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Vol de Nuit Evasion Guerlain for women

Vol de Nuit Evasion Guerlain for women
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Vol de Nuit Evasion is an oriental – woody fragrance imagined to be a nocturnal escape and a scented adventure in a wistful world. This feminine velvety fragrance, warm and light, just like a warm light spreading out in darkness, opens with peach and rose that lead to the floral heart of iris and jasmine. Warm base, composed out of noble wood, vanilla and amber, leaves the oriental trail. The bottle has the same form as the once of L’ Heure Bleue and Mitsouko, with the stopper shaped like an up-side-down heart, packed in a blue box, decorated with propeller to created the optical illusion effect. The fragrance is available as 50 ml EDT at the price of 46 Euro. Vol de Nuit Evasion was launched in cooperation with Alea, the chain of airport duty free shops, and it can only be purchased at the Alea stores in France and Great Britain, as well as the Guerlain boutiques. Vol de Nuit Evasion was launched in 2007.

Perfume rating: 4.50 out of 5 with 108 votes.

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Peach Rose

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iris Jasmine

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Amber Vanilla Precious Woods

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This perfume reminds me of  
Guet Apens
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Royal Extrait
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Vol de Nuit Evasion Fragrance Reviews


This fragrance was greatly praised on here by a certain reviewer when some old stock apparently became available and was being sold on Ebay. Although it was termed as being "full of stars," I notice same reviewer now doesn't even list it in their own wardrobe.

Having finally smelled this perfume myself, I can only say I don't buy the hype, as other reviewers have stated. It's a fruity-floral with some Guerlinade that lacks any longevity, a sort of bland, peachy gourmand that might be good for layering with some other Guerlains to change them up. On its own it's far too weak. I have never smelled the original Guet-Apens, but it was no doubt made with far better quality oils. This one is just a flanker ripoff. It was apparently sold as a novelty item in duty free airport concessions, not as a major release in Guerlain stores.


While this is a pleasant scent, make no mistake, it is not really distinctive or wildly complex. A powdery rose-peach (with a "vintage makeup" vibe), on a candied, artificial vanilla, hints of nondescript woods. It's like a "training wheels" for a timid person not yet ready to handle a full-on Guerlain, you might say. It reminds me of a greatly weakened/diluted SAMSARA. The base definitely has the recognizable "Guerlinade" of iris, heliotrope, sandalwood, vanilla. This scent is so mild, that one could easily layer it with another Guerlain having more individuality and personality, like SAMSARA, L'HEURE BLEUE or APRÈS L'ONDÉE. VdNE is a scent that truly will not offend anyone, so may be good for day/office wear?


I've put this review off for months because I don't like to be less than positive about anything, and especially not about my favorite house, Guerlain. I'm writing it finally only because I've seen yet another person chasing after this almost legendary unicorn and feel it's only fair to put another honest opinion out.

I'm one of the people who got a bottle of this for 34$ this past Spring when mislabelled a shipment and the word was spread on another forum. I liked it, it was nice, worth 34$ certainly. It most definitely wasn't anything very special or life-changing for me though and the longevity/sillage were both on the *very* low side. It's a transparent woody Oriental, a little bit powdery, with some Guerlinade. It would be safe to wear anywhere, it is unisex. You'll never offend anyone with it. Most people won't know you have any perfume on, maybe including you. I'm most likely spoiled because I've been wearing Guerlains for 40+ years. I have a closet full of them in their vintage glory as well as many other beautiful vintage and modern perfumes. If I had 100$+ to spend on a Guerlain (or any perfume) this is *not* what I would buy. Others have found it beyond their wildest dreams so clearly if you could try it first that would be the way to go, but the chances of that are pretty low. If you're chasing this one and can't get a decant or sample first, you will never have a problem re-selling it as it's going for silly high prices. You may find it to be incredible and you may not.


Vol de Nuit Evasion is a powdery vanilla with peach and soft florals. No more, no less. Its well made and smells good. It is pretty and feminine and not the least bit challenging. BUT it smells like a lot of other vanillic powdery fruity scents.

Cheers to those who love Vol de Nuit Evasion, I'm happy you love it. I just wonder about the intense hyperbole surrounding this scent. Having just sampled it, I've got to say I thought it was nice but certainly not as special or deserving of the hype its gotten. Truth be told, I don't even find it interesting enough to keep the decant. If you can, please try before you buy and don't get sucked in by the hype.


