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Burqua SoOud for women and men

Burqua SoOud for women and men
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Burqua SoOud for women and men Pictures

Burqua perfume is like pure blood, Chinese ink and and bewitched essences of dark wood Prestigious and elegant, it contains notes of jasmine, rose, black violet, cardamom, sage, benzoin, myrrh, black ink, rubber sap, black amber, patchouli, Guaiac wood, oud and teck.

It is available as Eau Fine (EDP) and Nektar Parfum (perfume extract). Burqua was launched in 2010. The nose behind this fragrance is Stéphane Humbert Lucas.

Perfume rating: 3.68 out of 5 with 45 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Jasmine Patchouli Guaiac Wood Sage Amber Cardamom Benzoin Myrhh Rose Violet Teak Wood Agarwood (Oud) Leather Ink

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Burqua Fragrance Reviews


(Review for the Nektar/Extrait)

This stuff is like Ex Idolo on crack, with the natural rubber (chemical facet) blasted to volume 10 and the rose + blackest of ink combo very bright and wet and shimmering while still smelling black. I picture it as a liquid latex black body suit (the cover of American Horror Story S1 comes to mind), and the 'freshly printed newspapers' image is not inaccurate below.

Extremely potent! I've been able to get 3 wears out of a 1/2ml sample and I think I still have several more to use. I like it, or perhaps it's more accurate to say I'm morbidly fascinated by it, but is it wearable? That depends if you want to smell like you've been locked in a monastery using calligraphic ink for the past few months and have spilled large amounts of it on your robes. The ancient damp forest outside and the massive cold stonework have seeped their way into the background smell of your robes, too. I rarely get picture/place associations with my scents but this is full of them. For this reason and the below associations, I must click 'love'.

The Name of the Rose comes to mind as well, Sean Connery and all when I smell this. Delightful. Due to the true INK smell, this is actually the closest I've come to a scent resembling books etc.


when i first tried the Notturno by Meo Fusciuni i have found my missing note that shivers my spine and makes me dream while i am awake & eyes wide open, it is the INK note. i never knew that there was an ink note but i've always believed that there IS something i was searching for and eventually found out that it was the Ink note.
and since that day i begun to search for perfumes that has this note, and i found Burqua and just today i tried it.
this perfumes is something impossible to be in a bottle!! it is EXACTLY the Portrait of an Arabian peninsula bedouin woman (only from Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Emirates, Qatar, & Oman - but mostly in Kuwait & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) the REAL smell of an Arabian woman. the portrait is like this:

a woman wearing a black Dress not tight and not wide but nice fit & covers her full body to hide her beauty
and above that she's wearing a nylon cotton black Abaya (something similar to black cape) with a black hijab & black burqua to cover her face beauty & showing her artistic drawn eyes with black eye shadow that highlights the wide black eyes of an Arabian woman. Borqua perfume smells like that EXACTLY with a slightly body sweat odor of a fresh clean body and the smell that comes out when the sweat is mixed with the fabrics of her clothes while the smell of the eyes shadow or the ink eyeliner is conquering the scene.
this masterpiece should be named "Sehr El Eyoon" cause it's a term used in the Arabian Peninsula describing the charming and the captivating of an Arabian women Beautiful eyes that charms the one who sees it (the Magic of the Charming Eyes - in english) instead of Burqua cause Burqua is the old term of the fabric mask that covers the Arabian Women and mostly Muslims & it has the old style while now only old women uses it, & the new name is Neekab as both have the same concept with a bit more modern for younger women. the main usage of this is to hide her beauty from men & it's not a must in islam as the Hijab.

Stéphane Humbert Lucas is a real artist creating this perfume & im sure Arabian women was his inspiration to create this masterpiece.

P.S: where is the almonds note??

Edit (24th July 2016) oh man, the teak wood in here is disturbing too, it's like the one in Qom Chilom by 777! maybe because it is used and i guess as old as it goes the teak wood becomes harsh and strong and all other ingredients weakens. This is not a good thing cause Qom Chilom and Burqa one day were my favorites (if not THE favorites) but right now after this strengthen teak wood note, it just went straight to the bottom of dislikes. pity.


اگر تمایل به خرید محصولات این کمپانی داشتید،پیغام بگذارید


Not so special. The review below that compares Burqua SoOud to the smell of newspapers pretty much nailed it, it smells like newsprint to me too. But who wants a bottle of that?


The opening smells like black olives and faintly of violets in the background.
(may be the 'ink' plus patchouli ?) I expected this to be much colder and more metallic because of the way i think of ink i suppose, but i found it to be very warm.
Very woody and ambery once the opening passes. The drydown of rose and jasmine plus some cardamon. It's not quite as unique as i was hoping for but definitely a like for me along with pretty much every other rose/ violet and woods compostions i have tried.


Reminds me of the smell of the freshly printed newspapers in a bundle, dropped off near the house in the earl a.m. for delivery. Teak stands out and so does the sap. Overall a winner. I got a free sample at the Scent Bar in Hollywood. I can never afford this, just saving this small amount for a special occasion.


Very gentle femininity expressed in sweet and flower notes. Burqa? Delicate lady, covered. Name just an interpretation of the scent. It is nice way to lead you intrepret it your ways.


warm blood and honey. so many interesting sounding notes for something that doesnt smell remotely like any of the notes ( except for blood...blah) plus this gets very very weak exactly 5 minutes in. Where's the oud??
An hour later, this turns into a sweet fruity a weakened yet exact version of miss dior cherie. wth??? what is wrong with this perfume?? None of this makes sense. What will it turn into next?? Hai Karate??
I was drawn in by the write-up at luckyscent. This is what samples are for I guess, so we dont make bad decisions.


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