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Isle Ryder D.S. & Durga for women and men

Isle Ryder D.S. & Durga for women and men
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Total people voted: 46
female 25- 25+
male 25- 25+

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main accords
white floral

“To the Blessed Isles, past the Manx seaman’s myst and thundering valour, past Balor’s blackened bulrush, the Summer Raider in ashwood shyp, his northern woods, saps, cones, honeyed mead, wax, golden gorse, meadowsweet, to inner loch, of inner isle, always ryding west.”

poplar bud, fir cones, meadowsweet
golden gorse, jasmine, norway spruce
mead, woodruff, bulrush straws

Isle Ryder was launched in 2013.

Perfume rating: 4.05 out of 5 with 46 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Poplar (Populus) buds Fir Wildflowers

Middle Notes
Jasmine Spruce Dyer’s Greenweed

Base Notes
Bulrush Honey

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poor 3
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long lasting 5
very long lasting 2


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soft 11
moderate 7
heavy 4
enormous 3


This perfume reminds me of  
Ginestra (Broom)
1 no yes


Isle Ryder Fragrance Reviews


I'd buy this for the name. 'Isle Ryder'.


wow, and another one I feel like I have to come to rescue kind of. I smell this scent so very different to most of the reviewers here I am really wondering if we had the same scent to test at all Oo.

What I get from this really special and for me fantastic scent is a fresh note of meadowsweet and some fresh fir tree to start with. After five minutes the broom brings yet another fresh note in the first drydown, and the first traces of light honey and fresh hay are detectable. The whole thing is underlined with a beautiful mixture of moss, lichen and fresh herby notes.

In the heart of this scent the honey and hay notes get a little stronger, but never sticky, the honey notes are very natural, more like beeswax and honeywine. A soft note of jasmine steps in, but very subtle only to positively strengthen the lovely sweet notes I get.
Every stronger in the back are the conifers, fir and now also Norway spruce, which bring yet another woody, darkgreen note into the picture.

After two to three hours the honey turns into a darker shade, like woodhoney, and also the hay gets a nice darker touch, the Norway spruce is a little stronger and finally the bulrush comes in, woody-grassy to complete the scent picture for me.
So, no idea what other people get with "only Jasmine", or saying this scent is "ordinary"? It's one of the more complex scents for sure that develops ever new notes over several hours.
So, maybe the other reviewers have gotten wrong testers, or maybe old testers that have gone off? I don't know, but I think this scent is wonderful, for me the perfect picture of the Viking shield maiden, distanced and strong, yet soft and sweet in a beautifully natural and reasuring ancient way always with a hint of danger if needed. One of my favourite niche scents of 2016.


first and foremost, this one is NOT for me.

it's mostly jasmine, sans indole / cloying sweetness with earthy, funky, savoury somethings. hard to discern just WHAT it is (without looking at the ingredient list), but it reminds me of something from the early nineties. i need to analyse just what THAT is, but that's beside the point.

not girly or femme, not mainstream / celeb, it's like NOTHING i've ever smelt before in a 'fume. must (to) try.


Vetiver! Not sure why I get so much vetiver in this - perhaps the "dyer's greenweed" (usually called gorse or broom)? Also I live in a part of the US that is covered in invasive scotch broom, a terrible, ugly weed with no odor, and I never would have imagined this scent and that plant together, but that's the magic of perfumery.

And speaking of that disconnect, here was so much jasmine up front that I couldn't make right by the Highland imagery and the scent for the first 10-15 minutes. It was an interesting but unremarkable jasmine - certainly not worth the high price - that transformed, over the next half hour, into this odd, green, salty thing. Think: peat bog near the coast.

Very low silage when applied with a sample wand. Might grow if sprayed onto the skin and clothes. Moderate longevity, but it is no marathon perfume, as it seems nothing D.S. & Durga makes is. This is a hugs-only perfume.


AT first spray it was a little too strong and old lady type. Next day I found it softer and I really enjoy honey smell in it. Now I find it interesting and soft, close to the skin. Longevity and sillage is moderate. This is close to skin scent. Wouldn't mind to have it in my little collection :)


Deadidol puts it well when he says that he wants to like the Durga line.

The florals within Isle Of Ryder waft so awfully close to memories of Grandmother's perfume.

More suited as a feminine scent.

Longevity on the low side

Sillage sits close to the skin.

The initial blast of Florals are slightly cloying for the first 10 minutes. They settle down after that.


DS & Durga is a line that I *want* to like much more than they’ll let me. Their distribution is limited; no samples are available; and the stores that I’ve visited that stock the line have been beyond lousy in their presentation (empty and/or broken bottles; large parts of the collection missing entirely). What I’ve smelled, I’ve only smelled in passing, and so one of these days, I’ll hopefully spend more time with them, but what I’ve tried so far hasn’t grabbed me.

But Isle Ryder is different.

It aligns with the rustic / natural aesthetic that the line seems to rely upon with a bitter jasmine taking center stage. This jasmine is surrounded by a series of wild grass and fern-esque green notes, placed over a somewhat oily base that seems to be structured upon a subtly earthy beeswax. Despite being a fairly busy composition, the scent smells very much like a natural environment, and the overall effect is a fascinating take on jasmine. It’s much more bitter than most jasmine fragrances, running even slightly sour, but this bitterness works surprisingly well here. Although I tend not to subscribe to fragrances for certain seasons, Isle Ryder conjures up the image of Spring while offering a fresh, crisp take on the white floral genre. Surprisingly distinct and well-crafted, it provides a compelling green twist to an overplayed primary note.


I find this to be nothing special. Longevity on my skin is only a few hours. The scent is very average for me personally. I find it has a fairly heavy musk base with a hint of the evergreen. I'm a lover of honey, but I don't get the slightest hint of it in this fragrance. Interesting the difference in noses! I've grown picky and if a scent is going to get my $$, it needs to stand out, this one doesn't merit the price. It's pleasant, certainly, but nothing to shout about. Sample first.


Isle Ryder is a very 'visual' fragrance for me. I sometimes get annoyed by promotional copy from fragrance manufacturers that sound more like a J Peterman catalogue than they do a description of the frangrance, but in this case, the rather poetic picture painted by D.S. & Durga captures its essence beautifully.

This fragrance is all about the ancient British Isles: gorse, hay, herbs, honey, treesap, and dampness. I get an unmistakable tea note as well, although it's not listed; perhaps it reminds me of an herbal tea, but there is a definite leafiness there. The gorse and the honey are the dominant notes for me, but the effect is more honeyed tea than it is Miel de Bois, so if the latter is a disaster on your skin, you should not be at all scared to try Isle Ryder.

Although the word 'unique' is overused in the fragrance world, Isle Ryder is truly different from just about everything I've ever tried. For me, the one similar 'vibe' I connect to a previously tried scent is the dominant gorse note, which, because it is closely related to broom, reminds me a good bit of Santa Maria Novella's Ginestra; however, the addition of the honey note to Isle Ryder makes it a distinct fragrance from Ginestra. I love the hay and dried wildflower aspect to this scent; it is soft and gentle, like a beautifully designed natural wreath. The damp and slightly mossy aspect really ties together the whole fragrance, and gives it the unmistakable feel of its name. You can truly picture a rider on horseback, thundering across the wild meadows of the Isle of Manx, or the Hebrides, in pre-Roman Britain.

Longevity is excellent (easily 8-10 hours) with moderate sillage. This smells amazing on men and women. A truly special and seasonless fragrance.


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