchouli is replaced by a nice nutty accord that I can buy as buying pistacchio, but they're really quite alike overall. Which means I like it - I have nothing against Angel, and the more gourmand the better, as far as I'm concerned. But it also means that it's not quite as special as I had hoped looking at that lovely list of notes, and since it's discontinued, I think I'll just leave it at this sample.

Joyeuse Tubéreuse Guerlain by globus pallidus 2017-03-29

Fresh, green, ever so slightly bitter opening transitioning into a heavy creaminess. Mind you, not an edible one! It actually has more of a Nivea cream floralcy. My expectations were not astronomical, me being a believer that flowers need to show some darkness and dirt to fully live up to their potential. But this one really is quite handsome.

Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Hermes by gedlive 2017-03-29

This is my favorite in the garden series.
I don't get much jasmine or mint, and there seems to be more notes that are not listed.
It opens with the unusual kumquat note, it's slightly bitter like Yuzu, but nicer, fruitier.
Then it has the best hay and grassy note that makes it very calming and transportive to a meadow, or Chinese garden.

Rating: 8/10

God bless. John 3:16

For someone who used to loathe rose in perfumes, I've certainly been wearing a lot of rose perfumes lately. Versace Woman, Incanto Bloom, Stella McCartney, Peony fragrance mist and lotion from Bath and Body Works, and Signorina EDT have all been regulars in my rotation the last month or so especially. I'm also lusting after Dior's Blooming Boquet but haven't purchased that one yet do to the fear of regularly noted longevity issues in the reviews.

Signorina EDT is a fresh but creamy rose dominant fragrance. It's the perfect spring perfume because it's got that creaminess that lends a touch of warmth along with the rose and sparkly citrusy notes. This is a truly beautiful scent. It's not dry or powdery the way some Rose perfumes can be. Just feminine, pretty, soft, and lovely. The longevity is really very good on me, so I've got no complaints there. Signorina EDT isn't the kind of scent that will draw lots of compliments, and it's not extremely complex and unique, but that doesn't matter so much to me. It suits me just fine and the price was right. I am happy I own this one and will continue to wear it regularly - could very well end up being a "love" for me!

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Eau de Parfum Chanel by MysticPineappleAttack 2017-03-29

Like some others have stated below: the eau de parfum concentration does NOT smell as creamy (i.e. "lemon meringue pie"-y) as the eau de toilette. I had an opportunity to test the eau de toilette concentration at my local fragrance store - I'm not sure if this counts as false advertising, but the tester there was the eau de toilette, while they were exclusively selling the eau de parfum concentration - and, yeah, while the eau de toilette strikes a nice balance between the lemon and the vanilla, the eau de parfum on the other hand smells more sour and citrussy, and thus more generic. That's not to say that the eau de parfum concentration doesn't smell creamy or nice; it does. It's a very pleasant scent in fact, although projection and longevity are definitely problematic, and considering that the eau de toilette concentration was better, a very light "buyer beware" isn't out of place here.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrete Christian Dior by camden-girl 2017-03-29

I really love this , well I would as it's a little like HP eau sensuelle, still its
not a clone of it as miss sensuelle is longer lasting and more sweeter with an icing sugar or cake frosting powdery vanilla,eau secrete is more like warm citrus with maybe a tiny bit of orange and Licorice but still a little frosting or gourmand vanilla, it's DIVINE !
There is a little différences between them but there are many similarities too.
If you have one you may not need the other unless hypnotic poison is your favourite then you may want every Flanker ever made :) ( me too )
I truly understand :)

I reach for this a LOT, its warmth is wonderful and it's a mysterious fragrance that I personally feel reeled in by. Yes it's anoying that secrète is a little fleeting I do wish she lasted longer but in fairness this was not a bottle of water it was what it states a softer version of hypnotic poison maybe a perfect summer version !
I know eau secrete gets stick for replacing eau sensuelle but to me I love them both and as I say there are slight differences so I feel happy to own both and note the slightly different feelings they give me.
I can't see how anyone can dislike this , it's a lovely soft version of HP.

Edit : use this all the time so it's a LOVE for me.
I'm not bothered that is not a screamer of a fragrance it's soft but mesmerising to me and quite romantic and a long lasting skin scent that's Scrummy, if Dior brought out an amped up version of this I would buy it instantly as even though this is gentle and fleeting the actual smell is so angelic and ravishingly beautiful that I need this in my mini collection !

Coco Eau de Parfum Chanel by wingz85 2017-03-29

Coco is a very strong lady. Strong and outspoken, she does not appear to follow the traditional gender roles in society. Despite her toughness, she is very sweet and nurturing, very polite and sophisticated. The drydown is when she shows her true self: pure femininity... Coco is a perfume with character. It is not a crowd pleaser....

Maroussia Slava Zaitsev by Polica 2017-03-29

"Cinderella from the bottom shelf" - Chapter 3


And here I go - here is another beautiful "Cinderella from the bottom shelf".
You can cheat with this one all your high class scents - because she is that good.
Or, better, don't cheat - wear Maroussia proudly.

Her spiciness and the sugestion of ertotic side of femininity warms winter, her freshness fits early spring.
She is classy, tender and discretely erotic companion.
She's got everything to be overpowering, but still - she isn't.
To me, Maroussia is all about femininity.

The only thing is - maybe you'll have to reaply more often.
But you'll enjoy to.

personal part - if you are not interested, just skip it, please.

"... Nooo, I won't do it, because it is y-o-u-r duty to pick up your slippers and to put them in the bag. Hurry up!", I said to my 4,5 year old while I was picking him up from kindergarten.

After a long day, all I wanted was to finally get back home.

"...Aaaand your duty is to to smell so nice!", replied my little Mr. Charming.

"What?... duty...?", I thought and, opposite to what I asked him to do, I automaticly put his slippers in a bag by myself.

So, my 4,5 years old boy thought that is my duty to smell nice.

