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Jack Black Signature Blue Mark Jack Black for men

Jack Black Signature Blue Mark Jack Black for men
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Jack Black Signature Blue Mark by Jack Black is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Jack Black Signature Blue Mark was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Claude Dir. The fragrance features ginger, juniper, vetiver, bergamot, water mint and thyme.

Perfume rating: 3.84 out of 5 with 35 votes.

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Ginger Juniper Vetiver Bergamot Water Mint Thyme

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Jack Black Signature Blue Mark Fragrance Reviews


A solidly good fresh spicy, with a metallic glint. Registers like a variation of DSquared's Silver Wind Wood minus the woody notes. Nothing really wrong with it, and a reasonably satisfying buy. Just a bit unexceptional and unoriginal, especially considering the 2010's trend of masculine fresh and warm spicys.

A worthy choice for day wear during cool weather. Clean, fresh, quality construct, lightly spicy rather than "soapy." Fine...again, just a bit undistinguished.

If available, I recommend the 30ml EDP (roughly $28) versus the 100ml EDP (roughly $72). The former is a perfect "travel spray" alternative with which one can enjoy the benefits of the scent for a while, but without tiring of it via the need to use up the larger latter. It has its strengths, with serviceable longevity and projection. But just inevitable that something else will stand out soon as a preferred option.

★★★ (out of ★★★★).


I think these Jack Black fragrances deserve more attention--they're well-made, classy, and intriguing. The JB black with that saffron note really sticks with me. For a while I was a big fan of all three, but that's faded somewhat--I'm growing weary of a certain "fresh"/cooling aspect that they have.

As for Blue: A very crisp and cool scent, somewhat reserved but straightforward.

It starts off with a splash of ginger dropped into a glass of gin. The soapy juniper remains fairly constant through the life of the fragrance, with a slight citrus (bergamot) note and some aromatic, cooling, minty component. Sweetness and a hint of warmth appear at the end.

Projection is decent for me (those herbal/aromatic notes really carry), but longevity is on the short side.

For someone who likes super fresh, crisp, clean scents, this is worth a try. It will make you feel and smell like you just got out of the shower and brushed your teeth.


Jack Black’s Blue Mark is a fantastic fragrance, but weak in longevity and projection performance.

Out of the bottle, I get the beautiful blend of vetiver and bergamot notes that settles close to skin level. I can smell this fragrance “inside my circle”, but it does not radiate beyond that circle. Longevity is modest at best, lasting about 4 hours on me (and again, inside my circle), and perhaps a bit longer on clothing. Yes, the performance could be better, but the actual scent/fragrance is very pleasant.

I would offer that Blue Mark provides great flexibility. I see Blue Mark as a great selection for an office environment or where there is much (and somewhat close) contact with the public where you do not want to be offensive. Additionally, while previous reviewers have suggested this is more of a Spring/Summer fragrance, with the vetiver notes, I would pitch that Blue Mark can be worn for all seasons, and both day or night. I also see Blue Mark as a fragrance more suited for a more mature, established, and distinguished audience.

In addition to loving the scent/fragrance, the bottling and packaging are first class. The 100ml bottle is heavy and well designed. The packaging is a large cylinder which the bottle sits down in the bottom. (Yes – call my “crazy”, but I notice these type of details..)

Still a little on the pricy side for designer fragrances, there are options on-line for this fragrance in the moderate range of around $70.00 USD for a large bottle.

My final tally for Blue Mark is 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. I love the fragrance so much that I can get by the performance issues. I highly recommend adding to your collection having an alternative for the office or any other event where you don’t want to overwhelm.

Enjoy your day and make it count. Invest your time rather than wasting your time…


It's about the same as Jack Black Silver Mark on me. Nice, but, as one reviewer notes, no WOW factor. My wife gets the mint note ("I smell toothpaste") but I don't. For me it's more or less interchangable with JB Silver.


I first heard about Jack Black scents a while back and found a great affinity with Black Mark. However, I also was very curious about Blue Mark - as I love fresh & zesty scents with ginger as a note. This actually is a high quality EdP , but wears more like a light EdT or even EdC (the aromatic compounds are high, no doubt, but there is no strong fixative in here that allows it to project and last like and EdP). Longevity is definitely decent, but Projection is light (moderate for the first 30 minutes or so). However, one cannot argue with the natural ingredients used here are of high quality.

It opens zesty and invigorating - the ginger shows very natural here, along with a nice squeeze of quality bergamot (no bitterness) & watre mint (an interesting note that is in the Mentha genus, and is a perrenial plant). It produces an herbaceous mint aroma - which I actually can detect here. This actually shows the intelligence of Claude Dir as he didn't want another "generic" mint note to take away from the herbaceous/earthiness/spicyness of the ginger and the other key note, juniper. The composition is harmonious - showing that the use of fewer quality ingredients can create a very nice scent and not get muddled up. Typically, more wood or possibly an oriental base note would be used (vanilla, amber) - but the perfumer shows a deft touch & keeps the symmetry, so Blue Mark remains its airy, light and radiant feel.

I detected another savory herbal note, blindly, and read the pyramid offered above - indeed, thyme is well-incorporated here. I like the use of it to compliment the entire composition. A nice, clean vetiver is the lone note listed in the base - it shows up initially late in the heart (after the bergamot has faded and the ginger has warmed to your skin). The vetiver is accented by the juniper - which is a wonderful here, producing a sharpness. This is very nice and actually wears so nice on one's skin. The late drydown is a slightly juniper-infused vetiver that is clean, but with a little sparkle...

I really like this - original in some ways and definitely well-made. My overall score is 8+/10. It is not synthetic in any way and I feel the 'energy' in this composition. Not loud, but a composition like this is about refinement and refreshment ("vibrant transparency"), and that was definitely achieved here. Kudos to Claude Dir.


Mild, slightly spicy (maybe ginger, but don't think ginger root), slightly citrus, vaguely reminiscent of John Varvatos Artisan, Perry Ellis 360 Red, or even Burberry Sport. Ditto to Quinthius' review. Pleasant enough, but not on my "to get" list.


I never even heard of this or Jack Black until recently, and I imagine not a lot know about it as it does not seem to be a big "attention grabber." I smelled the other "Marks" on paper and this smelled the nicest to me. The others smelled a little weird, but I am curious to try them out again on skin.

Anyway, Blue Mark is very pleasant, enjoyable, almost soothing and calming. Very clean, maybe slightly "wet" smelling, maybe just a little woodsy.

No real "wow" factor and does not seem to last very long on my skin. On top of that, it gets even more subdued rather quickly, from an already "clean and safe" smell, so for me it's not a real hit, although I do think it is a very pleasant smell.

It would be nice for someone that just wants something pleasant and clean but not soapy or powdery, close to the skin, not in your face, that you aren't going to be "stuck with" for the whole day.


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