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Mejica A Perfume Organic for women and men

Mejica A Perfume Organic for women and men
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Mejica A Perfume Organic for women and men Pictures Mejica A Perfume Organic for women and men Pictures Mejica A Perfume Organic for women and men Pictures

Mejica by A Perfume Organic is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men. Mejica was launched in 2010. The nose behind this fragrance is Amanda Walker. The fragrance features vanille, spices and resin.

Perfume rating: 3.93 out of 5 with 21 votes.

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Vanille Spices Resin

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Mejica Fragrance Reviews

A. Rose123
A. Rose123

I agree, mford89 -- you "can't trust paid for reviews". Which is why it's important to pay attention to what peer reviewers are saying and have a glance over their favs, so you get a hint of what they enjoy. There was never any intention, on my part, to mslead you and I'm sorry if you feel that way.

This fragrance is beautiful. It is a deeply resinous, musky, pulpy vanilla, with undercurrents of cumin, cardemon, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It's a virtual spice cake for your skin, although, there's a subtle woodsiness in it that makes me think of "home". But it is strong. I don't think I gave the impression, at all, that this was a cupcake vanilla. In fact, I thought it was perfect for sophisticated noses that crave real vanilla bean -- not milky washes of buttercream, not cookie dough vanilla hints or sandalwood cream vanilla, but husky, musky vanilla pod. That's why I thought it was so unique.Cardamom and cumin, in particular, can be overwhelming if overapplied. But if just a hint is put on, "Mejica" will give the impression of skin in the sun and crushed vanilla pod. I'm sorry you were disappointed, mford89 and I think maybe you should try it again but apply very little and spread that around. On me, the staying power is impressive and lasts throughout the day and overnight. I think this was just a classic example of two, very different skin reactions and for some reason, it seems as if the cardamom was moe pronounced on you than on me.


I can't top guest_A.rose's review. I'm just here to agree times one million.

Its a TINY bottle, but it is USDA Certified Organic. Its animal cruelty free and vegan! Its quite lovely. I'm in the "cinnamon/cumin" stage right now... devine! I love that the bottle has a little roller ball to apply this oily heavenly scent.

OH! And, the box is infused w/flower seeds so that you can bury it (box and all) in the ground in spring and enjoy the flowers that come forth from it in summer. For us hippie types, this whole organic thing is great, and the box-cum-seed-packet is just added cool (or shall I say "groovy"?). has flower seed tags on some of the lotion and soap gift sets and I like that this trend is growing.

The directions say apply liberally, and I'd have to agree. It wears close, and dims pretty quick. So, for the price, and the low quantity, and the short lived scent, you'd really be splurging on this one. But you know what? You are worth it! Life is short. Support this perfume artist and her passion to stay true and go organic.

22 Feb Edit:
mford89 has no nose. And I really hope I am not being accused of being "paid" to review this. I really like it. Its ALL NATURAL... get a clue...

I still love this one. I wear it mostly to bed, on my wrists, and snuggle up to myself (lol) and sniff... cozy, warm, dreamy.

guest_A. Rose
guest_A. Rose

When some perfumers attempt to re-create the magic of vanilla in a fragrance blend, they often get it wrong; too syrupy, not musky enough, even if referencing imitation vanilla additive, they miss the sweet, sheer sugar and wood alcohol that adds a pulpy kick.

"Mejica", by A Perfume Organic, rises above the sticky, imitation vanilla blends cluttering fragrance counters today and accomplishes something new, altogether: A nod to cozy-home memories of vanilla, while showcasing the timeless elegance of ancient spices, resins and the velvety, husky vanilla pod, itself.

"Mejica" opens on a hazy-sweet, sheer, woody vanilla, with a hint of soft, vegetal muskiness, as if you're rolling a dried vanilla pod right under your nose. A soft, almost lactic sweetness emerges, with a minerally-cool hint of benzoin, reminding you of sweet puddings and creams, of grating real vanilla into homemade ice-cream as you grind the dairy around ice and salt.

A smooth, buzzing spiciness builds in the background as "Mejica" warms; yet, while the spice blend is so complex that no one, spice stands-out (it's a very uniform myriad and quite a tease, as you get hints of crumbly, grainy "breaks" in the spice blend every once in a while, and then you think you've caught some cinnamon or nutmeg--or was that clove? Cumin? No?) it's not remotely sneeze-inducing, which surprises me. I adore spice in scent, but I often brace for its nasal assault, its fire fingers climbing into my nostrils and making for well-earned enjoyment. "Mejica" is different. Its spice quietly surrounds and engulfs you, as if its been there all along, like decades--centuries, even--of spices scenting stone hearth and wooden homes, infusing the old, wooden cabinets in historical houses with its richness, the spice hulls of old merchant ships or trunks tucking away stories that have long been lost, their woods and perfumes infusing fraying material and old paper, with memory-jogging smells, adding a sense of poignancy and history to the moment of opening their lids.

Finally, the scent settles into a smooth, astringent wood with a sweet, "wood pudding" quality that's soft, but with structure and character. "Mejica" feels remarkably familiar to me, madly evocative and really conjures-up a feeling of a long-forgotten brand of comfort; elementary school auditorium stages, with their polished, wooden planks under hot lights; the benzoin sweetness of school cleaners and carbon report cards, sweet breads and Christmas cookies, warm spice cake and ice cream cones. But it's also almost anthropological in its interest and acts like a "museum piece" fragrance that could just as well educate, as soothe. There are vast, ancient forests, wet wood bark, steamy, dry-oil vanilla blooms and sun-bleached stone temples in there, too.

As I've come to expect from this brand, the quality of "Mejica" is exceptional and the blend, seamless. Its layers of notes are nuanced and harmonious and you get the impression while wearing it that you're experiencing something very special and unusual--genuine quality. For anyone who adores vanillic, wood based blends or likes "caravan" type spice fragrances, "Mejica" is one of the loveliest, vanilla-spice fragrances I've tested and I'm usually repelled by "gourmands". Not once did its spices feel jarring or unbalanced and its vanilla is the true, earthy-clean scent of dried vanilla pods; the kind you can place in a jar of sugar, only to open the jar a week later and smell the most fibery-soft, sweet, musky-creaminess you've ever experienced. "Mejica" is THAT vanilla. Try it as an olfactory dessert.

(I tested the concentrated, parfum extrait, which is the form "A Perfume Organic" currently offers scent in.)


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