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Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men

Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men
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Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men Pictures Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men Pictures Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men Pictures Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men Pictures Hedera helix Roxana Illuminated Perfume for women and men Pictures

The perfume is titled Hedera helix, the botanical name for Ivy. As part one of the sacred plants of the Celtic forest and part of the Tree Ogham this tenacious, evergreen features a botanical palette of leaves such as peach leaf absolute, violet leaf and rhododendron on a bed of oakmoss and balsams. A classy fragrance with a modern, green twist. Hedera helix was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Roxana Villa.

Perfume rating: 4.63 out of 5 with 21 votes.

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oak moss Violet Leaf Ivy Rhododendron Resin

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Hedera helix Fragrance Reviews


This is the stuff of my dreams. It's a creamy, green, mossy and woody, and it stays like this from the moment you apply it until the moment it miraculously soaks into your hair, watch strap, shirt cuffs..

There are many things I like about a solid perfume - how luxurious and personal it feels when applied, and how close to the skin it remains throughout. I love how once I apply it, it becomes a scent of my skin rather than a smell that feels nice but foreign. However, all of those things can be a downside too when you feel like "wearing a perfume".

Great scent overall, it has depth, complexity, and my favourite green woodiness. Just wish it were a bit more prominent. But maybe the liquid version has it :)


This perfume is one of my favorites, ever. If you want to smell like blue-green shady forests and sun-warmed herbs (particularly the blooms of rosemary and thyme), with a brief, bright citrusy note (like bergamot), and a calming honey-lavender note in there somewhere, I would HIGHLY recommend "Hedera Helix" solid perfume.


For serious oakmoss lovers only! Otherwise, danger on the rocks ahead. This is the dense and dark perfume of a Druid priest. It recalls ancient forests and tree spirits and sacred altars. Nothing floral or airy in this perfume. You had better like your green-based perfumes very green.

After the initial blast of oakmoss and ivy notes, which consist of balsam and galbanum and geranium, hay, and sage just to name the few that I can discern, the violet leaf begins to emerge, and a soft powder begins. It calms down into the sweet, powdery base that seems to be present in all of Roxana's perfumes.

I purchased the actual liquid perfume, but you might want to try it in the beeswax if this sounds too intense for you. It's a much lighter version. One of my favorites when I don't want anything sweet or flowery, just want to smell earthy and primitive.


Wow! Now this is a chypre. I love Psiclops review and apparently I must love oakmoss because I adore this stuff. It smells absolutely classic and green, green, green. I've never smelled the original Chypre but I imagine that this stuff is a simpler, powder free version. It smells fresh and green and I like the comparison to walking past a wall of ivy on a summers day. The first hour is very strong and perhaps a bit eyewatering, even though I've only dabbed a tiny bit of the solid on my wrists, then it calms down and the resins comes through along with the floral. After the first hour it's more of a skin scent but still very impressive sillage and longevity for a solid, natural perfume.


Lovely, it smells like something from my past but I can't put my finger on it! Great Chypre very heavy oakmoss which I adore!plus Roxana is devine, such a caring seller.


This is like walking close to an ivy covered brick wall on a perfect day. Round the corner, over mossy stone steps, close to the herb garden, stop and breathe everything in, as you look over a grassy opening.
The oak moss keeps it from going too wet; no dank earth — rather, rich, deep emerald, with a hint of sunny herbs, sweet, green grass, and wildflowers. Lush, dark green ivy leaves, with a sweet, faintly honeyed finish.


Do you LOVE oakmoss? Then this is the scent for you. On my wrist, I initially got a couple of seconds of a chypre blend with a light floral background. Then the floral disappeared and I was left with oakmoss. And not a subtle one. I'm talking loud, pungent, can't miss it oakmoss.

There may have been other notes there, but I couldn't smell them over the oakmoss. If this oakmoss was a party, it would be teenage destruction, 3am, call the cops because the neighbors can't sleep over the sound of the oakmoss type of party. If this oakmoss was a dog, it would be a little yappy dog wearing a tiny oakmoss sweater that won't shut up no matter what and it becomes impossible to ignore.

I tried to sit it out in hopes that other notes might emerge, but it was not to be. When I started sneezing at around a half hour, I scrubbed. And even then the oakmoss lasted through two dousings with soap and water.

On the plus side, my cat was intrigued by it. She sniffed all over my hand until she found the spot where I had applied it, and then tried to lick it. Apparently, she likes oakmoss.

Have I mentioned the oakmoss?


Solid perfume review

Since I don't see any reviews of this line I'll start with an overview (I bought 6 solid perfume samples). This is a natural line, so don't expect Cher-like longevity. The artist describes her work as a means to enhance your happy space, and I recommend wearing during quiet evenings at home to fully appreciate this hippie concept.

So, I"m sitting with Hedera Helix in the early morning hours of Sunday, enjoying the peace before my birds start screaming for breakfast. A Christmas scent? Interesting. But let me continue with the other nuances.

I applied the balm to my décolleté so it can warm and waft up to my nose. Yes, gloriously yes, you get a lovely mossy accord, making this soar. This fragrance wears light, like the kiss of a child, and is neither sweet nor earthy. Its somewhere in the middle of the stem, where the bark is pliable and moist. This is not at all a green chypre as most understand the term, but a soft, green floral.

'But what about the happy space', I hear you asking. Alright. Here is the image I got when doing a meditation on this scent: I saw a young girl, age 12, going to meet people she loves. The path to get there was through a grove of saplings, thinly distributed to let in the bright sunlight. The air was cool and the girl was wearing a coat, and there was nothing to frighten her. The energy in this image was anticipation, contentment, and blessed chaos that comes from being part of gathering where everyone is so happy to be there that they all try talking at once.


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