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Rose d`Homme Les Parfums de Rosine for men

Rose d`Homme Les Parfums de Rosine for men
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Rose d`Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine is a fragrance for men. Rose d`Homme was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Robert. Top notes are lemon and bergamot; middle notes are leather, lavender and vanilla; base notes are patchouli, mandarin orange, jasmine, vetiver and rose.

Perfume rating: 4.03 out of 5 with 86 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Lemon Bergamot

Middle Notes
Leather Lavender Vanilla

Base Notes
Patchouli Mandarin Orange Jasmine Vetiver Rose

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Wars of the Roses
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Rose d`Homme Fragrance Reviews

jean-marc sinan
jean-marc sinan

(A review originally posted on MakeupAlley in 2005, I wanted to re-post it here now because I do not use MakeupAlley anymore [but have many fond memories of using it] and I am trying to get back into writing reviews, using old 'work' as inspiration...): The male rose (rose for men), this one is just about as beautiful as they come!!
Roses, lavender, vetiver...a tremendous mix. Add (info from luscious cargo website...):as a topnote symphony lemon, bergamot, and precious woods (all clearly present to my nose), then heart notes of hay and lavender (also there), followed by a base of superior unclassifiable rose blended with patchouli and the delicious and superior that I spray the backs of my hands before sleep to keep this next to us in bed. Luscious cargo lists the perfumer as Francois Robert, and not directly Marie-Heine Rogeon, but I take it they're working together to develop the line. I do not yet know Francois Robert's other works and would be grateful if anyone on MUA can assist me...I'll be looking. The best feature possibly of this smashing scent is that it is an eau de parfum, with 20% juice, and for someone used to only finding pleasure in the section labeled "scents for women" which was fine by me, finally there is a breakthrough perfume made for men with the exquisite qualities that make women's perfumes so irresistable and attractive. The staying power is good and it seems to be sort of a skin scent, a good friend here on MUA suggested a thin layer of vaseline on wrists and inner elbows to help retain the scent. In the hair and under the arms (not too heavy here!), chest and back of neck and knees is a full treatment. This stuff is pure gorgeous IMO...I'm in love with all the Rosines, and this one and Folie de Rose have my fullest attention. Rose d'Homme would work good in all weather and occasions to my nose and sense and the lavender (and vetiver) make it truly comforting and relaxing. It has all the invigorating elements of a summer field (and in the winter it could warm you in the beautiful snow and ice) with the sizzling hot and cool sexiness of the sun and moon (and stars) in the sky...heaven and earth. Needless to say this one is now my HG signature scent...(has got me reconsidering the use of aftershaves and a wish that, like Villoresi, Rogeon might extend her male line...finally male toiletries extended to the highest level of perfume art, classic fresh lemon/bergamot/woods, vetiver and lavender strewn through glorious rose with just the right hay heart and patchouli drydown to keep it interesting!). Overall simply otherworldly.
EDIT: For total correctness thus far, here are the notes as they are listed on, I'm wondering which the correct version is as I tend to agree with the first description I found above...Top Notes: bergamot, citrus, patchouli, vetiver. Heart Notes: vanilla, lavender, leather. Base Notes: jasmine, mandarin, rose.

Marco Chau
Marco Chau

Rose d'Homme is powdery aromatic musky with prominent scent of rose accented with subtle notes of Jasmine and some citrus here and there along the entire course of the duration. The slightly animalic and earthly leathery notes throughout play an important role in this fragrance to make the Rose an 'Homme' although it is, imho, very suitable for women as well.

This scent does have an old fashion vibe and probably less appreciated by the young crowds.

On my cooler than average skin, it has moderate sillage and lasts about ten hours, which is quite excellent for an EDT.


The beautiful, not shouting aroma. Very interestingly all notes are mixed - is allocated nothing, and everything together sounds magically!


This starts very similar to some other fumes with leather I've tried - a sharp slightly woody, masculine scent, that is also intensely powdery. It feels a bit jagged at this point.

A mild rosy sweetness quickly pops up, accompanied by something like a tangy, citric note. By the time jasmine joins the party, the rough edges are nicely rounded off, and it's now a little sweeter, but I still think it's not too sweet for a man.

Somewhere along the line, rose pulls a disappearing act and never shows up again. Was this intentional? Perhaps. After this stage, the fume has a slightly smoky, powdery bitter thing going on, with a vague floral and citrus background.

