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Leva O`Driu for women

Leva O`Driu for women
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Leva by O`Driu is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Leva was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Angelo Orazio Pregoni. Top notes are grapefruit, black pepper, jasmine and tagetes; middle notes are turmeric, vanilla, nard himalayan (jatamansi), basil and lavender; base notes are lemongrass, soybean, woody notes and vetiver.

Perfume rating: 3.82 out of 5 with 13 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Grapefruit Black Pepper Jasmine Tagetes

Middle Notes
Turmeric Vanilla Nard Himalayan (Jatamansi) Basil Lavender

Base Notes
Lemongrass Soybean Woody Notes Vetiver

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Leva Fragrance Reviews


Wow! this is one of the worst fragrances of all time, why anyone would where this, its just going to make every one get away from you. this fragrance is so strong that you can't get the smell off for 16 hours, and if on your clothes you can still smell a little bit after washing them, not strong but still there. you should try this fragrance for yourself, but be careful how much you use, in a sample bottle dab a little drop on your wrist and it's definetly going to be enough, and if a bottle spray it into the air and walk under it, believe me you get this stuff on yourself it ain't coming off anytime soon.


Bright golden marigolds drizzled with the juiciest grapefruit zest! Mediterranean summer experience - sunny, happy, beautiful! This joyful perfume is in high relief - all the notes seem brighter and sharper. Like a vacation postcard where all the colors are impossibly brilliant, sunlit and intense.

I have always loved the peppery smell of marigolds. Enjoy the smell of my hands after I plant them in the spring, or pick the spent blooms to allow the buds to grow. The citrus is piquant, and along with the other notes, serves to highlight this glowing flower. Sandalwood is noticeable in the dry down in a woody accord that is aromatic and fresh. Sillage arms length and longevity about 5 hours. If you like marigolds (or the genus Tagetes), you can't miss this unusual perfume!


I have to admire the nose for taking a chance and throwing turmeric, tagetes, and citrus into a perfume for what transpires to be the most yellow scent in perfume history. I like the perfume; and yet I don't.

I really like the turmeric with the citrus top note; however I do not enjoy the spikenard. I suppose the use of jatamansi helps to make the scent more unisex and it gives it the illusion of some smokiness; but I wish the jatamansi wasn't there. I would have preferred my turmeric to be on the sweet side with cardamom, vanilla, amber, white musk....

I can see how some may think this smells too much like an Indian kitchen. The turmeric note is pungent here! Unfortunately, as the perfume drifts up to my nose I have to agree--it ends up smelling like dirty dishes covered in curry that are soaking in the sink. I don't like it.

Boy would I have loved a perfume like this if it were sweet instead of anchored with spikenard. I scrubbed after 30 minutes. It ultimately made my stomach turn.

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Leva bears O'Driù's "signature" opening mixture, a dense and pungent concoction (here however gentler than in other scents) which is basically a floral-vanilla blend with lavender, a lot of spices (cumin above all), citrus notes, tonka, an earthy-dusty woody accord with a slight salty aftertaste (vetiver), benzoin, possibly some castoreum providing a carnal, sweet but at the same time sticky and "rotting" animalic note, and finally, "something" fruity, a sort of bittersweet note which I guess may be due to tagetes (which is a material I don't know). Overall Leva has something deeply classic and silently nostalgic, without smelling "opulent" or baroque, mixed with the peculiar, visionary and provocative dada-futurism of Angelo Pregoni – although unlike other scents by this brand, the latter is less present and prominent here. If comparing to most of other scents by Pregoni, Leva is fairly closer to classic perfumery - possibly the most close of all of them. By "classic" I mean the tradition of both feminine chypres (spices, humid flowers, dusty camphoraceous accents of benzoin) and masculine ones (woods-citrus-herbs accord). Where other O'Driù's took that as a starting point to elaborate Pregoni's visions and obsessions, here somehow it seems like he chose to step back and keep it classic, and also brighter and simpler than usual. Finally, once the drydown approaches, Leva "opens up" and warms a bit, creating a sort of cozy, aromatic and sweet feel of warmth which lasts for hours, slightly reminding me of tea. Perhaps less charming, complex or challenging than other fragrances by O'Driù, but nonetheless intriguing, gentle and well made. Worth a try.



