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Rosier Ardent Nez a Nez for women and men

Rosier Ardent Nez a Nez for women and men
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main accords
warm spicy
fresh spicy
Rosier Ardent Nez a Nez for women and men Pictures

The flower escapes to pierce through a world of sensations. The spices are fused to the incandescent petals.
It's a rose who believes to be a chrysalis. Her magma courageously dies at the feet of a figure, depraved by such elegance. This floral incandescence is not Narcissus. He would be too enthralled by his own undulating reflections. The rose is the ally of the butterfly hunter and goldsmith.
The calyx releases, until the end, an impertinent nectar, almost an offering. It is meticulous in the act and heroic in the memory.
Its reminiscence will burn the tongue. The nose behind this fragrance is Karine Chevallier.

Perfume rating: 3.87 out of 5 with 34 votes.

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Cardamom Caraway Pepper Cinnamon

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Base Notes
Patchouli Vetiver Virginia Cedar Resin

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This perfume reminds me of  
Le Parfum Couture
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Rosier Ardent Fragrance Reviews


Well .... fortunately "Rosier Ardent" is not that rosy which is a good thing for me!
The opening of this fragrance is a very pleasant and well balanced resinous and spicy scent with very good support of warm and semi sweet amber, very transparent rose and some woods in the background.
It has an aldehydic and light soapy vibe as well that gives the scent kind of a semi fresh feeling.
It's slightly fresh and soapy but warm, resinous, spicy, semi sweet and slightly rosy at the same time.
The blending of these notes is perfect which makes it very smooth and easy to wear.
As time passes by that transparent rose disappears completely from the scent and at the same time spices and woods get stronger.
The mid and base which are almost the same is a sharp spicy and woody smell (mostly spice) with some resins and slight amount of sweetness in the background and still it does have that light soapy aroma.
Projection is good and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin.
It's a good scent for fall but also there is nothing unique and new about it.

این عطر خوشبختانه برعکس اون چیزی که تو اسمش گفته شده زیاد بوی گل رز نداره
رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی نسبتا تند و تیز صمغی و ادویه ای شروع میشه که مقدار مشخصی رایحه کهربا هم در کنارشون وجود داره که به عطر حس نسبتا گرم و نیمه شیرین میده و مقدار بسیار کمی هم رایحه گل رز
رایحه گل رز کاملا تو حاشیه هست و اصلا قوی نیست. فقط در حدی که حس بشه و بگه منم هستم
عطر یه حس نیمه شاداب و کمی صابونی هم داره اما نه زیاد
با گذر زمان رایح گل رز کامل حذف میشه و رایحه کهربا هم ملایمتر میشه و همزمان با این تغییرات رایحه ادویه ها و چوبها بطور مشخصی قویتر میشن
عطر همچنان که اون حس ملایم صابونی خودشو داره بوی تند و تیز فلفلی و ادویه ای قویتری پیدا میکنه به همراه رایحه مشخصی از چوبها. مقدار بسیار کمی هم رایحه کهربا در کنارشون وجود داره اما اون حس گرم و نیمه شیرین اولیه رو نداره و به مراتب ملایمتره
در کل کیفیت و تناسب بین رایحه های عطر بسیار خوبه که از اون یه کار خوشبو و دوست داشتنی میسازه ولی در عین حال بوی آشنا و نسبتا تکراری داره و اصلا هیچ نکته خاص و جدیدی در موردش وجود نداره
پخش بوی خوبی داره ولی ماندگاریش متوسطه. در حد 4-5 ساعت روی پوست
برای فصل پاییز انتخاب مناسبیه البته اگر عطر دیگه ای تو این سبک نداشته باشین چون مشابه این بو تقریبا زیاده


My first sampling of this intriguing house. I love rose fragrances, but Rosier does not really have that much rose in it. It's a rose with resin, sure, but there is an oldness or an oiliness there. Reminds me of SL Rose da Mai. Also smells a lot like Rousse. It is pleasant but not something I would consider full bottle worthy.


Perfume very good and high quality.
Opens with hot resin dominating everything. And soon after the rose giving your touch more tasty sweetening this excellent fragrance.
I like that very much reminds me of the same resin used in perfumes Boadicea The Victorious.
Good Projection and Excellent staying power.

I classify it thus:
Smell: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 9.5/10


I may be the only person on the planet to make this connection, but to my nose, Nez à Nez ROSIER ARDENT is quite reminiscent of Creed LOVE IN BLACK. The "official" floral notes are different in the two perfumes, but there is enough sweet powdery wood to render the flowers almost irrelevant in both cases!

I am a fan of LOVE IN BLACK, so it's no surprise that I have enjoyed wearing this sample of ROSIER ARDENT. As with other perfumes from the house of Nez à Nez, I find somewhat of a disconnect between the name and my experience, but who knows, maybe my own perspective is skewed? ROSIER ARDENT does not remind me of an impassioned (inflamed?) rose bush, that's for sure!

I suspect that someone looking for a rose perfume might be as disappointed with ROSIER ARDENT as those of us who have been lamenting the strange phenomenon of oudless oud perfumes! Rose? Oû ça? I do smell cardamom and wood and patchouli, and also something sweet (tonka? vanilla?). What I do not smell at all is a "rosier" = rose bush!


I love this perfume! It's warm, sensual and multi-layered. I especially like it because many perfumes just disappear on me, but not this one. So warm . . . Spicy, approachable and inviting. Better for autumn and winter than spring or summer.


Incense brightened by cinnamon. I don't smell any vetiver or rose at all.If you like incense perfumes this is one you could wear to work or in warm weather. Stupid poetry is annoying.

pitbull friend
pitbull friend

Surprisingly, not very rosy. Most similar to the Hermessence Rose Ikebana. Lots of dry wood and incense. It's OK, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.


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