It wraps up with a light earthy resinous aroma on a mildly flowery background, that doesn't seem to be able to decide if it wants to be warm or cold. Leather is a lot more prominent here, and I think that this is the most masculine stage of this fume.

To me, Rose d'Homme isn't the scent of a big burly woodsman; this is for that metropolitan man who is trustworthy and wants to be masculine but also approachable. I really like it. I would want to cuddle someone wearing this because it's such an agreeable scent.

Sillage was pretty alright throughout, with good longevity. On me, it lasted around 5 hours before slowly becoming more muted.


Rose d`Homme Les Parfums de Rosine is a beautiful rosy fragrance. I smelled the rose from the moment I sprayed it on. The dry down is sophisticated and gentlemanly, lavender and leather. I do think it could be unisex. I only sprayed 3 times because it can be a bit strong.


Very good opening with a lot of wood and a touch of leather (I love this phase).
Then, comes into a baby powdery smell with the leather very light. Nothing special.
The rose is present but too light.

Longevity is good (more than 6 hours) and sillage is close to the skin.

scent: 6.5/10
longevity: 7/10
sillage: 5/10


I was surprised to sight an unusually large number of men at the helm of strollers around Boston over this past summer. I'm not sure whether the trend has to do with the recent laws allowing gay marriage or whether there are simply more house husbands in the general population these days. Another possibility is that more men are unemployed and so they now have time to take their tots out for a stroll. In any case, for those gents who have a diaper bag slung across their bodies as they attempt to juggle the many responsibilities of those who care for small children, Les Parfums de Rosine has composed a perfume just for you: ROSE D'HOMME.

I have smelled diaper facsimile lightly in perfumes before. Many perfumes are evocative of baby powder, perhaps most famously Kenzo FLOWER and some of its flankers. But no perfume smells to my nose more like fresh diapers (before use) than ROSE D'HOMME. It's an odd wet-clean-sweet powdery scent with which this perfume opens, and it hangs on for quite a bit before finally becoming less loud and possibly wearable as a touch of leather and vetiver emerge. I'm not sure. I cannot think of many guys who would really want to smell like diapers for an hour, even if they have assumed the duties of nanny to their own or other people's children.

This is a MUST TRY before you buy, in spite of the inviting name. Do not think that this is going to be like L'Artisan Parfumeur VOLEUR DE ROSES. It is nothing of the kind!


I don't find the rose until fairly far into this perfume. Rose d'Homme is a dusty sort of scent that moves from a lavender citrus through a white floral to a comfortably non-descript powdery woodiness via a snippy aldehydic feel. It's like a survey of the non-rose notes that you might find accompanying a rose, but there’s no rose. Not yet. Then out of god knows where, at the end of the ride it coalesces into a musky dried rose. Neat trick and worth the wait since all the sights along the way are so enjoyable. What had read as dusty at the start seems quietly powdery by the time the rose forms. In the end, R d'H gives the impression of a smiling, quietly ironic dandy.


I just got this a s a sample. I was dying to try this for some time and it surly did not disappoint,I can smell the rose in there and I can slowly smell the leathery notes. I am waiting to get the patchouli and the vanilla. Would I buy a full bottle? Its probably worth it to add to my collection , maybe I should finish the sample first. I just wished it would last longer.


I've gone back and forth with this one, but always liked it to some degree. The last time I wore it I liked it more than ever before, though, and it lasted for a very long time. However, I did notice what seemed like an aroma chemical that I hadn't before; fortunately, it wasn't irritating. The leather also lasted a very long time, and the dynamism was excellent. At this point, it would be on my top ten niche list, though I'm not a huge niche fan. I recommend that those who have an affinity for leather scents sample this one, but try it a few times, because it seems to be a real shape-shifter, depending upon what note, accord, or aroma chemical that seems to be dominant.


A rose for a man? Intriguing. I had to try it.
This is a mature, sophisticated woody-leathery –rose. Unisex for sure. It just needs confidence.

It stars woody and rosy with a sharp citrus –lavender note. Just for few minutes. It relaxes to woody -leather rounded tones with un undercurrent of patchouli. Beautiful construction. Much better than expected.

The evolution is towards smooth leather; the woody notes will become more assertive and add more strength and personality to the leather tone. The late dry down is more vanillic with pronounced rose and patchouli. The leather doesn’t completely disappear, it stays close to the skin and brings something sensual to the composition. Absolutely lovely.

I prefer the first 3 hours just because I am not a rose fan.
Otherwise a dreamy leathery fume. It was a "must have" for me! :)



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