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Wald Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men

Wald Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men
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Wald Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men Pictures Wald Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men Pictures

Wald by Euphorium Brooklyn is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Wald was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Stephen Dirkes. The fragrance features thuja , fir, elemi, olibanum, juniper, artemisia, labdanum, clove, nutmeg, fern, grass, honey, maple sap, moss, fruity notes, vetiver, agarwood (oud), birch, castoreum, soil tincture, smoke and animal notes.

Perfume rating: 3.43 out of 5 with 24 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Thuja Fir elemi Olibanum Juniper Artemisia Labdanum Clove Nutmeg Fern Grass Honey Maple sap Moss Fruity Notes Vetiver Agarwood (Oud) Birch Castoreum Soil tincture Smoke Animal notes

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Wald Fragrance Reviews


Tried my sample today...4 smears on wrist.
On my skin from the minute I put it on till now (7 hrs later) all I get is
smoke..bonfire..more smoke...bonfire..smoke. This continues all the way
through the whole shebang. I'm sad..I really wanted the moss and fir/pine
to come out.. but not on me. Norne by Slumberhouse works better for me.

Chicago Tony T
Chicago Tony T

A Slumberhouse type of scent and price but it is worth it IMO. It's an oil so it sits close to the skin but is not a skin scent. That thick green color will stain clothes so this needs to go directly on the skin. This is truly the most unique scent that I have ever smelled. It's coniferous and smoky but not challenging or weird as it has a bit of maple in it to give it a touch of sweetness. It's earthy,dirty,green and smoky. Cdaleb's review described it perfectly when he said it's Fille De Aiguilles meets Lonestar Memories. This is the first that I have tried from the house but am looking forward to eventually sampling the entire lineup. Hopefully in due time they will have a cult Following like Slumberhouse. It may sound cheesy but if I were to name this scent I would call it "Green Smoke" or Coniferious Midnight" as Wald does not really catch the eye but what do I know? If you love the Lutens and the Tauer then this is a must sample.


I had to test this a lot to really come to a solid conclusion about it. It's very dense and surprisingly complicated despite how straight-forward coniferous it seems at first. Comparisons to Slumberhouse are fairly accurate but in my opinion this lacks the evocative focus of something like Norne or Jeke and seems to have much less emphasis on the drydown.

When first applied, Wald is a total Fir and incense bomb. It's like a fine aged sweet liquor with all sorts of wizard ingredients infused into it. For all the thick resinous qualities it somehow still retains a unique watery, almost airy vibe.

Shortly after it begins to get a tad animalic in an interestingly furry-salty way. The vetiver plays off the castoreum. Some of the sweetness seems to die down while a newfound smokiness seems to take over. An interesting, Castoreum based smokiness as opposed to straight bonfire fragrances. This phase is very nice, but fairly fleeting.

What Wald finally settles into, at least on my skin, is primarily a salty, tarry vetiver with some undefined herbaceous notes and a subtly medicinal woodiness. It's quite dirty and raw, to my nose and it smells very natural for better or worse. This drydown lingers for days, and unfortunately I was a little bit bored with it after the 4th or 5th hour. I suppose Wald is more about the journey than the destination, but is the journey worth it when the destination takes up 95% of the experience?

The performance here is fantastic, as one might expect from such a viscous green ooze. The opening is fantastic, but alas the drydown sort of falls apart into slightly uninspiring territory. All in all, a good one, but not worth it to me, certainly seek this out if you like dark green coniferous wizard scents, you might find more to love in the drydown.



this is like sitting in a conifer forest in the dirt. I like it but probably won't get it. I think it is more manly I guess a lady could pull this off but not me. anyway very well made. the thing I like best is I can smell the soil tincture note.


Now this is too sharp and very concentrated! it has something from Jeke by Slumberhouse, and few from 100 tweeds by this house. Something smokey, mixed with something greeny, few other citrus, and something stinky but not the kind that is easily accepted, and im sure it's the extreme dozes of soil tincture with the slight castoreum. The artificial agarwood as well is there so are the fir.
It's like a slightly Jeke with more burning effect and something more sweet. after all it's a pass for me.


An absolutely stunning fragrance. This is what I really wanted Norne by Slumberhouse to be (I found that one to be a bit too linear for a full bottle). A grand coniferous forest, sublime and deep, with secret alcoves and haunting hallucinatory vignettes. It starts out with a warm and rich pine scent, needles, cones, and wood all mingling together in lush harmony. Within a few moments I start to smell something heady and animalic, with hints of cannabis and incense smoke. This goes on for a while, then the pines die down giving way to the intoxicating aroma of a forest floor -- dry and herbaceous grasses giving way to decaying leaves and dampened soil. The breathtaking middle gives way to a sumptuous drydown where it lingers as a skin scent, haunted by ghosts anointed by an elegant fougere. Longevity and sillage are excellent, I catch whiffs of this throughout the day, intermittently whisking me away to this tangle of branches and needles. I got a sample of this, and a few hours later bought a full bottle. It was that good. This will be in permanent rotation for me, it's the pine I've always dreamed of. Impressive!