I'll never forget that.
I was wearing Maroussia that day.

Vertigo Cuir Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

An interesting, unisex combination of notes. Less leather and more gourmand to me.

Sucre et Fleurs Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

I really did not sense the honey in this one, but it is a pleasing dry vanilla floral.

Oui Plus Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

Less sweet than it should be. The 'graham cracker' note is heavy on the top, then dries down to a suggestion of chocolate and a moderate dry vanilla, which is a prominent note in many Kyse creations.

Mandorlo Cioccolato Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

My favorite from this house, with a very strong orange note. If you like this one, the Elegance Sombre is similar.

Hot Cologne Mugler by Mich03 2017-03-29

My husband tried this a few days ago and very nearly bought it until he realized it smelled the same as Cologne. (As I see,others have said the same). Which he already owns. Much better price too so please compare the two together before buying.

Panda Zoologist Perfumes by BloomPerfume 2017-03-29

A radiant green perfume built from exotic citruses, first spring flowers and spicy woods. The complex green facet has been carefully constructed from bamboo, oolong tea, mimosa and vetiver.

Ok so I admit I'm in love with Guerlain, and in general if there is a particular fragrance I love, I am going to buy every flanker and every version of it that is offered.
I found this one online (of course, because where else would you find an odd canister of Guerlain but online or overseas?)
This is Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Mon eau pour le voyage...and wow, this one was NOT what I was expecting.
Based on the notes, I was thinking it was just going to be a travel friendly canister of LPRN...
Well, the first 3 sprays (I went with 3 because I had assumed it was more of a bad LOL)....the first 3 sprays smelled like some sort of men's deoderant body spray. So much so that I was dismayed thinking I had been sent a fake---after much inspection of the canister, box, batch codes, etc I determined that yes, this was authentic...and I just let it develop.
Oh my. This is beautiful. The cherry FINALLY pops out--this is a cherry/rose/patchouli/musk and it's gorgeous. The musk is what overwhelmed me upon first spray but once that settled and everything else was allowed to bloom it became gorgeous. This is much less fruity than LPRN edp, it has much more in common with LPRN Couture in my opinion (the patchouli does it for me). Orange blossom and jasmine are also apparent here, and I love it.
So so so happy with this purchase! Longevity 4-6 hours with decent strength.

Elegance Sombre Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

very similar to her Mandorlo Cioccolato, with a strong orange zest note

Douceur Brulee Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

All I get is scorched caramel. Not appealing.

Crema di Lime e Cognac Kyse Perfumes by OTA Mom 2017-03-29

Creamy but dry. Only after it fully develops does it sweeten and soften some. Longevity, sadly, about like a single drink.

Zara Silver Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 6/10
longevity :6/10
80% day / 20% night fragrance
Nice vetiver and fresh scent

Luna Rossa Carbon Prada by RandieBaird 2017-03-29

I just sampled this 2 hours ago and this honestly smell so similar to Dior Sauvage on top of the lavender from the original Luna Rossa. I can speak to longevity but I can't see this performing as well as Sauvage. It's a good fragrance that will get compliments for sure. I really enjoy the original Luna Rossa and have went through a whole bottle of that but since I have Sauvage I will most likely not be purchasing this unless I discover something special in the drydown. IMO this will be purchased by frag heads who refuse to buy Sauvage because they wanted more from Dior yet want to smell like Sauvage without saying they bought Dior Sauvage.

Lacoste Pour Femme Lacoste by Dezember 2017-03-29

I still remember how I really thought that Pour femme would be my signature forever when it came out. It was so pretty, fresh, delicate, feminine, easy to wear on any occasion and I always got compliments while wearing it.
But then, was it maybe in 2010, Lacoste changed something in the formula and the packaging. Or was it my body chemistry that changed, doubt that. Pour femme became more woody, sour and the sweet flowery scent was gone by the wind. Longevity became so poor despite generous bathing in it, it just disappeared from my skin. So sad to spoil such a great perfume with changing its formula.

I've had 4 or 5 bottles of it, still wear it usually at work but won't buy a new one. Times have changed and Pour femme will stay on my mind, but now it's time to find another signature for myself. Endless process, this damn hunting for a perfect perfume :)

Cartier De Lune Cartier by curlykitty8 2017-03-29

As I am on my last drops of Cartier de Lune I bid it goodbye with a grateful heart. It has given me hours of soft and fragrant delight, redolent of luscious rose, tender muguet and soft musk. The other notes are not perceptible to me but who cares!
In summary, this is an exquisite fragrance that is to be appreciated for its feminine and subtle longevity along with its distinctive Cartier elegance!

Alien Eau Extraordinaire Mugler by Sherrywijaya69 2017-03-29

A sharper fresher,powdery, ever so slightly greener version of the alien EDT, is it better? Maybe, is it worth buying when you already have the edt? Absolutely, positively no, lasting power & sillage is below the edt, but scent is slightly upgraded, but not to the point that its worth buying

Zara For Him Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
60% night/ 40 day fragrance
reminds me of Dior Homme but lighter and with less performance
nice creamy and lipstick scent

Zara Night Pour Homme II Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
60% night/ 40% day fragrance
reminds me of 212 vip but darker and less performance

Sooo... RWA is really something. Based on this review here i had a hard time deciding if i should get it or not, but at the end i'm glad i did. And i will explain why.

It has a really funny, not pleasant opening which reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion. Basically a lot of cocoanut and i mean a lot.
I don't really get any tobacco or honey at the opening. So when i was testing this at first i was really disappointed... but after half an hour or so this fragrance really starts to shine.. it's very warm, sweet and pleasant feel and i really changed my mind about this one. It really doesn't feel synthetic or artifical and that's why is so loved imo.

My suggestion is: when you're considering buying it at a store, spray it on yourself when you walk into the store and then go do a few laps around the merchandise.. so the scent dries down. You probably wont like at a start but after it dries down (15 minutes+) you'll see why it's hyped so much in community. For 12.95 € for 100 ml it really is a steal.

