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Oud Flamboyant Givenchy for women and men

Oud Flamboyant Givenchy for women and men
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Oud Flamboyant Givenchy for women and men Pictures Oud Flamboyant Givenchy for women and men Pictures Oud Flamboyant Givenchy for women and men Pictures

The fashion house of Givenchy presents a new exclusive collection called L’ Atelier de Givenchy, which contains seven fine fragrances made from rich raw ingredients that evoke the Givenchy fashion creations and materials. Each fragrance is accompanied by a special fashion sketch. The scents are: Ambre Tigré, Bois Martial, Cuir Blanc, Chypre Caresse, Néroli Originel, Oud Flamboyant and Ylang Austral.

Oud Flamboyant embodies the creativity and excellence of the house of Givenchy and evokes oriental spirit to perpetuate the magic of body decorated with precious embroidery and golden - brown fabrics. The composition is made of labdanum, leather and oud.

The fragrances are available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum . Oud Flamboyant was launched in 2014.

Perfume rating: 4.69 out of 5 with 35 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Labdanum Leather Agarwood (Oud)

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This perfume reminds me of  
Sultan Al Oud
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Oud Mokhallat Momayaz
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Oud Flamboyant Fragrance Reviews


Never heard of OUD perfumes before.. I just always go for the regular ones. But oh my!! I met a guy who had this perfume on our first meeting I swear I wasn't sure if I was falling for the guy or falling for his perfume.. lol. He smelt like an Arab prince yum! It's a really good smell. Perfect as a gift I would say. It just has this long lasting effect in your head.. I hugged him and I smelt him for days! It's a lovely one. Definitely buying it next. I don't care if it's for men


This is so lovely! Beautiful gentle oud. Perfect.


I love the GIVENCHY L'Atelier line and this one is one of the best.

Very gourmand and there are definitely more notes in there than shown in the ingredients list.

I can sense some vanilla, some beeswax, musk, amber, etc.

In terms of Oud, as you know there is tons now out there and if a lighter non-dense, modern, Parisienne, feminine gourmand Oud is your thing, then GO FOR IT, for it does perform well.

It's not a screamer but a charming creamer.

Very sophisticated and just beautiful.

8/10. Very good (but could be better if more development). Leaning more towards the ladies.


Has a beeswax scent, for those that enjoy the scent of a handmade beeswax candle.


A light leathery oud. Not loud, harsh or brash. If you want to test an introductory oud, I think this would be a good one. It smells nutty to me also and dry. Not bad, but I am not sure it is worth full price in the Atelier range. A small decant or amount for a good woody perfume would be perfect. Try before you buy, this is not oud extreme, more oud lite.


fantastic, I loved this one and definately want it.


this oud reminds me of the old market narrow allies where you could smell the smell of spices incense and oud emanating from different shops and ias much as i hate to say it.. its not the most prestigious high end refined ouds that you can also get from those same allies but from certain merchants who hide the special ouds for special customers..this oud reminds me of the lower end oud by products ..its not a horrible smell and its not the real deal for those who know the difference..oud is an acquired scent...
when i first opened it it straight away tele ported me to a sea side old market in jedaha.. its one of the oldest market places where you can find everything for making perfumes from scratch ,even bakhour spices and resins and the smell of this givenchy teleported me straight to those narrow allies with the smell of incense resins and spices and the oud being offered to passers by to smell
its a light woody almost clean smelling oud with leather and not necessarily chemical smelling but more like woody dry astringent smelling not the voluptuousness creamy full oud you get from Juliet has a gun and david yrman its a oud you get from mainstream Arabian companies like alrehab and alharamin the cheaper mass produced perfumes you can easily get from rassai not even their niche lines or mid range the cheapest oud sprays for ten us $ its a normal simple everyday plain oud wood leather light connotation that smells to me so rustic old fashioned more manly very dry crisp and nostalgic although its not my type of oud it can be used by non eastern noses and oud users alike for those who like their oud more woodsy cleaner and more versatile its good for blending and layering..but it doesn't smell rich to me it smells so common..i am writing all this and i really don't like to give negative reviews this is not a negative review on the contrary it could mean that this can work best for the western nose and that same smell is also appreciated from so many oud users who like their oud to be lighter and better suited for summer
there is a back ground accord that some how forgives the rest of the medicoray in this perfume it almost as if you are smelling an agar wood chip being burnt and as you al know there are so many agar wood varieties depending on region so this particular on reminds me of the lighter in weight and colour oud chips from malasya or Indonesia i am not so sure but even oud chips have different scents when burnt and some i used to like and others give this smell which i don't like..the best ouds to my nose are Indian and kalakasy and even bourmian
spicy woodsy a bit of sandalwood in the background almost the smell of burnt leather the light oud accords or heavy if u r not used to oud is a strong oud connotation without the opulence y and creaminess and richness of oud..its a more white woody okay the smell of sharpening pencils remencient of vitiver ..
if i didn't have th 20+ year experience in oud and its diversity maybe this review will be so different..dont get me wrong it is an oud to the minimum or maximum depending on how you perceive oud and whats your background in the to those who don't know anything its a straight up normal oud that was abundant in markets centuries ago its how oud and alcohol smelled in the first attempts of combining commercial end oud with woods spices and alcohol so to me this is part of the past maybe its a novelty now to find oud in this way in Arabian perfumers its considered something from the past and pretty cheap smelling they have evolved to higher techniques and blending strategies and newer compositions more European more modern more in tune with the new generation ..this particular perfume might be a great gift for an oud wearer whose a grandmother now for its nostalgic affair but i am sure the grand ma will still complain and say how do u get me such a cheap smelling oud ?don't u know any better?for 270 us $ for a 100 ml edp watered down oud this is not going to be tolerated by any grandma or mother from arabian know how those women test their oud they put a drop on their sleeves of a silky material called an abaya its a black cloak and tie that part if after 3 days to a week the smell is still thee so strong and vibrant only then will they buy the oud ! i am sure this is not even going to last half a day and the smell is no where near the real thing..but i stil give credit to givenchy for trying to resurrect an almost lost scent in the Arabian tradition..a long lost memory of times past of oud ..
for the non oud users...don't let this dictate your relationship to have to be patient with oud and try so many and unfortunately most of the ouds available to mainstream perfumeries are using the synthetic ones which either smell of burnt plastic or rubber or hey ..but its still worth a try you never know maybe you will like it for it dosnt have that rubbery scent it actually has the old scent of oud diluted in alcohol which denatures the oud to something so different .. can go on forever on this so just test it if u can that s the only way you could understand what i am trying to say
this is so similar to many from arabian oud oudy mens perfumes which many men find appealing and use on a daily basis for work but for fraction of the price !


isnt it oud flamboyant rather than flambloyant?


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