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12 Lacha Odin for women and men

12 Lacha Odin for women and men
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12 Lacha Odin for women and men Pictures 12 Lacha Odin for women and men Pictures

12 Lacha by Odin is a Woody Spicy fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. 12 Lacha was launched in 2015. Top notes are saffron and black pepper; middle notes are carnation and nutmeg; base notes are suede, sandalwood, musk and patchouli.

Perfume rating: 3.76 out of 5 with 25 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Saffron Black Pepper

Middle Notes
Carnation Nutmeg

Base Notes
Suede Sandalwood Musk Patchouli

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12 Lacha Fragrance Reviews

Saeid Scent
Saeid Scent

Safraline+Synthetic and Plastic notes===>12 Lacha
complete waste of money for me.
Dont know who want to smell something like this?
really dont know what other positive reviews wanna point to?all i want to say is try before buy.this frag is not so wearable IMHO.

p.s:For sure it has nothing to do with Tuscan leather;
complete different things.
many members vote for frag similarities when they smell just one same top note!and thats odd!

Price tag is not acceptable for such thing.these days they dont really care about what they make and how much it costs to them,the only thing they care about is the name of production line and their brand.




12 Lacha is a furiously spicy scent developed by Odin in 2015. I purchased it from Barney's NY for $165, and in the package was an Odin candle, of which scent I cannot recall. I would have liked it to be the 12 Lacha formula, but it smelled delightful.

12 Lacha's opening is strong spice and flowers. It dries down to a strong spice and oud scent that is unforgettable. I haven't smelled this on anyone, and it's definitely a niche cologne.

I've had many compliments on this scent, and it Is my go to evening scent.



لاکا نمایش تصاویری سرشار از رنگ و نور معرفی شده که مترادف با هندوستانه.محور این تصویر سازی هم زعفران لاکاییه.
این عطرِ خانه ی اودین؛ترکیبی از بوی گرم و شیرین و طبیعی زعفران در کنار برجسته کردن حالت چرمی-خاکی مُستَتَر در گلبرگهای اون با استفاده از آکورد جیر و نتهای ادویه ای قدرتمند؛ارائه میکنه.

فلفل خشک،جوز گرم و خاکی،حس انیمالیک برخاسته از میخک و مشک در بستری دودی و تاریک.همه به نوبه ی خود در خلق فضایی تاریک و سنگین فعالیت دارن.
این عظمت دوست داشتنی که با گذشت 10 تا 15 دقیقه از حضورش؛از آمیزش جیر و زعفران حس چرمیِ پلاستیک مانندی به خودش می گیره که در ترکیب با فضای دودی-انیمالیک بجا مونده از شروع یاد آور یه سری عطرای ... که از بوشون خسته شدم میشه.این فضای چرم پلاستیکی-زعفرانی،دودی و انیمالیک میتونست باعث نابودی و شکست اودین 12 بشه اما خوشبختانه عطر از اون حس و حال دور میشه و زعفران گرم و شیرین با حالتی خشک بالا میاد و حس جیر،دودی-انیمالیک رو کاملا به حاشیه میفرسته.
به مرور حالت گازدار و نسبتا تندی وارد کار میشه اما بعد از مدتی افت میکنه و باز یه حالت دودی خفیف به عطر میده که زمینه ساز ورود بوی شیرین و دودی صمغی در کنار یه حس چوبی ملایم و کم رمق میشه.
این تغییر باعث میشه عطری گرم و شیرین،خشک و کمی دودی با تعادلی زعفرانی-صمغی-چوبی به مشام برسه که ته مایه ی جیر ناتوانی هم در خودش داره.پایان لوکس و گرم و دنجی که خاطره ی نا امید کننده ی میانه ی عطر رو کم رنگ میکنه.

لاکا یه عطر خوب دیگه از اودینه که بازی نتهای گرم و سنگین در اون نمایش زیبایی رو خلق میکنه.نُتهایی که سنگینی اونها کاملا کنترل شدست و با وجود آغاز تقریبا مهیبی که داشت؛واسم یه عطر بی آزار و دوست داشتنیه.
فضاش طوریه که بانوان هم براحتی میتونن بپوشنش و ماندگاری و پخش خوبش اونو به یه کار خوب برای روزای سرد تبدیل میکنه.
فقط ای کاش
ای کاش به اون سمت و سویی که نباید؛نمیرفت!
کامنت: م.ع
(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل


I bought this for my husband, but want to wear it myself! It is such and amazingly gorgeous spicy scent! It's a roaring fire, cashmere blanket and spice cake all rolled into one.


At opening this perfume offers a boost of wood, spices, leather and something sweet, like caramel or raisins. The leather is powdery and round. I detect spices such as nutmeg and perhaps clove and there must be pepper as it appears sharp, which give a spicy edge to the leather and wood. A bittersweet development appears on my skin after a few minutes (berries?) which later on is to be replaced with a softer and more round wood. In this stage it smells like typical oud, or its chemical counterparts, and if the latter, it's still well done. It's sweet, warm, dry and cosy. Perfect for cold times.


A very fine nutmeggy-suede scent... soft and comforting. It's a bit like visiting a leather shop. It is one of the oddest fragrances I own in that when I first spray it on I'm a little annoyed by it; it seems somewhat off-putting. But then, after a little while I get used to the smell of it and realize, again, that I really like it. No other scent I have is like that.

Lacha has superior longevity - on me it survived a shower! That doesn't happen very often.

I found this one after an exhaustive try out of the scents at the Barney's store in Las Vegas. Had to have a bottle!

I do not detect any pepper, BTW.


I liked it before, but after a number of wearings I got to the point where, at the end of the day, I sniffed the top of my tee shirt and went Mmmmmmmm. I cannot mentally force myself to do this. It's my final confirmation of approval and all my favorite scents have this reaction for me.

It's a very nice stablemate to my Tuscan Leather. One is assertively leather, the other is mildly suede.


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