I don't really see me wearing this in warmer weather (chilly nights are the only exception you could pull that off) but i think this would do great in colder months. Yes it's slightly sweet and cosy, the king of smell you would blindly probably associate it with a woman's fragrance but as someone told in review of DHI- you have to be enough of a confident man to pull that kind of metro vibe.
No negative compliments about being to feminime from my side of view, as someone previously wrote.

Would reccomend it, especially for every serious collector. It trully is gourmand.

How does it compare to AMBRE PRECIEUX?

Zara Gold Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
60% night/ 40% day fragrance
nice pineapple scent
reminds me of black XS with less performance

Zara Black Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
100% night fragrance
1 million kind of smell with less performance

Lanvin Me Lanvin by piahellgren 2017-03-29

When it comes to sweet, sweet, sweet- this one is the perfect scent for me! There is no patchouli, no caramel, no vanilla, no praline, you get my drift. But sweet, sweet mandarin and blueberries. Beautiful balance of the two, really fresh and sweet and juicy and high quality. This is not chemical or artificial, except, of course, that it is, like perfumes usually are, intensified when it comes to the fruit/berries. And then come rose and tuberose and I would say the balance there TOO is absolutely perfect. I love tuberose like this- with tons of fruit and another flower note. I am so glad they picked rose to balance it and not another white floral. The liquorice is nice and mild, but very there. No way as intense as in Very Irresistible or LPRN- way better and more delicate here and not medicinal at all, which I find it to be in the other two. It takes a while for the super smooth sandalwood to come out, but when it does it´s lovely and sensual. My favourite thing about this one is how the sweetness is never getting cloying- the mandarin keeps it fresh and vibrant to the very end. I just love this and it is a gourmand that I could wear again and again.

Silences Jacomo by gracenote-floralspice 2017-03-29

Silences. Certainly a green forestry reverence to things natural. For me this starts with something of Chanel NO 19, though that's where it ends. The dry down for me is a bitter and sharp forest. Certainly not the powdery soft cool restraint of Chanel 19. Rather the restraint of a silent forest unspoilt by careless hands and machines.

I can imagine this being beautifully cool on a summer day. For now I am experimenting with it as an autumn fragrance.

It is my foray into a new world of fragrance, my fragrances normally not so green. Yet that is my fragrance journey since the passing of my husband. A place of experimenting, like trying my wings in the world. This to me is a loan ranger sort of fragrance.

Long live Silences!

Gentlemen Only Givenchy by Carrieberry 2017-03-29

I absolutely love this on a guy. It is classy, sexy but not overbearing. The incense note is to die for. I see this as the every day scent of a successful man. <3

Rich Leather Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 7/10
longevity :6/10
70% day / 30% night fragrance
nice pineapple scent
similar to creed aventus with less performance

Grande Dame Cloon Keen Atelier by skyelightfetish 2017-03-29

I've been testing an awful lot of rose recently...

But I like rose so it's all good.

I had more classic perfumery expectations for this, while what this is is actually a heavy and slightly oriental rose. Thick velvet of a rose oozing with nearly headache-inducing, hypnotic opulence. To start with, it teeters on the edge of sliding into rose jam for ages but never quite does.

I kind of love it, and I am thinking of layering it up with some extreme masculine weird.

Vetiver Matale Pierre Guillaume by BloomPerfume 2017-03-29

Some really good pure essence of Bourbon vetiver, warm and silky with the barest hint of smokiness, blended with green tea leaves and blond tobacco absolute.

Boss Bottled Tonic Hugo Boss by Ricks44 2017-03-29

I tested this today. So these are my initial impressions.

I saw it on a shelf in a local department store whilst I was shopping for other items. I had no interest in really trying this but I thought what the hell, its new so why not.

The lady spritzed my hand and to be honest I was impressed. Sharp, masculine and clean. Very sharp. I love sharp, clean scents. The ginger and grapefruit up top could slice their way through a ninja attack. Mega piercing but done wonderfully. I loved it. After the initial opening, you get the boss bottled dna coming through. But lighter, fresher and icey.

Its somewhere along the lines of a mix between Boss Bottled, Platinum Egoiste, Versace Eau Fraiche.

Ill test a few more times but I think this would be perfect for summer.

Has a slight gin and tonic vibe also.

Sublime Jean Patou by gracenote-floralspice 2017-03-29

Truly sublime. At first I get something sweet then sweetly smoky? is that possible? Then it becomes this smell of floral, yet for me not an innocent floral sweetness. More something golden and spicy. Certainly pick up the yellow flowers! Perfectly warm and sunny. Certainly not a cold floral and with loads staying power!

1 Million Paco Rabanne by Carrieberry 2017-03-29

I remember going crazy for this perfume on guys when it just came out. That was a long time ago. I still like it for nostalgia's sake but it's not sophisticated in any way. Also it has been smell 1 million guys wearing this in the clubs ;). A like but not a love from me.

Semi-Bespoke No. 7 Roja Dove by Gileshowe 2017-03-29

This is the most outrageous, animalic, sensual, sexual, soft leathery shocker you have EVER smelt. It is the smell of YOU at your BEST. Your confidence, your assuredness, your aspiration. This is the most mindblowing juice, so complex and full bodied. The only warning is GO EASY because too much and it smells unclean but just a small amount and you will feel so exhalted it is like your life suddenly falls in to place. This is a lifechanging perfume. Breathtaking. The stuff of dreams. The opening orange blossom gives way to something so complex I cannot put it in to words, but be assured it is the ultimate most sensual and erotic and refined perfume you will ever, ever smell EVER. This is IT.