To sum up this wonderful fragrance:
Mitsouko peach + warm ambery vanilla + powdery florals = Vol de Nuit Evasion

When perfume became a major hobby of mine last year, Guet Apens/Attrape Coeur was one of the perfumes I was most curious about from Guerlain because it was described as being modern with classic touches, with notes that I love. I gave up searching for it because it was discontinued, HTF, and outrageously expensive. But one day I randomly searched 'vol de nuit' on eBay, looking for a good deal on vintage EDT or parfum but saw Evasion testers sold at a decent price! I then alerted fellow MUA members about the listing, and the rest is history! From what I have read on MUA these elusive bottles are resurfacing due to duty-free shops clearing their old stock. I have a feeling we will see more of these on discount sites and eBay in the future!

Evasion smelled so unique to my nose, yet so familiar at the same time. It is reminiscent of classic Guerlain perfumes, but modernized with its amber and vanilla base. Out of all the classics I've tried, Evasion is most similar to Mitsouko with its prominent peach- dry, not sweet or gourmand. Powdery flowers such as iris, rose, and violet lend to the old-school feel.

Yet there was something else that Evasion reminded me of- I couldn't put my finger on it until days later. Finally it hit me- The One by Dolce and Gabbana! Crazy comparison, I know, but hear me out:

The One used to be my favorite perfume for years, but after perfume became a hobby of mine, the peach become annoyingly screechy, synthetic, and cloying to my nose, overpowering the rest of the composition. I gave my bottle away to my mom because I didn't enjoy it like I used to.

Looking at the notes pyramid on Fragrantica for both VdN Evasion and The One, it makes sense that the two resemble each other somewhat- they share the prominent notes of vanilla, amber, and peach, as well as jasmine. VdN Evasion could be what The One may have smelled like if it had the dry Mitsouko peach replacing the cloying synthetic peach as well as a powdery floral heart.
I layered Mitsouko EDP and The One together to experiment, and it kinda does smell a little like VdN Evasion, minus the powdery flowers!

I have to resniff them first to confirm, but I'm thinking VdN Evasion probably shares similarities with modern fragrances with vanilla and peach at the forefront like Burberry, Fancy Love, Allure, etc.

And THAT is why Guet Apens/Attrape Coeur/Vol de Nuit Evasion/Royal Extract/etc (what's with all the different names Guerlain???) has that modern edge that sets it apart from anything else I've tried- the fruity sweet vanilla base (modern) mixed with the classic powdery florals (iris, rose, violet) is quite special.

Being a college student, I limit wearing Shalimar, Vol de Nuit, L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, and Apres L'Ondee for home use because they are not practical for my lifestyle but Evasion can be worn anytime, anywhere!

Evasion performs like a typical EDT in my experience, with moderate sillage and lasting about 6-8 hours on my skin.

Also to note: Some of the Guerlinade components are present but the base does not smell like Guerlinade to me.

UPDATE 4/8/2015: I now own Attrape Coeur and tested it, it smells just like Evasion! Has better sillage and lasts longer, that's the only difference!


I have the Lamplight bottle from 1999 (bought in France from my husband) and just got this, new old stock, shall I say. They are, to me, the same, except the bottle. It is without a doubt everything Archivist says. So wonderful, I am so happy I never did part with my Guet Apens. I had a love/hate relationship with it. Let me tell you, it is gorgeous. Just perfect, old school, everything blended so well. A time when fragrance was fragrance. Worth every penny if you can get your hands on a bottle. This is, like you're on The Road Show, you bring an old painting with you that you picked up an old musty flea ridden, dusty home sale, everything must go house auction. The old soul has passed. There you stand at the road show with someone from Sotherby's and they quite literally tell you, your painting is "perhaps the first ever painting by Renoir. You grab your chest, lean forward, want to cuss, but do not, and ask to them to please repeat the price, to which a dead calm comes over you, and you realize, you knew it, you knew it when you brought it home all those many years ago, and that is why you brought it to The Road Show in the first place, just to confirm that you do indeed have a masterpiece! Alas, deep down inside, you knew it for yourself when you first acquired it. Just needed that stamp of "authentication".


My god: it's full of stars.

This genetic recombination of accords from Jicky, Mitsouko, Vol de Nuit, and L'Heure Bleue are artfully and harmoniously accomplished; Evasion becomes more than just another Guerlain. It is the archetypal Guerlain, the Platonic form of Guerlain - embodying many cherished facets of the classics while dusting off the fustier elements that so many modern noses find objectionable.

