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Lovely Patchouli 55 Krigler for men

Lovely Patchouli 55 Krigler for men
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Launched in 1955., it is a mysterious, provocative and sensuous perfume. It is built on a major ambery chord, adorned with patchouli, warmed with bergamot and leather.

Available as 50 and 100 ml EDP.

Perfume rating: 4.47 out of 5 with 19 votes.

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Patchouli Amber Bergamot Leather

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Lovely Patchouli 55 Fragrance Reviews


Lovely Patchouli caught my eye while I was researching the life of American First Lady Jackie Kennedy whom I've attempted to emulate since the early 60's. We are both brunettes and we have a flair for fashion. I don't know how old she would be if she were still alive but I feel that she was my contemporary. I have a reformulated bottle of this cologne which sells in New York City. It was a gift from my American friend and I can never thank her enough for this gorgeous fragrance. First of all let me start this review by saying that yes this is a man's cologne. If you notice not too many males have even bothered to review it which means they are not wearing it or haven't heard of it. The association with Jacqueline Kennedy must be the issue. But this was never a woman's fragrance. It sold for men in 1955. It is classified as an Oriental patchouli fragrance.

If you like patchouli based colognes this is one stunner of a patchouli. Smells like distinct herbal green patchouli leaves, like a deep jungle in India where there is as lot of patchouli. There are a few nods to Shalimar with the note of amber which when mingled with patchouli give it a kind of polished masculine soap kind of scent, although also a bit like furniture polish but in a good way. The amber is golden with a brilliant cleanliness and the scent is fresh with bergamot orange as well as oily with an oil of the bergamot tree. Lovely Patchouli is unisex without a doubt but the dry down is quite masculine. The leather and musk prevail as the fragrance dries. It is a very standard type of musk with a suede and snake skin leather very nice, classy, elegant and formal. This is not meant to be worn with a logo T shirt and shorts. It's a tuxedo cologne or formal evening wear formal black gown perfume. The warmth of the musk is suited to winter and autumn.

This is very simple, unassuming, linear and not making any statement but it has a charming vintage aura with a unisex/masculine confident brilliance. Dark patchouli, Oriental jungles of Thailand, tigers, temples, leather, amber trees, and seduction. It sets my imagination on fire. It must have smelled incredible on Jackie. I can also smell this on Elizabeth Taylor! I am very pleased to see that so many women are wearing a man's cologne. I applaud you ladies for branching out and experimenting with your fragrances. I rarely wear men's colognes myself but this oh this is heaven. It doesn't matter who it's for. It's mine.


Oh so sweet and warm and absolutely divine! Gorgeous patchouli!! My favourite patchouli perfume. The name is really true - it is lovely. More than lovely though - perfectly beautiful. It is earthy and sweet, with just a nice fresh bitter edge from the bergamot, and smooth as smooth with the lovely leather, and amber, and lasts for ages. Oh I love it.

Gigi The Fashionista
Gigi The Fashionista

Fragrance Review For Lovely Patchouli 55




Bergamot Orange



Selling at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan New York, this is a reformulation of the original 1955 classic which was the only man's cologne (besides Guerlain Jicky) that First Lady Jackie Kennedy, a confirmed perfumista, loved to wear. The woman's fragrances she was known to have wore include Chanel No. 5, Joy, Fleurissimo Jill Sander 4 Valentino Fiori Di Capri and Bal a Versailles; among others. Lovely Patchouli was and always will be a mature grown up Oriental fragrance. In today's context, it is unisex but it's interesting how Jackie was able to understand the whole unisex thing long before the term came into perfume vocabulary. She enjoyed the notes of patchouli, musk, animalic, leather and spicy Oriental fragrances which today can be worn by men as in Bal A Versailles (worn by Michael Jackson). I was very impressed with this fragrance. And yes it makes a fabulous Christmas present! Vanity Fair magazine published an article recently discussing this fragrance and how Jackie Kennedy wore it. Patchouli, a green herbal floral scent, is the scent of the season. One can think of patchouli which can form a wreath, as a Christmas "green floral" fragrance! And it is so warm and spicy that it does smell like Christmas. I am happy to wear this over the holidays.

Lovely Patchouli opens with a bergamot orange, warm, juicy, like a freshly squeezed orange drink. But it quickly turns into a hot liquid of amber. It's warm and resinous, definitely Oriental and letting you know that this is a strong and confident fragrance. The bergamot orange is also something of an impression of orange scented drink. I can't quite put my finger on it. Smells like a Seville orange tree surrounded in greenery with a little table next to it and on it a glass of citrus juice. It's almost provincial. Some green notes are thrown into it for good measure, and an alcoholic booze scent.

There are no floral notes in this scent but the patchouli is often called a green flower. For me it is not floral in the least. It's not meant to be. It's a green shrub scent, a plant smell, but not nasty weed. Instead it almost turns into a wreath of green that you hang on doors for Christmas. Green notes in spades. This part is the dominant accord: green aromatic spicy patchouli. An Oriental with a progressively smokier and more musky air.

Finally the whole this thing dries and it smells of musk and black leather or suede, very expensive smelling shoe leather. It's quite a masculine leather and musk but it never turns powdery like Bal a Versailles. I'm sure that Jackie Kennedy knew she was wearing a man's cologne but being the confident woman she was, didn't give a damn about the gender label or for whom it was marketed. Fragrances have no labels or gender. This is a really gorgeous if simple patchouli & leather which can indeed smell amazing on the woman who can carry patchouli well. Men will like the patchouli and leather too.

This is a very fine Oriental green with a classy and refined sophistication. It is not very long lasting but it does have a superb projection. The patchouli and amber give it a glow and literally feels like my skin glows. Oily, green, aromatic and musky, a fragrance that is not shy.

This frag is suitable for winter time so RIGHT NOW in December or January-February. It matches up with leather jackets or coats, trench coats, or pea coats. It is as much a fashion statement as a pea coat worn by Jackie and a scarf tied around her neck in the middle of New York winter as she strolls in Central Park. It's a very wintery scent of green wreaths and warm musk, cozy musk. So so beautiful! Someone else who comes to mind is Ali MacGraw from LOVE STORY in her intellectual looking pea coats scarves and winter apparel. This is such a nice "coat" of musk.

So if you like musk and patchouli-amber scents, and you are a fan of Jackie Kennedy (they just released a biopic movie of her dealing with the death of JFK) this is a perfume that is sure to delight your senses and for a moment make you feel like the most beautiful and elegant, smartest and classiest First Lady that the US ever had and ever will have.


Wonderfully smooth and boozy sweet, sophisticated patchouli. Krigler says that this was a scent worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, and that seems fitting. Excellent longevity, I can smell it on my skin until my next shower.


This is a very sweet fragrance and not one I'd personally consider masculine. The name itself would embarrass me slightly if someone were to ask what I was wearing. Lovely is not a word I'd choose to describe a masculine fragrance. The dry down is less sweet and more balanced. Silage is low as is longevity. It is a lovely fragrance and on the right person, I'm sure it's a stunner (up close).


Krigler LOVELY PATCHOULI is a smooth and loveable leather-patchouli fragrance. Simple yet satisfying, the leather and the patchouli are perfectly balanced and mutually complementary. The amber base holds the two together and imparts excellent longevity without detracting from the focal notes, which together are slightly earthy without being dirty, in this respect somewhat similar to Hermès TERRE.

LOVELY PATCHOULI really is lovely, or perhaps 'comely' would be a better word. This is a savory, not a sweet patchouli composition suitable for gals and guys alike, provided of course that they like leather and patchouli! The sillage is pretty low, but you may find your nose drifting toward your wrist...


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