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L`Art de la Guerre Jovoy Paris for women and men

L`Art de la Guerre Jovoy Paris for women and men
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L`Art de la Guerre by Jovoy Paris is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for women and men. L`Art de la Guerre was launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Vanina Muracciole. Top notes are bergamot, green apple and rhubarb; middle notes are lavender, immortelle, nutmeg and violet leaf; base notes are patchouli, sandalwood, leather, oakmoss and labdanum.

Perfume rating: 3.90 out of 5 with 93 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Green Apple Rhubarb

Middle Notes
Lavender Immortelle Nutmeg Violet Leaf

Base Notes
Patchouli Sandalwood Leather Oakmoss Labdanum

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soft 7
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L`Art de la Guerre Fragrance Reviews


It's scent is so excellent ,rich,deep and beautiful with conduct modern and classic.This cologne is for four season.
I love it.


هنر جنگ های تابستانی! تنها عطر جووی که تابستونه بهارس. بسیار خوش بو ولی دوام و پخشش هم مث سایر جووی ها عالی نیست.
Scent & Qualiy: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10
Sillage: 7/10
Creativity & Uniqueness: 9/10
Affordability: 5/10
Overall: 7.6/10


The Art of War

Another unique and fantastic perfume from Jovoy.
It opens with a blast of bitter and sour notes of rhubarb and typical bergamot, softened by mellow smell of green apple. Then it gradually reveals its lovely immortelle as its pivotal player with a hint of spicy nutmeg. In this middle phase, L`Art de la Guerre is a rather unique combination of the sour rhubarb and powdery-spicy immortelle. Then as it moves forward to its final phase, the charming but soft leather note shows itself together with sensual labdanum, dusty patchouli and oakmoss give the whole structure a classic mood. Vanina Muracciole has successfully created a perfume which is modern and classic at the same time.This is the art of war. A war between modern and classic structure. But the outcome of this war is a peaceful agreement.
L`Art de la Guerre will pleases both classic lovers and novice modern tastes interested to get familiar with the amazing world of classical aromas and structures.
In a sense, L`Art de la Guerre can be considered the summer edition of 1740 from Histoires de Parfumes with the shared immortelle and leather as pivotal notes supported by sensual and spicy notes like nutmeg and labdanum.

هنر جنگ

شاهکاری دیگر از برند جووی

شروع کار با هجمۀ ترش و تیز ریواس و ترنج آغاز میشه که با ترشی ملیح سیب سبز تلطیف شده است.
بتدریج نت های میانی علی الخصوص ایمورتل جذاب که نت محوری کار هست خود را نمایان می کند و بهمراه آن شمه ای از حالت ادویه ای جوز نیز حس می شود.
فاز میانی این کار که ترکیبی از ترشی ریواس و حالت پودری، نسبتا تلخ و ملیح ایمورتل هست حالتی خاص و منحصر به فرد است
سپس با محو شدن نت ترش ریواس، اینک نوبت نت های جذاب پایۀ کار است که به مهمانی ایمورتل بروند. چرم در اینجا لطیف و ملیح است و با لابدانوم اغواگر ترکیب فوق العده جذابی ایجاد می کنند.
همچنین حالت خاکی پچولی و خزه به ساختار کلی عطر حالتی کاملا کلاسیک می دهد
وانینا موراچیوله با موفقیت توانسته است اثری خلق کند که در آن واحد هم مدرن است و هم کلاسیک. نام عطر اینجاست که مفهوم میابد. این هنر جنگ بین کلاسیک و مدرن است. جنگی که ماحصل آن توافقی است صلح آمیز.
عطری که هم علاقمندان به کارهای کلاسیک را مجذوب خود می کند و هم ذائقه های مدرنی که در عالم کلاسیک تازه وارد هستند و میخواهند بیشتر با دنیای جذاب روایح و ساختار کلاسیک آشنا شوند.
از جهاتی می توان این عطر را نسخۀ تابستانی و مفرح 1740 از برند هیستوریز دانست با همان نت های ایمورتل و چرم بعنوان بازیگران اصلی که نت های ادویه ای و اغواگری آن را پشتیبانی می کنند.