Evasion has the classic vintage Guerlain quality along with something otherworldly and timeless and archetypally feminine - classy, elegant, but subliminally (and that subtlety is giving me life! LIFE!) so incredibly sexy and seductive. It makes me feel like I could wear it anywhere, anytime, to anything. It is definitely an EDT - this is not a powerhouse - but it is lovely. So very, very lovely.

It is austerely gourmand (not gourmand in the usual sense of a gluttonous olfactory trough of frosting and cupcakes, but the same cherry pie plant/heliotrope found in LHB is present, and glazed with Guerlain vanilla) selectively floral, lacquered in amber. Deftly composed, in EDT this scent gives the impression of lightly worn opulence. The gourmand aspect of Evasion lies largely in the supple peachskin and cinnamon, something inherited from Mitsouko but in this incarnation rendered so approachable and soft; the iris accord built out of violet and orris bring to mind both Jicky and LHB, but there is none of the civet of Jicky nor the iodine of LHB. It scarcely resembles the original Vol de Nuit at all, though you can always tell a Guerlain is a Guerlain. I can't say that's because of the Guerlainade, because this scent is also gloriously, gloriously free of the lemony aspect of bergamot that defines Shalimar and which I think many if not most people now take to be an essential feature of Guerlainade.

The notes in the database here are partial at best, it seems. To my nose this is amber, violet, sandalwood, vanilla/orris, cinnamon, a bit of peachskin, and I suppose there could be jasmine in there. If jasmine and tuberose are present, they're of a very different character than what you find in contemporary white florals and I'd say they're blurred into that glow of "Guerlainade" rather than distinct notes in Evasion. Even if I heavily spray/dry/spray/dry/spray until the perfume shimmers on my skin even dry, it's still amber, violet, sandalwood, the whisper of peachskin and cinnamon bark and that delicious vanillinish orrisy Guerlinade under it all, like a white silk slip under a cloth of gold sheath.

If you read reviews of the scent, you'll get a timeline rife with name-changes for no good reason; it's not like this scent ever needed to go into Witness Protection. It started as Guet-Apens (Mathilde Laurent, before her defection to Cartier), then renamed Attrape-Coeur with a bit of a tinker from J-P Guerlain, then "No. 68" (edited by Sylvaine Delacourte and Sophie Labbe) and that one also bottled as "Maison Guerlain 7 Juillet 2005" - all of these were EDPs. An EDT version was bottled as "Vol de Nuit Evasion" for duty-free shop sales (flagship if you got lucky and could persuade an SA to take pity on you) in 2007; here and then gone. The discontinuation of Attrape-Coeur in 2010was widely lamented; it had a very brief re-release as a Harrod's exclusive under the name "Royal Extract." Auction sales of the EDP versions of this scent go between five hundred to a thousand dollars per bottle.

Mata Hari never had so many names. Mata Hari was never loved and hunted so passionately.

When I encounter something like this from New Guerlain - and it doesn't happen often at all - I feel happy but also kind of deeply sad. It's like finding a long-lost relative; there is joy, but also sadness for the lost years. On top of that, I have an unseemly and really uncalled-for (considering that I'm just another consumer, really) anger toward Guerlain for having lost its roots.

What Guerlain sells now: 1) insanely expensive bottles which range from pretty good to absolutely fantastic - but are so watered down as to be evanescent as hell. 2) Flat-out rereleases of the dearly departed Guerlain masters, also in great huge honking bottles at $500 or more per crack (no option to buy Liu in a 1.7 oz, it's vat or nothing). 3) Cheap godawful cherryberry juices they sell in massive quantities to people who like the idea of loving Guerlain perfumes more than they actually like the real Guerlain DNA - La Petite Robe Noir and Insolence for all the pretty peasants, and nothing Guerlain about them but the name on the bottle. 4) Gorgeous annual limited release bottles sold for astronomical prices which are just nouveau-riche name-droppers - the juice inside trucking on the reputation of the brand without a real relationship to it vis-a-vis its former standards and qualities. Example: Muguet, the ultimate bridal boudoir wedding day photo prop. It's hard to blame Guerlain for this; Thierry Wasser has made public comments with regard to being chained to the market to some extent, particularly now that Guerlain is a subsidiary of luxury zaibatsu LVMH.

The extraordinarily rare exceptions are things like Quand Vient La Pluie, Plus Que Jamais - and, well. Good luck with that unless you're a squidzillionaire. I smelled them at the Guerlain flagship in Paris, and I literally wept. The friend who was with me was very embarrassed, and the SAs looked a bit alarmed. I think of that moment any time I see a scene in a movie where someone becomes emotionally overwhelmed by a symphony, or a painting.