L'Homme Ultime Yves Saint Laurent by NachoRuiz 2017-03-29

This is a really good and pleasing smell. You can't offend anyone with this fragrance. However... I'm not sure if this is a full bottle worthy. 7/10

Jimmy Choo Man Ice Jimmy Choo by antonpan 2017-03-29

A nice surprise and the best in the Jimmy Choo line. On my skin it smells absolutely identical to Dior Homme Cologne. The same tangerin-y musks. The Jimmy Choo is lighter, but just a bit.
I compared DHC and JCMI on paper: DHC is sweeter, deeper, but I think these differences will not be notable on skin.

Taking into consideration that Man Ice is not expensive and soon will appear at discounters, this is a nice deal if you like Dior Homme Cologne.

1000 Jean Patou by gracenote-floralspice 2017-03-29

What a beautiful fragrance. It is indescribable. Not sure my sense for poetry will do this justice. Exquisite. Understated elegance. Love the smell of flowers. In the beginning I get leather and something green and beautiful. It then changes into this beautiful powdery flower. So understated and that's what lingers here on my neck and wrist at present. A masterpiece. Please house of Jean Patou: DO NOT REFORMULATE EVER. Only capitals will do to say this.

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum Burberry by Rene007 2017-03-29

sweet spicy, unisex- i love it

1 Million Paco Rabanne by Arisdoangajah 2017-03-29

Saya berasal dari Indonesia

Pertama kali kesan yang di dapat bukan warm spicy, tapi fress spicy. Pertama tercium sangat seger aroma kayu manis. Sangat manis. Setelah 4jam tercium campuran kayu manis dan leather.

Purple Label Ralph Lauren by nardius 2017-03-29

This opens just like Bleecker Street, which I find mildly unpleasant. The drydown on this, though... 3 hours in, the smell is incredible but only there when I press my nose against my wrist.

Gucci Bamboo Gucci by alabangcute 2017-03-29

I bought this today for my mom who loves floral perfumes. Personally, I find this nice and unobtrusive. It's elegant and while not completely unique in its scent, I think she will enjoy it knowing it is a Gucci fragrance and it smells great. No need to be too detailed in reviewing a fragrance. If it smells good on your nose, GO FOR IT!

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by janetpolelondon 2017-03-29

o9n me is stinks like dish soap.

I thought I really liked this scent based on testing from a sampler. Ordered a bottle based on this and am wearing for first time today. I'm finding it to be a sillage monster. Far too strong for me. I have a new 1.6 oz bottle only used once. Inbox me if you'd like to make a trade.

Coleen X Coleen Rooney by 2017-03-29

probably the worst perfume i've ever used. smells like a mixture of sewer water, tobacco and decay. i used it on my neck and felt an insane burning feeling, whether this was my skin protesting at the awful smell or as a result of whatever crap they've chucked into the mixture, i don't know. all i do know is that a day or so later and my skin is bright red and peeling. pretty sure this isn't an allergic reaction as i've never reacted to anything before, just a result of cheap, crappy perfume.

three days and half a bottle of E45 lotion later and my skin still looks awful,

so in a nutshell, don't use this shite unless you want your skin to peel off.

Coleen X Coleen Rooney by 2017-03-29

probably the worst perfume i've ever used. smells like a mixture of sewer water, tobacco and decay. i used it on my neck and felt an insane burning feeling, whether this was my skin protesting at the awful smell or as a result of whatever crap they've chucked into the mixture, i don't know. all i do know is that a day or so later and my skin is bright red and peeling. pretty sure this isn't an allergic reaction as i've never reacted to anything before, just a result of cheap, crappy perfume.

three days and half a bottle of E45 lotion later and my skin still looks awful,

so in a nutshell, don't use this shite unless you want your skin to peel off.

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
100% night fragrance
reminds me a little bit of Herod by parfums de marly with less performance

Pulp Byredo by Merino-Teflon 2017-03-29

Casual, fun scent, not for me, unless I was going to a fancy dress party dressed as a can of Vimto.
Thinking it may be more my thing if it had some ginger or anise in it, I don't know.

7.0 Zara Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 6/10
longevity :6/10
80% day / 20% night fragrance
nice grass and green scent
reminds me a little bit of 212 (less performance and dull scent)

Pacific Paradise Escada by hankunamatata 2017-03-29

I wore this 10 years ago... It's amazing how a fragrance can be a time machine. I felt like I was 17 again...
Fragrances can be such a great escape.

It's exactly what I remembered. A very fresh fruity. This was the only perfume by Escada that I've purchased.

9.0 Zara Zara by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 10/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
80% night/ 20 day fragrance
reminds me of Dior Homme with less performance
nice creamy and lipstick scent

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :7/10
60% day/ 40% night fragrance
reminds me of 212 vip with less performance

Layton Parfums de Marly by landshark321 2017-03-29

One of the more recent releases from Parfums De Marly, Layton, seems to very popular, and I can see why, it's quite easy-to-wear and pleasing, a fresh spicy mix that leads with a strong mix of apple and lavender, giving way to floral heart and woody pepper base.

I like the apple at the beginning and the pepper at the end the most, those notes standing out most prominently, though I'm a little disappointed that the apple that's so front-and-center in the opening didn't last a bit longer into the dry down, but that's part of its charm, that it becomes a little more woody and even generic in the dry down.

To me, this is a very agreeable mix, stereotypically masculine but plausibly unisex, and a decent performer. Nothing shocking, but a safe, reliable, middle-of-the-road scent that is intriguing enough to be worth a little more, but probably not even the discounted price of $194 for 125ml on Notino, in my opinion.

A good performer, as well, average or slightly above average for an EDP, with medium projection and very good longevity.

7 out of 10

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior by missmim 2017-03-29

I have the EDT and it's straight-up root beer y'all. It does, however, make me curious about EDP... and whether a deep, dark licorice will be better suited to me than frothy root beer. It has its moments, I suppose, but wasn't what I was looking for. Still, I keep almost all of my perfumes because I never know when something I'm "meh" on or outright hate will suddenly become a love... If you're a gourmand fan of very sweet frags, this is definitely one for you (unless you hate root beer!).

