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Up To You for Him Avon for men

Up To You for Him Avon for men
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Avon is launching a new fragrant pair Up To You in January 2011. The fragrances were created as an invisible bond between him and her and they introduce new, pleasant compositions suggesting love.

The masculine version Up To You for Him is a combination of woody accords, ginger and vetiver.

Up To You for Him is available in 75ml edt flacon.

Perfume rating: 4.00 out of 5 with 24 votes.

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Up To You for Him Fragrance Reviews


I got this years ago when it Was discontinued, my Avon lady offered me a 15ml spray bottle edition at a cheap price. At first it's not my go to fragrance choice but i liked the performance on my skin, it's really Woody, gingery and manly. I think this one suits a more mature Group of age. It's not bad, i Just like the aromatic side in it.


What can I say? Yes, this is a cheap Avon fragrance. But I really cannot say it smells cheap. I do like the Vetiver & Ginger combo, that is all you will get though, a nice clean Vetiver & Ginger. 6.5/10


Saw this for £4 and bought it on the strength of the reviews below (thank you miss_pink & gypsy parfumista).
It starts off with a quite green, fresh (almost citrus) woodiness. Very pleasing. The gingery note is gentle and warm.
There are floral hints but it stays masculine and suprisingly interesting. Seems to have more in the way of layers and complexity than you would expect from the 3 notes in the perfume pyramid.
I really like this. Smells good, projects pretty well and the longevity is OK.
Avon scents do indeed seem much better than I was expecting. Signature wasn't bad (but bordering on too floral for me) and this is really quite good - excellent for the money I paid.

gypsy parfumista
gypsy parfumista

Having never smelled ARMANI Prive Pierre de Lune, I cannot say if this smells like it or not; but I can say it smells very nice. Impressive, actually...

I remember this coming out, and seeing it on here, but for some (still unknown and quite confounding) reason, it was never released in the US. I ordered a bottle form my great gal who is an avon rep in the UK! (I got a 75ml EDT on sale for 8 pounds...about 12 bucks)

This seemed, at first, almost too simple to be all that wonderful. I read: "woody accords with ginger and vetiver", and thought: "Ho HUM"...*Yawn*! On actually spraying it, and it drying on my skin; it was quite good. (I got it on sale for 8 pounds, roughly about 12 dollars US) UTYfH is warm, slightly juicy and very, very woody. Not like sandalwood or cedar are WOODY; but more like poplar or sycamore is woody. Light, somewhat subtle, but firmly there. The vetiver keeps this earthy green and almost grassy smooth. Woody aromatic is (by the sheer number that I own and love) my favorite olfactive family. This is woody AND aromatic, and also quite sexy too! I do get some sort of floweriness here, but it is subtle; like non-descript wildflowers as opposed to "violet, rose, jasmine" or the like. The more I sniff my arm, the more I love this! This is like a walk in a sunlight wood on a really nice day. Not so much the smell of the earth and a warm wind, as the trees and the grass and the flowers. The ginger note is more like fresh ginger (but not ginger ale-like or anything) as opposed to a sharp powdery dried spice. Amazingly simple, but astoundingly profound Up To Me for Him is something that (like many before) has changed my opinion of Avon manscents in general. No longer are they the "butt of some perfume Industry joke", but actually have gone above and beyond to offer some really quality products for some great prices. Sure, they still offer Wild Country and Black Suede; but there is a whole line of modern fragrances that, while not all that luxe, are actually very nice. Up To You for Him is one of the better ones...

Sillage: good
Longevity: above average
Overall: 4/5

Would I wear this out on a date?...heck yeah! Would I wear it to a social function where I had to wear a suit?...uuh, No, probably not. It is very nice; subtle enough for going out casually, or just wearing to go about your day, and still smell pretty darn good. Something "under the radar" that still makes people go: " smell good today!". Smelling good, isn't that what it is all about? Not prices, labels, who's who...but just plain smelling GOOD; and, to be honest, this does...


For me, it feels a little odd to write this review, since Up To You would not be my usual choice (being a girl and not a huge Avon fan). But, I must admit I am living on a budget, since I have been cheating on fragrances with lingerie.

Anyway, I got to try this about a week ago. One of my dad´s lab assistants (who also happens to be an Avon lady during office hours) got it for him as a birthday present. I must say this is the second time Avon truly impresses me (the first one was when I tried Outspoken by Fergie).

The first time I smelt it, I tried it directly from the topper, since it was new and, not being my present, I did not want to open it. I liked it from that moment. The bottle is well-crafted, and the fragrance is identical to the notes listed on the box (which are the same ones that are listed here).

I thought it was nice and definitely reasonably priced. Some days went by and I forgot about it. However, something rather unexpected happened on Sunday afternoon.

That day, I convinced my dear daddy to take me shopping and pay for my new lingerie with his credit card. He wore Up to You for going to the shop, but I did not even know it at that moment.

When he got in the car, I immediately detected an almost delicious and incredibly familiar scent, very similar to Pierre de Lune by Armani Privé. it was not quite the same, there was something missing; but still there were the violets and woods I adore in Armani.

Where was that wonderful smell coming from? I never imagined until he told me: he was wearing Up to You. That was a shock to me. As i have already mentioned, it has a resemblance to Pierre de Lune, my favourite violet scent of all times, and finding out that Avon accomplished that similarity gave me a big lesson.

Even when only Armani is capable of recreating the magic of Pierre de Lune over and over again, in Up to You the violeta and woods are well done and transform into something beautiful with the right body chemistry. Definitely a must try on one´s skin: might be a little generic from the bottle, the magic happens on contact with the skin. The result: an irresistible warmth representing refined masculinity.

I completely recommend it. Avon is transforming itself, and Up to You id a big step in the right direction.

P.S. The Avon lady also impressed me, since I never thought she had such a good taste for fragrances ;)


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