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Vici Histoires de Parfums for women and men

Vici Histoires de Parfums for women and men
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Vici Histoires de Parfums for women and men Pictures

Histoires de Parfums introduces three new fragrances in October 2012 as a part of the collection Editions Rare: Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Vici is the scent of victory and fire. Top notes: angelica, cardamom, red fruit, basil, violet leaf, galbanum and aldehydes. Heart: iris, osmanthus, incense, and celery seed. Base: patchouli, musk, cedar and raspberry.

Available as Absolu Eau de Parfum.

Perfume rating: 3.38 out of 5 with 65 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Angelica Cardamom Red Berries Basil Violet Leaf Galbanum Aldehydes

Middle Notes
iris Osmanthus Incense Celery Seeds

Base Notes
Patchouli Musk Cedar Raspberry

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Vici Fragrance Reviews

Arabian Knight
Arabian Knight

Violet soap and pencil shavings....

If I focus intently, I can pick out a delicate tang of raspberry and an indistinguishable green, herbal freshness, but overall it's that accord of dry, woody pencil shavings tinged with lead, dusted over a block of clean, violet soap.

It's a cold, crisp, earthy, fresh smell which I often find hits me when I first open the door to go outside during the winter months. I have no idea why I smell violets, there aren't any growing in our garden -certainly not at this time of year- but anyway, "Vici" evokes that smell perfectly.

It's very balanced - the dry, woody notes on one side, the soap and fruit on the other- so definitely unisex, pleasant and easy to wear.


Grouping this fragrance as a Woody Floral Musk is so right, specially woody and musky parts!
The opening of this fragrance is actually very good and quite complex. right at the start I can smell lots of musk which has a semi sweet, slightly warm and as you would expect musky feeling along with a green and herbal note that has mellow bitter feeling and some incense with it's soft smoky aura and also some powdery floral notes. there is also an earthy feeling in the background. as I said before very complex and busy opening but at the same time soft and inoffensive.

As time goes by, pretty quick scent looses many of these layers! in the mid, scent gets slightly sweeter and now a dry, sharp peppery/woodsy kind of aura joins the scent. in the mid all I can smell is a dry woody, peppery and semi sweet scent with very soft incense and slightly powdery aura both completely in the background.
Projection is average and longevity is around 4 hours on my skin. meh!

دسته بندی این عطر تو گروه چوبی، گلدار و مُشکی بسیار انتخاب بجایی بوده خصوصا قسمت چوبی و مُشکی. رایحه ابتدایی این عطر خیلی شلوغ و در عین حال خیلی ملایم و جالب و کمپلکس شروع میشه. تو رایحه ابتدایی اول از همه رایحه قوی مشک رو میشه حس کرد. مشک تو این عطر یه حس نیمه شیرین و کمی گرم داره به اضافه چیزی که ازش انتظار میره یعنی حس مشک مانند. در کنارش یه رایحه گیاهی سبز و کمی تلخ میشه حس کرد به اضافه رایحه ملایم و البته کاملا مشخص بخور که حس ملایم دودی به عطر میده و یه رایحه گلی و پودری ملایم و یه رایحه خاکی خیلی ضعیف. خلاصه خیلی کمپلکس و شلوغ و در عین حال ملایم و قابل تفکیک شروع میشه که جالبه و خوشبو

در ادامه بعد از گذشت چند دقیقه و خیلی سریع خیلی از این لایه های مختلف عطر یا ناپدید میشن یا خیلی ضعیف. تو رایحه میانی عطر یه مقدار شیرینتر میشه و همراه با این تغییر یه رایحه تند و تیز فلفلی/چوبی به عطر اضافه میشه. رایحه میانی یه رایحه خشک و چوبی و فلفلی مانند هست که یه مقدار شیرینی از مشک در کنارش وجود داره که این تلخی رو تا حدی میگیره به اضافه رایحه بسیار ملایم بخور با حس دودی بسیار ضعیفش و یه ته بوی پودری که به زور میشه حسش کرد
پخش بوی عطر متوسطه و ماندگاریش هم حدود 4 ساعت روی پوست. برای تست بدک نیست. هر چند چیز خاصی هم نداره اما برای خرید شخصا معتقدم اصلا ارزش نداره

our lee
our lee

The aldehydic notes in Vici are a little too much (for my nose, anyway) upon initial application. Thankfully this does not last too long. The dry down reminds me a lot of Parma Violet sweets I used to get as a child. There is definitely some fruity nuances in there - a blackcurrant-y note also mentioned by previous reviewers. I wasn't particularly interested in this fragrance upon first sampling, but, once Vici settles down on my skin and the aldehydes begin to dissipate, I can't stop smelling it.

However, Vici leans a bit too much on the feminine side for me to consider purchasing a FB. Performance is average-to-good. HdP have done a good job here, nothing groundbreaking but a solid fragrance.


I agree with @Colin Maillard. When I apply Vici on my skin, it reminded me Daim Blond by Serge Lutens but Vici more vegetable than Daim Blond. I love this house, expecially Olymipa Mucis Hall, Noir Patchouli and 1969 but this Rare collection dosn't work with my skin chemistry. I think that only Vici better than others...

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

The opening of Vici is pleasant and juicy, I smell a lot of aromatic, vibrant herbs (like sage, bay leaf, that kind of Ambre Sultan herbal accords), flowers, something tasty and fruity (blackcurrants, peach?). Then also quite a massive dose or aromachemicals (Iso E for sure) to give the scent that classy, sought-after ordinary plainness and predictability so many niche houses look so fond of lately. It quite reminds me of Daim Blond, less suede and more herbs (and less quality, less complexity, less elegance). It then evolves more or less on the same main accords, a dry herbal-hay base still with a touch of fruits and a slight mossy-earthy accord. Pleasant but plain and uselessly already-seen.



The opening of Histoires de Parfums Vici was promising, with a noble swirl of incense in the air. Alas, the monarch's triumph proved to be a pyrrhic victory.

A harshness swiftly arrived on the scene, with bitter lavender, celery, pink pepper, and aldehydes all treacherously conspiring in the downfall of the king.

The culprits called it a "natural" death. Clearly there was foul play.


When you think of the name of this house and how much it has more than beautiful and unique fragrance, I was expecting he will attract me to this fragrance beautiful magician tasty, very sugary smell with a bit of fruit and cardamom which added another flavor to this fragrance and make it voluptuous.
I advise you to try this fragrance, which looked great craftsman its unique composition.
projection beautiful and very strong stability.



If heavy doses of ambroxan and Iso-E-Super don't bother you, you might get some pleasure out of this. They bother me, and it seemed like 80% of the fragrance consists of those two notes. I had the same problem with Vidi, another perfume in this series of three.

The overall effect is a powdery, woody amber. I smell the violet leaves and the pungent angelica, which create a soft green effect. I do detect a touch of raspberry in the base, but its extremely subtle, so I don't think of this as a berry perfume. I find this to be a bit whimsical, reminding me of sparkly purple and blue fairies flittering about a green, enchanted forest.

I love the notes, but oh how I wish ambroxan and Iso-E-Super didn't turn me off so much because I will not be able to ignore them.


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