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Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women

Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women
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yellow floral
Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women Pictures Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women Pictures Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women Pictures Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942 for women Pictures

ANONIMO VENEZIANO is the quintessence of womanliness - its mystery, its alluring ineffability. Its scent notes are tailored as to create a magnificent though delicate score. A real masterpiece of equilibrium between naivety and sophistication. It has no name - it is just time, place and dream. Anonimo Veneziano was launched in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Marie Duchene.

Perfume rating: 4.05 out of 5 with 73 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Orange Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes
Jasmine Ylang-Ylang Lotus Rose

Base Notes
French labdanum Sandalwood Patchouli Vanille

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This perfume reminds me of  
Intriga No2
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Anonimo Veneziano Fragrance Reviews


In questa composizione si percepisce moltissimo il labdano, in tutte le sue sfumature. All'inizio è potente e speziato, liquoroso e denso, prepotente; poi si lascia accompagnare dai fiori, che ne smussano i lati più intensi e lo sfaccettano, dandogli note malinconiche e languide. Dopo qualche tempo, il sandalo polveroso e aromatico si impone nel fondo, assieme a un patchouly morbido e delicatamente rosato.
Il profumo è deliziosamente retrò ma molto originale.


I'm a man. I don't like the opening, it is almost off putting and too much white flowers, heavy and feminine, but after a while the dry down is really nice and woodsy. Unfortunately not for men, but interesting none the less


Whoever likes the Anonimo Veneziano Nobile 1942, must try the Intriga No2 Dzintars for women. They have different openings but almost the same with many similarities dry out process. The price for the Dzintars is 4.5 US dollars for 15 ml of concentrated perfume.


It's like an eau fraiche version of the -just as big and bold- Yves Saint Laurent "Y". I never smelt a perfume that gets so close.

It's very good and classy. A perfume you are ashamed to put on if you wear jeans and such, you need elegant clothes for this perfume.


Opens with sweet notes of bergamot and jasmine. Then the ylang becomes stronger. Then, coumarin and aldehydes, despite not listed in the notes. The scent is gentle and floral at this point, combined with delicate lotus. Now rose starts to appear combined with soft woody notes. The drydown continues to be very floral, on a soft woody sweet vanilla base with a hint of powder and a strong rose. A bit soapy, too.

Sillage and longevity are moderate.

Lovely flower scent, love the ylang. Very feminine scent. Beautifully done, so delicate. I love it, but not sure when I would wear this. This perfume is suitable for long dresses, fancy jewelry and flower bouquets. Only thing I don't like is the soapiness.


Beautiful perfumery perfume! It makes me close my eyes and inhale deeply......
That said, I try to describe what I’m detecting. It’s deep, resinous, smoky and super sensual upon from the opening…a bit sweet but not too much, a bit spicy, but not too much – labdanum, ylang-ylang and a lot of juicy orange, dry sandalwood and earthy patchouli... As time goes it becomes more dry and powdery. The orange disappears and the amber-sandalwood combo becomes dominant.
With its deepness it should be more suitable for night time and it seems to belong to some other era, but I feel just perfect wearing it also with jeans, T-shirt and biker-boots…I cannot get enough of it.
The silage is good and the longevity is excellent – 12 hours. Day after I can still detect its presence - different, some kind of luxury soap smell…I’m really happy to possess this mystic gem.
(Here has been mentioned some similarities between Bal a Versailles and AV…I confirm, they have the same vibe.)


A masquerade ball, a gondola ride, a mysterious woman...for where she goes, her perfume exudes. This is how the scenario unfolds in front of my eyes when I feel this fragrance, which was conceived to represent the balance between naivety and sophistication.

With output notes of bergamot, red Mandarin, Brazilian Orange and Jasmine; heart notes of Damask rose essence, Indian night jasmine, ylang-ylang and Lotus Flower; and base notes of patchouli, Indian sandalwood, Indonesian cistus and vanilla, this Eau de Parfum does not fear in mastering the environment. On the contrary, is powerful and exudes from the instant it reaches the skin.

Its fruity nuances camouflage among the flowers, among which the ylang-ylang shows why it is considered "the flower of flowers" (according to the Indonesian culture). Its sweet and sensual nuances dominate the evolution, opening little spaces for the jasmine and the Lotus flower. And after about 1 hour, the fragrance becomes less invasive and more calm and sensual, with a beautiful vanilla in the background.

For those who do not know much of the universe of niche fragrances, I can say that during some brief and ephemeral instants, I felt nuances that made me remember, vaguely, the perfume Dolce Vita, by Dior (1994).

A fragrance made to be worn in nights of mystery and seduction, in which future lovers meet for the first time, but their names are not revealed. Just the aroma stays in memory.


I've now worn Nobile 1942 ANONIMO VENEZIANO a couple of times and have been struck each time by what seemed initially (upon application) to be the similarity to Jean Desprez BAL A VERSAILLES. Big sillage, oriental, labdanum amber, patchouli, spiciness (from ylang?). ANONIMO actually seemed somewhat leathery and dark, though I do not know what would account for that in the above notes.

In a side-by-side comparison to BAL A VERSAILLES, I have to report that the cheap-o bargain-bin (tester for $11, yep) bottle of reformulated BAL A VERSAILLES edt won out against ANONIMO VENEZIANO, which seems sharper and less smooth. BAL A VERSAILLES has more of a golden amber quality and less stridency, for lack of a better word. In terms of sweetness and patchouli level, they are very similar, but I have to say that BAL A VERSAILLES seems to me like a better perfume.

Sorry nichies (not Nietzsche...)! I guess that when you reformulate a perfume that started out with 350 different essences, then even if only a fraction of those survive, it's still going to be a decent creation. I understand why people find ANONIMO VENEZIANO appealing--and I do not mean to suggest that I do not--but now that I've compared it side-by-side with BAL A VERSAILLES, I realize that I won't be adding a bottle to my collection. Why?


I have a sample of the Colonia Intensa which is beautiful liquid luxury with a rich, satiny feel--a glamorous floral enveloped in an exuberant light balsam.

I don't think I can add much more to the reviews already here, except concurrence in the quality, artistry and classic allure.


Im so happy this beautiful oriental perfume is finally added to the database! I have it for almost a year and its still one of my favourites.
It's a italian perfume to be exact, but it reminds me more of something from the middle-east.
Some compare it to coco, and i understand why, as they have many similar notes. But for me is coco much headier and sweeter. Because anonimo veneziano is more comforting to my nose, i prefer a.v.

In the opening you can smell the oranges with jasmine. Then it becomes sweeter and sweeter, for me almost cloying. Its the combination of jasmine and ylang-ylang. After say 10 minutes, slowly the softer floral notes (lotus and rose) shine through and the jasmine is still there. Then i get a waft of patchouli. Normally i dont like patchouli, but in here its so beautifull, its never overpowering and it blends wonderfull with the rose, the other flowers and the oriental base notes.
You end up with a very soft and classy oriental smell.

These notes i smell the most: labdanum, patchouli, Rose, jasmine, a bit of orange and woods.

About the staying power: i have the fragranza suprema, and it lasts the whole day! Sometimes i can still smell it the next day in my hair or on my wrists.
I smelled the colonia intensa only on paper, its less 'deep' then the fragranza suprema, I remember it as being more citrussy and a little bit less of the basenotes (labdanum,patcouli,woods) and rose.


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