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Epicea Creed for men

Epicea Creed for men
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The name Epicea means "spicy," which is a perfect description for this perfume. With its green, forest-like note of Russian pine, Epicea brings to mind the particular beauty and joy of winter holidays in a snowy climate.

This green spicy fragrance opens with bergamot and lavender. The middle note is clove. Russian pine forms the base. Epicea was launched in 1965. The nose behind this fragrance is James Henry Creed Fifth Generation.

Perfume rating: 3.64 out of 5 with 42 votes.

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Epicea Fragrance Reviews


A pleasant blend of pine, bergamot, and lavender, Creed's Epicea achieves the "fresh/citrus pine" categorization effectively. More bergamot in the opening, and more pine revealed in the dry down, but otherwise pretty linear, Epicea has the woodiness of a woodsy fragrance but the freshness of a citrus/aquatic fragrance. I don't get as much spiciness as most seem to---the clove is slight at most.

The only pine-dominant fragrance I own is Imaginary Authors' Cape Heartache, which is a heavier expression, blended mainly with strawberry. Epicea is a fresh, woody experience that really has all-year wearability, despite the popular association of pine with colder weather. This goes hand in hand with Epicea not being outstanding with respect to projection or longevity. It's definitely poorer on projection than longevity. Frankly, though, I don't regard this as much of a departure from the other fresh Creed scents. Most--Aventus, Silver Mountain Water, Himalaya, Green Irish Tweed--aren't terribly strong either, and I see their performance exaggerated. While I'd generally argue for the stronger being better, in the case of Epicea and other fresh Creed kin, the silver lining is that one need not at least be so judicious with sprays.

Epicea is definitely not an all-star in the realm of Aventus, but it feels a unique spot in the Creed house, and for fans of pine, it could prove essential.

8 out of 10


Very very weak. It starts out as a soapy green pine, in the family of Duc de Vervins, but with a little more wood (even in the top notes!). The wood is surprisingly believable, and hints at an incense quality such as you'd find in Zagorsk. As it dries, the green lightens up and sweetens up with some heavy orange peels, reminding me of the gradual sweetening via cinnamon leaf in Bowling Green. Its also anisy...maybe not enough to put me off completely, but enough for me to feel like it detracts from what little there was to this scent in the first place. In the end, the base begins to have a dustiness which for some reason I dislike compared to other dusty wood-bearing scents, and maybe a little Coca-Cola from the fizzy, anisy spices. I once commented that Equipage could show Orange Spice a thing or two (in a more leathery direction), and I think that both Equipage and Rocabar could show Epicea a thing or two in the sweet woody department. It just doesn't remind me of a forest. Time to go back to sleep.


A very masculine and gentlemanly cologne offering from the house of Creed. Brief opening of bergamot and floral/powdery lavender begin things as if in olde world barber shops of yesteryear. The inclusion of Russian pine is exquisite, as it adds a soft mellow woody accord (don't fear this smells nothing of Pine-Sol). Clove is becoming one of my favorite notes in male scents of late. It has a slight pepper/spicy and cinnamon-like quality which I adore. Here combined with the pine, it conjures up feelings of Winter holidays and gatherings. A comforting and classic male fragrance for the colder months. (67)


Fresh spicy is certainly the best way to describe this fragrance. Unlike many spicy fragrances, this one has a fresh, green kick too it. I think that this is an extremely over looked fragrance from Creed. It's a nice elegant spicy smell that's very unique to this fragrance. The green spicyness almost smells like its from freshly picked herbs.

Overall another solid fragrance from Creed



This smells like parsley! PARSLEY! As in, Italian Wedding Soup! I smell a little bit of clove, too, but really this stuff is all about parsley.

I don't HATE Epicea, but I don't wanna smell like parsley. One of the most unique fragrances I've ever smelled.


An elegant, mild, green spicy scent from Creed. Perfect for most occasions and seasons. One of the best from the EDT line from Creed. Thumbs up!


Creed EPICEA is a light, pleasant aromatic, slightly grassy fragrance. Neither epic nor spicy, EPICEA has the quality of a low-profile chypre to my nose. Nothing stands out; everything is judiciously measured. The clove is light; the lavender is light; the citrus (bergamot) is light; and the pine is light.

Moderation in all things rings true in this case, since when applied heavy-handedly, any of these components could have ruined the composition. No one wants to smell like straight lavender or pinesol, and clove is intolerable in any but the tiniest doses. But in EPICEA these potentially contentious notes blend together harmoniously. I detect each of these notes; none asserts itself aggressively so as to drown out the others.

My only regret is that this universal (not masculine!) fragrance is rather shortlived.



Sometimes in Life, it is important to 'go back to basics'. Think about it for a moment.

This maxim can be applied effectively to almost anything whether it concerns issues of technique in sport; music; or the creation of the most fundamental of dishes when cooking, such as a basic risotto. Even writing.

In short, the absence of 'more of' the 'x,y,z', is actually better when the 'Law of Parsimony' is applied.

Act I

With respect to this, 'Epicea' by Creed exemplifies this principle when applied to perfumery. Rather than bombard the creation with a plethora of complex 'interlocking facets', the nose behind this old-fashioned beauty has made an intellectual appeal to William of Okham, hsitorically noteworthy for his so-called 'Razor' and created a simple olfactory tale based around 'Pine'.

'Epicea' is the fragrance of the 'great outdoors': there are no perfumistic implications of sweetness; that which is edible, fanciful, dainty, or 'ozonic'; and even the 'world of leather' is absent. At best it approximates a rich woody/chypre-esque quality.

This is a bracing perfume to be 'applied' rather like the way in which an old-school masseur would rub in a therapeutic linament. It is a nostrum: an old-fashioned 'sport' fragrance before the media 'commodified' the term. 'Epicea' is a tremendously invigorating, aromatic perfume with staying power. Yet it possesses an allure: a 'charge': something enticing, and that element of 'wanting more' at a physical level.

This is a perfume of the cinematic landscape inhabited by Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman in a classic Douglas Sirk's film, as they romantically 'engage' their life together: Rock, the outdoor 'Hunk' (sigh!) with his heavy red/black checked jacket and outdoor boots, chopping wood, and Jane, planning their next intimate 'encounter': the scenes awash with blowing autummal leaves, the characteristic Sirksian signature and tense, sexually charged drama.


This fragrance is a triumph of 'pine-meets-lavender-and-clove'. Simple; 'outdoors'; adventurous, and utterly uplifting!


Ps A big, big thanks (again) to Chat Lunatique for reminding me of the virtues of 'Pine' in her superb review of Krizia's Uomo!


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