Is it really, really inevitable that such artistry can only be accomplished at a cost of thousands of euros per bottle? Is it really necessary keep the nourishing bread out of reach, and to shovel the sickly berry jam cakes in tacky bottles out the door as quickly as possible? I don't know, but I suspect that it's more like a modern equivalent of a medieval sumptuary law. Class and elegance for the rich, tacky sugarbombs for the middle class and lower, and price the bottles accordingly - some of the 99% have functioning noses, and we can't have them in olfactory camouflage as people of taste and refinement. That is the domain of the wealthy. Yes, I'm mad about it. It's not that I'm some kind of communist, I just object to two perfumes that have a similar production cost being priced so differently in order to maintain class distinctions.

Honestly, shame on Guerlain for that. Vive la Revolution, long live the king, the king is dead. It's a very peculiar thing about France, which has an epic and deeply entrenched class system... Considering that it was the home of the first democratic revolution. One of the things I love most about the story of Serge Lutens is that he is one of the very, very, VERY few French noses not to come out of a Grasse dynasty or the elite.

Meanwhile, LVMH funnels extraordinary amounts of time and money and advertising into all those jejune berries and cherries. All of the flogging and pounding of classic Shalimar into ill-fitting flankers that are all bottle and no brains, and so objectively bad that a few months later the discounters practically have to give them away to get them out the door. All the naive Allegorias and their cheap plastic imitation bee bottles. More inconsequential fripperies unworthy of the name. Jacques Guerlain is no doubt weeping in heaven.

And then there's this. Along with Guerlain's "With Love" (see my review under that perfume for more)- these two perfumes that hit duty-free with not much more than airport publicity, never given even a scrap of the kind of blindingly shock-and-awe marketing of La Petite Robe Noir (FEH!). and they are the only two perfumes that have the clearest, strongest, most decided Guerlain DNA of anything released at under $100 per bottle in the last 15 years. And With Love has an ignominious bottle. A hot pink MESS of a bottle, and a name almost guaranteed to make people think it must be as dreadful as Guerlain airport bottles "Colours of Love" (horrid) and Guerlain "Love is All" (meh). Be sure you're getting *With Love* if you spring for any of these ghastly hot pink bottles on the bay. At least VdN Evasion was given some dignity in packaging.

I guess I'm still in the unfortunate stages of grief; Guerlain lovers get stuck in denial and bargaining because of ebay; anger and depression if they get emo about perfume - usually the same sorts who get anarchistic and rageful about IFRA (I'm guilty, obviously). But what I feel I have in my hand today is acceptance. There may never be another glorious Guerlain that suits at least my personal archetypal image of what that means; perhaps there will be. But I have this: a Guerlain that I can have on any time, anywhere, that brings me the state of mind which I can count on the Guerlains I love to provide: tranquility and balance, sensuality without carnality, a personal but shareable bubble of peace.

Neither vintage nor new; Evasion is a Guerlain which exists outside of time. Three bottles full. It's a bit of a hoard, but if you've read this far you'll probably forgive me for it.


Maybe I am not too sure, but having used both GUET APENS (which I am told is ATTRAPE COEUR under a different name) and Vol de Nuit Evasion (besides the original VOL DE NUIT) and still having them, I can say they are the same perfume. Guet Apens and Vol de Nuit Evasion I mean. This has nothing to do with VOL DE NUIT which is so hard to find.
I have always used Guerlain perfumes all my life, I think I have used them all (but honestly not the very recent ones like Idylle ad a few Aqua Allegoria) and have always found Guerlain among the very best on the earth and on the art (semi pun intended).
I do not know how a house like Guerlain does these things, i.e. changing names, confusing customers. Also the numberless versions of masterpieces like Mitsouko and Shalimar do make little sense to me. Why modifying something that is already perfection and needs nothing else but be left as it is? I am really puzzled and sensing a bit deceived and deluded at the same time.


Much more woody than I had expected. A very nice surprise. Very nice indeed!


femininity and seduction
the story of a love destined to die
the story of SAINT EXUPERY
a huge success, the tragedy of love swathed in vanilla and rose and jasmin...
a jackie kennedy in perfumes :-)


Ooh la la! Very nice suprise, definetly "Guerlain", warm, soft woody delight. And the scent power is just right, it dosen't knock you over and it's more than a whisper.

Perfect for colder seasons.


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