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Harrods Oud Patchouli Bond No 9 for women and men

Harrods Oud Patchouli Bond No 9 for women and men
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Harrods Oud Patchouli by Bond No 9 is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. Harrods Oud Patchouli was launched in 2012. The fragrance features artemisia, saffron, myrrh, patchouli, rose, geranium, agarwood (oud), musk, amber, leather and sandalwood.

Perfume rating: 4.52 out of 5 with 41 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Artemisia Saffron Myrrh Patchouli Rose Geranium Agarwood (Oud) Musk Amber Leather Sandalwood

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Harrods Oud Patchouli Fragrance Reviews


I was a a little leery of this fragrance at first. Rose as a dominate note is typically not a fragrance for me. I find rose to be very feminine and a lot of times very old lady-ish. If you have read any of my other reviews, there are only 2 that I am very negative about, both are rose dominate scents. But I am a glutton for punishment I guess and so I decided to try a sample of OP and see. I am very glad I did. While I do get some rose from Oud Patchouli, it is more of a supporting note on my skin and not a dominate note. Yay!!

OP is a beautiful scent, woody, floral, slightly sweet and a little spicy. OP is a bit strong, but not overpoweringly so. It is a very high quality juice that is extremely well blended, making my dreaded rose a supporting member of an all star cast vs the shining star, alone in the spotlight.

It can be worn in a formal setting or a trendy casual situation. I find OP to be a very Unisex fragrance. I do not see this one taking sides, one way of the other. I would love to smell this on a woman.

I get great longevity and projection on my skin

Bottom line: This one is worth trying a sample of.


I am blown away by this perfume. I was expecting a ton of patchouli and a little oud to be the prominent notes. I love patchouli and oud so I would have been fine with a strong presence of these two. I was not expecting to be blown away by the absolutely wonderful blending of notes here. It's fantastic! I am in LOVE!! I get rose, saffron, patchouli, oud and a bunch of buttery leather. And mesmerizing myrrh. LOVE the myrrh. But it doesn't stop there. The sandalwood does finally make a lovely, subtle entrance to tie everything together after about 10 minutes. I also detect something mysterious, a little fresh, that is uplifting but I'm not sure what it is. The carnation? Artemisia? Not sure.

Longevity is decent. I could still smell this 12 hours later.

I don't have anything else like this in my perfume wardrobe. And I can't even think of anything else that it smells like!

This perfume warms me and just makes me HAPPY!!!! LOVE. IT.


I finely bought my oud patchouli fragrance. I'm enjoying it not stop is a super amazing fragrance by bond no9.
Because I love oud and patchouli with a bit of amber super combination.
It's very strong stays. It's still smelling on my arm sinds I put it 7 hours ago. I wore a blazer and the smell is coming through the blazer.
Amazing fragrance.
Would advice to someone who like only!! Strong parfumes.


Today I want to share another review with you. This time I tried a more exclusive release from Bond No. 9, called: Harrods Oud Patchouli. This fragrance was launched in 2012 and is only available at Harrods in London and the flagship Bond boutique on 9 Bond Street in New York. Bond has been releasing fragrances in collaboration with Harrods since 2009. 8 Fragrances have been launched: Harrods for Him, Harrods for Her, Harrods Oud, Harrods Rose, Harrods Amber, Harrods Jubilee, Harrods Oud Patchouli and Harrods Agarwood. You can see that the Oud is quite a big theme in the Harrods fragrances, maybe because the comapny who owns Harrods is from Qatar? Anyway, here are my thoughts on Harrods Oud Patchouli:

Harrods Oud Patchouli is not a shy fragrance, it opens with a huge "BOOM"! I can smell the Oud instantly, it's not the medicinal type Montale uses, but also not the balsamic woody type you can smell in Kilians Arabien Nights collection. This one is somewhere between these both. It got a medicinal edge, but also a very deep and almost burnt quality. Together with the burnt Oud note, I can smell a very rough leather mixed with the smell of hot tires. Or is it hot leather? Maybe the burnt Oud smell mixes with the leather and creates this illusion? I can't quite grasp this smell, it's strong but at the same time I don't seem to figure it out. This fragrance is not easy, nor is it a crowdpleaser. After this enigmatic opening of burnt woods and hot leather, a rather strange thing happens on my wrist: An exotic sweetness emerges from the depth of the fragrance. It's a sweetness unlike any other I've ever smelled: Syrupy, thick, not at all gourmand, even animalic! It COULD be honey in a symbiosis with a hefty dose of myrrh, yes I am sure that could be it, there is definitely the typical herbal coolness from the myrrh in this fragrance. One thing is for sure, this sweet note melts together with the Oud, they become one like they belong together. Can you imagine this: A syrupy sweet and burnt smelling Oud with hot leather? I never thought something like this actually exists, it is a one of a kind thing for sure! Now where is the Patchouli, some might ask. The Patchouli is rather a supporting act, than a hero in this play of fragrance notes. To my nose, it lurks in the background, slightly earthy, but never really makes it through the strong players of the composition. In the later development, the myrrh stands out even more, becoming sort of balmy and also a bit smoky. Harrods Oud Patchouli gets softer over time, but never becomes a safe or easy to wear fragrance. The edginess stays throughout the whole development, making it a challenging eau de parfum. You either like this kind accords that are heavily influenced by arabian perfume tradition, or you don't like them. I can assure you, Bond No. 9 never did anything more bold than this creation. Fans of fragrances that are different and somewhat hard to figure out will love this little eccentric ;-)

The longevity is very good, I get about 10 hours out of it, but after that it's very faint. The sillage is strong at the beginning, but gets subtle after about one hour, sitting close to the skin.


is weird but to me OUD smells exactly like Patchouli, means this fragrance is to me like 2 same notes, and also to me OUD is overrated and poor lasting, God knows is true...


Bond no 9 HARRODS OUD PATCHOULI is certainly not my favorite perfume from this house, but I do not think that it is a bad fragrance. The oud facet evokes memories of some of the other Bond no 9 offerings, but the savory patchouli note is strong enough to make this creation distinct from the others. The davana and leather also help to set this one apart.

I sprayed through a couple of sample vials of this composition over a few wearings, which probably does indicate (as another reviewer has lamented) that the concentration is a bit lower than usual. Or perhaps it just means that it's a lot easier to use up a sprayer vial than the original dab vials? As an aside, I myself preferred the sleek test tube sample vials, although I understand why Bond changed--lots of people were complaining about the difficulty of removing the corks, having not understood the proper technique: hold the vial in one hand and push the cork away using one's thumb...

In any case, I came away from this pretty thorough testing of HARRODS OUD PATCHOULI with some ambivalence. I definitely do not need a bottle of this, but I do rather like the savory presentation of the patchouli, oud, and leather. I would characterize this as more of a men's than a unisex fragrance. For myself, I prefer the decadent and feminine syrupy white flower patchouli perfume of this house, NUITS DE NOHO, which to me offers some of the virtues of Thierry Mugler ANGEL with none of the vices.

For guys and more daring gals, I can heartily recommend H.O.T. ALWAYS, which I recently was sent in error (from a discounter) in place of the NEW YORK FLING which I had ordered. At first I was miffed, but then I decided to give it another chance and ended up falling in love with that animalic leather patchouli perfume, which is actually quite addictive (I kept the bottle (-;).


Waste of money, poor sillage and longevity!


This latest Bond feels like a commercial scent done in a hurry...!

It starts with a bright medicinal oud note that is followed by sweet fruity notes with hints of leather which last for about 3 hours max; the drydown is generic musky ambery and woody. I cannot detect any patchouli in here.

I like it but not love it and certainly will not cough up 215 GBP for a small bottle of a juice that has not earned such price. In honesty, quite disappointed with this latest Bond release.

Medium longevity and sillage.

Medium Thumbs...just about...


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