امتدت يدى تعبث بالعينات التى اتتنى منذ ايام ضمن مجموعه متنوعه من العينات النيشيه واخترت هذه العينه ذات الرحيق الاخضر الرائق و وعندما وضعت على يدى قطرات من العطر احسست بملمسه الزيتى وقلت فى نفسى اممم زيت عالى التركيز كنت ساقرب يدى لانفي لاختبر الرائحه ولكنى توقفت لان الرائحه هى التى انفجرت فى وجهى وايقنت ان اللون الاخضر لم يأت من فراغ .
كما لو كنت تمشى وسط غابه وحشيه ،،، العطر يبدأ بروائح اخشاب الصنوبر والتنوب العطريه مع الارتيميسيا وطحلب السنديان والفيتيفير ثم تظهر رائحه بخوريه من اللبان العطريه الانترلودى مع الافتتاحيه الخضراء العنيفه ثم ينتهى العطر مع لمسات خفيفه من القرنفل والكاستوريم مع وجود رائحه التربه والتى تذكرنى برائحه الحناء
نوتات كثيره مكتوبه لوصف العطر لكنى اعتقد انها تقوم بادور ثانويه لا تكاد تظهر كرائحه العسل والفواكه واللابدانم .
العطر يبدو بسيطا رغم كل هذه النوتات ويبدو خشنا ذكوريا لا انصح اى انثى بارتدئه ،
العطر ذكرنى بالعديد من العطور المستنده على اخشاب الغابات مثل السرو والصنوبر والتنوب والسنديان واكثر عطر اراه مشابها فى كثير من مراحله وكذلك فى لون رحيقه العطر الرهيب norne لدار سلمبر هاوس الامريكيه وكذلك عطر سيرج لوتنس فى اون اوجوى رغم افتتاحيته السكريه.
هذا العطر لدار نيشيه حديثه تدعى ايفوريوم بروكلين تم انشاءها بامريكا وقدمت خمسه عطور فى سنه ٢٠١٥ وكما نرى فانها بدايه قويه تستخدم مزجا يدويا لاكثر المكونات نقاء وندره لتصنيع توليفاتها
يأتى العطر على هيئه ماء عطر وان كنت اراه اكثر تركيزا فى حجمين الاول ١٥مل بما يعادل ٦٥دولار والثانى ٣٠مل ب ١٢٠ دولار
على الرغم من التوليف الجيد الا ان هذه النوعيه من العطور لاتعجب الذوق العام وقد تبدو مثارا للعجب والاستهجان ولكنها تأسر انوف محبى العطور ، الفوحان والثبات فوق المتوسط


I love this! It's become my scent this summer, and I think I will have to reorder when the bottle is empty. I can't add much to cdaleb73110's review, I pretty much agree with it, and I am terrible at describing notes. But here is the enchanted forest everyone seems to be looking for. It's a magical scent. I've found that the vagabond prince's enchanted forest has a weird, strident note (what is it, black currant? can't remember now) that is so sharp, distracting and icky (technical term) that I don't smell any forest whatsoever. I do love serge luten's fille en aiguilles. It's a summer forest, sun warmed dry pine needles, dried fruits, incense...lovely and DRY lol. Wald is more lush and alive. I put it on and love the initial hit I get- very significant christmas tree-ish pine (which I am into)- that not so much as fades, but melts quickly into the well blended story (see promo material on their website, and the review below). Then, as I go about my day, little movements will send seriously beautiful wafts of this gorgeous scent to my nose and I am struck by "oh! what is that luscious smell? it's me!" It's not a scent so much as something that puts you in a beautiful, magical place, at least on one plane of your existence. The scent comes in a screw top bottle, and you also get a glass stopper-topped bottle. Really pretty, and handy for travel. Leave some of the oil in the screw top bottle, and some on your dresser lookin' hip and intriguing.


Well here is my feeble attempt at describing this fragrance. After a second wearing here it goes. The liquid is quite thick, oily and true green. Immediately you pick up the pines, junipers, conifers, firs, etc. The maple syrup is unmistakable. Moments later up comes the smoke, frankincense and birch tar. This all starts smoldering creating a bonfire effect. This is all within the first 5 minutes and wafting quite strongly.
After sometime the artemisia finally comes out of hiding. Smells literally like you have taken a leaf and crushed it with your fingers. Pungent but herbal and a tad sweet. The animal hide comes forth. Rough and raw leather. I keep thinking I get a spicy clove now and again. There are points of this fragrance that briefly reminded me of a hint of marijuana Or it just could have been my neighbor. Ha ha. You can sense raw vetiver.
Now after an hour or so it is calming down and quite reminds me of the whole neighborhood mowing their lawn while still a tad dewy. The evergreen resins, smoke and syrup is still present but quite closer to a skin scent.
After 4 hours I still detect it as a skin scent. I had a quick flashback of the original polo with incense. The quality is amazing. This was with a very small dab to my wrist and pressing other wrist together. I imagine one to two full dabs with the bottle stopper on some pulse points and WOW, it would be strong.
There you have it. I do admit when I get to moving around the oil has no problems coming back to life on my skin. Kind of a Fille de Aiguilles meets Lonestar Memories. Excellent.


روعه انه عطر فوجيري يا سعد!!!! بل العطر الفوجيري المفقود المتامل عائلة الفوجير سيلاحظ انها بدات تقل ولم يعد هناك اهتمام كبير لتقديمها خلال السنوات القريبة الماضسية في ظل تورة العود :)، الفوجير هي من العائلات العطرية التي شاعت في حقبة ماضية بل في فترة ثورة صناعة العطور ولا زال لها محبين وانا منهم عطر اليوم لم اتوقعه ابدا ان يكون بذلك الجمال والاتقان والروعه والامتاع: روائح خضراء ذات طابع ارضي رطب يشاركها روائح دخانية من اللبان وخشب البتولا وروائح ليذرية جميلة اعطت العطر نقطة فارقة نحو الفخامه وتوابل باسلوب رائع جدا عطر يجسد كلاسيكية الفوجير باسلوب عصري لا اجد حرج وتردد ان اقارن هذا العطر بعطر ام من بيور ديستانس او عطر فيتيش من روجا!!


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