Fiore dell'Onda L`Erbolario by LisaLovesPerfume 2017-03-29

This is the ocean in a bottle! It is very similar to Aqua Moto with the initial spray. Then, it settles to a gently ocean breeze. If you want to daydream about the beach, this should take you there.

As a Pasha de Cartier Flankers collector I can tell this is one of the best, I haven't had such much compliments coming out at the same time wearing a cologne in while.
To be continued...

I am honestly so on the fence with this fragrance. It is fine, and for its price point it doesn't smell cheap at all. I think it's just too powerful initially, then a few hours later it's completely gone. That, and I don't think that patchouli is a great scent for me (it's the patch that probably comes on too strong for me at first).
If I wear it again, I would probably have to mix it with something much sweeter (like La Vie Est Belle, another one that I find generally too powerful) and see if they can duke out a more balanced scent between them.

Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent by SuadKhamis 2017-03-29

I agree with all the people who hate this perfume for whatever their reasons are! This smell is not feminine, and nor is it pleasant to wear! I don't know what it is except that all I can think of is that this perfume is telling me "I'm going to attack all the perfumes that people are wearing around you, and make your head blast"! LOL

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf by aqua76239 2017-03-29

Something about it I didn't care for. I like Flowerbomb so in a way I was expecting some similarities but no. Caramel supposed to be big here but I was not smelling it at all. Overall impression was of some chemical smelling candy. I got a sample of it so I tried it several times but I really didn't find it that impressive.

Fancy Jessica Simpson by Nataja 2017-03-29

@Christine your comment hit the nail on the head! Thank God some people just get it...! <3 <3 <3

Zum Mist Sea Salt Indigo Wild by stacia79 2017-03-29

A lady came in to my work today and I asked what she was wearing. It was this. I was surprised because to my nose, it was ALL PATCHOULI ALL DAY LONG.

Tres Nuit Armaf by FlexYoFace 2017-03-29

It's the GIT dna plus a heady lavender and spices to make it darker and sweeter, it's a bit more damper and dewyer than GIT. It's a good fragrance, it's like GIT de Nuit. The spices and heft of the florals weigh this down and make it a night time version of a GIT clone.. er flanker. It's a spicy/sweeter GIT.. so keep that in mind.

Herod Parfums de Marly by bart4543 2017-03-29

those who love this fragrance i highly recommend ENGLISH LAUNDRY WINDSOR FOR MAN.

Pi Givenchy by ageofsillage 2017-03-29

Hey @builtisbill and @RodMessAnd, what are the batch codes of your bottles? Perhaps Givenchy improved the latest reformulation. Would like to give it another go, because I enjoy the scent so much.

Hot Couture Givenchy by abbyofthevalley 2017-03-29

One word of caution: other people and animals may be sensitive to the strong pepper note in the fragrance. My cat ran away from me and had a sneezing fit shortly after I first applied this once. I do adore this fragrance though! It's absolutely delicious and intriguing, there is nothing else like it. But wear with caution! It lasts a VERY long time! The sharpness of the pepper disappears in the dry down and I'm left with a delicately sweet and spicy fragrance, like the sweetest bouquet of carnations.

scent : 7/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :9/10
80% night / 20% day fragrance
light oud scent

Fraaagola Saalaaata Hilde Soliani by Vanillacarmelcoffee 2017-03-29

This smells really good. It's honestly along the same lines as Profumum Roma's Vanitas, Tihota Indult and Outremer Vanille, just with a slight strawberry tweek.

Evergreen Jil Sander by Arlene-Beatrix 2017-03-29

Morning spring garden bottled. As simple as that.
It's lovely, amazingly subtle floral scent with lots of lily-of-the-valley, a bit of rose and fruits. 100% ladylike. It reminds me of a silky scarf, maybe due to creamy sandalwood base notes.

Eau de Lacoste Lacoste by barentonwithaba 2017-03-29

Soft, safe, clean. Not much else to say about it. The orange smells kind of bitter with a mix of jasmine. It would be good on a day when you don't feel like smelling yourself all day but want to wear something.

Noir Tom Ford by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 9/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :8/10
100% night fragrance
mix of Dior Homme Intense and Habit Rouge by Guerlain
nice creamy and lipstick scent

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Fendi by vickhazel 2017-03-29

Hari ini aku bli woww wanginya mantap awet....
Tak kasih skor
8.5 / 10
Rekomended... Modern.

Laguna Salvador Dali by Arlene-Beatrix 2017-03-29

At first it's a bit too sharp due to intense citruses I guess, but after a while it's very pleasant, sunny scent, carefree, unobtrusive and office safe.

A*Men Kryptomint Mugler by devenautar 2017-03-29

Yes! Bravo Mugler. I was waiting for this release for a long time and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint. Love it

Black XS L'Exces for Her Paco Rabanne by IoanaBrb 2017-03-29

OH SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST I don`t even have words to describe Black XS L`exces. I literally NEED it. I crave to smell this fragrance when I don`t wear it. This is candy for my soul. This. Is. Just. Love.

Obsession Calvin Klein by sparklycherub 2017-03-29

If a genie were to appear from any perfume bottle I'd put my money on this one. I was curious to test this as I'd never smelled it before, even though I'm in my mid-forties. I had one tester spritz on my wrist in-store before walking to work and - Wow - it was delicious: fresh yet spicy, strong but not headachey. It left a lovely trail in the breeze and had a real presence. That morning - I kid you not - 2 guys tripped up as they crossed my path. OK maybe there were dodgy pavements/ staircases that morning, but it felt like a sign that this could be the feelgood fragrance that I needed.... The next time I tested it, my daughters, on cuddling me,  said mummy smelled like cinnamon and vanilla cupcakes. Tested it once again before going to a coffee shop and I felt great, sipping my chai latte with gorgeous wafts of orange-blossomy, ambery fragrance intermingling with my steaming cuppa. Have ordered my first bottle of Obsession - can't wait to have one of my own!

