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Asmar SoOud for women and men

Asmar SoOud for women and men
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Asmar is the dusty scentof earth and sun, tanned skin and sand. It is a scent of amber, strong yet delicate due to its warm notes. Notes: bergamot, white honey, roasted coffee, amber cigar, grape marc, amber, tobacco leaf, suede, musk and vanilla. Dorian Gray meets Scheherazade ...

It is available as Eau Fine (EDP) and Nektar Parfum (perfume extract). Asmar was launched in 2010. The nose behind this fragrance is Stéphane Humbert Lucas.

Perfume rating: 4.23 out of 5 with 84 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot Coffee white honey Grapes Tobacco Suede Vanille Musk Amber Carnation

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Asmar Fragrance Reviews


PERFECTION!!! Absolutely superb honey!!! Oh my god - it's fabulous. Glorious tobacco, and I am sure there's patchouli too. It's completely gorgeous!!!


There are way more mediocre fragrances than there are good fragrances, therefore, when you find something good, its a beautiful thing. After the first 30 minutes, i was convinced this was a Chantecaille Kalimantan clone. It had the same weighty warm components fooling me to thinking that I was actually smelling patchouli amongst other things(maybe there is patchouli here but not listed).... Later, this would change into something that should appear on everybody's want list. From this point, I couldn't avoid the Myrrhe Imperiale sameness. It had that same spicy oriental quality. I found it very hard to believe this wasn't laced with pink pepper. Also, this was a little dusty in the sense of it possibly containing iris. 8hrs for this fragrance was a nothing burger; effortless...and then some. Nice projection, not so nice price. This was a fun ride and gives new meaning to "holding on like a hubcap in the fast lane." All I need is time and I got a feeling that I'm gonna need Asmar around the clock.



Right off the bat you smell everything all at once: honey, grape, the incense, tobacco, amber, a lovely soft leather and faint coffee.

Within 5 minutes the notes float apart. a soft warm, sweet honey and white grape emerge with a lovely warm amber tobacco and incense holding them up.

I think the company description is truly dead on. This scent has a subtle sweetness. It sort of does have that warm skin smell. Not any skin mind you, but skin of color that is in the sun, or tanned skin. It reminds me of being out in the sun all day during the summer at the lake. But its more than that. It is exotic.

The scent is a semi thick or maybe dense blend: honey that has a fruity hint of white grape, a curl of incense that is intermixed with with a sweet warm ambery honey tobacco and vanilla soaked coffee beans.

The coffee, musks, amber and a bit of vanilla seem to dominate the dry down of the scent. There remains a faint hint of the honey, incense and tobacco - more so the tobacco and amber. But your left smelling a very warm sexy scent that is lightly sweet and gives off a "dusky" exotic vibe.

Asmar is a smooth lovely scent that stays fairly close, yet lasts a long time.
A scent that is interesting, unique, exotic by way of the silk road through India and the Middle East....via the hollywood lens that paints only the beauty peaceful exotic parts.

It is one of those scents that you smell, and then want to smell again, I find it very personal, and sexy.


"This review is for Nectar Parfum concentration"

After spraying on your skin and first sniff, first thing that attacks your nose is sweet honey note.
It's strong, warm and very sweet, but very yummy and sensual at the same time. for a few seconds it's just straight honey.
After about 5-10 seconds tobacco shows up and as time passing by it gets stronger.
The tobacco note here smell like dried tobacco leafs. it's dry, herbal and kind of bitter green that gives the scent a dark and masculine aura.
In the mid while honey and tobacco notes domination, coffee note joins.
The coffee note is not that strong. it's a few steps back behind those two.
In the base the scent didn't change that much. I'm just getting a little more coffee and a little smoother honey and tobacco.
The scent is kind of linear but it's not getting boring because longevity sucks!
Projection is strong at the start but it dies pretty quick on my skin. I've tested it several times during several weeks to see may I get more longevity but no way! longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin and even with different testing during different situations it didn't change.
It's a very sensual and beautiful high quality fragrances but it's not unique and I've smelled something like this before. also for $270 for 30ml I want better projection and longevity.

