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L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men

L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men
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fresh spicy
L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures L`Eau Neuve Lubin for women and men Pictures

L’Eau Neuve by Lubin was created in the spring of 1968, when an entire generation was rebelling against France’s bourgeois conventions. This mass of energetic youth wanted nothing to do with “ladies’ perfumes,” fuelling a new trend for “Eaux Fraîches,” a new twist on traditional eaux de cologne. These fragrances were more concentrated than previous colognes and had a stronger essence added by discreet, crisp, and vibrant accords, giving them an elegant, lasting impact. These Eaux embodied the rediscovery of natural ingredients, particularly the Mediterranean ingredients that made up the foundation of Italian and French perfumeries in the 18th century. These new Eaux Fraîches were a part of what was referred to as the … ...

Eau Neuve by Lubin, the product of flower children, epitomizes its time. It included the traditional citrus orchard of oranges, lemons, and bergamots and aromatic notes such as thyme, chamomile, marjoram, and, of course, lavender. A harmonious, subtle accord of rose petals and jasmine could be detected in the background. The finishing touches to this well-built creation would have been incomplete without the woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, and the chypre accord of patchouli and real oak moss.

However, the free-spirited women wearing this fragrance, from Katmandu to San Francisco, had no idea that Lubin’s “Eau Neuve” was not only a nod to the new generation and its desire for liberation, but also a tribute to a much older eau de toilette called Eau de Lubin, which was created in 1798. The term “Eau de Toilette” was used exclusively for Mr. Lubin’s creation. This fragrance first became popular among the refined gentlemen and ladies of that time, and later became the favorite of Empress Josephine and Queen Marie Amélie, the last queen of France. This connotation made it only natural that “Eau Neuve” would redefine perfumery and become the signature fragrance of a new generation.

“ This subtle fragrance starts out with a cool breeze and simple keynote. soon followed by its citrus fruit notes of orange, lemon, and bergamot wafting up from an aromatic facet of thyme, coriander, and marjoram. This gives way to the woody scents of cedar, sandalwood and patchouli and ends with the undergrowth of oak moss, providing an elegant finishing note that is so contemporary you would swear that it was a brand new fragrance”. The fragrance was created in 1968 by Roger Broudoux, and reformulated very closely to the original in 2008 by Lucien Ferrero.

Perfume rating: 3.76 out of 5 with 61 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Orange Lavender Bergamot Lemon

Middle Notes
Coriander Clary Sage Jasmine Caraway Rose Marjoram

Base Notes
Sandalwood Patchouli Oakmoss Cedar White Musk

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L`Eau Neuve Fragrance Reviews

la fleur dorée
la fleur dorée

I confess I bought this for me, after smelling it on paper. I wore it a couple of times. I was prepared for something zingy, un-ladylike, even a bit bitter. Trouble is, on my dry pale skin, LEN gets thinner and thinner, gives off a tiny metallic squeal and disappears.
Slightly disappointed, I just kept it on the bathroom shelf, hoping it would wake up with the warm weather. There it was spotted by my partner and everything made sense again: spicy, charming, not too warm, not "eau-de-cologney", original, invigorating. I hope he will adopt it permanently. I can smell alpine valerian in it - but maybe it is just the clary sage. Dark haired/skinned gentlemen might definitely benefit from this.

NB: Guerlain Homme l'Eau Boisee has the same vibe, and lasts much longer.


quite plain citrus scent, got a vintage bottle recently and doesnt seem a 1968 scent,too generic without being bad but nothing specially good either,good to have such oldies in my collection but thats all

Arabian Knight
Arabian Knight

I'm quite disappointed, as I was expecting to love this, but it's just rather average to me.

I get mostly an abundance of sharp, zingy lemons, coriander and dry Italian cooking herbs; in particular thyme. I'm not detecting much from the rose or caraway.

Once it dries down the herbs and oak moss take over the citrus and it smells earthy and dull. Also, something about the herbs gives "L'eau Neuve" a weird chlorine-like quality, like swim clothes that have been drying in the sun.

I've smelled much more sparkling and accomplished citrus scents in the Acqua di Parma range; Also Jo Malone. So I don't really recommend this one.


The perfect bright & balanced fragrance...

L'Eau Neuve by Lubin is a fragrance that I always come to love more and more. It is fresh, vibrant, happy and also a little clever.

It opens up with a bright citrus combination of lemon, orange and bergamot, followed by a hint of lavender. It's very zesty and fresh, like the opening of a classic eau de cologne (for example a Guerlain Eau de Cologne). But what really sets this one apart is the very interesting use of herbs in the mid. Thyme, sage, marjoram & coriander... this combined with the bright, zesty top notes is what makes it so intriguing. I love the combination and it does keep you interested in the fragrance and makes it last longer. Finally the base has a light patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood & oak moss.

