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Brasil Dream for Him Estée Lauder for men

Brasil Dream for Him Estée Lauder for men
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Brasil Dream for Him Estée Lauder for men Pictures

Estee Lauder presents a new fragrance, Brasil Dream for Him as a fragrant companion to feminine version, Brasil Dream for Her from 2008. The new perfume for men arrives in shops in August 2009.

Fragrance Brasil Dream for Him was inspired by pulsing rhythm of Brasil and it was created of clear spicy notes enhanced by woody accords. Top notes incorporate cardamom, coriander and white pepper, while a heart is composed of neroli, nutmeg, cinnamon and oregano from Cuba. A base encompasses patchouli, labdanum, jalapeno pepper, pimento and leather accords. Brasil Dream for Him will be available as 50ml cologne spray.

Perfume rating: 3.83 out of 5 with 51 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Cardamom Coriander Pepper

Middle Notes
Nutmeg Oregano Neroli Cinnamon

Base Notes
French labdanum Patchouli Leather Paprika

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This perfume reminds me of  
Hermessence Paprika Brasil
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Brasil Dream for Him Fragrance Reviews

Black Russian
Black Russian

I'm not going to repeat the scent pyramid here. And wouldn't even stress how much I love this scent, on every stage, and how organic and smooth is transition between opening, drying down process and final stage.
What I want to stress that it is definitely (although on pricey side) designer priced fragrance with unmistakably niche fragrance quality. In every parameter: scent, longevity, projection, sillage.
Add into equation that it was quite rare even before it was discontinued, and now it's almost no chance you would bump into somebody who wears same scent anywhere...
All that puts in in "must buy" category if you're lucky enough to see it somewhere.
Another great thing about it, which might come weird sounding at first, almost complete absence of compliments!... I'm talking here about those not very comfortable compliments from strangers that compliment perfumes that we all know are so-so. I always see people sniffing me from the distance when I'm wearing this, close their eyes in enjoyment, and then fall into one of 2 categories: either, realizing there's no need to state self evident fact that it smell great, since it would be akin to saying to somebody that water on their umbrella is wet; or politely ask "The scent you're wearing is absolutely amazing, and like nothing I ever experienced before! If you don't mind, what is it?"
I would consider it more like evening or special event scent, but it definitely would be appropriate in any situation or time of day and year.
My final verdict:
Scent 10/10
Longevity 10/10
Projection 10/10
Sillage 9/10 (for me it's actually 10/10 because I don't like perfumes with enormous silage, and this covers max range I'm consider appropriate, and keeps not obnoxious)
Price for quality 10/10 (yes It's expensive as for designer juice, but it is in Amouage/Creed class at 1/3 if not 1/4 of their prices)


MEGA spicy! Probably the spiciest scent I've ever used. Nutmeg, cardamom, peppers, chillies, cinnamon - they're all in there making their presence strongly felt (smelt?). It reminds me so much more of a tropical African or Indian spice market than Brazil, and so perhaps "Zanzibar Dream" or "Goa Dream" might have been a more appropriate name. It's perhaps too spicy for continuous day-to-day use, but as an occasional treat it's sure to draw compliments. I reckon it's a year-round fragrance that would fit casual or smart wear but is probably less suited for spring, although it also makes for a very interesting and different hot weather fragrance. I love the bijou and elegant brown bottle with copper coloured lid, which by the way suit the character of the scent perfectly. Performance-wise it starts off very strong and spicy but then being only a cologne, recedes into a soft skin scent perhaps too quickly (2-3 hours). Overall, I think it's not bad at all, different, natural smelling, and probably worth grabbing if you should stumble across it.


One of the best discontinued fragrances...

Brasil Dream by Estée Lauder is a really wonderful, spicy dream of a fragrance! It's smooth and spicy with cinnamon, paprika, pepper and nutmeg, patchouli and smooth leather... and it smells gorgeous!

Cardamom, coriander, spices, sweet cinnamon & leather are the perfect combo between sweet, smooth & spicy. I really like this one a lot! I imagine a really well dressed, sexy seductive man wearing this one. It smells a LOT more expensive than it is (and unfortunately discontinued as well). As other people have said before, this is like a tropical version of Gucci pour Homme. I can totally see that.

Ultimately, this fragrance is what is says, a dream... and just like a dream, it's now gone. If you can find this I highly suggest it for men. You will really find something special. Fantastic exotic, tropical, spicy, manly fragrance! I love and respect the house of Estée Lauder, and this is one of the reasons why.


One of those that smells great in the bottle. That orgeano top note is fantastic, very bright, shorn of any bitterness you get from old dried oregano in that bottle in your mom's spice drawer. Totally fell apart on my skin-- never found any leather, patch or chili pepper. Maybe if I hadn't scrubbed they would have shown up eventually, but the synthetic sweetness was not for me. However, I'll keep it because I love smelling the bottle. But I'll be wearing Azuree or Aramis.


I just couldn't get right with this fragrance. On my skin I got a spicy accord but it was always synthetic in a way that just bothered me. If you skin chemistry works with this then I think it can be a good scent. Women love cinnamon in fragrances.


This is a spicy fragrance, period.
you can smell all the notes, the fresh spicy first, then it warms and the cinnamon and woods take central stage.
So if you like spicy perfumes (and I mean really spicy), Brasil Dream is a great option.
I don't own another fragrance like this (plain spicy), I have citrus/spicy and green/spicy ones, so this is a good addition.
I have been in Brazil many times and this fragrance reminds me more of a north African street market than of Brazil. I guess a green/aquatic with some tropical fruit notes would be more appropriate to describe the south American country.
But anyway, this is a good fragrance, the sillage seems to be good and probably the longevity too. Just keep in mind that this is very spicy.


I bought the very last bottle at a department store last August and was not amused when I found out that this was the only size available [50ml]

I've rationed the last few drops because this was a limited range.

The leather and cinnamon were what got me hooked though. It's a shame I haven't been able to find another bottle...I wore this almost everyday I spent with my dad before he passed away in September last year and so this scent really reminds of the last few days with him.

I gave the remainder of the bottle to my little bro because he likes it and they remind him of my dad and some of the last adventures we had. #Memories#Summer

gypsy parfumista
gypsy parfumista

When I inquired about this scent at the Estee Lauder counter they informed me that all the dreams(Bali ,Emerald and Brasil)are Michael Kors frags for EL. Even though its not at the EL counter I saw Brasil Dream for Men at one of the bargain stores for 14.99 USD and didn't get it :( ,because I did not know how it smelled, and by the time I went home & looked it up and came back it was GONE! If you think you'll like something unsniffed you're usually right!

When I smelled this on one of my coworkers it was spicy,green masculine and ever so slightly tropical with a sexy manly dry down that had the faintest hint of hot peppers...not like a fresh cut jalapeno but more like one that had been dried in the sun and thrown into a broth-light and faint but still there with an underlying subtle flavor...Grab it if you see it, they're going fast...and they are DREAMY!


this perfume was totally unexpected... begins with typical herby green fresh smell, soft actually. and then the pepper started to appear, rather strong pepper. as it dries (the pepper is still there) the nutmeg appear, followed wih soft leather.


Let's talk about the Dream. This is a tropical Gucci Pour Homme. There's paprika in that too. If you could bottle, tredding sand along clear waters under an exotic sunset... this would be it. Brasil Dream. Hot summer evenings would best define this scent.

It could just be me, but when I first applied this to the top of my hand... the spices gave my skin a tingling sensation. It was kind of pleasant. Around all of that spice, the French Labdanum is detectable. Great special edition from Lauder.


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