Horizon Extreme Davidoff by Rorshach1004 2017-03-29

Enjoyed the opening, which is heavy leather and dark woods and spices, but the drydown is very animalic, a dirty oudy animalic that is very dodgy indeed. Try before you buy, let it settle on your skin, and see if you can take it. I can't, it's far too barnyard for me.

Pi Givenchy by RodMessAnd 2017-03-29

Has a nice green opening, but then the vanilla takes control! A nice cuddle scent, perfect to wear in winter times and autumn nights! Longevity is reaaly good and I'm talking about the reformulated version that is supposed to be less strong than the old formulation.

Prada L'Homme Prada by Kenudigme 2017-03-29

It's so odd to me that when I sprayed this on my hand in Bloomingdales, it lasted a good 4 hours but after the store associate made me a 2 ml sample ... it doesn't settle on my skin at all. I can't even smell it after 10 minutes. Is it me ? Did my nose become quickly immune to the fragrance? Idk. But I'm still going to purchase a bottle of this b/c I honestly love the scent even if for some reason it doesn't last on my skin like the sample did not last, then I'll just spray my clothing and linens with it !

I have a tiny sampler of this from Sephora. For a split second, the apple/rose combination is too floral for me. I loathe pure rose scents (in lotion or anything else), and usually prefer vanilla-y for sweet scents. But, within 5 minutes, it grew on me.

My favorite vanilla-musk Christmas present had become slightly thick by March, and I'd been yearning for something a little crisper. Apples it is!

Bombshell Victoria`s Secret by aura_therapy 2017-03-29

Going by the name, I expected this to smell like lacy push-up bras. But instead it would have been more accurately named "Boyfriend Jeans". It is very unisex to me. I am a fan CK One and the like, so I bought this in the body mist and am enjoying it. It even layered well with D&G #3 L'Imperatrice that I had on my jeans from the day before.

I find the body mist in this scent comparable to an EDT. 5 hours later it is still a skin scent where it hit my arm, and can be smelled by others on my t-shirt. The body mist is plenty strong for me (I am sensitive), so I won't be purchasing the EDP. It is a sporty, running errands, freshly showered vibe.

Sweet Like Candy Ariana Grande by kessyster 2017-03-29

I would love to get one but I just don't get it. Is so more expensive than Mad Love ( Kate Perry) but this one ( according to the reviews, have a weak silage and bad longevity!) in the other hand, Mad Love got both: great sillage and longevity and you can get much more cheap! I love sweet like candy but I hope I can find cheaper as I wouldn't agree to pay more than what I pay for my Mad love!

Well I finally did it and bought this beauty today. If you enjoy Alien EDT and Alien essence absolue you may find, like me, that this is a glorious mix of the 2. The drydown is a heavenly powdery affair just like Absolue's but the difference is the Heliotrope that peeks through ever so slightly. Longevity on me is insane at over 10 hours! Even though I have a few Aliens, this is just different enough to justify owning it and besides I think I might get more wear out of this stunner. If you are an alien lover, Do yourself a favour and grab it. You won't be sorry I promise. Besides at the low price you would be silly not to ;o)

Moschino Funny! Moschino by xonkmc 2017-03-29

I've seen previous reviewers say that Funny! is like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. I can see the resemblance due to some similar notes and accords, but I think this is NOT a safe blind-buy if you like both of the aforementioned scents (which I do). On my skin, the cedar note in Funny! came out the strongest, and as a result, this made me think of a hamster cage sprayed with citrus and tea.

Funny! opens with a sharp orange note backed by tea, peony and a hint of violet. On drydown, the tea remains present, and the orange note is superseded by a very strong cedar note. I also pick up on some jasmine as well. I think with the right chemistry this would be a nice perfume. As I mentioned before, it does indeed have similarities with Light Blue and Green Tea. If you like those, you would probably like Funny! - just test the scent first to make sure it works on you.

-- Notes detected (in order of strength)
---- Initial - orange, tea, peony, violet
---- Drydown - cedar, tea, jasmine
-- Longevity - Long lasting (6-8 hours)
-- Projection - Moderate for about an hour, then soft
-- Season - Spring/Summer
-- Safe for school/work? - Yes
-- Safe to blind-buy? - No
-- Packaging - Cute, but cheap

Club De Nuit Armaf by Javz05 2017-03-29

So, I wanted to give my girlfriend a gift and thought about this fragrance. I own CDNIM and CDNIW and I like them a lot. So we went to the mall and have her try it on her skin. From the initial spray it was a "No-no" for her. She didn't like the patchouli. She said it was too strong for her (I really liked it tough) after a couple of hours I was getting whiffs of it. I was in LOVE on how it dried down. After about 7 hours I was still getting the beautiful fruty-floral smell. So I asked her again what she tought about it...well she now have the full bottle and can't get enough of it.

It's a nice everyday scent that last a very good time (up to 8 hours on her skin, and could smell it easily while sitting by her side)

Batch 07/2016

Chopard Rose Malaki Chopard by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 9/10
longevity :8/10
100% night fragrance
good floral and oud scent

Euphoria Calvin Klein by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :8/10
100% night fragrance
too feminine for me

Histoire d`Eau Mauboussin by UnearthlyApothecary 2017-03-29

the first spray is citrus/spicy and very musky, almost smells like civet to me. Also resembles woodsmoke. The ylang is not too strong thank goodness, I am generally not a fan of too prominent ylang. After it settles a bit it, Histoire slightly sweetens and I start to get this intoxicating leathery amber drifting up through the musky spices. Very unique, masculine scent, I love this combination of notes and how they interact together. For example I think it is ylang in combination with the skanky spices/musk that creates that woodsmoke/incense vibe. Brilliant!

Stella (2014) Stella McCartney by xonkmc 2017-03-29

Stella is definitely a rose scent through and through, but with a very clean vibe. The perfume reminds me vaguely of these little rose-shaped hand soaps my mother used to keep in our guest bathroom as a kid. That's not to say I think this scent smells like soap - it just smells very fresh and clean to me. I absolutely love this perfume - makes me feel very dainty and feminine. Perfect for spring.

