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Glicine Acca Kappa for women

Glicine Acca Kappa for women
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Glicine by Acca Kappa is a Floral fragrance for women. Glicine was launched in 2004. The fragrance features sandalwood, citruses, vanilla, exotic fruits and wisteria.

Perfume rating: 4.19 out of 5 with 27 votes.

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Sandalwood Citruses Vanilla Exotic Fruits Wisteria

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Glicine Fragrance Reviews


I mostly get lilly of the valley. A Nivea-like scent.


I love this perfume unreservedly. It's beautiful. For all my top shelf and signature choices over the years, this one would be my desert island disc. If I had no garden, I'd always need to be near somewhere that had Wisteria. It's flowers are like lilac bunches of grapes on twisty vines. My Wisteria is blooming, so in direct comparison is Glicine like the real thing? It is nearly, but I find it's more like my Lilac bushes. My Wisteria isn't as sweet or creamy as Glicine, it's more peppery and bold, but it's the sandalwood that smooths it out in this perfume. If you love either flower then you won't be disappointed. If you can still get Glicine don't let the chance pass you by to try it.


This is lovely, but so FAINT you have to spray tons of it on to notice the Glicine or Wisteria.

guest_Vie Cafe
guest_Vie Cafe

Here I am, at this moment in my life where I am still loving my spicy, bad girl scents, but now find myself wanting to wear the realistic fragrances of my favorite flowers... I have never been a fan of the pure florals before, until recently. I believe Baiser vole was my first real "soliflore".

Glicine (wisteria) opens with such a true flower smell that I was a little shocked. Wisterias are not far from smelling like lilacs, which I find a little hard to pull off as singular note. But wisteria has this creaminess and is a bit more heady, whereas lilacs have this fresh/green vibe to them.... making them the perfect ally to cucumbers, melons, etc (think FM En passant).

I am enjoying this so much and the dry down is a gorgeous soft garden scent, like the scent of night blooming flowers carried by the breeze in the middle of the night, your window opened and everything is warm, dark and quiet except for crickets. If you've ever lived in the countryside, in the middle of orchards, you'll know exactly what I mean.

There is a little bit of woody undertones to this and this is probably why I am reminded of flowers at night. The first few minutes were wisterias in day light, the drydown is wisterias at night... the touch of citrus is what makes the opening so sparkly and fresh... dewy, newly blooming buds.

I love this and it is a great addition to my quest of the perfect flower scents.


This is indeed pretty! Quite unpopular I believe, since I have never smelled it on anyone. It is so natural, so creamy, so serene... a true wisteria aroma that manages to capture the spirit of spring in a bottle. What I have is a eau de cologne, and it's not at all as diluted as I expected. It is a pure floral with light hints of vanilla, lily and sandalwood, I smell no grapefruits or any other fruits in it. Surprisingly it seems to be a little sister to Serge Lutens' Un Lys, which is a rather pleasant discovery for me.... of course I purchased this blindly and the last thing I was thinking about was SL! how lovely, and for a much better price than Un Lys is.
Wisteria seems to be a note that is not widely used in perfumery these days, at least not as a solo note, so this scent, while it is floral and you need to like florals in order to appreciate this, seems to me delectable and fairly unique. Worth mentioning, for people unfamiliar with wisteria is that the scent of the flower resembles a mixture of Casablanca lily, purple lilac dominating, and a tiny dose of mimosa.
Excellent and recommended to those who wish they could afford and find Un Lys !
Oh, and one more thing... the bottle looks squarish, exactly like the Il Profvmo bottles, with a silver cap... very very similar to Il Profvmo , again. It isn't like in the picture here.


Thank you pa.princess for generously passing along your sample for me to sniff! You are too sweet :)

I haven't sniffed many fragrances with the wisteria note, and in many that I have tried, delicate wisteria is buried under an avalanche of more assertive notes. Not so in Glicine. If you pay close attention during the first few minutes of the opening, you catch a whiff of airy wisteria. I grow wisteria at my home, and it's always a surprise when they bloom after a long winter - their loveliness and unearthly fragrance seems to come out of nowhere. Glicine's opening is much the same way.

BUT it all falls apart within minutes. The vanilla comes out and immediately smothers the wisteria. Then the grapefruit comes out and curdles the vanilla. Those two notes duke it out over my wrist, and eventually the vanilla wins. Throughout, however, Glicine smells like the small soaps provided by hotels. As a plus, I suppose, the lasting power is good on my skin.

Just because the combination went bad on me doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend this to somebody else; there's definite potential in the vanilla-floral combination, as pa.princess notes below. Anyway, Glicine reminds me that I'm on the look for a wisteria solifore . . .


Just got a sample of this. I know this says it is floral.I DO NOT like florals, but this is just lovely!! The vanilla and wisteria combination is wonderful.


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