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Downtown Girl Revlon for women

Downtown Girl Revlon for women
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Downtown Girl is a Revlon perfume from 1992. It contains notes of bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Perfume rating: 3.53 out of 5 with 36 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Musk Jasmine Gardenia Sandalwood Patchouli Virginia Cedar Bergamot

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Clinique Happy
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Downtown Girl Fragrance Reviews


Revlon goes Downtown. This Girl sure does, and before she went she sprayed up her bangs with AquaNet hairspray, while popping a peach scented bubblegum and putting on a sweet scented Lipsmackers lip balm, slinging a big faux-leather bag over her shoulder before she walks out the door.

The notes listed may give you the impression that this is a woody, serious perfume, but it isn't. It's hairspray/aldehydic, to start with, and has a big does of citrus notes that really, really remind me of Clinique's Happy perfume that got released a few years later. Downtown has a rosey-peach-white floral heart, and after an hour, a very respectable cedar sandalwood base starts showing through the florals. Lasting power/strength are would you would expect from a drugstore cologne. I must have smelled this perfume, or perfumes like this, when I was growing up, because this scent is so familiar, and reminds me greatly of the late 80s/early 90s, before the 90s became "The Nineties."

I really just bought this because of the kitsch factor, and because I actually like many pre Y2K Revlon perfumes. And see those 2 ads for FragranceNet? They don't stock this perfume anymore, and it's harder to find on Ebay right now, especially for a cheaper price. I actually wish companies would still make perfumes like this, cheap thrills that you can spray carelessly before going out, perfume that could be tested and bought from a drugstore or Walmart or something. Celebrity perfumes don't count, and I just don't like most of B&BWs scents.

Cauda Pavonis
Cauda Pavonis

I never posted a review for Downtown Girl and I don't know why. I actually wear this regularly - I'll often put it on when I don't want to think too hard but I want something cool, fun, lighthearted but not run-of-the-mill boring. But the *real* reason I'm posting is because I just reviewed Etat Libre d`Orange's Jasmin et Cigarette and holy smokes, the dry down is *just like* Downtown Girl! I'm smelling myself going "Mmmmm, yeah, love this... what the heck does it remind me of???" when it hits me: Downtown Girl!

If you're stuck in modern day floral-fruity land walk right on by. But if you want something fun and different, but not weird or "powdery" (code for many people for "stuff my Mom/ grandma/ auntie wore", lol) this is a pretty safe blind buy.


Oh wow...

I wasn't expecting to like this so much! The opening is pretty harsh but it very quickly settles in to something terrific. It's powdery, but not overly so. I also detect a faint leathery lipsticky quality. Overall it's quite smooth and palatable (or "smellatable"). It brings to mind maturity; but the kind of maturity a younger woman could pull off if she were so inclined, if that makes sense. "Downtown Girl". What a perfect name for the scent. There is a pronounced urban chic vibe to it.

Wild how this stuff is so cheap. If you were to close your eyes and forget it's put out by Revlon and costs almost nothing, you could pass this off as a niche fragrance, for sure. Like, seriously: you could stamp "Juliette Has a Gun" on the label and trick folks. It's that good. I'm amazed it isn't more popular! Awesome. I will be repurchasing.

Note: I can see a lot of women who are used to the pretty bright girly-girl scents being put off by "Downtown Girl". It's definitely unisex. Leaning slightly towards the feminine, but unisex just the same.


I have asthma, have had it since I was a kid. Becuase of this there are very few frangrences I can wear. Most will send me into coughing fits at the very least, and there have been times when I was sent to the hospital by someone wearing a ton of perfume in the store.

That said for whatever reason this is one of the few colognes that does NOT choke me. I don't what Revlon put in this or did but I can WEAR it, all day every day if I wanted. But I am not that much of a perfume buff.

I looked this up and saw the list of fragrence notes and thought well no WONDER I like this stuff, not only is it wearable but it has some of my favorite incense oils as a base, Patchouli, Bergamot and Jasmine. Sandalwood and Cedar while not on my oils list are still good me at least.

When Revlon stopped making this I almost cried...I stillhave the last bottle I bought back in the 90's, WITH SOME STILL IN IT! I have used it very sparingly since I did not know if I could ever get more.

I am so happy I found this source for one of my few favorite one at that. It suits my half Roma style, kindof sweet kindof watch out...


I recently revisited this perfume - I still have a little splash bottle from the 90's. I had forgotten how much I LIKE it!!!

It is an odd scent - very unlike anything else that I have ever used (and that is saying a lot!). The ingredients all look familiar, but somehow their combination has made for a genuinely original and very unique perfume! I really wish that it were offered in a stronger version than cologne. Unlike Sheridanellis, it is not strong on my skin, so I wish that I could get a longer lasting edp or something like that.

Alas, this was a Revlon drugstore perfume and didn't warrant anything stronger. Maybe I can find a lotion or something to strengthen the longevity. I have already purchased a bigger spray bottle of it.


Gaaaaaa! I received this today and it is ODD. I'm not sure if the juice "turned" or not. It is just such a weird composition. The white floral's and patchouli totally combat each other. It's sort of a mess on my skin right now. The top notes coming out right now are not unlike the ammonia of cat urine mixed with the scent of celery and baby powder of all things. Almost like a disposable diaper/nappie that has been peed in and left in the sun with rotting celery. It is similar to any civet's I've ever sniffed which I don't like at all. By now I am a self declared experienced (enough?) fragratician so know not to run to the sink and scrub yet if I want to discover if I truly can handle this fragrance or not, but for now...blach!!!!! I'll see what it does over the next few hours. SO BIZARRE.


Boy, do I remember wearing Downtown Girl when it debuted in 1992.

I loved the black frosted glass bottle, the affordable price & the convenience of buying it in drugstores. This scent had to be worn VERY sparingly - it's one of those very concentrated, spicy, peppery, rich & sharp fragrances that are better appreciated at a minimum.

And I do mean a MINIMUM. For me, anything more than 1 spritz on the wrist was a suffocating excess.

I enjoyed wearing it then, but I ultimately couldn't wear it for longer than 2 or 3 bottles' duration (I needed to move on to other scents). It was a sultry & sexy scent & it did actually feel very 'urban' & 'downtown' (city chic). It well-suited my concert-going persona in my youth. I still like it for nostalgic reasons but I couldn't wear an intensely peppery scent like this on a regular basis again (except maybe a dab on my wrist in the winter).

I'm much more into bright, creamy white florals now - something softer, more demure, less strong/assertive/demanding. :) Downtown Girl has a great spirit of independence.


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