این توصیف برای نسخه نکتار پارفوم هستش

رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی قوی و کاملا مشخص عسل شروع میشه. برای چند ثانیه فقط بوی عسل هست که به مشام میرسه
بوی عسل تو این عطر در عین حال که قوی، گرم و شیرینه بسیار دلچسب و جذاب هم هست
بعد از حدود 5-10 ثانیه که فقط بوی عسل به مشام میرسه کم کم بوی تنباکو به عطر اضافه میشه و هر چی میگذره قوی و قویتر میشه
رایحه تنباکو تو این عطر حس تلخ و خشک و گیاهی و بسیار با کیفیتی داره که به اون شیرینی عسل حس سنگین و مردانه میده
تو رایحه میانی در حالی که رایحه های عسل و تنباکو با قدرتی تقریبا یکسان حکمفرمایی میکنن، کمی رایحه قهوه هم به عطر اضافه میشه
رایحه قهوه خیلی قوی نیست اما مشخصه و تو رایحه پایه کمی قویتر هم میشه اما در مجموع عسل و تنباکو رایحه های اصلی عطر هستن
بوی عطر در مجموع تقریبا خطی هست و از اول تا آخر فرقی به اون صورت نمیکنه ولی خوشبختانه این روند یکنواخت هیچوقت خسته کننده نمیشه چون ماندگاری عطر اصلا خوب نیست
پخش بوش اولش خوبه و نسبتا زیاده اما خیلی سریع پخش بوش کم میشه و میچسبه به پوست و ماندگاریش هم حدود 4-5 ساعت بیشتر نیست
من چندین بار در طول چند هفته تو شرایط مختلف تستش کردم بلکه ماندگاریش بیشتر بشه ولی هیچ تاثیری نداشت و فرقی نکرد
در مجموع عطر خوشبو و جذابیه اما بوی آشنا و نسبتا تکراری داره و جدا از اون وقتی آدم قراره حدود 270 دلار بابت 30 میل عطر پول بده توقع پخش و ماندگاری بهتری داره


اگر تمایل به خرید محصولات این کمپانی داشتید،پیغام بگذارید


Opens with dark coffee after the honey has been leaving his mark of sweetness, fantastic. I need this big bottle without doubts.

I sort like this:
Smell: 10/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10


Where is this avalible as in which website , store , how hard is it to find in the UDS (California)? PM me please.


What hit me first was the musky smell of a middle-Eastern bazaar. Not that I have ever been to one, but this is exactly how I imagine they smell: incensey, musky, earthy. It was the Parfum Nectar version: intense!

Once dried down, it becomes sweet and leathery and tobacco-ey but still with the incensey base. Love it.


Oh dear. Stale and pungent are the themes here!

I was hoping for rich, bold coffee, sweet opulent honey creamy sexy amber, and other niche surprises and instead this simply curled my nose! My head drooped, I had high hopes for unearthing a gem, but found buried garbage. It pains to say that, but it's arguably even worse since real garbage is free!

What is the point of gourmand if it's not sweet?

All I get is very a very strong bitter booze, coupled with some stale oudh, wisps of dry and stale (again) cofee/coco and Arabian musk/amber that comes off very offensive, nothing close to authentic. A bitter disappointment, literally!

I just want to add, this is in no way a reflection of the colorful bazaars that line the streets of say, Morocco.

From them, you'll get truly rich heady aromas of dried fruit, clean wisps of the best sweet inscene and addicting unlit tobacco. All bold, sweet and clear. No way near to what this excuse of a creation this scent opens with!

Not what you'd expect in return of $50 for a 120ml bottle. But So oud will instead kindly charge you $350. Outrageous.

It's musty, dusty (wisps of some smoke that maybe is attempting to be Arabian incense?) and all other notes seem very weakened a soaked in a very pungent booze.

For better, sweeter booze- try the Frapins, or better, Enchanted forest! They're much cheaper too!

Edit: I've now also tried the houses' Nur. It's more disappointment with bitter greens (artmisia) being the dominant theme where the note list yet again portrays an image of sweet seducing honey, lemon and ambery riches.

One of the worse Houses I've come across, sorry to say. Only their lasting power is of any good.

My rating: 2/10.

Samples courtesy of LuckyScent.


I can't tell that it's so great, like it should be with its really great ingredients. It's just sweet, heavy and VERY EXPENSIVE one (€175 for only 30ml perfume spray). So, you'd better try it before you place your order. I couldn't find it in Bologna (Italy), so I've ordered it from net, just because I like the declared ingredients. I don't know how someone can find any roasted coffe, or bergamot or anything else in this creation, it smells just like rancid apple pie.

To tell you the truth, I tried to use my Molecule 01 like a basic fragrance to "repair" my Asmar of So Oud. Imput Molecule 01 as a base of Asmar just 10 minutes before I'm wearing the last one. This way Asmar, wich I don't like itself, becomes a miracle of niche perfumery.

It could be a really good idea to add some Iso E Super to this fragrance to make it more masculine.


Asmar is a really nice gourmandy scent. If you like honey-sweet (and equally delicious) perfume you should give this one a try.
I ordered a decant because I was quite curious about the scent.
Rightly so as most astonishing here is the coffee aroma which really struck me right after applying Asmar onto my wrist. is well-blended and fits nicely into all the other fine ingredients.
Strong scent with lots of sillage, quite long-lasting and absolutely extra-ordinaire !
You sit in a cosy warm café, having a fine little espresso and devour a wonderfully sweet and creamy piece of cake or a Danish :-) All this you will find in Asmar. Oriental sexiness included.
Ambery, warm, slightly malty and honey-dipped coffee...oh, it is good !
However, the price is less favourable - the Eau Fine (which I tried with my decant) is in the same price range as the Tom Ford Private Blends or Armani Privé for example...just to give you a hint. The nectar version is even more expensive (guess how much but sit down before you find out *g*).

But it must be said this fragrance is really pleasant and innovative. I am thinking about getting a bottle.

Edit Aug.26,2011 :
Have just received my bottle Eau Fine of Asmar. Still very nice, very remarkable. Gourmand-y as with my first skin test.


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