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Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women

Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women
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Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Videos
Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures Turbulences Louis Vuitton for women Pictures

The long-awaited perfume from the luxury French fashion brand Louis Vuitton arrives in September 2016. The creation process took over four years, including establishing the creative atelier Les Fontains Parfumées in Grasse with Jacques Cavallier Belletrud in the position of in-house perfumer. The license belongs to the LVMH company. Les Parfums Louis Vuitton transmit journeys of emotions and aromatic adventures.

Seven luxurious fragrances are presented in the collection: Rose des Vents, Matière Noire, Mille Feux, Apogée, Turbulences, Dans la Peau and Contre Moi.The fragrances are feminine and floral, with names that aim to highlight the emotional narrative rather than the ingredients.

"From the airiness of Rose des Vents to the intoxicating Turbulences, the ecstasy of a first night with Dans la Peau to the mindful immersion in nature with Apogée; from the self-revealing Contre Moi to an exploration of a darker side with Matière Noire and the explosion of the senses with Mille Feux… Les parfums Louis Vuitton describe a journey of the emotions."

Opulent Turbulences contains jasmine from Grasse, tuberose, musk, magnolia, rose and leather.

The face of the campaign is French actress Léa Seydoux.The bottles are designed by Marc Newson, made of heavy glass to look like minimalist versions of apothecary vials with metal caps featuring the LV emblem. The price of each bottle is $240.The fragrances are available in 100 and 200 ml Eau de Parfum, with additional travel spray set of four x 7.5 ml and a limited edition set of all seven miniatures x 10 ml.

Perfume rating: 3.61 out of 5 with 38 votes.

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Magnolia Rose Tuberose

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Leather Sandalwood Musk

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Turbulences Fragrance Reviews


There is something oriental to this fragrance, it brings to mind the sort of savoury smells that you would encounter in a traditional Chinese herbalist, with their walls of drawers full of dried herbs, plants, and small crustaceans and creatures. It is dominated by the leather, which is a smoky sweet dark soil scented note. The tuberose adds a innocent sweetness, and brings Turbulences into a feminine light.
While the fragrance is dominated by the soft smoky leather notes, every so often I will get a whiff of a singular sappy sweet note, as though it is separated from the fragrance. It is rather psychedelic!
Overall impression is a sweet musty leather with sweet high quality florals. Very strong silage, a spray alone will envelope you in a thick veil of scent. Lasting power is average however, after perhaps three hours it has vanished to skin level.


First, I though an amazing jasmine fragnance... and the more i sniffed to it, it reminded me mushrooms. My fiancé dislike this one too.

Victoria Regia
Victoria Regia

I tested the whole line at my local Vuitton store and thought they were all beautiful and impossibly elegant. In fact, it is difficult to choose one. The sales associate offered me two samples to take home - Contre Moi and Turbulences. I tested Turbulences yesterday - a tiny spritz on the back of my hand - and went to a restaurant for lunch. This is a big, strong and earthy tuberose scent, and the smell of it filled my car quickly. Good thing I was driving alone, because the silage may have suffocated any passengers riding with me. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the lady next to me sneezed twice. I strongly suspect it was my fragrance, because we were the only two people in that particular area ... quite frankly, it made me a bit self-conscious, but oh well. To be honest, I couldn't wait to wash it off. On the other hand: the sales associate also sprayed some of Turbulences on a card, and I placed it in one of the back pockets of my pants. A day later, I smelled it again and found it was soaked with the most elegant, gorgeous drydown. I would compare it to the inside of an expensive suede handbag with traces of a floral scent worn by the owner. Unfortunately, the fragrance broke down on my skin and never got to that point (as a chemist, I shouldn't be saying this, but this is the impression I got). While I intend to purchase one of the scents in this collection, it won't be this one. I'm still toying with Contre Moi and want to look into Apogee as well. Apogee, specially, seems lighter and better suited to my preferences. Happy sniffing!


You are definitely right StellaDiverFlynn, one must love mushroom earthy smell and green fresh soft cheese tuberose but also, and this is important, soft floral and rubbery leather to truly enjoy this one. I do. I disagree on the safety of this composition, on the contrary I can see many people disliking it, I think tuberose leather combination, one of my favourite note combo, isn't that popular at all. You just need to check other perfumes reviews which tried out leather tuberose combo before Turbulences as for instance Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse.