So this fragrance was inspired by the 1960's feeling of optimism and hope. It does strike me as a very optimistic and bright fragrance. There is a camomile note which reminds me of camomile herbal tea, with a hint of very fresh lemon. It's very relaxing and the entire fragrance gives you such a good feeling. To me this fragrance epitomises the bright colours of yellow, blue, green and orange. There is nothing heavy or "dark" here. It's like walking in the park in spring... or camping in the outdoors, amongst nature. This is a fantastic fragrance for spring. If you like fragrances like Dior Eau Sauvage or the classic feel of a sparkling traditional herbs & citrus Eau de Cologne, then I think you will really love this. Modern, fresh and unisex. This is an underrated bright, fresh classic!

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Sparkling citrus floral scent, lively and spicy withouth being too heavy or tacky. Also quite peppery also even if there's not pepper. Nothing impressive, but witty!



Another fine citrus floral from the house of Lubin, this one first launched back in 1968, L'Eau Neuve offers a perfect blend of crisp citrus, fresh florals, and green herbs. This is the sort of fragrance which lifts the spirit. It's deceptively simple, with tons of components blended seamlessly to produce an appealing unisex cologne perfect for summertime. Not too loud, not too faint, not too floral, not too green, not too sharp, not too soft. Basically this creation offers the Aristotelian golden mean of everything you've ever hoped for in a hot weather cologne.

I would not want to wear this creation in colder temperatures, but for the heat it is perfect. Is it better than, say, Borsari's classic cologne? I'm not sure, but it smells very fine today.


I had high hopes, which are -partly- fulfilled by a refined combination in notes.
The opening gives an enormous citrus blast, which fades in less than half an hour. Moss, woods, caraway, orange, lavender and patchouli then start to dominate. The flowers are there but very very subtle: creamy jasmin and fresh rose.

What's left, after about 2 hours is a skin scent with medium longevity.
An Eau indeed, but a fine and rich one.
I would not classify this as a floral green, more as a woody aromatic.

After all a touch too masculin for me.
Still, I like it very much.


A mossy citrus aromatic of high quality and versatility. Smells mossier in cooler weather, more herbal in the heat. Very unisex. Just smells great to my nose. YMMV.


A blast of orange citrus is what I'm picking up on the intial application with lemon and its juicy fresh. I'm now beginning to notice the lavender which is paired with
the orange and lemon fruity blast. After a while I'm getting a floral touch with some woods peeking through the citrus and it smells like jasmine.

This is really nice and complex fragrance and now the citrus has gone and its starting to smell to my nose like chaomile and woods mixed together with that floral touch
to sweeten the notes. The fragrance is light and breezy though it has quietened down and reigned itself in after the amazing highy quality citrus blast.

After time has passed I am getting patchouli with woods and a touch of oakmoss in the basenotes. It does smell really nice though I cannot help feeling that it does not
deliver the goods from that great opening citrus blast. You kind of expected something more after that fanfare opening and it does become a skin scent and starts to
whisper more on the skin.

To sum up a very fruity citrus blast that quietens down to what smells like chamomile and woods with a floral touch. It smells good but starts to become a skin scent.
I get five to six hours or so out of it though the projection in the later stages is poor. A very likable fragrance.


I got chance to try several scents from Lubin, and absolutely amazed by this house.

This newly reformulated L`Eau Neuve is a solid citrus scent with heavy woody base, which makes it impressive and quite remarkable - nowadays, most of citrus scents on the market are too fresh and airy and become more and more similar to each other. So, it is easy to understand why I'm so drawn to this one.

L`Eau Neuve's citrus note is straightforward and heavy like a big bang. The juicy sweetness from orange and lemon gives it a neon feeling, then bergamont contributes dry bitterness which prevents it from falling to a girly thing. It's colourful fun, energic and funky, kind of rebellious,a late 60s style with new twist. I think it's bit vintage which makes it maybe even more in nowadays.

After this nice beginning, L`Eau Neuve surprises me again. It does not move to the boring airy white musk base notes which lots people would think fresh and clean and lovable. It becomes more stable and earthy as woody notes roaring from the base and slowly swallowing the fruity sweetness, diluting the citrus. When it comes to the end, it's still a beautiful humming of citrus and woody.

L`Eau Neuve's base note is actually smooth, and not at all that dry wood and masculine as I thought. And the scent developes in a smooth way as well, very balanced.

It is ok for both gender. staying power is good.


I first owned this fragance in the 80's and it was a hit for me. The years have passed and I couldn't find another bottle to buy. Than ebay came to life and I could get it again. If you like citrus fragances, like me, you'd love this one. I am not an expert on scents, but very picky because they tend to give me headaches or bad feelings when I try one that doesn't agree with me. Guerlain has one close to this scent (le coq, I think). The revamping of this scent by the house of Lubin is very close to the original (launched in 1968), just a bit more citrusy in my opinion. Overall, I love this, new and old.


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