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Rosamunda Laboratorio Olfattivo for women

Rosamunda Laboratorio Olfattivo for women
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warm spicy
Rosamunda Laboratorio Olfattivo for women Pictures

Rosamunda is dedicated to rose, elegant in the sunlight and passionate when the night falls. Provocative and carnal like those rebel roses on the hair of the feminine characters of Gabriel Garçia Marquez but at the same time extremely fragrant and sumptuous, wrapped in a neoclassical brightness, like in the paintings by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

A large quantity of Bulgarian and Turkish roses and long hours of distillation were necessary to get the aching soul of this creation, a fragrance whose seductive power is brought to fever pitch and its being classic is corrupted with an high percentage of patchouli. Around this heart beating for passion, illuminated by green lymph of rose, a scented scenario outlines: golden spices, ancient woods and animal notes. An impalpable landscape that appears unknown to the eyes and unexplored to the nose. Rosamunda is a rose that is worthy of adoration, a rose for which a celebratory altar was built, an altar covered by oud, the sovereign wood from which an essence with an immortal appeal as the one of the queen of the flowers is extracted. Rosamunda was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Marie Duchene.

Perfume rating: 3.95 out of 5 with 42 votes.

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Top Notes
Saffron Rose

Middle Notes
Bulgarian Rose Turkish Rose Patchouli

Base Notes
Agarwood (Oud) Sandalwood Amber Musk Cedar

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Rosamunda Fragrance Reviews


I like this house A LOT, so I had so much hopes for ROSAMUNDA.
There are dozen of this kind of scents out there - rose + saffron + aoud and I own a few of them that are similar to each other, but each has this little something that sets them apart.
That said - ROSAMUNDA is very dissapointing given the huge market of this kind of scents. First hour is rather beautiful yet boring. This does appear a bit different as rose + spices here are not as warm as in others. ROSAMUNDA is a very cold and very, very, very dry scent. Within an hour though it almost completely dissapears. It lingers on skin very closely for another hour and that's it. 2 hours! Thats barely enough and given the fact that there are so many powerhouses of rose+spices, this comes out as complete disaster quality wise.

Discreet? Yes, too discreet in my opinion, it does clinge on clothes longer, but I don't think perfumes are supossed to be worn on fabric.


Is that the sound of the zillionth and 1st rose-oud product rolling into boutiques in select places around the World?

It is. Along wit their friends, saffron, patch and cedar.

Even the pyramid designer appears to have gotten bored stiff having listed the roses 3 times lol.

Not much to say - pick a house, niche or non-niche. Then pick their 1 or more (in case of Montale and Xerjoff, about 100) rose-oud samples and you have this 1.

There are of course differences (slightest) between each one to everyone and definitely some very nice roses (jammy ones)

But for me, this unrelenting trend - like the pungent green/grassy and animalic-skank ones are very tedious and all sadly a waste of what could have been an interesting project using 'nicer' notes like amber mixed with quince or pear or something.

My rating: boring/10

Just to make it different from a totally grumpy take- my favorite is still Rose31 - an amazing sweet-fresh yet smooth watery take on the floral with the best incorporation of cumin I've ever experienced in a scent.

That one is a truly magical rose. And thankfully no oud alongside!

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Here’s another winner from this fairly underrated and totally respectable brand. Nothing groundbreaking, but a solid, rich, unpretentious yet absolutely well-made rose-patchouli-oud scent. Rosamunda smells of genuine, simple, lively and dense rose with initially a bright frame rich in alluring, warm nuances: patchouli, woods, something spicy (cumin, I think), perhaps carnation and something ambery-resinous providing a super cozy and utterly pleasant feel of warmth. As minutes pass it becomes then darker as the oud note emerges; it’s a synthetic a uninteresting kind of oud, but it works here, as it seems basically meant to provide just a dry-smoky shade on the base. So, basically an Oriental ambery rose-patchouli-oud scent; dark yet warm and “friendly”, also thanks to the sweet touch of sandalwood. That’s it: it may sound generic, but it isn’t. It’s simple but so nicely blended that it ends up it being quite distinctive, terribly pleasant to wear, much elegant, as much unpretentious as memorable. And well made to any extent in my opinion. Given the fair price, can’t go wrong with this. The only flaw may be the persistence, which isn’t great, but apart from that, another solid offering from this solid Italian brand (far more solid than most of others here, if you ask me).



This is a very, VERY good smelling fragrance. Smells of roses and a touch of oud, but the problem lies in its performance. Sillage/Projection/Longevity is poor, especially for an EDP.




To me it is more masculine, despite the name. Definitely some woody notes, a bit of sweetness and a hint of tobacco. Would love that on a man, not so much on myself.


At first I thought it is too similar to Lady Vengeance, but when I did a parallel comparative test, I learned that these perfumes, although sharing the same vibe, are not that similar after all.

Whereas Lady Vengeance (and Lady Vengeance Extreme for that matter) is a dense, sultry, velvety, sweet composition, very feminine and vanillic, Rosamunda leans towards the unisex, woody, dry direction.

Comparisons aside, Rosamunda is a great perfume and one of the definite winners among the abundance of spicy and musky roses scents. The composition is very balanced and harmonious, it can easily become "the one" for you if you want to buy only one perfume from the spicy-woody-musky-rose range.

It is warm and woody, featuring fresh roses with wine facets (not boozy, just dry like rosé wine). I like the oud note here, it isn't medicinal, but has a slight tar quality, which smells "industrial" in the best possible way. However, it's just me, I am sensitive to oud and usually feel it very clearly. My friend who sampled Rosamunda told me that she did not feel any oud at all, and the most prominent woody note for her was sandalwood.

The spice isn't overpowering either, it's very balanced, but still there (saffron).

Nice sillage and longevity, it is not overly strong, but still lasts good 6 hours on me.


Rose, saffron, and oud have become a popular combination of notes in the last couple of years. Lots of niche perfume houses have launched their version of what is without question a pleasing conjunction of notes. Laboratorio Olfattivo ROSAMUNDA is one of the more recent examples. Because ROSAMUNDA throws some patchouli into the mix, this composition lies at the intersection of the rose-saffron-oud and the rose-patchouli perfumes familiar to me, including Juliette Has A Gun VENGEANCE EXTREME, which may be the most extreme combination of rose and patchouli around. Well, it's certainly loud!

The first time that I applied ROSAMUNDA, I thought immediately of Bond no 9 NEW YORK OUD, which to my nose is more of a saffron-rose than an oud-rose. So I decided to do a side-by-side test and discovered that I prefer the Bond precisely because the oud is lower key and the rose is amped up. For that same reason, those who were disappointed with NEW YORK OUD may prefer ROSAMUNDA, as the oud is quite a bit more marked than either the rose or the saffron. I also detect a significant dose of ambroxan in this composition, which some people really dig (although I do not...).

These are all fine shades of difference, however. The rose-oud-saffron (plus or minus patchouli) perfumes abound, so choosing the best one has got to involve a skin test. ROSAMUNDA is not my favorite of either the trendy triad or the rose-patchouli perfumes currently available, but I'm sure that others may fall in love with it, depending on their idiosyncratic tastes.


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