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Turquoise Olivier Durbano for women and men

Turquoise Olivier Durbano for women and men
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Turquoise Olivier Durbano for women and men Pictures

Turquoise is another precious stone in the Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes collection.

Stone from Egypt, Siani Peninsula, Qeen Zar's jewels, the first dynasty, 5500 BC.

Copper blue, the green of iron or chrome, the color turqoise is the colour of immortality: Somewhere in between the vast and powerful sky and the mystery of the Nile...

The Apache Indians believe this stone combines the spirit of both the ocean and the sky. For the Navajo Indians a turquoise stone is a piece of the sky fallen on the earth.

Turquoise has always been considered to be a stone full of life and good fortune, a form of protection against evil spirits. It has been considered to have the ability to heal.

A Persian astronomer and philosopher named Al Kazwani wrote: "He who wears turquoise on his hand uses it like a seal will never be poor". Turquoise was launched in 2009.

Perfume rating: 3.79 out of 5 with 46 votes.

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Top Notes
Pink Pepper Olibanum Coriander elemi Juniper Pine

Middle Notes
Reed Lotus Lily Seaweed

Base Notes
Immortelle white honey Myrrh Amber

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Turquoise Fragrance Reviews


نی هایی که داخل رودهای آرام رشد میکنن؛ رایحه ی خاص و گیرایی دارن. قبل از اینکه قد بکشن و اون حالت چوبی و شکننده رو به خودشون بگیرن؛ بصورت گیاهان سبز و آبدار و تردی رشد میکنن که در قسمتهای نزدیک به ریشه؛ یه طعم نسبتا شیرین و هندوانه مانند دارن که کمی هم حالت چرکین داره. نزدیکترین رایحه ای هم که میشه واسه توصیف عطر این گیاهان جالب و خاص نام برد عطر پوست هندوانه و یا چمن های نیمه خشک پاییز هست که بارون خوردن؛ چنین حالتی!
تورکوئیس عطری هست که در شروع خودش به زیبایی چنین فضایی رو بدست میده و نمایشی از رایحه ی نی های سبز رودخونه رو به اجرا میذاره که با نتهای دریایی و سبز، طبیعی و ملموس جلوه میکنه.

عطر شروع پیچیده ای داره که به لطف بالانس خوب؛ همه چیز واضح و قابل تشخیصه. ترکیب گیاهان خشک، جلبک و نی های سبز که حالتی خنک، تازه، دریایی و کمی شور به خودش گرفته و در اعماق اون یه حس نرم دودی جریان داره. این شروع بدجور منو سرذوق آورد. یه عطر خنک و شفاف و گوارا که مثل قدم زدن در امتداد یه روخونه می مونه که عطر خاص اون با رایحه ی نی های سبز و تازه و نی های خشک و بزرگ در هم آمیخته. یه حس سبز و درخشان و شیک.
همون اندازه که شروع کار زیبا و چند وجهی بود؛ به مرور عطر رگه هایی از اون بوی شیرین و تازه ی هندوانه مانند رو به فضایی فلورال و تازه که شیرینی کنترل شده ای داره و حس دودی خیلی ضعیفی هم همراهیش میکنه؛ پیوند میزنه که نمونش رو در خیلی از کارای دیزاینر تجربه کردم و هرچند حاشیه هایی گیاهی و صمغی به خودش می گیره؛ اما همچنان بر همون محور خنک و هندوانه ای با قدرت تاکید داره.

تورکوئیس پتانسیل تبدیل شدن به یه شاهکار تابستانه ی دریایی-گیاهی رو داشت اما بعد از نیم ساعت تمام رؤیاها و توقعات رو از بین برد و در نهایت به یه کار معمولی و آشنا تبدیل شد. تنها تفاوتی که با کارای مشابه خودش داره ماندگاری 7 تا 8 ساعته و برخورداری از پخشیه که برای این قبیل کارها خوب بحساب میاد.
کامنت: م.ع

(سایت لوکس بایر (با امکان تست سمپل


Not a fan of the aquatic element, which is too harsh/blunt for my tastes. And it persisted for too long. So, I guess it's got to go on the swap list because I have lost patience trying to figure out how to enjoy scents like this!