The smell of his perfume quite difficult to distinguish, many have same approach, notes. Nevertheless, you turn your head in the side of the wearer passing you by. Very beautiful frag on masculine side due to light leather note well presented from the beginning to the dry down, much elegantly than TF Tuscan Leather. This frag is definitely for Pachouli lovers. All together are rounded with camphor like smell, I would say in Creed way.
This is long lasting eau de parfume with perfect projection as it exactly should be for man's frag.
There are some similarities with TF Santal Blush especially dry down, with Scandal for men of Roha Dove at the opening and midle stage. However, these both are on feminine side.
What else - I think it's hardly so recognizable as Aventus Creed or Chergui SL, but L'Art de la Guerre is not so boring, not so liner, and 100% compliments collector.
This perfume is in Creed league for sure. Regading price/quality ratio Jovoy could be the winner in Niche segment.
I am not ready yet to inaugurate L'Art de la Guerre as my Signature perfume, but who knows :)

PS. The box, the bottle are gorgeous, much appreciated.


The opening feels fresh, not too dense terpene which quickly redirected to a linear, formal, nice fougere.

Eugenol detected and violet leaf. Lavender does not feel dominant. All this fills the heart notes giving consistency but always feel airy and light, the deeper layers during the drydown feel basically patchouli, labdanum, leathery, wood notes like IsoE and evernyl. The last aura like a dark smoky notes.
The fragrance has a Cyprus side, dark, very woody with hints of hay and snuff. All this is very typical of many classics fougeres 80. The fragrance is clearly facing a classic male audience, but redesigned for the current gentleman.

Good composition, duration and fair projection without being in your face, which makes it an excellent day-use fragrance.

Rating: 5


I've tried three perfumes of this line; Private Label, Psychedelique (that I bought) and this; well, let me say that quality of these is very high, despite the price, that is low-normal for niche; I've met during my experience more expensive and much more less-quality objects.
Anyway, I think this beauty is too masculine to be worn by me, a woman of 35; it reminds me a superb perfume of the past, like others before me said, and I'm enjoying it while evolving on my skin during hours (longevity is great), but I can' t deny it reminds me of an elegant, easy but classy gentleman; I think it's too far to be unisex, even if when you talk about flowers you might think it get closer to my gender; it' s about proportion, I guess. And maybe male skin would be able to abstract the leather note better than mine can do (I've experienced this often happens with leather note).
I can see this one worn in hot summer nights by my Prince, while he is dressed with linen, waving clothes.


Some keywords: Or Black, Givenchy Gentleman, Sombre Negra, Capucci Pour Homme, Quorum, Signoricci, Feuilles De Tabac, Xeryus, Baladin, Tuscany Per Uomo, Gianfranco Ferre For Men, Huitieme Art Monsieur, *other monsieurs*…80s perfumery, masculine, old-school.

L'Art De La Guerre doesn't necessarily share similarities with any of the above…or maybe it even does but that's not the point. A tremendously solid tribute to masculine fragrances of the past. A throwback to an era in which being groomed didn't mean smelling like laundry detergent, white muscs and cal one.

Freshness achieved through aromatic notes such as lavender and bergamot, the boldness of patchouli, unsweetened immortelle, ambery nuances, woods and leather. The nostalgic feel of remarkably mossy facets. Fragrances of character, body, style. L'Art De La Guerre is all of this but with an eye to contemporary perfumery. It feels classic and nostalgic but not pathetically so. It feels familiar and reassuring as opposed to uninspired and boring. A bold fougère-ish hybrid that continually winks at woody-orientals and that brings back to an era in which male fragrances were more like statements than mere body-odours erasers.

Good Job. Now please, keep those hipsters away from this gem.

Rating: 8/10


Modern, elegant, pleasant, quiet fragrance.

Hard to describe but rhubarb, nutmeg, lavender and sandalwood stand out the most for me. This is gentle and little sweet, with an earthy, hergbal feel fragrance. Don't smell any leather. I really think there is orris root here as I smell a lot of very similar aroma to it. Great fragrance for the day use.
Reminds me of much cheaper but maybe even better Bois de Turquie Maitre Parfumeur et Gantie.