Leva opens with a slightly soapier twist on the usual O'Driu aesthetic of gourmand spices. Here, you have lemongrass and pepper over a hefty vetiver and patchouli base that adds structure to the otherwise thin beginning. The tumeric is what elevates it into more interesting territories, and there's a slightly minty note that might be coming from the tagetes. Tonka smoothes out the edges of the composition and adds cushioning between the notes.

As with many of the scents from this line, there's a strong savory gourmand aspect that can either work beautifully or occasionally swing too close to food. This one smells more like it'd be a tea of some kind, but it has a medicinal edge to it also. Given this, it vacillates between striking spicy lemongrass and cough drops. As it settles, and the top notes fade away, what remains is a slightly powdery/spicy yet lucent vetiver. For an O'Driu scent, it's perhaps a little dull—but that says more about the nature of the line than the scent itself.


I don't know what to say about this fragrance!
It's definitely something different, but not in a good way!
It's not great, but it's not bad either!
This fragrance and the whole scent based on turmeric note and depend on how much do you like this note, you may like it or you may don't!
The turmeric is a special spice that in my country we use it alooooot in many different type of foods.
The smell and taste of this spice is something unique and it doesn't smell like anything else that I could mention!
The smell of it is a little sharp and bitter (not too much) with some earthy and slight powdery feeling and that's what you will get in every step of this fragrance.
The opening is a juicy fresh lemony scent with very light and transparent herbal note and some florals in the background, plus the main note of the fragrance ..... turmeric!
The citrusy scent is sweet and juicy with slight tart edge and I think that's because of grapefruit note. you can smell the turmeric note with that slight earthy and powdery feeling and it's special aroma.
Beside these two, you can smell a very light basil and some floral notes, but they are completely in the background.
The scent is OK and definitely something new for your nose in fragrances, but if you're familiar with turmeric, you will say ... man, this one just smell like lemony turmeric!
Add a little lemon juice in a glass, add some water, some sugar and a little turmeric. there you go, you have this fragrance!
As time goes by, the floral and basil notes are almost gone and now you can smell a little stronger turmeric note that has some earthy and some powdery feeling and that juicy lemony scent is poking the main scent form the background.
Maybe that earthy smell is because of vetiver, but the turmeric note also has an earthy feeling by his own!
From this part the smell is almost without changes till the end.
Projection is soft and mostly close to the skin and longevity is moderate. I got around 4-5 hours which is not that bad!

یه عطر خیلی خاص که بوی بدی نداره اما بر پایه رایحه زردچوبه هست و فکر نمیکنم خیلی از ماها، خصوصا ایرانی ها دوست داشته باشیم بوی زردچوبه بدیم
رایحه اولیه این عطر بوی کمی شیرین و لیمویی هست که بویی شبیه به شربت های لیمو میده به اضافه رایحه زردچوبه و کمی هم رایحه خیلی ملایم گلها
رایحه زردچوبه همون طور که میدونین بوی ملایم و خاص و البته کمی تلخ داره و یه حس خاکی مانند و کمی پودری هم میشه تو بوی اون حس کرد و این حسی هست که دقیقا این عطر به شما میده
در ادامه بوی گلها خیلی خیلی ضعیف میشن و رایحه شیرین لیموئی ضعیفتر میشه و حالا رایحه زردچوبه بازم قویتر شروع به خودنمایی میکنه
بوش بد نیست اما مثل این میمونه که شما یه لیوان شربت آب لیمو درست کنین و توش 1 قاشق زردچوبه بریزین و بوش کنین
به نظر شما اگه همچین چیزی بوی خوبی میتونه داشته باشه و دوست دارین همچین بویی بدین خوب به طور حتم از این عطر خوشتون خواهد اومد اما اگه مثل من از این ترکیب خوشتون نمیاد، خوب مسلما از بوی عطر هم خوشتون نخواهد اومد
پخش بوی این عطر خیلی ملایمه و ماندگاری متوسطی داره
برای تست کردن و تفریح تجربه خوبی بود اما اینکه این عطرُ به خانوما پیشنهاد کنم که استفاده کنن ....... به هیچ وجه!!


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