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Maremma Tiziana Terenzi for women and men

Maremma Tiziana Terenzi for women and men
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warm spicy
Maremma Tiziana Terenzi for women and men Pictures

The other stop on this wonderful journey is in Tuscany: the perhaps less romantic and less well-known hills and valleys of Maremma. Tough and strong, just like the men and women who live there; regal and proud as the horses that gallop tirelessly across its landscape; it is a place for camping in the pristine wilderness alongside the Buttero and their amazing horses. The term Buttero refers to Maremma’s horseback herders. The name comes from the Greek boútoros (= oxen herder). Taken broadly, this term could be considered the Italian equivalent to the American Cowboy. This complex and multi-faceted perfume exudes the power of this place. Filled with fruity and floral notes native to the Maremma landscape together with strong leather and wood tones makes this perfume incredibly long lasting. Its black bottle contains all the charm of this wild and fascinating land, one of the least well-known corners of Italy, yet one brimming with wonders.

Top Notes: Bitter Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Black Currant, Holm Oak Acorn

Middle Notes: Angelica, Orris Root, Agarwood, Lotus Wood, Cumin, Honey

Base Notes: Patchouli, Cocoa Powder, Sandalwood, Cistus Labdanum, Amber Crystals, Rosewood. Maremma was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Paolo Terenzi.

Perfume rating: 4.16 out of 5 with 79 votes.

Perfume Pyramid

Top Notes
Bergamot Ylang-Ylang Jasmine Black Currant Oak

Middle Notes
Angelica iris Agarwood (Oud) Persimmon Cumin Honey

Base Notes
Patchouli Cacao Sandalwood Labdanum Amber Palisander Rosewood

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enormous 13

This perfume reminds me of  
Black Orchid
3 no yes
Vanity Oud
2 no yes
Collection Extraordinaire Precious Oud
1 no yes


Maremma Fragrance Reviews


I agree with the other reviewers- this is strikingly similar to TF Black Orchid. The first time I encountered that, I was in love. I wore it as my signature for a while. When spring came, it seemed too heavy and I quit the habit. When fall returned, and I revisited the stuff and I was completely turned off. My love was never to be rekindled. Today, about 5 years post Black Orchid affair, I tried Maremma, unknowing of its likeness to the former. Although there is definitely something beautiful about Maremma, I find it too loud and overpowering. I'm unable to ignore it and I'm unable to smell anything else around me. Sillage is beastly powerful, and it has staying power to match. If it were an animal, it might be a giant black lion with large claws. It has a certain dark, gritty, woody, creamy sexiness. I prefer it over Black Orchid, because it is not as screechy. It calms into something softer and more approachable 45 minutes or so after application. At this point, the sillage is quieter and a creamy cocoa and thick honey are more easily detected, but are blackened by persistent patchouli grit, dark amber, and labdanum. Sharp and pungent, creamy, and dry at the same time somehow. I think this is more feminine than masculine, and would be more appropriate in the evening during the colder months of the year.


Ohhh! Maremma is really special i feel in love with this.I have Black orchid and this is diferent.In my skin Black Orchide is more floral and sof, this is really dark and stronger.For night is sooo wonderful!!
Longetivy and sillage are so good !


Im lost, has anyone seen my marbles?

Im lost... and that's just fine..

You know you put on a fragrance and its soo good you end up laying on the floor with you wrist glued to your nose its something special.

Just WOW!
Wanna get lost, go on some journey.. where? Somewhere, ya somewhere over there!
Its so deep the cacao at first smells dry, but soon it seems to be wet powder ( thanks iris ). It just pulls you in. .. I'm lost.

Amber does its job, oud keeps you guessing, the dry almost bridle greens keep it bitter, the wood keeps it erect.

Its dry, bitter, yet sweet, and strong.

Performance is how Niche should be, banging!



Açılışı Black Orchid'e çok benzeyen, sonrasında daha şeffaf ve daha tatlı ilerleyen hoş bir koku olmuş. Black Orchid'i seven ama çok kullanıcısı olduğu için kullanmaktan sıkılanlar için çok güzel bir alternatif, tavsiye ediyorum.


I think that you need to be a very particular type of man to pull it off. No man with a lack of confidence can wear it.

I see it as a sassy feminine. Its sultry and creamy and bitter and even a bit oily in its nature. Cocoa and persimmon do a fantastic job of sweetening the plethora of woody materials used. I don't normally like cocoa, but the bitter buttery variety here is spectacular. It mixes wonderfully with the agarwood used here, the fruits and flowers add a rich and lush background.

Lasting power is superb. It is one of those moody perfumes that don't do well during the day but come to life at night.


Tom Ford Black Orchid in çok daha erkeksi hali. Bence bu tarz kokularda en iyilerden.


