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Dior Dior Christian Dior for women

Dior Dior Christian Dior for women
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yellow floral
Dior Dior Christian Dior for women Pictures Dior Dior Christian Dior for women Pictures

Dior Dior by Christian Dior is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women. Dior Dior was launched in 1976. The nose behind this fragrance is Edmond Roudnitska. Top notes are jasmine, lilac and aldehydes; middle notes are narcissus and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are oak moss, woodsy notes and amber.

Perfume rating: 4.43 out of 5 with 58 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Jasmine Lilac Aldehydes

Middle Notes
Narcissus Lily-of-the-Valley

Base Notes
oak moss Woodsy Notes Amber

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Dior Dior Fragrance Reviews


Launched in 1976, shortly before the Dior parent company declared bankruptcy, Dior Dior was discontinued quickly, and was not reissued in a Les Créations de Monsieur Dior reformulation in 2009-10, which is probably for the best. Not too long ago, I acquired a vintage “pebble” sample bottle of Dior Dior, and I did side-by-side comparisons of Dior Dior and some great near-contemporary, chypre or chypre florals, testing all of them in the vintage parfum formulation: Y YSL (1964), Givenchy III (1970), Scherrer by Scherrer (1979). I love all of these and wear them often.

I should say at the outset that none of these are exactly like Dior Dior but they are similar in feeling. I am comparing them as a kind of consolatory exercise. In the opening, Dior Dior is gentler than both Givenchy III and Scherrer, which both begin with bracing jolts of galbanum (a note I love). Dior Dior and Y share a more tender opening, but Y is definitely floral and rosy at its start, while Dior Dior offers quite a lot of bergamot tartness. Dior Dior's lily of the valley note is also distinctive, a nod to Roudnitska's love for that flower. Meanwhile, Givenchy III's narcissus is sweetly blooming at the beginning, but over time, Dior Dior's narcissus opens up, and in their middle stages, these scents smell quite similar, although GIII has a much stronger narcissus presence, along with a spiciness that Dior Dior lacks. Dior Dior also features the warm peach Prunol that Roudnitska ladled into his vintage Femme. Y and Givenchy III seem to have touches of Prunol as well, while Scherrer steers clear of any fruitiness. Dior Dior is described as a "woody floral" but I find this aspect very soft. Of the four, I would say it is Givenchy III that delivers the most woods and incense in the drydown.

I do try not to get obsessed with Dior Dior. I was very eager to try it, acquired my infinitesimally tiny bottle, and found that I like it very much (quelle surprise!). I tell myself that I have some excellent alternatives, in large quantity, all very beautiful. Of course, if a larger bottle of Dior Dior appeared for me, I would snatch it up with both hands immediately!

P.S. This is a real review, by a real person, who has really smelled this vintage perfume.

Fabulous Janice
Fabulous Janice

A very classic scent with grace and elegance. Sophistication and beauty shines through.
Sillage *****
Longevity *****
Scent *****

LOVE xoxo


If you know what year this was discontinued(approximately), please post here. Thanks

meltem ertan
meltem ertan

Lütfen bu parfümü yeniden üretin.Unutulmaz bir koku.


Dior-Dior starts to bloom almost immediately on the skin - the lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, and narcissus are very soft, plush, and luxurious, and these carry and carry. These initial wafts are like sniffing a bouquet with a perfect balance of each floral note. It's like a bed of flowers was deconstructed, then put back together in perfect harmony in this perfume. It starts to take on a soft, creamy feel, not vanillic, but sort of buttery or resinous I suppose - the amber notes? - and this gives some weight to the florals. Hints of oakmoss start to come through, just enough to balance, but it stays fairly subtle.

There is neither too little nor too much of anything here and the blend is seamless. The perfumer has taken a few simple, beautiful notes and made them into a gorgeous, elegant gem of a perfume. It's uplifting, refined, inviting, and profoundly lovely.


1976 I was first year design university student. One weekend I was entering countries most elegant department store when Dior Dior was launched and scent samples was given to every visitor. It was the moment of lifelong pond! I would not use any other perfume if DD would be available, extremely elegant, northern forests have a tiny orchid which has this celestial scent, I noted to get increasing creativity and self trust (!!!) using DD. As many of you say it does not stuff you and it remains extremely pleasant on your skinn until the last molecule. Guzzi 1 or 3 had slightly the same elegance.
I have bought many perfumes in the passed years, the first note might be quite nice but after a while basic notes are causing nausea, so I can not use them - right it goes to the bin.


Thank goodness I'm not alone in my fond memories of this fragrance. Well, fond is far to mild a word. I found it rich and subtle at the same time. I could liken it to the difference between a Bentley and a Rolls Royce, the Rolls being flashy, eg (J'Adore, Private Collection, etc), the Bentley (ie, Dior Dior. Though there is no similarity to the fragrances, to me, it is in the same class as Joy (another of my top fragrances). Though it is 'well-behaved' it has hints of the exotic and naughty. I have no idea of layers of fragrance or the ingredients but I have a sensitive and accurate nose. Dior Dior is pure pleasure to me. I so wish they would produce it again. And I'm also pleased to learn there are others who love it too. With all the 'throw-away-smells' that I can't bring myself to call fragrances (see celebrity(!) smells), I wish someone would realise in this digital age, that there is a worldwide market for the eclectic and a huge distribution network isn't necessary. Rant over!!


I have always wondered about Dior Dior being discontinued. Maybe Dior was more into refined elegance back in the years than today with their aggressive fashion. Dior Dior is the least aggressive perfume in the world. I used it when I was sixteen and it was a dream. I still have the almost empty bottle which I love to sniff every now and then. It is a green flower scent with a powerful lasting power without being overwhelming. It's a scent that would be perfect in an office, during a walk in the forest, a dinner with a handsome man, a ball at the ambassador's. I really really would love to have it marketed again. One can only hope.


When I was a teenager and had just started working in town, there was a little perfume store across the road. I would visit in my lunch hour, sampling, lingering and dreaming. The ladies probably got sick of me hanging around... oh no here she comes again!!! Dior Dior is one of the first perfumes I bought there. I have both the Parfum and Eau De Toilette (unfortunately, the contents of the Eau have almost evaporated away). I still have the small bottle of Parfum nestling in its velvety box. Both are still lovely.. a soft timeless fragrance.
I also wish I could describe notes and layers but Im not very good with these things. I can pick up obvious things like rose, musk, lemon etc from a perfume if they stand up and shout at me, but Dior Dior is not like that. Of course its not, it is too refined to shout... daydreams, soft pillows, bubblebath, clean towels, sunshine, linen dresses, flowered sunhats, picnics in spring... a Monet painting.


My sister brought this back from a trip to asia in 1978. I usually loathe perfume but this one I love and I've coveted it ever since. I would buy it if available.

Dana B
Dana B

1976: I had just arrived in Nantes in France to spend some weeks at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie. I was young, loved make up and perfumes and found this newly released perfume from Dior.

Every day I went to Galaries Lafayettes to spray on just a little bit. It wasn't available in London and it was quite expensive but it just smelled expensive and gorgeous.

I bought a bottle just before I left and still have the empty bottle in its box. It ranks as my most favourite perfume ever perhaps along with Chamade by Guerlain which is another story. Great memories of my young days!!!

Perfect full bodied scent that was flowery but didn't smell of flowers, deep - that you wanted to take a full breath in and it lasted so long that you just wanted to keep smelling that part of skin.

I come across the bottle every now and then and smile.

Bring it back Dior!

Sorry if I am not describing the layers and particular notes blame that on my memory and the bottle not giving off quite that perfect smell anymore!


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