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Vintage Tabarome Creed for men

Vintage Tabarome Creed for men
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Launched in 1875, Vintage Tabarome belongs to the Creed Private Collection, which consists of perfumes for famous clients. Known as Vintage Tabarome or Tabarome Prive, it is sometimes confused with the Tabarome Millesime fragrance, which was created in the 20th century. Vintage Tabarome is a compelling, full-bodied fragrance—the aroma of England’s House of Lords, as they were the primary clientele. It was re-released in 2010 in limited quantities.

A dry and rich chypre fragrance, it opens with bergamot and citruses, followed by pepper and a base of sandalwood, ambergris and pepper. These are just a few of the fragrance notes, since it is stated that the composition features over 60 natural ingredients.

Available in Creed leather–wrapped shatterproof atomizers of 50 ml. The nose behind this fragrance is Henry Creed Third Generation.

Perfume rating: 4.29 out of 5 with 59 votes.

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Bergamot Citruses

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Base Notes
Sandalwood oak moss Amber

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Vintage Tabarome Fragrance Reviews


Finally bought a sample. Tested it this afternoon and now I feel like I am sitting in my parents house. I definitely get the chypre but I also get a cedar/mothball current riding in the background.

This smells like old people


Not sure what the hype is about on this one. Upon first application, I get a musty leather sofa. Could it be the oakmoss? Anyhow, this sure isn't something that is a safe blind buy as it is truly an older gentleman's fragrance (think 50's+).


At first (dabbing it on from a vial) there is a leathery quality, with the tobacco present but "playing second fiddle." Also, there's little sweetness here. Over time the leather and tobacco balance out, but later the leather is mostly gone. The sandalwood is mild but seems to help dry it out, and make no mistake, this is a dry scent. It's not bone dry, but it's dry enough so that you can appreciate the quality of the ingredients. It seems that dryness helps with note separation if the ingredient quality is high but generates a metallic quality if the ingredients aren't especially good. In any case, what makes this scent special for me is that it's so well balanced for a tobacco scent, which allows me to appreciate it for hours without there being anything that tends to irritate. The prices I see now online are too high, IMO, but I guess to the wealthy it's not a concern. The aficionado should at least sample this one, unless he or she doesn't like tobacco notes. And yes, this can be unisex for those who want a dry, balanced tobacco scent.


finally got a small sample of this amazing fragrance, I was blown away on first sniff, this is truly a work of art...I have the new version and while it is a nice fragrance, I like ok...this is something that is
that on first sniff off my wrist I am thinking oh my god, how beautiful is this. I cannot think of anything along these lines that has impressed me more, if only I could own a could see why someone like Winston Churchill would have worn this , what a statement of quality, and impeccable character this fragrance has, and the person who would wear it. people would be talking about you in a positive way. I let my son try a few drops of this precious liquid on his wrist...he kept sniffing and an hour later kept commenting about how fantastic it smelled, what does this cost ? maybe we could go halves? I wish it were that easy..holy smokes, like the goblet that Christ drank from..there are love, like and dislike, how about admired? unbelievable fragrance..i will keep this just so I can say , yes I have smelled vintage tabarome and yes I am blown away.
maybe it should be the father, the son and vintage tabarome.


One must harden without ever losing tenderness.

When facing a fragrance like Vintage Tabarome we should all forget about labels, brands, marketing, hype and stuff like that. We should just face the fact that the world of perfume is, in the end, divided in two: good fragrances on a side and bad ones on the other. Vintage Tabarome is a great, GREAT fragrance. No matter which brand released it...

Upon application, what immediately results as undeniable is the incredible quality of the ingredents. The perfect belnding and balance. Fresh spices with an old-fashioned leathery presence serve to introduce and incredibly dry chypre driven by a stark tobacco note which is miles above the average quality available on the market. Earthy and incredibly mossy, simple yet extremely complex. I would classify Vintage Tabarome as a rough masculine fragrance but, at the same time, it shows an overall dandified vibe that only superior class compositions can achive. Mervellous.

Good projection, outstanding lasting power. One of Creed's finests. Literally mind blowing.

Rating: 9/10


Creed PRIVATE TABAROME (as my sample vial is labeled) or VINTAGE TABAROME is one seriously intense little elixir. A couple of drops and I am basically overwhelmed by what appears to my nose to be a very leather-heavy scent. Yes, there are chypre elements here, but leather definitely dominates to my nose.

I had been looking forward with great anticipation to trying this Creed creation, as I adore TABAROME and am planning to add a bottle to my collection. While still a high-quality composition, PRIVATE TABAROME is an entirely different beast, literally and figuratively! I smell dark, rough leather above all and all over the place. If there is tobacco in this composition, it is nothing like the shiny wet green leaves found in TABAROME and Trussardi JEANS or the other tobacco frags so coveted by me.

Still, I think that PRIVATE TABAROME has its own appeal. This is a dark, rich, ponderous fragrance along the lines of CABOCHARD. One thing's for sure: a bottle will last you a VERY long time!!! Guys and gals alike will want to apply this powerful potion sparingly--well, unless you like to hang out with bikers. Or want others to think that you do. (-:

I probably would not want to wear PRIVATE TABAROME alone, but it may mix beautifully with a good rose perfume. In fact, I think that I'll try that right now...

Update (8:24pm): blends beautifully with FLEURS DE BULGARIE!


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