Tart, juicy, ripe autumn fruits make for enjoyable top notes in L'Art de la Guerre, though they're a bit more short-lived than I would like. Immediately noticeable are the green apples, rhubarb and a subtle celery note which adds a bitter, vegetal quality among the fruit. Is this the oakmoss coming through? Probably, because after the appealing, yet fleeting opening, L'Art de la Guerre quickly moves toward its clean, classic fougere heart. Prominent notes include oak moss, a dry unsweetened lavender, and a grayish-green leafy violet, clean and naturally fresh. Something of a bitter-sweet contrast runs through la Guerre's mid, and it probably has to do with remnants from the fruits in the opening, and more particularly the immortelle which gradually amplifies in strength right around the one hour mark. Immortelle is a note I've struggled with in the past, but I don't think it's overdone here. In fact, its sweeter, syrupy quality is needed to bring some relief from the dry, leafy astringency that precedes it. And it's been dosed properly, never overpowering any aspect of the scent or becoming overly thick and sweet. It's subtle, and as far as immortelle goes, pretty reserved. I like how the heart is approached here. I often find fougeres overly harsh, aggressive, and unrelenting in their "classic masculinity". They tire me out quickly. But the classic fougere accord is given something of a softer, rounded treatment in L'Art de la Guerre and due to that it feels modern and human. Often, when I smell a powerhouse fougere from the past, I can't help but think of Ron Burgundy and his obtuse, goofy sexism as parodied in the movie, "Anchorman," and I believe that's what's kept me away from them. However, this is different. It's elegant, and presents the old-school fougere in a more evolved and sophisticated light. Finally reaching its base, L'Art de la Guerre has relaxed and settled into a soft leather chair, warm and comfortably worn. A floral bouquet sits somewhere off in the background. Its a nice finish to the bracing heart notes and winds things down in a reposed, conclusive manner.

L'Art de la Guerre has been a pleasure to wear and experience. It fills a space in my wardrobe that I thought would remain there for some time. After having no luck with Fougere Royale, Azzaro, Paco Rabanne, New York, or Bois du Portugal, I kind of wrote the "classic masculine fougere" genre off. But this one works, for the reasons mentioned above, and I'm glad to have it around.

Thumbs up, definitely, though I recommend sampling first to make sure this style is appropriate for you.

Sillage is moderate and longevity is good.

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

L'Art de la Guerre opens with a beautiful, dusty, boozy accord of tobacco, patchouli, amber with fresh bergamot notes. Shady, meditative and sophisticated, with a gloomy, earthy and almost threatening natural-organic soul. The central note which is brilliantly encapsulated in the blend is a superb rhubarb rendition, which basically is halfway floral and fruity with crunchy, bittersweet nuances and an overall gloomy, edible, earthy, camphor and almost waxy feel. This waxy-earthy feel brilliantly links with the musky/powdery and mossy side of the scent, giving life to a sort of unique and "new" chypre, the rhubarb acting as a sort of disguised "replacement" for the animalic-powdery structure of classic chypres. One of the best Jovoy's so far in my opinion, if not the best one: it has an amazing, unique, sophisticated aromatic carnality with some really peculiar silky, but also stale-camphor shades, and a base dustiness of amber and patchouli. The rhubarb note (is that the new sensation for 2014?) gives it quite a unique personality, and for me it's one of the best "uses" of this note among the ones I've tried so far. It also eventually emerges a subtle, perfectly executed leather/suede note, with oak moss and a rooty-creamy note of violet and perhaps ginger. The overal pot-pourri is quite a fascinating rendition of "rootiness", an almost mystical depiction of the gloomy power of nature, not in a (more "predictable") green-floral way, rather focusing on dust, soil, roots, with even a hint of edible "vegetable" feel (the nondescript aroma of rhubarb). There is also a similarity to some '80s fougères at some points, especially to the drydown of the more mossy/leathery ones (first reference that came to my mind, among many others: Quorum by Puig). Which to me, speaking as a fan of that heritage, is of course a pleasant tribute to smell – I say "tribute" in a positive way, because it is a matter of some iconic notes of that class of scents (oak moss, tobacco, leather) which are perfectly blended in something different and new - bright and silky floral notes, a modern composition style, the rhubarb accord. On the drydown it all becomes more gentle, still dark, just more mellow and quieter, also adding a sort of licorice-like note, which I guess it's all the rooty-earthy potion just getting softer and therefore sweeter. Bold persistence. A genius hint of fresh-aromatic fruity/floral note (bergamot, apple) gives the scent a persistent silky breeze which perfectly blends with the overall gloominess. Brilliant!



generic spicy and an Amouage Opus type with no real distinction


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