From the start I was perplexed as where I have encountered this sort of scent before. It took me an hour when "Maremma" switched to something that disturbed me a lot - the dirty, sweaty smell of dark fluids and chocolate. And then it hit me - BLACK ORCHID!

On my skin this resembles "Black Orchid" so badly - and I have to honestly admit that I had a love affair with Black Orchid for a while, but then grew to completely despise the scent. So unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy this, I kept wanting to scrub this off. I might say though that "Maremma" is a bit tamed down and nicer version of "Black Orchid", more feminine and floral.

If you enjoy "Black Orchid", but are not completely sure you want to wear it in your every day situations, give "Maremma" a chance - excellent longevity and silage.

As for me - I'll pass.


If "Tom Ford Black Orchid" had a younger sister that talks nicer to people and wears usually bright color dresses that would be this one!
The opening of this fragrance is a creamy sweet and soft chocolaty smell with noticeable amount of floral notes in the background. the floral notes are quite feminine and they do have kind of white floral feeling but not in a smooth way. it's very loud and slightly powdery!

In the mid the scent didn't change that much. I'm getting exactly the same creamy sweet dark chocolaty smell and those white floral notes plus a little bit of sandalwood in the background to just add a small woody kick to the scent. almost no changes in the base,

Even though the scent has a creamy and white, bright floral feeling the sillage and projection is enormous and it gets stronger and stronger in the mid and base! longevity is 24h at least! you can't get rid of the smell that easy!
Overall if you want a fragrance with the same vibe of "TF Black Orchid" which smells brighter and nicer but still very loud, give this one a try. also the scent is suitable for women not men! it's completely feminine to my nose. even more than "Black Orchid"

اگر تام فورد بلک ارکید که دیگه گندش تو ایران در اومده قرار بود یه خواهر کوچیکتر داشته باشه که همچین خوش برخوردتر و مهربونتر از خواهرش باشه و اکثرا هم لباسهای رنگ روشن بپوشه نتیجه میشد این عطر
رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با بوی نیمه شیرین و خامه ای وانیل و کهربا شروع میشه که در کنارش یه رایحه نسبتا تلخ شکلاتی وجود هم وجود داره به اضافه رایحه مشخصی از گلها. رایحه گلها حس بو کردن گلهای سفید رو به شما میدن و کمی هم پودری هست اما در عین داشتن این حس سفید و آرامش بخش خیلی بوش قویه

با گذر زمان بوی عطر تغییری به اون صورت نمیکنه. همون حس نیمه شیرین خامه ای و شکلاتی و گلی خودشو داره فقط کمی رایحه چوب صندل هم بهش اضافه میشه که یه ته بوی ضعیف تلخ چوبی بهش بده. البته نه زیاد

با اینکه حس کلی عطر آروم به نظر میاد ولی پخش بوی عطر وحشتناک زیاده و خیلی خیلی قوی هست. اصلا یه چیزی میگم یه چیزی میشنوین! پخش بو از اون دقیقه اول تا اون ثانیه آخر زیاده و تازه هر چی میگذره بوش قوی و قویتر میشه به جای اینکه ملایمتر و ضعیفتر بشه!! ماندگاریش هم حداقل روی خشک ترین پوست ها 24 ساعت. به راحتی بالای 24 ساعت روی پوست دوام میاره. عطر یونیسکس عنوان شده اما بوش به نظر من کاملا زنانه اس. حتی از بلک ارکید هم حس زنانه تری داره

Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Maremma opens with a sweet, powdery accord of ylang's creaminess, white musks, the round, waxy lipstick note of orris root, a tiny and bright fruity touch, and a slight undertone of mossy-earthy notes of patchouli and cocoa beans, quite discreet and subtly silky. Not far from Parfum d'Empire's Equistrius, just less dark, less earthy/hay, and without the leather notes. A breezy and lively floral accord slowly emerges brightening and enlightening the scent, which progressively "opens" losing a bit of dense powdery dustiness, and becoming more aerial, fruity-floral, also letting a discreet, cozy base note of aromatic, resinous amber emerge with more clarity, finally disclosing a really delicate and impalpable suede note. The drydown is equally cozy, elegant and pleasant, more on the talcum side, still on the same floral-mossy-powdery global path. Not the most original around, but a well-made, enjoyable, relaxed, elegant and versatile fragrance for sure.



Le parfum commence avec une touche du black-currant et ylang, une atmosphere du sud avec du pomme en fleur.
Puis, apres 20-30min, se develope l'iris avec sa touche poudree et l'oud qui tempere la sensualite d'ylang. Mais arrive la miel (honey) pas sucree ici - la miel donne une touche de riche, pleine, somptueuse.
Maremma = l'air de Toscana avec une touche de sensualite.
Ce Parfum - une belle surprise.


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