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Rose de Petra Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 for women and men

Rose de Petra Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 for women and men
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Rose de Petra by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Rose de Petra was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Stéphane Humbert Lucas. Top notes are litchi, pomegranate and rose; middle note is bulgarian rose; base notes are pepper, cardamom and cumin.

Perfume rating: 4.42 out of 5 with 55 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Litchi Pomegranate Rose

Middle Notes
Bulgarian Rose

Base Notes
Pepper Cardamom Cumin

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Trésor Eau de Toilette
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Rose de Petra Fragrance Reviews


Amazingly beautiful rose. Soft, spicy, bright, warm. One of my favourite rose fragrances. It wears like a cashmere shawl. What I also like is the interplay of notes, the fact I can distinct some of them and that they seem to move like a fluid: some come on stronger only to disappear and re-appear again. The fragrance is pretty much the same from start to end but I don't mind it at all since there is so much going on. Rose the Petra never becomes boring. Great fragrance from a great house, quickly becoming one of my favourites.


A stunningly beautiful sheer, slightly spicy rose of great delicacy and beauty. Subtle and provocative, the fragrance hovers around the body like a veil. I need this in my life. The most beautiful rose I've smelled to date. Medium silage, excellent longevity, over 10 hours.


I love spicy, dusty rose fragrances, and this must surely be one of the best. I'm also very fond of cardamom and rose, and cardamom is very prominent in Rose de Petra. It also has some greenness and freshness in it perhaps from some tree moss or oak moss. I smell that dusty, smoky note in it.
The litchi and pomegranate add a slight tartness, but mainly it's resinous and seems to have tonka.

A wonderful evening perfume, more for cooler weather, but just a gorgeous rose humming in the background of the Middle Eastern notes. One of my new favorites out of my rose perfumes.


Una rosa resa aspra e vibrante da litchi e melograno.
Verde e spinosa, elegante e speziata.
Austera, nessuna dolcezza cremosa, niente zucchero o miele. Una rosa screziata di pepe e cardamomo, pungente e viva.
Risplende con le alte temperature estive.
Fragranza originale, solare, interessante.
Per chi ama le rose speziate e intense, con una minima dose di cumino.
Fascinosa, sicura, forte.

Estremamente persistente.


Petra Oh Petra... Petra is the carved town on the pink mountain resides in the desert of Jordan in the middle east. it's a around 2000 old. i remember they might be having a connection to Mada'in Saleh which resides in west north side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because both of them shows similarity of an amazing carved mountains & rocks. now Mada'in Saleh has an amazing story which is written in the Holy QURAN since 1400 years. they were the Prophet Saleh's nation called Thamood, they had been givin an amazing strength to build such city or as a matter of fact carve their city, but they weren't that good people as they were packed with an extreme ego. Prophet Saleh has called them for the Monotheism but they were so fund of themselves & as said, packed with ego.

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That was Mada'in Saleh's story it's also called AlHijr or Hegra.
it's not a good place to visit as Al-Petra cause it is cursed (not as movies for sure or the ghosts things) and even Prophet Mohammad have said few about it not to go there, and never stay overnight there no matter what. and as said few says it's has that similarity to Petra and both happened in the same era so i guess there is a connection there.

now to the fragrance:

it is the most extreme good flower that i can ever get. im literally not into flower notes at all but this one got me quite harsh, flowery hintly sweetish, freshly dark, and overwhelming love. the pepper gives the impression of that dusty effect that describes those amazing carving on the mountains. & the cumin and cardamom on the dry down is slight and gives the cooling breeze of that mountain's castles. it's love to me. and to be honest i do fall in love for any scent that has an amazing inspiration towards an ancient historical place, i didn't read Stephane's inspiration but as long as he named it Petra then it's mine :)

i thought for once that the main draw back of this masterpiece was it's longevity & i was completely wrong cause as i've said on other fragrances, some perfumes are meant to be light and not overpowered so it will be amazingly pleasant rather than disturbing just like this one. what you need to do is to apply later on.

This fragrance fits exactly the music called "Walking On Vanity Ruins" from Silent Hill 3 Game when Heather comes out from the Metro station and have an anger talk with Detective Douglas Cartland about how freak things she sees.

majestic mammy
majestic mammy

Soft beautiful rose. It comes and goes longer than I expected. At some points of the day I think its goine and the a beautiful elegant soft luxurious light rosey smokey breeze makes a debuting anchor. I find this reminds me of the former amouage turkish and bulgarian rose attars. Not the same but much kin. I get a very luxurious whiff of high grade white musk . Mainly rose and a very soft rose a unique rose of so understated elgantly adoring perfume. I am so enemored. If someone loves lyric woman it will be a new love for rose de petra. This is a fragrance for any time any culture and any moment .
Edit 01 August 2014
This is so beautiful. No scent of cumin what so ever. Today I pick up smoke and the rose is undeniably beautiful. Cardimon is very smooth in the opening.
I am really surprised that anyone in rating put dislike. Its attractive, gentle and very elegant. Very pleasing and smooth. Nothing ever cloying. Most well blended.


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