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Liquid Dreams April Aromatics for women

Liquid Dreams April Aromatics for women
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Liquid Dreams April Aromatics for women Pictures Liquid Dreams April Aromatics for women Pictures

This scent reminds you of an open field of greens and flowers. It is fresh and clean, with citrus, narcissus and osmanthus. Refreshing, yet calming to the senses.

Available as natural perfume oil in 1, 5 and 10 ml, but it will be soon also available in organic alcohol versions in 30 and 50 ml bottles.

The nose behind this fragrance is Tanja Bochnig.

Perfume rating: 3.55 out of 5 with 13 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Citruses Narcissus Osmanthus

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Liquid Dreams Fragrance Reviews


نقد و بررسی عطر Liquid Dreams April Aromatics
Liquid Dreams

یه رایحه ی سرکش، پرجنب و جوش، جذاب و بسیار طبیعی که در نهایت سادگی، وضوح و صمیمیت ارائه شده؛ داستانی هست که عطر "لیکویید دریمز" روایت می کنه. این عطر، از درخشش و غنا میگه، از هیجان و نشاط میگه، بی هیچ مبالغه و زیاده گویی، بی هیچ ابتذال و تحریفی!

شروع عطر بسیار هیجان انگیز و زیباست: درخشش مرکبات، آبدار و گوارا، رگه هایی دودی و اسپایسی، که بستری عمیق و تاریک برای این درخشش باشکوه خلق کردن. به مرور حس شیرین و فلورال خفیف اما محسوسی به کار اضافه میشه تا عطری ساده اما چند وجهی و مهیج تا مدتها به مشام برسه: سیتروسی، تازه و گوارا، فلورال و سبز و گلبوته ای، کمی اسپایسی و کمی دودی.
با کم رنگ شدن تم دودی-اسپایسی و به حاشیه رفتن حس فلورال-گلبوته ای، فضای اسپایسی، حالت ملس و کمی گازدار به خودش می گیره تا لیکویید دریمز، عطری مفرح و شاداب و سیتروسی، ملس و کمی گازدار با حاشیه هایی سبز و کمی تمیز بشه و تا انتها بر همین مسیر جلو بره.

لیکویید دریمز یه کار تابستانی بسیار خوبه که همه چی داره: رایحه ی طبیعی، سرزنده و شاداب و از همه مهمتر با هویت و شیک. این عطر خیلی فرق داره با ساندیسا و آب میوه های پاکتی مصنوعی. حسابش هم از ترکیبات آب هندونه ای رایج کاملا جداست. لیکویید دریمز، یه عطر بانشاط و پر صلابته که رایحه ی آرامش بخش و تازه ی خودش رو تا مدت زیادی با شما همراهی میکنه و در نهایت متانت و وقار، شما رو از مصاحبت خودش بهره مند میکنه.

خرید سمپل عطرهای لوکس منتخب لوکس بایر
مشاهده برندهای عطر سایت لوکس بایر
مجله عطر و ادکلن لوکس بایر
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل


Liquid Dreams strikes me as a peculiar title for this scent as the phrase implies something amorphous and theoretical when, in fact, this scent evokes very precise images, environments, and seasons.

At the start, you’re hit with the lemon rind that’s sweetened to the point of smelling a bit like a bag of sherbet lemon drops. However, it’s neither excessively sugary, nor is it bitter and tart. Instead, it’s more of an intense, yellow, candied lemon chord that’s lavish and full, yet doesn’t exhaust you with its presence. There’s also an ambiguous apricot facet that smells brighter than that fruit’s typical dusty lactonic silhouette, harmonizing well with the lemon to produce a distinctive twist on standard-issue citric notes. Combined, the opening reads like a bag of gummy candies but with a greater fidelity the natural source—a sort of epicurean dessert that wavers between edible and inedible. I’m enjoying more than I feel like I probably should.

Thirty minutes in and the whole thing starts to morph. By this point, the energetic opening has worn itself out and is now taking a nap while the most noteworthy phase fires up. Leafy florals bloom, and colors shift from yellows to greens with an unusually translucent chord that smells both watery and cucumber-esque, but also fleshy and grassy at the same time. And as it heads toward the final stage, the profile settles into something that could only be described as an expanse of verdant hay. It’s entirely evocative of a field of wild grasses—slightly buttery, soft, with a touch of powder. At this point, it reminds me quite a bit of Eau de Polder’s oily meadow effect. Here, it’s neither sharp nor sweet, sitting elusively close to the skin. At the one-hour mark, it really is just a trace—but it’s a really good trace that goes on for some time. Green, fresh, faintly soapy and faintly powdery—whatever the material is that’s rounding out the base of this scent, it’s fascinating and intricate. It smells like it could contain benzoin, labdanum, or orris, but it exists in whispered suggestions.

Despite the high decibels of the opening twenty minutes or so, this is ultimately a light scent. And due to its structure, it’s probably not the kind of thing you could count on keeping you company for more than a few hours. Spraying on clothes will likely make it last a little longer, but overall, the scent appears to be an exercise in skinniness. Picture a figless-Philosykos and an incense-free Passage d’Enfer, and you’ll get the sense of the way this scent wears. Airy and spacious, but with a confident presence, I find it surprisingly fulfilling.


This was ok, smells like a combo of citrus and linden (not listed in the notes, but it's so strong in the perfume that I have to assume it's in there). It's fresh, bright, and sweet. Good for spring days. Nice, but maybe not for the price tag. For +$200 I want more complexity.


A great friend brought me this as a gift from Berlin, and I am hooked. It smells like spring, and is very soothing and relaxing at the same time. It develops beautifully and brings out the apricot note of osmanthus in a way that I thought only Ellena could (s. Hermessences Osmanthe Yunnan and Osmanthus by The Different Company). Apparently the perfumer who does the April Aromatics fragrances used to be a Yoga teacher, so it's all the more fitting that she can do something as ethereally and spiritually uplifting as Ellena's Zen-like fragrances.

april aromatics
april aromatics

Liquid Dreams is the new name of Spring Dreams! :-)


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