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Épine Mortelle LM Parfums for women and men

Épine Mortelle LM Parfums for women and men
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Épine Mortelle LM Parfums for women and men Pictures Épine Mortelle LM Parfums for women and men Pictures

“In the pursuit of the absolute essence of this dark, but comforting fragrance, i was walking inside this long and tortuous hedge maze. I thought I was lost but these deadly thorns finally revealed themselves to me. Suddenly, the absolute essence appeared from this angelic Rose” — press release of the brand. Épine Mortelle was launched in 2015.

Perfume rating: 3.75 out of 5 with 39 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Pink Pepper Black Pepper Sichuan Pepper Cumin Nutmeg Anise Angelica

Middle Notes
Violet Damask Rose Rose Mimosa Black Currant

Base Notes
Musk Vanilla

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Épine Mortelle Fragrance Reviews


Starts out coniferous and rosey, then quickly turns peppery with violet getting stronger as it dries; eventually the violet meets musk, runs off rose, and create something similar to Putain des Palaces (at which point I'm probably dining with the witch or resting in her bosoms in this "fairy tale")
I like it but I would've liked to wander around the forest a bit longer, and it's too sharp when the rose is present.


I'm surprised to not see hemlock, pine, or another coniferous tree listed in the top notes, because that was the first thing to greet me alongside the pepper. It really does smell like a forest at the beginning! After half an hour the rose becomes the most prominent note and it's amazingly interesting - just a hint of spice, mimosa, and a sharp spike of Angelica alongside a nice juicy rose. There's a lot happening, yet it is organized and well-blended. Unfortunately - and very surprising, considering the price and concentration - this was nearly gone from my skin after four hours. The opening was so promising, and the development so fascinating, that I was disappointed that its powerhouse strength didn't last. It could have been something really special. Pity.


I think this might be my next rose. The scent reveals a bolder side of this flower by accentuating its raw aspects. It smells a little bit pungent and barbaric, wild, uncensored (this is how I`ve imagined Rose Barbare from Guerlain to be but to my surprise I discovered Soir de Lune hidden in there). So Epine Mortelle is definitely not for those in search for a smooth, creamy or retro interpretation of the rose, but if you`re interested to find a rather strange and cruel rose then this would be perfect for you. Is a very fragrant rose who`s shaken and dried off by dessert winds and then reinvigorated by currants that add a slightly pungent odor to it. Sinful and tumultuous the composition seems to capture the entire body of the flower from the ground, its thorns and the black crown. Yes, it is a dark rose without oud, without patchouli, without amber or leather, the effect being obtained by the addition of a secret spice mixture soaked in its petals. Made for modern amazons.


Opens with a velour texture of rose nuanced with an herbal twist. There's no denying the jammy black currant which shys in the background. After a few minutes, you'll notice how the rose seemingly transforms into pink pepper. Here the various spices overdelivers in terms of flavor and overall quality. At times, this is vibrant and in other instances subdued with musk fancying itself as a coy, lightweight addition. For me, LM Parfums aimed for the fences with this one and largely succeeded.

new friend
new friend

الشوكة القاتلة
Epine Mortelle LM Parfums for women and men
الاسم غريب والعطر أيضا على قدر غرابة العطر
كل أنواع الفلفل وكل أنواع الورود
قد جمعت في قالب محاط بوسط تابلي
كثافة الفلفل الوردي جنحت بالعطر إلى بر الأمان
أعتقد أن العطر سيحظى بانتباه محبي العطور النيشية ذات اللمحات الخاصة
الورود البلغارية والدمشقية دائما موجودة وإلى جوارها البنفسج
نقطة التلاعب في العطر تكمن في الفلفل
تارة يطغى الفلفل الأحمر الوردي الجميل اللذيذ المبهج
وتارة يلتهب العطر بظهور الفلفل الأسود وصدارته للمشهد إلى جوار الورود
في ظل وجود جوزة الطيب والكمون والينسون ستندهش حتما
الكشمش الأسود زاد من حرارة والتهاب العطر، وحمدا لله انه لم يكن كثيفا وإلا لانقلب العطر إلى شيء بلا هوية
الفانيلا والمسك البودري دورهما واضح في الحفاظ على تدعيم النوتة الزهرية
بالطبع من يعرف دار LM فلن يكون بحاجة إلى السؤال عن تقييم الثبات والفوحان القويان للغاية على غرار بيرفيوميم روما
العطر ما يزال جديدا بالأسواق من انتاج 2015
ادعو الجميع لتجربته
خاصة محبي العطور الزهرية الذين يعانون الملل أو رتابة التوليفات


I love its smell, but with 200 euros for 100 ml I hoped in something more long-lasting; it's difficult to believe it's a 20% concentration, it also projects so short! Then, I must admit that, despite the multiple ingredients, after the opening damask rose performance, in 20 minutes what you smell is just a sensual musk, with common rose-aroma and vanilla, as a skin scent. Very pleasant but, still, I'm not sure they couldn't obtain more with such concentration and my 200 euros.


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