This perfume is fairly linear. Starts and ends with rose. I can discern a little bit of peony initially, but it fades fairly quickly. On drydown there's a bit of the amber and musk, but rose remains the predominant note. If you like roses, this one is a winner.

-- Notes detected (in order of strength)
---- Initial - rose, peony
---- Drydown - rose, amber, musk
-- Longevity - Moderate (6 hours)
-- Projection - Soft
-- Season - Spring
-- Safe for School/Work? - Yes
-- Safe to blind-buy? Yes - if you like roses

Black XS for Her Paco Rabanne by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 8/10
longevity :8/10
80% night / 20% day fragrance
nice vanilla fragrance but too feminine for me

Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle by LoreleiBluebird 2017-03-29

That moment when you discover something so utterly perfect you never want to let it out of your sight... that's how I feel about POAL.

It is so very much all about the rose, and I'm loving this as a lot of rose perfumes have disappointed me in their wishy washy and often slightly pissy quality. Yet I kept looking for that rose scent that actually smelled the way I feel they should be represented in a perfume: bold, sensual, velvety, and a very deep shade of red. POAL nails it.
The raspberry note is incredible as well. The incense seems to gently tease and then hide again throughout its progression; to me it is never fully there which makes it even more enchanting.

This is what perfume should smell like! I believe this could be the one I declare as signature, and I haven't had one of those for twenty years.

Lalique Pour Homme Equus Lalique by rob2b 2017-03-29

Unpleasant concoction which smells like a chicken, capsicum and basil salad.
This juice is an absolute travesty. No self-respecting human being should want to smell like this. I imagine there are straight guys who mistakenly believe it could be good/masculine to smell like this, rather than smelling of flowers. Wrong. Women don't want you to smell like savoury rice.

Lui Rochas Rochas by mohsen95 2017-03-29


Vanilla Flash Tauerville by mohsen95 2017-03-29


Omnia Crystalline Bvlgari by raiza1990 2017-03-29

It smells like an expensive soap. I think this is what Gucci Bamboo tried to be but failed. This is not my kind of fragrance, but it isn't bad. For a zen personality, this one will be surely agreeable. If one is looking for a noble aquatic floral with a green touch, this one may well be it. It's clean, elegant and refined. It is just too low profile for me.

Cool Water Davidoff by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 7/10
longevity :6/10
100% day fragrance
nice fresh feminine scent

Acqua di Gioia Giorgio Armani by rakan1985 2017-03-29

scent : 8/10
sillage : 7/10
longevity :6/10
100% day fragrance
nice fresh feminine scent

Shagya Parfums de Marly by hafidzummc 2017-03-29

i pair this with royal water from creed. what an amazing combination! shagya gives depth to royal water and royal water lightens shagya up to prevent it from cloying. match made in heaven!

Archetipo Mendittorosa by arnefag 2017-03-29

Just tested this gem at Esxence last week, and for me this was the Best in Show of the whole exhibition!

Archetipo is a very poetic scent and for those who have not smelled and wonder what the notes are, I can detect seanotes, "wet stone", anis and incense among others. Whether these are actual components of the scent I have no idea, just my impressions.

Lovely Stefania provided me with a special sample and I´m happy to be one of the first getting a bottle of this lovely concoction when its ready very soon.

It´s humid and damp, almost to a cooling effect, it´s as if I can smell cold, wet rock in nature. Very creative mix of notes, highly unusual and one that wowed me instantly.

I already have the wonderous Sogno Reale, which now is defined as being from another house (Talisman), but I find that the originality is on the same level in both houses. And meeting Stefania in person did not diminish my admiration for these two brands. Truly "odori d´anima, fragrances of the spirit! And a very free spirit too, to which I felt instantly connected.

And just a comment to the review above;
The caps do not come across as spaghetti in real life. The bottles are truly beautiful, very original and true to the concept of the scents.

Africana Al-Rehab by xoxoMyke 2017-03-29

Well this is different!

The notes and the accords do not seem to apply to Africana.

Africana is a carbonated, sweet alcoholic beverage. It starts off very powdery with a bubble gum nuance and then veers off into this sweet carbonated beverage. It's like a sweet beer. It's definitely not a liqueur or wine.You can feel the "fizzy" and bubbles on your nose as you smell this. It's very strong and lasts for days if you get it on your jacket/clothes.

Hipsters and those searching for unique signature fragrances are sure to enjoy this.

Very interesting, but not my personal style.

Sauvage Christian Dior by Oudy 2017-03-29


Humiliate you?'d say the opposite is apparent, great response. The condescension of people never fails to make me laugh. As one who doesn't agree with the reviews that portray this perfume as the second coming of Christ I've had my share of backlash. Everything from most of my balloons popped on other reviews to actual death threats in my inbox, lol, all because I don't like this perfume and said so once. And they call ME the hater. It's galling.

Very Sexy Now 2016 Victoria`s Secret by Mdox407 2017-03-29


Absolutely, I'm here to help. :) Glad my review helped you out. And yes, the one that I was referring to in my review was the Bronze Goddess 2014 edition. I carefully read the reviews for all of the bronze goddesses and thought it over for a week or two before finally being swayed by the reviews on the 2014 edition. I got mine on Ebay, still sealed in box.

Smells great, but as I said...I easily choose this over that one and reach for it much more often. Bronze Goddess is an amazing scent to wear to the actual beach...that's how much it smells like your skin after you've put on tanning oil and laid out in the sun for a few hours. Not really the type of scent to wear on a date, or to a club, or to the movies or anything. But yeah, give that one a go and let me know how you like it!


1881 Bella Notte Man Cerruti by Forget Freeman 2017-03-29

One of the best 1881 fragrances in my opinion.
Soft but noticeable, masculine yet smooth.