The mushroom earthyness is there from the beginning up to the drydown, on my skin it is very prominent, tuberose floral notes play a secondary role in the first stages and gets almost lost under the slightly floral, leather and musks blend of the gorgeous drydowm which is not totally a clean one but perfectly controlled. Elegant, chic, a bit difficult, tasteful, sharp and accurate as intelligent people are.

Totally unisex, there is no sweetness in it. Moderate sillage but good longevity. I prefer Turbulences on skin than on clothes and I can see myself using it on spring.

I can see Cuir d'ange fans enjoying this one too.


The mushroom-like scent of the all over dominant tuberose in this flag may explain LV calling it "intoxicating Turbulences" (hope the mushrooms are not toxic, but I survived!), as it takes hours for the other floral notes, the muscs & leather to come. Maybe too much ... but definitely ambitious and original.
Among the 7 flags sold in 10cc miniatures by LV, I'm not sure regarding this one (neither BTW about Contre Moi which lacks strength IMHO). All the others are near perfection, even the 2 with clearly fruity notes, so much "a la mode" today.
Many reviews here complain about price, but the 200 cc bottles go for 300€, in my view quite fair when compared to Guelain's Exclusives (also from LVMH) with similar quality of ingredients. The 7 miniatures allow 3 or 4 thorough testings in different situations & conditions for 250€, so I liked this near zero risk formula before buying the big bottles.


Turbulences opens with a lush tuberose. The tuberose here does not convey anything tropical. Instead, it's accompanied by a camphorous note, and more surprisingly, an earthy, mushroom-y aroma as well. The later combined with the oily, salty creaminess of tuberose, reminds me instantly of Gorgonzola blue cheese and gardenia. I happen to love this aspect of gardenia in perfumes, and besides JAR Jardenia and Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia, Turbulences is a rare instance where this accord is explicitly showcased on my skin. Needless to say, I'm in an olfactory heaven during the first 3 hours of Turbulences' development.

Starting from the 4th hour, the mushroom/cheese smell becomes gentler, allowing other notes to shine as well. The terpenic, camphorous greenness and the creamy suavity of tuberose, the bubble-gum sweet undertone of jasmine, and the discreet magnolia and musk mingling with the oily fatty mushroom/cheese, all make a sensuous skin scent which lasts for hours and hours.

The sillage of Turbulences is heavy to moderate, and the longevity can exceed 12 hours on my skin. While I'm mostly indifferent towards the other LV fragrances, I absolutely adore Turbulences. Partly because I love tuberose and gardenia in perfumery, but more importantly, it's because of the evocative, risk-taking earthy mushroom/blue cheese aroma. Admittedly, Jardenia and Velvet Gardenia are both deeper, darker and more complexe than Turbulences. But Turbulences is the most practical one to procure while preserving this weirdly attractive accord. Therefore, I'd highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you enjoy mushroom/blue cheese nuance in gardenia and tuberose.


Agree with Jean B Grenouille up to a point.
Longevity is mid range at best but I do get a distinct and slightly pungent and unnerving mushroom tuberose aroma.
No detectable rose or anything else for that matter.
Again as I previously reviewed, re Louis Vuitton,its niceish but nothing outstanding for the asking price and this is the one with the greatest sillage for mine.
Again no sale here.

Jean B Grenouille
Jean B Grenouille

An earthy, mushroom-like tuberose is complemented by a pairing of petals of Chinese jasmine sambac and grandiflorum from Grasse with a dreamy, luminous may rose. Slightly citrus infused blossoming magnolia and musk provide further creaminess. The heady and mildly animalic florals are bedded on a base of subtle calfskin leather, which offers warmth and comfort.

A very solid offering from Jacques Cavallier that delivers medium strong longevity and average projection but here I prefer the smell on naked skin over the sillage trail - so, for me, its intensity is correctly tuned.

Priced at niche levels it's not exactly a turbulent ride but nobody really expected bumpy roads or crashing waves here. A thoroughly pleasant, uncomplicated floriental and probably one of the better ones of the lineup.

In comparison with the Hermessence line (and it is well documented how closely LVMH have been monitoring, straining and even obsessing about their great rival) there is less artistic originality here across the range and less playfulness but better strength at EdP concentration.

I am not certain whether LV can make a totally compelling case re olfactory globetrotting even though the range as a whole is well enough made with quality ingredients. The voyage misses two key components to being on tour: excitement and adventure. Instead it's safe travelling First Class.


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