I enjoy this. Turquoise starts out like a designer aquatic, reminiscent of Acqua di Gio, with strong projection, some marine saltiness and a bit of a bright, sparkling character. It doesn't smell unusual at all until it shows its coniferous side, about an hour or so into its development. Turquoise's aquatic heart is flanked by a sweet juniper note and dry pine, neither of which dominate the fragrance but instead serve as accents. Further along, a mineralic quality emerges and gives Turquoise a bit of a gray tinge, the smell of wet stones, or rain on pavement. It's subtle and pleasant, a reserved presence and interesting nuance of the fragrance. Finally, a pretty significant immortelle accord makes itself known, with its bittersweet, syrupy nature, supported by a soothing lotus note that kind of takes the edge off the immortelle and keeps it pretty as opposed to obnoxious. This is where the development ends in my experience, Turquoise finishing things out on a pretty base of lotus and immortelle with traces of its aquatic roots remaining at hand. There's some gray incense here, and it's sort of buried in the immortelle. Either way, I found the development interesting and quite impressive considering the degree of change that occurs throughout its duration. This is a nice fragrance that can be worn by casual interests and connoisseurs alike. Versatile, casual, and with good performance, Turquoise is worth sampling if you enjoy aquatics or fragrances with interesting development. Thumbs up.


I was very excited when I heard about this. The talk of turpentine in the opening and the prospect of a balsamic/incense fragrance that I can wear in the florida heat without nauseating everyone in a 5 meter bubble certainly had me intrigued.

I blind bought this, and it opened pretty great. Exactly what I was expecting, bright coniferous notes, balanced with an interesting briney turpentinic vibe and a noticeable salty-smoky-balsamic underbelly. I doused myself and excitedly went about my day. Interestingly, it accomplishes it's goal and it makes incense wearable in the heat, but at the expense of my personal tastes. The dreaded "marine" slop completely overtakes the fragrance after about 15 minutes and it just becomes this unbalanced nightmare on my skin. The resinous underbelly is there, but my chemistry makes it clash horribly with the oceanic airy vibe. It's sort of like a "beach walk" bathroom freshener or something, strangely boring and domesticated, but with a strangely salty incense pyre burning somewhere a room or two away. Additionally it is not nearly as dry as I was imagining it, it turned very sweet very fast adding to the list of things that I don't like in a fragrance.

In short, this was an interesting concept that unfortunately disagrees with me. I truly despise beach-walk candles as well as marine fragrances and as such this is going on the swap/sell list. Shame on me for blind buying.

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Turquoise opens with a synthetic nebula of aldehydes and calone brutally superimposed on more realistic balsamic notes, red pepper, a freezing incense note, something anisic-resinous, amber, something like a dry leather note on the very base (not a “full” leather accord, but something dry and slightly “roasted” with a salty-rubber aftertaste – like quinolines and the like). It is an odd scent indeed, which intrigues you at first: not “pleasant”, actually, but not even unpleasant, at least at first. Or just a bit. But more than that, just weird. Actually the most prominent “weird” factor is the clash between the cold, azure, lunar synthetic notes of calone and the (synthetic, I guess) pine-incense accord with the more “realistic”, earthy warmth of resins, woods and spices. It’s an extremely dimensional, almost “vertical” fragrance, somehow creating a sort of shade from cold/azure to warm/brownish (that’s how I would picture this scent), with quite some clashes between bold notes going on – calone, pepper, resins, incense, they’re all quite loud and fighting for your attention. Now, once you get over the first impression, you’ll probably realize that as much intellectually fascinating it may be (it isn’t that much, though...), Turquoise isn’t actually that nice to wear. Once you get over the first “wow?” and once the notes settle on skin and reach their drydown, it starts to smell a bit boring (not to say annoying). Mostly because of the calone-on-unrelated-stuff thing, which fits as good as a trout on a pancake (which is actually how Turquoise smells in its central and final phases). Shortly, it may be a “de gustibus” matter but I think this is one of those scents which are more intellectually fascinating than actually pleasant to wear (and I personally consider that a defect).