As someone who loves Bentley For Men I can see some resemblances, Belle Notte is a bit more retrained and not as boozy and aggressive (Cerruti's scent feels more casual).

Quite a versatile scent, would say best for spring and Autumn.

Good value for money, also the bottle looks stunning too.

Thumbs Up!

Club de Nuit Intense Armaf by Amen Corner 2017-03-29

A blind buy and got a Nov 2013 Batch. Tried it for 3 days. It only lasted less than 1.5 hrs. It was a skin scent aside from the first 10 mins. Lasted a bit longer on clothes. Since the price is cheap, it could be expected that the ingredients are also not top class which is why this may have turned after 3.5 years. Anybody has a bottle that is more than 3 years old and the juice still performs?
I have a backup bottle of CDNIM and now I am thinking that it will go bad instead of losing the harsh opening after 3 years.

Soleil Blanc Tom Ford by drdimitrispiliotis 2017-03-29

The best way to describe it is like a soft white milky cloud pierced by the rays of a summerry sun.

Warm but not hot; close to the skin but airy.

Although TF private blend are made by different perfume designers they all have a clear thread of quality and integrity. It is surprising to see the other smells designed by the same person and how far away are in terms of the quality, tenderness and brilliance of this milky, sunny luxurious smell. Summer in a bottle

It's good soft slightly soapy in the opening. I do get little bit of absolute dry down ADG vibe. Longevity and silage are poor for the price and the brand.

Lalique Pour Homme Equus Lalique by lukemosse 2017-03-29

The opening is dominated initally by an oil paint and turpentine smell - and the impression of pepper. Whatever citrus is there is understated and is just smoothing off the introduction rather than giving an opening blast. This gives way to mostly vetiver in the heart, and the dry down is woody.
This is a very non-linear scent. It's very complex, very earthy but refined, and I would say very masculine, owing mostly to the prominent vetiver. The evergreen notes are gorgeous - all deep smelling, nothing anywhere near the air freshener piney type.
It reminds me of my grandad, who is a painter and a carpenter, and smoked rollups. Oil paints, tobacco, and cut wood from a deep forest.
I would give it a 10/10.

Iris Nazarena Aedes de Venustas by heissen 2017-03-29

This excellent product is a powder-based phenomenon and its character resembles that of an opulent man whose high standard of living keeps you awestricken constantly.
I love it.

PG24 Papyrus de Ciane Pierre Guillaume by BloomPerfume 2017-03-29

Try PG24 for galbanum in all its green and leathery glory. PG24 is also a unique homage to a vintage Mousse de Saxe base, a sharp retro isoquinoline leather.

Lavender Palm Tom Ford by drdimitrispiliotis 2017-03-29

A blind purchase from the Internet as this is discontinued. Not love at first smell but has grown in me.

As all Tom Ford private blend perfumes, mr Ford is an expert author of smells that takes you to a journey; almost like reading a well written story. Even if not your favourite.

From the cypress like green/exotic/vibrant palm leaf essence that feels like walking through a thick green tropical forest, it opens up to a hill side field planted with high altitude lavender plants overlooking the ocean. Comforting, close to the skin, and slightly oceanic.

If I used colors I would say it develops as green-> purple-> blue.

It is initially strong and arousing (which can put some people of), but staying on the journey it reveals itself; lavender palm is a like a hiking experience for me that you have to put some effort first to reach that vantage point with the great view that makes the whole process worth it. Do I regret this blind purchase and the premium price? No, instead it confirmed that even a discontinued blend by Tom Ford can be a masterpiece.

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by Jenny.Baby 2017-03-29

This is less sweet than the other version, less cheap smelling, and less teenagerish..a real pretty mix of rose petals with orris , it is sweet but in a delicate way, just better, more grown up. Longevity is good, but it takes on a different direction.. It is mostly a rose scent, but more than rose if it makes sense. Not a sugar bomb, more a clean rose scent.

Imari Seduction Avon by polly golightly 2017-03-29

piuttosto semplice, invero, ma gradevole. è un accordo basato su prugna e orchidea che si assesta su una base di vaniglia e ambra. io ci sento anche un pizzico di patchouli. senza pretese, senza grande complessità, dignitoso e buono, per i miei gusti.

Pure Cotton Korres by drdimitrispiliotis 2017-03-29

Korres vs Prada? Simply the difference between a synthetic copy, and a natural original. Korres pure cotton is cheap and lasts because it is a based on a cheap synthetic substitute to iris butter used in more expensive and subtle perfumes.
Just a cheap supermarket copy both in terms of idea and materials.
I've tried it twice and I got a horrible headache; this is a generic fabric refresher rather than a perfume.

Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture by Fragaria 2017-03-29

This smells young, but respectable! The bottle is a pure joy to hold while spraying. It's lovely through and through. I can't produce a negative thought when using this. It's a glass bottle, but the sparkly spray is like sprayed on like they do truck bed liners. It has a more firm rubbery feel than sticky flakes. It's there to STAY. I like that because I can take it with me and show off without leaving a mess in my bag.
The scent itself is sparkly, bubbly, fizzy, effervescent! It's spring and summer baby showers and weddings in a bottle. I just feel it's a bit too lovely for jeans and a t-shirt....not that you CAN'T. This smells like color pink with sparkles. I'm so happy I got this in a trade.
This is a perfect Easter scent. If I were to suggest a scent for a mom and daughter dress alike for Easter Sunday, this is the scent they should share. It would shine on child and mother both.
I won't be trading this off on ANYONE. I'm not normally excited about rose but, as the greedy Daffy Duck would say...It's mine, ALL mine, MINE MINE MINE!

Royal Mayfair Creed by CarstenTheSavage 2017-03-29

If you happen to love Molton Brown's Gingerlily and want a perfume that smells just like it, Royal Mayfair is what you need. I'm definitely getting that regal British rose. I love the scent, but it's not something I would wear in public as an 18 year old male.

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