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Ambre Cannelle Creed for women and men

Ambre Cannelle Creed for women and men
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warm spicy
Ambre Cannelle Creed for women and men Pictures

Ambre Cannelle (French for "amber cinnamon") is an unforgettable perfume, rumored to be a favorite of Eva Peron, the famous and courageous former first lady of Argentina. The type of amber used in Ambre Cannelle is the resin derived from a fir tree in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

This warm and seductive gourmand fragrance opens with bergamot and berries, followed by coriander and rose. Vanilla, amber and spices form the base.

It is available in a 75 ml bottle. Ambre Cannelle was launched in 1949. The nose behind this fragrance is James Henry Creed Fifth Generation.

Perfume rating: 3.46 out of 5 with 46 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Red Berries

Middle Notes
Coriander tincture of rose

Base Notes
Vanille Spices Amber

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Ambre Cannelle Fragrance Reviews


This fragrance opens with a barbershop feel to it! I can't specifically point out what notes I get, however, it is of that Creed traditional scent potion!! When you smell this, is is distinctively male, and has none of the familiar Creed elements that you would get in IM, GIT, NS, or any of the others. This fragrance is like that bottle of fine wine that only gets opened once ever so often (of course, that is not a bad thing necessarily). This fragrance is of such quality that you wear this to experience that wow factor as one strolls through the park or the streets.

Gentlemen, enjoy smelling like a king; enjoy the feeling that comes along with it!!!!

Cons: smells too old fashion for me....


I became familiar with this perfume when I began my quest to get to know the smell of natural ambergris and really this was the first perfume that I know I actually was smelling it, even though at the time I was not 100% sure which parts of the smell were from the ambergris. Growing up I had a grandmother who definitely wore a lot of Estee Lauder but I was never sure which ones she was wearing. But at first sniff when the Ambre Cannelle arrived it brought me right back to my grandma and that alone made me love the perfume. Knowing the Estee Lauder and Aramis line far better now I can say that this perfume reminds me a lot of Youth Dew and also of the men's perfume that is now made by Aramis, but had originally been from Estee Lauder which she had made for her husband JHL. So I would imagine that both must be spicy ambery orientals sparkling with aldehydes. But because I have always been after the ambergris in it the end of the dry down has always been my favorite part but really it's all great. It's a spicy, warm oriental that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. To me it's a total feel great perfume as there is nothing in it that is dissonant or hard to tolerate, it's pleasing from the moment you spray it on until the last traces of ambergris fade away. Although it contains bergamot and currant in its top notes I smell more in the way of aldehydes which may actually be how the red currant note is composed. Then as the rose and cinnamon heart notes some into play it is so well blended that you just smell warmth and ambery basamy sweetness and other than perhaps the cinnamon and vanilla you would be hard pressed to identify any other specific notes. And it's not until several hours into the dry down that the beautifully clear ambergris note makes its appearance. Showcased by the other spices and vanilla the ambergris really delights the nose in full splendor. I am not sure if Creed also adds labdanum or synthetic or isolated amroxide, which is one of the two highly fragrant substances the natural ambrein in ambergris breaks down into as ambergris matures, but the ambergris I smell in the dry down is delightful and a treat for anyone who is as obsessed with the smell as I am. I frequently wear pure natural ambergris just to enjoy the smell of it all day, so frequently it would not surprise me if people associated that smell with me in a mental picture. Like all the Creed perfumes, Ambre Canelle is fine perfume that is a masterpiece in every way made with top quality ingredients. It projects so others can enjoy it but in a subtle tasteful way. I am not sure if it is an eau de toilette or eau de parfum but it does last all day and I have never found myself having to refresh it. So this is a classic, conservative spicy oriental perfume that is great for anyone to enjoy, especially those who have happy memories brought forth by an olfactory reminder of the Estee Lauder of yesteryear. I have heard that this perfume has been retired which is a shame because it's a great one and all great things are timeless. I know since I first started wearing it I have started and stopped wearing countless other perfumes but like with any of the greats, I always keep coming back to it and I always will.


I've had a day of wearing this after a good long sampling. First, I'll just say this is an old-school amber that shares more in common with other scents of its period, that being the late-40's/early-50's. Not saying it's bad, but if you can imagine the period, that should set the stage.

This is all about the amber and spices, cinnamon and coriander chief among them. Rose sets in the background very subtly, not over-powering. It's warm and spicy in a way you would expect of a dignified scent, nothing is out of control. And there is more than a passing resemblance to Cinnabar -- rather, I should say that Cinnabar bears a strong resemblance to Ambre Cannelle given the creation of each, although Ambre Cannelle is a much more refined scent.

Longevity is excellent -- this is not a watered-down EDT formulation -- and sillage is moderate although liberal application will send this out of control. All of that said...

This is a very mid-century rendition of amber, so for those seeking a more contemporary amber, this won't be it. "Classy" as another reviewer termed it.


On my skin Ambre Cannelle has absolutely no cinnnamon or amber notes. I get only bay leaf, pepper, coriander and the musks.

On my skin it smells dated and not in a good way. On me it made me smell like someone who hadn't bathed and just splashed old cologne all over themselves.

This one just didn't work on me. Ended up swapping my bottle and I wouldn't repurchase.


I'm very sensitive to the rose scent. After applying this, I can tell you that for me, its all about the rose. There is powder. If there is anything else in this, it is overpowered by the rose. For me, this is not a good thing. If you do not like rose, please test first.

I'll let this dry down and transform (god please let it transform) and edit this review should anything develop. If you don't see me come back, assume the rose killed me.


When smelling directly from the bottle, I smell amber and spices. Putting it on my skin there is a short breeze of bergamote and berries. This dries down very quickly and coriander breaks through mixed with the rose. It soon becomes a pretty light mix with a discrete sweetness. It´s a very subtle aroma not sharp or obtrusive. After a while I can smell some faint vanilla hints together with the amber and some indications of cinnamon. After some one hour the scent have transformed into more of a feeling than a smell. Very light amber and just a very soft shadow of slightly sweet cinnamon.I get that feeling of have taken a nice bath and scrubbed myself with a wonderful soap and I really feel surrounded by a feeling of cleanness. Like when you enjoy the scent of clean linen in your bed. A classy, very light beauty. Perhaps the stayingpower increaces if you apply this one on a hot day but today I can give you only my opinion about it on a cold winter day.


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