Blind buy and my first date with Olivier Durbano’s fragrances. IMHO this is the most beautiful marine scent. Well I’m superficial, I must amend. It’s not simply marine, ozonic or salty. This scent has a deep soul. If we think about turquoise, this stone is really particular. It has been considered magic by many ancient peoples. Olivier Durbano is a jeweler and knows very well precious stones and their meanings. This fragrance is really complex. I imagine an atoll, blue and green sea, wind, freedom and loneliness. On the other side incense gives to this scent a mystical aspect. Earth and clear sky, the voice of an ancient spirit, Mother Nature. Mexico and Nevada with their beautiful turquoises, but also the mysticism of Tibet. This is my feeling. Turquoise is not the description of Mediterranean sea. It is exotic but not at all beachy. Moving, but easy to wear and elegant. Perfect for summer and a beautiful escape in winter. A masterpiece! I’m speechless.


I had never heard of Olivier Durbano fragrances. I was missing out apparently. When I purchased Turquoise, I was going in blind. I hadn't sampled it. I basically read the note list, thought I'd like it, and bought it. I was in for something I wasn't expecting.

Smell: When I first spray this on, I don't know what to think within the first 10 seconds. It's medicinal, aquatic, and resinous all at once. It almost has a cooling quality to it. After the initial burst up top, it dries down a bit to a more subdued version of the opening. This scent is very linear on my skin but I don't mind that at all. It's a very relaxing smell.
Rating: 8/10

Longevity: I was a bit surprised with the longevity on this one. I had read some reviews after I tested it out for a few months and people were saying that their longevity (for the most part) was fairly average. I must have great skin then because on me it lasted 10 hours, sometimes more. What surprised me is that most times aquatics tend to suffer a bit in the longevity department on my skin at least. I was happy with the result.
Rating: 10/10

Projection: The projection of Turquoise is a bit spotty on me. Sometimes it will project very well and leave a very good scent cloud and others it will barely project half of an arm's length. When it projects well on me though, it does so for a good 4 to 6 hours before dying down to almost a skin scent, but not quite. That would be my biggest critique of this fragrance is the unpredictability in this department.
Rating: 6/10

Final Rating: 8/10
This scent is VERY underrated. It's a good choice for the spring OR summer in my opinion. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean.


It remindes me a lot of Quasar by Jesus Del Pozo!!! I love them both.


The opening is dominated by fresh aquatic notes which are pretty generic. After it settles, you get more resinous qualities and it projects a scent which has aquatic notes on a warm resinous woody base.

The scent matches well with what it is supposed to be: smell of Turquoise!

Previous reviewer mentions it has resemblance to Aqua Di Gio. As you know there are lots of colons of ADG and I need to warn you that Turquoise can be easily mistaken by a generic fresh mass marketed scent, unless smelled by a highly sophisticated nose. Hence, if you think you are paying price of niche product and will stand out of the crowd...think twice!

Good longevity and subtle projection. Overall: 5 out of 10.


The first reviewer put it very well.

Turquoise is wonderful!
But I prefer on my man's skin.
It's an ozonic, aquatic, slightly resinous composition.
I get a lot of mint, but it may be the accord formed by the aquatic and spicy notes.
Very clever, very modern and still - very natural.
Manages to be heating and cooling in the same second.
Plus great staying power!
Just fantastic, really worth trying.

In the drydown, gets similar to legendary Acqua di Gio.


This one is much different from other Durbano's works. Less incensy but still you can find some incensy notes deep inside. It's salty, windy, cold. Some algas notes are here evidently. It smells like a wet stone found in the sea water or like seashore air. This fragrance is like fragrant picture of rocky seashore on the windy and stormy afternoon when the sky is full of dark clouds. Marvelous. Turkus is an incredibly original, amazing and unique stuff which confirms Durbanos unique imagination, talent and abilities. Great, really great.


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